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Best Dress for Apple Body Shape 2019

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

There are numerous of physiques and corresponding looks. In this article, we address the apple body shape. We all start to see the ads on the heroin chic women modeling clothes. If you are prepared to have strict food throughout your daily life, then you can definitely achieve those looks. Since most folks are unwilling to visit that extreme, we should look for clothes for our actual body. To do that, you’ll need to be honest and classify your whole body correctly. There are appearance for just about any frame, so don’t worry. in this article you are going to find best dress for apple body shape

What is an Apple Figure

The apply figure is certainly one that you often hold your unwanted weight throughout the waistline. You’ve got plenty of curves and will be proud of them. Your bust-line can be large, and not necessarily. In general, your chest is larger than your lower body. So, what clothing advice will any of us give that’s going to cause you to be look dynamic.

What Types Of Dress You need to Wear?

Your top really should have several characteristics. The first tip is always to use it long. Make sure it extends well through your waistline since it covers that area. Higher up, choose a lesser neck line or plunging cleavage look. Now accessorize that has a dramatic necklace to attract up your eyes as much as your facial area. Consider since the look which has a light coat to produce vertical lines and soften up rough spots.

With an apple physique, you’ll be able to really generate a look select pants or skirts. With pants, your urge might be to make use of something tight. Don’t choose straight leg look that runs right from your hips. This will develop a seamless transition that can cause a subtle, smoky impression where your waistline is de-emphasized. For skirts, choose a greater waistline as well as a full skirt. This will build a vertical appearance, which can be your general desire.

Right Footwear is Important

We’re not done yet. Your footwear can play a part inside the look. The apple frame will have delicate ankles and feet. Emphasize them! Wearing a contrasting color is the best initial step. Depending on the conditions, seek to choose an issue that will draw attention inside the way of sandals inside summer or high spiked heels from the winter.

Consider the general approach we’ve taken here. We’ve dressed to go the eyes to two locations – the fewer legs and our neck/face. Why? These are the two strong points with the typical apple shape. That doesn’t mean they always are going to be, systems work efficiently a target evaluation of your whole body and identify your strong points. Now create a dressing that can draw eyes to people on areas you want and below you are going find more excellent tips to find the right fashion for your apple shape body.

Let’s check out best dresses you can wear on your apple body shape.


Name Dress Type
Alex Evenings Women's Long Empire Waist- Editor's Choice Empire waistCheck Price
Urban CoCo Women's Flared A line Pocket Skirt A-line pocket skirtCheck Price
Fishers Finery Women's Ecofabric V- neckCheck Price
MBIGM Womens Lace Casual Short Sleeve Tunic Tops Tunic TopCheck Price
Lark & Ro Women's High Waist Compression Ponte Stretch Pencil Skirt Pencil SkirtCheck Price


Alex Evenings Women’s Long Empire Waist- Editor’s Choice

best empire waist for apple shape figure

 This is one of the best dress for apple body shape. It is made from 96 percent polyester; 4 percent spandex and lining are 100 percent polyester. The size of sleeves is ¾, it has zipper on the back for comfortable wearing the skirt is side rucked makes your body appear slimmer specially your hips and midsection.

Pros Cons
Classy None reported
Beautiful gown
Side drape skirt


If you are looking for a complete dress for formal events or office use. Then this classy dress for apple body shape is your best bet. Its not only hide your midsection and hips bulge but also looks extremely beautiful. This dress has no drawback.

Check Price

Urban CoCo Women’s Flared A Line Pocket Skirt

urban coco infowizard

 If you have apple body shape A-line skirts are your best friend. These skirts are designed in a way to cover your abdominal area and avoid showing any kind of bulge. These skirts are available in both printed and solid colors the printed ones are made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex while solid colors are crated from 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex.

It ingrates two pockets on both side. Wearable in any season and for any occasion. The solid ones are preferred for work while the printed editions are usually use as for casual wearing.

The material is also very comfortable and you surely going to feel better while wearing them. The elastic waist and calm shape which is super stretchy enables you sit comfortably without making your hips look wider.

Pros Cons
Excellent quality Quality of printed editions lacks quality compared to solid ones
very flattering


 One of the best skirt for women who are blessed with apple body shape. If you buy the solid colors like navy blue you surely going to feel it’s excellent quality, but the quality is not similar in it’s printed edition. But, it’s cheap price justifies that. Overall, one of the best skirt you can buy for your apple shape figure.

Check Price

Fishers Finery Women’s Ecofabric

apple body shape

 This tee shirt with v neck by fisher’s finery is an excellent option for apple body shape. As, it has relaxed design so, it is going to be bigger and wider compared to tight tee shirts. This tee shirt is made from 70 percent bamboo viscose, 25 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex.

Fishers tee shirt truly offer relaxed fit from chest to hips which surely is blessing for apple body shape. The sleeves are short, and neckline is V shaped. And the material is soft and very comfortable.

