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Watch Movies Online: Beware of Pirated And illegal websites

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2018)

In my last article, I answered the most common question asked to me by my dear fellows. In that article, I gave the hint about harmful effects of pirated and illegal websites when you watch movies online. I always advice to stay clear of those websites when you search for term “watch movies online”.

Those websites which enables you watch movies online for free without any compliance of copyrights they are very shady and well known as pirated and illegal sites. The movies offer on those websites are illegal to watch. You can get in trouble legally but if you are not getting caught no worries. You already paying the price by letting those websites stealing your data. The million-dollar question is How?

Let me get this straight. When you visit those websites to watch movies online you are bombarded with pop up and pop under ads. The people whom providing you those movies illegally monetizing their websites via those ad services. As, Reputable companies does not provide them publisher accounts on terms of illegal and piracy.

Those ads are not only annoying but 90 percent of those pop up, pop under ads have hidden codes in them when they get opened in your browser windows they inject the viruses inside your device. You must have noticed that sometimes you even unable to close the popup windows and they try to force you to install some extension, some software. Well, those software’s and extensions have one simple purpose to steal your data.

If you read my amazon prime vs Netflix article you should have known info about Netflix scam in it. How, Hackers stealing your identities and even credit card numbers linked with Netflix. Most of those hackers comes via illegal websites like these.

There is no quality check on those advertising networks whom allows illegal and pirated websites. They just accept everyone. And it’s an easy source for hackers to spend some money on pop up and pop under ads and steal your devices completely without you even knowing.

When you decide to watch movies online stay clear of illegal websites. Piracy and illegal websites not breaking the law but also knowingly or unknowingly making you the victim of hackers.

I should emphasize again, that your devices are on risk when you visit websites which shove up pop up and pop under ads on your face. Those ads are not user-friendly. They are extremely damaging. They are just not some viruses but also primary tool of hackers now.

Due to these and other reasons like piracy and illegal watching many sensible countries are taking actions against those websites. In United States, these websites are getting banned. They are taking down torrent websites as well. Even emerging nations like India banning those pirated movies websites.

I always recommend you watch movies online via reputable services Like.

If you still watch movies online on those pirated and illegal websites it’s time to quit. Because, which one is better paying few bucks every month or per year to the legit services or Getting a Jail time, paying hefty fines and getting hacked? Think, before it’s get too late.

Harmful effects when you watch movies online on illegal websites:

  1. Chances of harmful viruses in your device (Desktop, Laptop, Cellphones, Tablets, Smart Tv’s) any device
  2. Chances of identity theft via horrible pop up ads
  3. Chances of your monetary info, back account details, sensitive passwords getting hacked
  4. Chances of legal action which can end up with Jail time.
  5. Chances of heavy fine under cybercrime law of accessing illegal websites.


You can take this information seriously or you can make the fun out of it. It all depends upon you but I assure you the agencies are taking very extreme and serious actions so does the hackers in stealing your info, data and money. A normal user like us does not know these things my friend became victim of this and I do not want that happen to others. My final request stays away from those websites and join services which are legit. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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