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Why Should I Watch Movies online?

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)

Today, I am going to answer question I receive from my friends, family members as well as from my beloved readers.  “Why should I Watch Movies online?” Almost this question has been asked to me by more than thousand times and today I finally got a time to answer. You can also read my detailed article on watch movies online.

I have been saying lately that trend of watching movies online has been increasing. And it comes with certain benefits. But it’s not all rainbow and glitters. everything has downsides So does, online movies.

Let me answer the question now.

Why Should I watch Movies online?

Why Should I watch movies online

The advantages connected to watch movies online are uncountable. But, before I get deep inside the topic I never endorse free, pirated and illegal website which are full of ads to watch movies online. The reasons are there to avoid and they are very harmful. So, if you choose to watch movies online only go for the valid services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu etc.

These are following reasons to watch movies online:

  • Instant Access
  • You Can watch movies online anywhere (If you have Internet connection)
  • No Ads
  • Saves Money
  • Always Available
  • You can take it With You Anywhere Even on Flights

Instant Access:

watch movies online


When you decide to watch movies online. You can access them instantly. You do not have to wait for download of the movie. You do not have to worry if, the file you are downloading contains the right movie like sometime when you download movie the up-loader, name it the movie you were seeking for but, it was some other file. So, when you end up downloading and open that file quickly in excitement you end up being disappointed. I know it is nasty feeling. Trust me, I had been there. Also, when you opt to watch movies online you do not have to go to rental store to rent DVD or Blu Ray. Also, you do not have to face the issue of out of stock.

Watch Movies Online Anywhere:

watch movies online anywhere

You can watch movies online anywhere. You do not have to wait to reach your home. You can even watch movies online when you feel tired, you certainly can log-in your amazon prime video or Netflix account and can watch movies online. Or, if you are binge watching tv series and can’t wait to see what happens next you can certainly access them. As, Amazon prime video includes more than 16,000 titles inside amazon prime membership. And more than 100k titles if you are willing to pay for them. Netflix also has more than 6000 titles in their library. So, there are unlimited movies and tv shows you can watch. If you are unable to decide which one is better you can check out my exclusive comparison Amazon Prime vs Netflix.

No Ads:

No ads infowizard

If you decide to watch movies online on reputable services you do not have to deal with annoying ads full of viruses which can only harm your PCs, Mobile devices and Televisions.

Saves Money:

watch movies online

If you are willing to watch movies online you can save a lot of money. Buying DVD’s may look cool but it costs a lot while when watching online movies, you can access unlimited movies for nominal monthly charges and that’s not it you can even get 30-day free trial memberships if you are starting a new.

Amazon Prime Video 30 Day Free Trial

Netflix 30 Day Free trial

Always Available:

Why should I watch movies online

You can always watch movies online. There simply no limits you can repeat the same movie as much as you want and there will be no damage like Broken or Lost DVD. Like I said before never out of stock.

Watch Movies Online on Flights, Road Trips, Train Trips:

watch movies online on flight

You can watch movies online on flights, on road trips, while traveling on train. On the cruise ship, if you have internet connection you can watch movies online. But, there is one more benefit now providing by services like amazon prime video and Netflix. You can sort of download movies to watch them offline as well while on the go. You can read about it here: How to watch movies offline with Amazon Prime and Netflix

I think above I answered the question “why should I watch movies online”? But I am not going to be biased here. Watching movies online do come with some downsides. Which are following.

  • Usage of Bandwidth
  • No Latest Titles

Usage of bandwidth:

Why should you watch movies online

If you are going to watch movies online it’s going to take a toll on your internet bandwidth, If you have poor connection or slow connection you cannot watch movies online to their full extent in terms of video quality. That certainly is drawback in my eyes.

No Latest Titles:

infowizard-watch movies online

The streaming services does not have latest titles in the library right after release a person must wait. But, if you cannot wait cinemas are the still best place to watch latest movies.

For Your ease. Let’s look at watch movies online advantages and disadvantages in comparison table.

Advantages Disadvantages
Instant Access of Movies Requires High speed Internet for good streaming
Anywhere Accessible Latest movies are not available
Ads Free
Budget Friendly
Always Available to watch
you can watch on the go


why should i watch movies online

If you see advantages related to watch movies online outweighs disadvantages. There is not a single thing which does not have side effects. If you are looking to watch movies online. I request you to choose only reputable companies which provides online streaming. Avoid, illegal, pirated sites with pop up and pop under websites at any cost. I am certainly going to reveal why should you not watch movies online on those illegal, pirated sites in my next article Till then do enlighten me with your opinions in comment section.


















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