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Watch Movies Online-Benefits of accessing movies online

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2018)

Let me speak the truth today. We all love to watch movies. It is great way to spend your free time, that’s not it, some of us watch movies to gain knowledge from it, some for just a good time pass and some people are movie geeks. But, in the end we all love to watch movies. Back in the 90’s we used to watch movies on VHS tapes, in cinemas (oh yeah! Cinemas are still hot, that’s not the point here) then with the revolution of technology the era of CD’s (compact disks) came. We started watching movies on our cd players, on our personal computers etc. (In 2018 i watch movies online).

Off course, the advancement was not going to end there. We were blessed with DVD’s and after some more advancement in the world of internet we also got the options to download movies but now we are in 2017, I still remember that back in 1980’s and 1990’s the only entertainment was Movies. No fancy gadgets like today’s children have and fancy games to play on high end pc’s, gaming laptops etc. But, let’s stay on point, I spent my childhood watching movies, I grew up with them and I still love watching movies despite the genres if it is good movie. Again, I slipped from the topic my bad. The truth is that this world is evolved with technology and to keep in touch with this busy and speedy world we must stay updated with the latest methods of watching movies and that is to watch movies online

Yes, in our busy lives people like me, we are not blessed to go watch movies in Cinemas on Friday night. We should find ways to watch movies at our ease and the easiest way is to watch movies online.


Watch movies online(benefits):

Today I am going to tell you folks what benefits we have in watching movies online. Also, the best websites I personally use to watch movies online.


  1. The #1 benefit you can watch them anywhere anytime you want. At your home, while on boring vacation, in office even in bathroom while doing your business. You can be creative and watch horror movies in your attic.
  2. I covered the areas where you can watch movies online but what about devices. Well that’s the second-best benefit you have if you are about to watch movies online. As it does not need any downloading you can access them from your desktop pc’s, your smart tv, your smart phones, android or IOS your tablets, your window phones any gadget or piece of technology which have internet access you can watch movies online on it.
  3. You can get instant access to thousands of movies no need of hours of wait to download and even after downloading the movie it does not work or it was not the movie you wanted to download. So, opting to watch movies online is better choice.
  4. 24/7 access to movies. You can watch movies online anytime you want, anywhere you want 24 hours 7 days a week. However, make sure you choose the right website to watch your movies which does not shove pop up ads on your face with full of viruses. I will cover the best websites to watch movies online in this article which I personally use make sure to check them out.
  5. If you watch movies online you will get high quality print compare to DVD’s. And let me inform you watching movies online is much cheaper than buying a DVD. DVD can cost you around $25 and it has a chance of get lost or playing repeatedly that DVD can cause quality damage to DVD as well as to your DVD player. While, if you watch movies online you can gain access to your favorites movies instantly and on very cheap prices not more than $99 per year on average or if you are not willing to pay yearly you can access unlimited movies on low monthly subscription price. You even get a free one month trial with excellent companies which I am going to mention later.
  6. I am concluding benefits here of watching movies online. You can access classic movies, Oscar winning or highly praised movies when you opt to watch movies online which are not even available anymore on DVD’s and it costs a lot cheaper to access them online instead of searching them offline. I am highly appreciative of those classic favorites and I want you to take my word for it because I lost a fortune on them but not anymore since I started to watch movies online.

You can check out our detail comparison of amazon prime vs netflix

Watch Movies Online (best websites):


  1. Amazon Prime:

There is no doubt that amazon prime is my top choice. The provide outstanding services and they are a lot cheaper than Netflix. Amazon does not only enable you to watch movies online but also provide access to other services like:

  • Free Amazon Kindle eBooks
  • Amazon music
  • Prime instant video


Amazon kindle eBooks:

Kindle has largest eBooks database. If you possess amazon kindle then you can access free e-book every month for being a member of amazon prime. It also allows you additional free eBook via its lending library. Shop Amazon Devices: Save $20 on select Kindle e-readers

Amazon Prime Instant Video:

Prime instant video is the main thing here. It let you access hundreds of movies and tv seasons as well. With, Amazon prime you can watch movies online as well tv series even famous series like Grand tour and game of thrones. Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now

Amazon music:

Unlimited Music gives you access to millions of tracks to stream online and it does not stop there it also offers you back up your photos from your mobile to your personal computer with its amazon photo service.


No matter what extra services they offer I am covering the topic here to watch movies online. And amazon prime instant video is one of the best option. And it worth the subscription it is a lot cheaper than Netflix per year and well you can treat yourself with extra services without any doubt and yes, they offer a lot of extra services like I mentioned above.


Watch Movies Online with Amazon Prime Video:

Let’s dig deep into amazon prime video because this is what we are looking for here to watch movies online and we can talk extras later.

