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Best Backpacks for Disneyland 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

If you are planning to visit Disneyland having the best backpack is must. Yeah, we know everyone hats packing and carrying a hefty backpacks. We also know that; all those heavyweight and large backpacks can turn any journey into an irritating throbbing struggle.

So, we came up with solution which is choosing the right backpacks for travel. And, in this article we are going to take a list of best backpacks for Disneyland.

We whole heartedly want you to have time of life there. Thus, you should know few things. Like what types of backpacks are perfect your journey to Disneyland? The answer is no-brainer, lightweight backpacks or if you are not planning to carry a lot of stuff the sling backpack will be suitable as well.

In short, only following types of backpack are suitable for Disneyland

  • Lightweight backpacks
  • sling backpack

Some Benefits of choosing lightweight backpacks for Disneyland

  • Make it easier that you can move around
  • Be better for the body
  • Because you can forget back pains and joint pains
  • Reduce the chance of injury
  • Let you to move faster

With that said, let’s check out best lightweight and sling backpacks for Disneyland.

Name Weight
AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack- Editor's Choice 3.64 poundsCheck Price
OutdoorMaster Sling Bag 1 poundsCheck Price
Leaper Cross Body Sling Bag 1.54 poundsCheck Price
Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable 12 ouncesCheck Price
G4Free Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack 6.4 ouncesCheck Price


Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack- Editor’s Choice

family backpack for disneyland

Carry-on travel backpack by Amazon Basics  is made of strong polyester material. It is very lightweight and flexible. It’s internal zippered sleeve is able to carry a laptop as well.

The main compartment is zippered and offers mesh space. Also, has internal external compression straps. Front and top pocket allows you to carry documents and liquid bottles. Upper packing compartment comes with organizer with expandable storage you can easily store plenty of stuff in carry-on travel backpack.

Straps of amazon basics carry on travel backpack are also adjustable. You can carry it on back or as a suitcase. The choice is yours.

Despite being compact looking and lightweight it offers plenty of space to it’s users. Main compartment of carry-on travel backpack measures at 5.5 into 13 into 14 into 21.5 inches (LxWxD).

Pros Cons
Excellent Design Quality of shoulder straps are not good
Large Storage Capacity Becomes heavy if you stuff it too much
Comes with multiple straps
Zippered expandable storage




Amazon basics travel backpack offers plenty of storage even a sleeve for laptop. Design of this backpack is excellent as well. It only weight around 3.64 pounds and comes with multiple strapping options. It also offers expandable storage up to 10 percent more space than average backpacks. But, if you look at it’s shoulder strap you will come to know they do not have the quality of top notch backpack also if you stuff it fully it will lose its weight distribution and become somewhat heavy.

So, if you decide to buy this bag we recommend you not to stuff it just put the necessary things inside this backpack for your trip to Disneyland and you will be good to go.

Check Price



Outdoor Master Sling Bag

sling bag for disneyland

Want to carry minimal things? If, your answer is yes, then outdoor master sling bag will be best backpack for your trip to Disneyland. We should notify you that don’t be get fooled with it’s small size because you are going to get plenty of space in it.

It allows you to carry a camera, even a 12-inch size laptop. Sling bag by outdoor master is extremely lightweight but made off sturdy material. It also has hidden theft pocket and bottle holder.

Strap is reversible so, does not matter if you are right handed or left you will have no issue carrying it.  Outdoor master also offers 6-month warranty and customer support.

Pros Cons
Very Spacious None
Best backpack for Disneyland




Regardless of sling bag backpack it offers plenty of space to add maximum stuff without taking a toll on your shoulders. Outdoor master sling bag is very compact yet offers theft free hidden pocket, camera pocket, mini laptop sleeve and strong material. We found no major drawbacks in this sling bag backpack.

We highly recommend this sling bag backpack if you do not want to carry a lot of extra stuff many people used this bag for trip to Disneyland and had the best experience.

