Advertisers Disclouser

At infowizard honesty and transparency is everything. We highly believe that every online company, blog or small business should be honest and transparent with their visitors and customers. As, we expect this from others we try to maintain and hold the same standard of honesty and transparency.

To run this website, to pay authors and employees we need funds to fulfill those funds we do have links with affiliate networks. We already added disclaimer in our footer. So, someone does not miss it. We are affiliate with amazon associates and other companies but that does not mean we are going to promote them blindly without doing any research.

Our main aim here is not to make money but to provide the free information for better future. But to run things, we need means of monetization. We not wanted to spam our visitors and users with ads so, we choose the way to monetize which should not harm our visitors as well as we keep up and running our blog without any hassles.

The monetization of our blog is simple. Sometime we review products or share the list of best products with our visitors and readers and if you like those products and end up buying them via our link mentioned inside articles. We will earn commission. 

We simply do not force feed our users with advertisements, pop-up or pop under. We only share the products and lists of product which are beneficial for our visitors and we personally use them.Like we said before our main aim is not making money here but to cover the expenses we need to monetize. And, In result we can make profit as well.

Kindly note that, we do not receive free services or products from advertisers whenever we review them or share with you guys we buy them first and goes through the same steps as any normal person will go. We do not accept any favors upfront. Period!

We welcome our readers to comment and contact us to know if they know some better information.

Honesty and Transparency is everything for us and we explained everything here. For further information or any issues you can contact us