It has Eco fabric which is. not only ecofriendly but does not wrinkle easily and you can wash it in machine and most of the time you do not ironing afterwards.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable No major downside reported
Relaxed fitting


 This tunic top is surely perfect for apple body shape. It’s v neck design keep the eyes away from midsection, also it’s relaxed fitting hides love handles and tummy. The material is very soft as well. No one reported the major drawback related to this shirt quality, comfort and material.

Check Price

MBIGM Womens Lace Casual Short Sleeve Tunic Top

 This loose blouse is surely make your body appears more beautiful as it has tight fitting from bust area but very loose under the bust till upper thighs which points out one thing that it suits the apple body shape perfectly.

Tunic top by MBIGM is made off 95 percent cotton and 5 percent polyester. It has short sleeves and as mentioned above loose flowy design. It suits perfectly with leggings, jeans and boots.

Pros Cons
Looks cute Light grey color can be see through
Beautiful lace


 Well, one more best dress for apple body shape. This top looks very cute and the material is very soft. Lacing is also detailed. The drawback is in light grey color as people reported it to be see-through. Overall there is no flaw in this top and we highly recommend it for women with apple body shape.

Check Price

Lark & Ro Women’s High Waist Compression Ponte Stretch Pencil Skirt

best dress for apple shape body

 Pencil skirt with right top can make your body appear in perfect shape. Pencil skirt by Lark & Ro is designed for the purpose of formal dressing. You can wear them for office and for meetings. It is made off 69 percent Rayon, 27 percent nylon and 4 percent spandex.

This skirt is high quality double, has double knitted fabric compression. The waistband is very elastic and wide which is very suitable for apple body shape. Lark’s pencil skirt is also wrinkle resistant.

Pros Cons
Elastic waistband None
Wrinkle free
Good quality



 High waist, elastic waistband seems nothing can go wrong with this pencil skirt if you have the apple body shape and it appears so, because this skirt has no reported drawbacks. Also, it is free of wrinkles and material quality is outstanding so, you surely going to love this pencil skirt on your apple body figure.

Check Price

Fashion tips for apple body shape

Apple body shape

Women blessed having an apple shaped body tend to be top heavy. Their bust region and mid-riff appears greater than their hips. But it doesn’t always signify women with apple shaped bodies are overweight people. In fact, the majority of the women which are blessed with apple shaped bodies appear curvy and sensuous. Take the samples of Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley and more such fashionable superstars. These prima donna exhibit their apple shaped bodies with so a great deal of enthusiasm and type. Of course, it will likely be best if you select women clothes that highlight the assets of those varieties of physical structure. Prominent features like broad shoulders and hips can be simply worked around when selecting casual clothes for ladies with heavier frames.

Tip #1

Chic tops with details like flairs, knots, pleats and gatherings will draw attention for the neckline whilst eyeballs outside the bulging tummy. Select tops which has a V-neckline and for that matter, plunging necklines and pair all of them straight pant bottoms without lots of flaps.

Always look for casual dresses that might distract attention on the tummy and middle portion of the entire body. It is wiser to get tops that conceal the waist. In fact, the principle purpose of apple shaped bodies ought to be to make a slimmer waistline. You may also wear body hugging tops that flatter the entire body shape well.

Skirts really are a wonderful choice for apple body shaped women. The perfect skirts are the types that end inches higher than the knee and flatters the legs. Casual clothing for ladies for example tunic tops and pencil skirts would be best designed for heavier frame women. A-line skirts and empire waist dresses too, look on women with wider waist. They balance the bottom half and slender around the entire frame.

Tip #2

Colors are a crucial facet to your women clothing as well as accentuating the legs, wear shades of pale white and muted tones of beige and browns for that upper half and contrast it with monochromatic greens and dark blue. One or possibly a mix of two colors would be the safest bet for girl’s casual clothes for narrow hips. You may choose daring colors on condition that you desire a moment makeover. They draw out the top features with all the hip being targeted as the key region and so the attention narrows down toward the legs.


Accessories for instance danglers in earrings or chic necklaces are sure shot strategies to divert attention on the waist. Other fashionable means of covering up include minimal make-up having a good two of ankle heel boots or wedges to get a perfect evening. It’s always better to keep away from chunky leather bags and wiser to choose matte-finish clutches.

It is fun to understand designer clothes with an apple shaped body while they show to be much harder using the evolving trends popular. With the appropriate style and attitude, you’re likely to touch the chord of success like other apple shaped divas like Angelina Jolie.

Final Verdict

 We are concluding this article here we have reviewed the best dresses for apple body shape and picked one from each dress style e.g. top, skirt, waist empire etc. We tried our best to provide the maximum information here so, we also included the dressing tips for apple figure.

All the mentioned dresses are selected after careful research of more than 48 hours. So, you can confidently shop for best dress for apple body shape.

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