Amazon prime vs Netflix:Detailed comparison

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2018)

There is no denying in online movies streaming amazon prime and Netflix are two giants. But, sometimes it gets really confusing about which one to choose. Which, raises the question of amazon prime vs Netflix. I already covered these services in my watch movies online article. But, if you are still struggling to decide which one to select for your online movies streaming check out my comparison below. I will try to do my best in helping you choose the right services for you.

Now, without any further argument. Let’s check out which one is better.

Amazon Prime Vs Netflix:

Watching online movies is now a part of our life. People like me and you struggle to watch tv shows and movies on our television on their prime time. Simply, because of our busy and hectic lives. But, services like amazon prime and Netflix allow us to access those movies and tv shows whenever we want and wherever we want. If you are seeking to choose between Netflix and Amazon prime video for your online streaming requirements, I am on pointer to assist as a reason my detailed manual inspects at factors like cost, compatible devices, database, offline watching and more to support you build up your mind. Ensure, you dodge the newest Netflix rip-off. (I will discuss about this scam in the end of the article must read and stay safe).


Amazon prime and Netflix both offers 30-day free trial (complete access). It is one of the better way to judge which one is suitable service for your online movies. You can move forward and get underway for your free trials by following the links below:

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now

Netflix Free Trial

Netflix Comes with three monthly plans.

The basic plan:

starts from under $8 which only offers you one screen and standard definition. No high definition or Ultra high definition (4k). This membership does not allow you to share your Netflix with your friends or family.

The Standard Plan:

This plan costs less than 10 USD/month. This plan enables you to watch movies or tv show on two devices simultaneously with high definition.

The premium Plan:

The premium plan costs under $12 per month. It allows up to four devices simultaneously and up to ultra-high definition 4K streaming.

Amazon prime costs less than $8/month. Or you can also sign up for amazon prime under $100/year plan. Which also offers amazon prime music, Amazon prime Kindle unlimited, Amazon next day delivery and many more things.

If you go for Amazon prime monthly plan it will not cost you more than under $11. But if you opt for yearly plan it will cost you under $9 per month and if you decide to exclude all other amazon prime features and only choose amazon video it will cost you less than $9 each month. if you purchase from Amazon regularly and are pleased with the video collection on proposal. Alike Netflix, with Amazon Prime Video, you can access online movies on two devices simultaneously.

Amazon prime is certainly better value here in term of costs than Netflix.

Amazon prime vs Netflix (Features):

You perhaps by now know the essentials, but I will summarize them up here just in instance. Both Amazon prime and Netflix are membership based online movies and tv shows streaming services. They are available by means of the internet on smart Televisions, gaming consoles, desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets and cell phones, and are frequently modernized with new movies and shows to watch.

They also now equally offer offline watching, but both services have restrictions. Not all database is accessible to download to watch offline, but the list of downloadable movies and tv shows as well as devices is nonstop increasing for both.

How to Watch Movies Offline on Amazon Prime:

To download your favorite content from Amazon prime video, you will require to obtain the Amazon prime Video application. It’s free of cost, and is existing for both Android and iOS devices.

Once transferred to your device, you will need to start the app and log in with your Amazon credentials.

You will now get all the TV shows and Movies obtainable from Amazon. Be advised that not all on the spot content is part of your Prime membership. Seek out for the Prime sign in the upper right angle of the content image to ensure you won’t be billed additional to see that show or movie.

Not each movie or tv show is offered to download, but it is simple to know which are. Click on the tv show or movie you had like to see and seek for the download key.

If tv show or movie is available to download on your device. You will see downward green button to download your content. You can find that button right beside watch now option.

Press the download button to start downloading your tv show or movie. After the completion of download, you will find the downloaded content in download section. Now, you can access that show or movie without internet connection.

How to Watch Movies Offline on Netflix:

To download Netflix content to watch without access of internet, you will require to initially have a supproted cellphone or tablet running iOS 8 in Apple products or later and Android 4.4.2 or later for gadgets based on android, and then certify that you have the Netflix app installed and updated to latest version.

You can also download and watch shows and movies on Windows 8/10 with the up-to-date version of the official application, but you cannot transfer if you are watching via your internet browser on a Pc or Mac

You will require to log in to your Netflix account and direct to the ‘Present for Download’ category in the set menu.

There, you will notice an enormous collection of shows available to download together with Netflix Originals like Stranger Things, The Crown, Narcos also some of the greatest widespread movies and programs like Poldark and the hunger games.

Netflix told us that the more content will be coming soon. So, there is a hope for more content to download.

Once you have decided which show to download and to watch offline. While travelling or on holidays at some place where internet is not available. (Yes, places with no internet still exists). Choose the show you want to download and press the blue icon next to it. It will start downloading. Once the download will complete you can steer to download folder in your application menu and can enjoy the show without the access of internet. If you have a lot of space in your phone you can also choose quality of content. And you, can download them in higher quality. Just by going to app settings and under downloads you will see the option for video quality. Choose the quality of video which suits you better.