This streaming deal has had more titles than game of thrones, and it creates a significant share of what Amazon Prime gives.


It is, fundamentally, a watch movies online or watch tv series like Netflix but it’s also encompassed in your yearly (or monthly) Prime membership. It’s very remarkable thing.


The amazon prime instant video is accessible through sequences of apps transversely all sorts of smart devices. If you own tv, smartphone, blu ray player from recent years chance is that you already have amazon prime video app installed in it.  Amazon prime video app also available for android and IOS. The only drawback they do not offer app for desktop. To access amazon prime video, you must go through amazon website which is sort of hectic if you are in a hurry.


Sync Movies and Shows:

Amazon prime video does allow you to sync movies and shows with your phones and tables which enable to access you to watch moves online without accessing the internet but per account you can only sync 25 movies at once. The limitation comes with your one account but if you have two accounts you can use your 2nd account to sync more movies.


Amazon prime video picture and sound quality:

Amazon offers best picture and sound quality which also includes 4k, and HDR video. Selection of Amazon movies and shows are awesome. Amazon does not invest only in its own content but also bringing international broadcasters hence their database is increasing rapidly. And you can watch movies online with variety.

With my personal experience, I must say the picture and sound quality is superb.


But if you want best experience on your TV, then get amazon fire Tv. It allows you to access Netflix flawlessly as well as other video apps like YouTube, Hulu, HBO Now etc.



Amazon prime Video is one of the best option to watch movies online it is hard to turn it down. I know I did not. It is cost cheaper than Netflix membership and it comes will a lot of extra benefits like amazon kindle, amazon music. Amazon free delivery. My verdict, it is the best go for it.
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial



2. CineMatrix:

If you are looking for a genuine website which enables you to watch movies online is cinematrix. Cinematrix is free of annoying pop up, pop under and those viruses’ ads. Cinematrix also has great features like unlimited database, no limits on watching, Video on demand and most of all no annoying ads. And it comes with a 7 period of free trial. If you are not satisfied with the services just cancel it any time. Trust me, it is hard to find these kinds of services now a day.

If you explore internet you will get thousands of free websites which allows you to watch movies online but as soon as you click on them you will get multiple ads on your face and let me reveal the secret here most of those pop ups and pop under are integrated with malwares so, stay away from these kinds of websites unless you want to be the victim of viruses.

Cinematrix review:

Anyways, let’s get back to the point… which is cinematrix review. Let’s check out the features why should you choose cinematrix to watch movies online.

Big Movies Database and Video on demand:

Cinematrix has one of the largest movies database. The have old movies, those gold movies as well as latest hits and if you are not able to find the movie you are searching for simply contact them and your requested movie will be added in movie database upon your request with few days. A great feature indeed!

Unlimited Streaming:

Watch movies online as much as you want. 24/7 without even taking a break there is no limit. Period! And without those annoying interrupting ads. I personally hate them. And I expect you guys feel the same.

Free Trial:

Cinematrix offers 7-day free trial. You do not have to pay anything upfront for 7 days. You can get full access for free for first 7 days. If you are satisfied you can continue to use their services if not simply cancel it and you will not be charged a dime. Cool ah!



Cinematrix is my second best choice to watch movies online. It can not beat the amazon prime but it is pretty good and i am using it since January 2016 and not once they let me down. Cinematrix has great database and one of the best video on demand service. A must have if you want to watch movies online hassle free.

Try Cinematrix 7 day free trial


3. Netflix

Netflix is my third choice due to the reason it is all rounder. It has some great stuff but it still have missing content despite being the king of online streaming website.

Netflix Essential Features:

    • You can stream 24/7
    • It comes with monthly subscription plans.
    • They do not let you choose video quality but adjust it automatically according to your hardware and internet speed and yes if you have powerful hardware you can stream up to 4k resolution.
    • Their service has a lot of original TV series.
    • Netflix also producing their own content like amazon.

Netflix Cons:

Indeed, Netflix is heavier on TV series side but they lack the spirit on movies. You will quickly get bored with limited choices you have to watch movies online. Recently Netflix has added many movies and TV series in their database so, we are updating our review about them. Also we have added one year $1 trial for you guys.


Netflix is still a king of online streaming and they have great support team. But, if you are looking to watch movies online there are better choices available like amazon prime video and cinematrix.

You can get Netflix one year Trial As well Here  

My final Thoughts:

Okay my dear fellows this is where i leave you to choose the services you are looking to watch movies online. I tried 99 percent of the websites to watch movies online but i ended up with above three. These are the best. I recommend you to save yourself from hassle and try for free amazon prime video and cinematrix. Trial links are given above. Do let me know if you have any services to share to watch movies online in comment section. Also do not forget to share your experience.

I would love to hear from you guys!










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