Check Price



Leaper Cross Body Sling Bag

cross sling bag infowizard

One more sling bag in the list just because they are awesome for trips like Disneyland or even shopping. Material of leaper cross is very soft though durable as made of PU leather.

Without any doubt it has stylish look and you can carry enough stuff in main compartment even 13-inch laptop.

Pros Cons
Durable Not waterproof
adjustable straps
Plenty of pockets




Leaper’s cross body sling bag is good option if you are travelling alone or without kids to Disneyland. Its material is durable, you can adjust straps and can add many small things in pockets also main compartment is enough to carry basic things. On downside, this backpack is not waterproof you can take it out in rain but be careful.

Check Price



Venture Pal Lightweight Durable backpack

best backpacks for disneyland


This backpack offers very sturdy material. Also long lasting and on top of that its lightweight. Moreover, water resistant. We are sure that you are going to enjoy this backpack for your trip to Disneyland.

The shoulder straps are breathable and padded with sponge so, you are not going to feel a lot of stress on your shoulders. Venture pal backpack offers plenty of compartments and organizers which allows you carry even “extra stuff”.

This is the best feature it only weighs 0.7 lbs. and allow you space of 30 liters. Comes with lifetime warranty.

Pros Cons
Water resistant Customer support sucks
breathable material
Plenty of space
Very lightweight




Venture pal is truly lightweight and spacious which allows it to become one of the best backpack for Disneyland. You surely going to enjoy plenty of space without any stress on your shoulders. Shoulder straps keep you comfortable as well as sweat free. Despite their claim of lifetime warranty you are going to find out their customer support department truly sucks. So, if you ever ended up with the bad backpack don’t expect from their customer support to solve the issue. Though, there are no flaws in the backpack itself.

Check Price



G4Free Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

g4free backpack


Very durable backpack by G4free. Created from tear and water-resistant material of nylon. Also, scratch resistant and zipper made off metal.  The total weight of bag is only 172g. The capacity it offers is 20 liters.

Pros Cons
Weightless Customer support sucks
Easy to carry




G4free offer best backpack for Disneyland. It is virtually weightless, very comfortable and easy to carry as well. On the downside, its zipper can be painful drag as it gets stuck in the middle sometime. If, you are willing to bear the zipper than this is going to be best backpack for your trip.

Check Price




How to Choose the best lightweight backpack for Disney Land 

How to choose the best backpack for disnelyand

The concept of packing light won’t only affect cross country travelers anymore. The whole idea is attracting everybody that would like to embark on a journey at least. Because a lightweight backpack is a lot more comfortable enabling you to enjoy your outdoor adventure with no worry on earth, a great number of ask themselves how you can select the best lightweight backpack.

The weight of the backpack

If the backpack you ultimately choose has already been heavy without anything inside it imagine simply how much it’s going to weight if you fill it up. Make sure the backpack consists of lightweight yet still sturdy material thus it won’t rip as soon as the first use. Cuban fiber or nylon utilized in lightweight backpacks make sure they are highly functional plus more durable.

Size with the backpack

The dimensions of your bag will limit how much gear and stuff you can pack. Don’t limit yourself to invest in a smaller backpack even if you believe it is far more. You might find yourself inside the situation to quit vital items to your trip since there will not any longer space for the children.


Even waterproof backpacks can leak water through low-quality seams or zippers. Make sure the backpack you ultimately choose has waterproof lining and zippers.

Compartments and pockets

Make certain the principle compartment is large enough to install all of your current gear. Any extra compartments must be easily accessible and large enough to match any stuff you could need for unexpected expenses. Make certain that you in addition have a bottle holster so that you can easily reach your water bottle. Keeping well hydrated while hiking, camping or doing every other activity outdoors is important.

Fit, belts, and straps

A good fit what makes the backpack comfortable. Make sure it is much less big in your case and yes it feels comfortable while wearing. The belts and straps that come with it for instance a hip belt, shoulder, and sternum straps must be a superb fit and do not too tight. They will secure the backpack constantly in place and transfer some on the weight out of your back.


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