Now, I have covered how you can watch movies offline with amazon prime and Netflix. Let’s see the differences between two companies. You will certainly find that Netflix provides better account features and overview. Netflix also allows you to share your membership with multiple users. They also have different interface for kid’s section.

amazon prime vs netflix

One significant variance that can be fiddly to get your skull from place to place to start with is that while the whole thing you view on Netflix is accessible to stream, only Prime Video substance with a ‘Prime’ signed can be viewed as portion of the membership. Additional videos are obtainable to watch but come at an extra price to purchase or lease.

Amazon seems to have the benefit of X-Ray, a very beneficial function that enables you obtain info like the performers in an act, background data and further from IMDb on-air each and every time you like.

It is also valuable observing that the primary Netflix membership under $10 does not contain 4K video quality, though the Amazon Prime Video package ensures at no extra cost.

Amazon Prime Vs Netflix (Supported Devices):

You have possibly considering that it is a stress-free conclusion now, correct? Subsequently, I have stated that Amazon prime offers you better for your dough (money), but the matter is that it all derives down to supported devices and accessible movies and tv shows, and that is somewhere details get complicated and will be different for separate people.

I have solved this issue continue reading to find out more.

To obtain content from Netflix and Amazon you need to have supported device. Well, if you are not looking to access full features like offline watching and other app features. You can access these services from any browser which supports movie streaming. And, I think every browser does have that. (I am not so great on tech side).

But if you are looking to access on devices I have made the table of supported for you guys for your ease.

Amazon Prime Netflix
Smart TV Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba
Gaming Consoles Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U
Tablet iPad, Android, Amazon Fire Android, iPad
CellPhones Android, iPhone Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
Blu Ray Players Samsung, Sony Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba
Set- Top Box Samsung Sony, YouView, Virgin Media, TalkTalk
Home Cinema System LG, Samsung, Sony Apple TV, Philips, Roku, Western Digital, Virgin Media, Google Chromecast
Media Streamers Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV system LG, Sony

Netflix used to be the apparent option because of the extensiveness of supported devices, but it is nowadays too adjacent to buzz. You are probable to have a several devices which can obtain any service.


I am personally a big fan of amazon fire tv, I highly recommend you to get one if you not have already GET AMAZON FIRE TV. I briefly discussed about it in watch movies online article.


Amazon Prime Vs Netflix (Content):

Cost, features and supported devices comparison is nothing if you not find the content you are looking for. Both services amazon prime and Netflix offers variety of movies and tv shows to watch. Also, they produce their own content which you are not going to find on other services or in competing services here.

The Netflix original shows like Stranger things, Narcos, Bo jack Horseman, F is for family, house of cards etc.

The amazon also produces some quality content like Ripper street, Bosch. Black sails, American Gods, The man in the high tower, Transparent etc.


It is a bit simpler to surf Amazon’s present collection deprived of having a membership, so you can get a improved knowledge of the content deprived of having to join for the free trial. Just explore in Amazon’s website in your internet browser. You will discover that it also is in high video quality, and bargains a extensive choice.

They each have about the similar quantity of content, with nearby to 4,000 movies and TV shows each, as well.

As stated before, I think it’s valuable joining to both trials in direction to have a improved clue of which has the content that’s most suitable to you.

Amazon Prime Video free trial

Netflix free trial 


Amazon Prime Vs Netflix (Pros And Cons):

Amazon Prime Pros and cons

Pros Cons
30 day Free trial Have to pay extra for Prime exempt content
Access to unlimited music,Kindle unlimited, next day shipping
Large Database
Offline Play

Netflix Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
30 day Free trial Basic Package does not include HD and multiple screens
User Friendly
Worth joining even for original productions

Netflix Scam:

If you remember I talked about in the start of the article to beware of latest Netflix Scam. Well, People are accessing your Netflix account without your knowledge. It is a virus present now a day and it mostly get into your system without you knowing especially coming from pop up and pop under ads. If you notice, random suggestions from Netflix in your account and see continue watching movies which you never opened. Change your password and contact Netflix immediately. Also, make sure your payment method linked to your Netflix has not been hacked. Yes, it is happening and it is recently happened with the friend of mine. The hackers stole his identity via Netflix account.

There are following things you can do make your account secure.

  • Set strong password.
  • Change your account password regularly
  • Do not access harmful websites especially, I always recommend you stay away from watch movies online websites which have pirated content on them. They are full of viruses. It is better to pay few bucks to reputable services instead of regretting later.
  • Instead of linking your credit card, recharge your Netflix account via Netflix gift Card.
  • Always keep an eye on suspicious activity and report it to Netflix.

Stay safe you guys.

Amazon prime vs Netflix (Conclusion):

For me, Amazon prime is the winner because of the extra perks like kindle unlimited, amazon music, next day delivery. It’s worth it. Regardless these extras, it is the similar cost as Netflix. For several, it ought to be the clear option.

But, as I have said, it will hinge on whether you love the content on proposal. I am fan of the limited content on both companies and I have discovered abundantly good and bad movies and TV shows in both collections.

If you have the money then go for both services if not then choose which suits you the best and you can decide it by content desire.

Make use of free trials to know which one you prefer.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now
Netflix Trial


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