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Best Dress For Hourglass Figure In 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Nearly every woman wants to possess a body which is known as hourglass figure. Fortunately, having a best hourglass figure dress, you are able to look as fabulous as being the models and celebrities the thing is that on TV. However, to ensure that that you acquire a stunning look, you will need to go on a few necessary factors into account.

For instance, if you’re petite, you will need to resist a good dark-colored dress if you can, you may choose a best hourglass figure dress using a v-neckline and three-quarters sleeves to display your slim wrists and forearms. In addition, opt for a style that could emphasize your tiny waist or even a dress that gracefully flows over your curves and fosters an extended vertical line.

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Then, should you use a full hourglass shape, seek to emphasize your waist without highlighting your curves. You can do this by color blocking your wardrobe. For instance, it is possible to decide on a light top plus a dark bottom. You may even get a thin belt that could suit your best hourglass figure dress.

Keep in mind that dark colors like brown, charcoal, black, and navy will assist you to appear slimmer. Also, chances are you’ll wear a bias-cut best hourglass figure dress which has enough room for you to definitely shift. This dress will crease in your waist if your fabric is light and drapes well. During the day, you could possibly want to think about shirt dress having a belt.

On another hand, in case your height and the entire body built are average, you may wear a mini best hourglass figure dress. This will efficiently display your beautiful legs. Just make sure how the dress isn’t short, or it’ll seem inappropriate. A high-waist skirt, an A-line dress that cinches your waist, or possibly a pencil-cut best hourglass figure dress can be great. Do avoid boxy dresses given that they will only make you gaze square. A dress that’s a waistline or details that draw attention to your hips have to be avoided too.

This will make your hips look wider. Moreover, it’s going to be better should you avoid dresses with horizontal stripes. Nonetheless, you are able to select a wrap dress which ties around your waist. Flowing dresses exactly like it is really the best choices. A monochromatic dress that exhibits your hourglass shape can also be a wise decision.

As for that material of one’s best hourglass figure dress, something medium weight and drapery is good because it can really emphasize your proportional curves without clinging a lot of. A couple of examples are Matt silk and crepes. Avoid stiff or thin fabrics for one’s best hourglass figure dress. Your body is definitely beautiful therefore it is better in case you will keep away from fabrics which can be shiny and also have many texture.

We have reviewed the dresses for hourglass figure. We have done the hard work so, you can choose the best dress for hourglass figure. So, relax and enjoy the reviews as well as we added dressing tips specially for hourglass figures. Ensuring, you are going to get tons of info here.

Name Dress Type
SIBOLIYA Women's Elastic
Back Casual Blouse Tops
TopCheck Price
Casual V Neckline
Short Sleeve by Pevor
TopCheck Price
PattyBoutik Women's V Neck- Editor’s Choice TopCheck Price
KIMILILY Classic hem skirt SkirtCheck Price
Lofbaz Women's skirt SkirtCheck Price
Chiffon High Waist Pleated
Big Hem by sissily- Editor’s Choice in Skirts
SkirtCheck Price
Denim Bloom Women's Low Rise Slim
Bootcut Jean- Editor’s Choice in Hourglass figure Jeans
bootcut JeanCheck Price
Silver Jeans Women's low rise botcut JeansCheck Price
HALE Women's Rae
High Rise Wide Leg jeans
wide leg JeansCheck Price


SIBOLIYA Women’s Elastic Back Casual Blouse Tops

best blouse for hourglass figure

This polyester made casual top for women with hourglass figure is extremely soft. It is longer from back covers the area till hips while short from front lengthen till your lower abdominal.

This top can be used casually, for parties or for office use. Wherever you want to wear it. It has off shoulder design so, you surely going to look beautiful in it with your blessed or earned hourglass figure.

Pros Cons
Very pretty None reported
Looks cute


 It made its name among best dress for hourglass figure because it looks very pretty and cute while remaining cheap and providing outstanding value and the best part is that it has no reported cons so, you surely going to love this blouse and will get tons of compliments too.

Check Price

Casual V Neckline Short Sleeve by Pevor

tops for hourglass figure

As the name suggests it is V neckline batwing sleeve style top for women with hourglass figure. It is not only cheap but also offers plenty of comfort to wearer.

In fact, you can wear it with anything from skirt to jeans and for any sort of occasion. So, in simple this top is multi-purpose and looks very pretty with any kind of footwear as well. This top is also backed with 30-day money back guarantee.

Pros Cons
30-day money back guarantee None
Outstanding value
Looks very cute


 This top is very cute, it is cheap yet does not compromise on it’s quality and if you feel that it’s not for you and the quality you wanted is simply not in it you can return it and you will get a full refund without any question asked. No drawback has been reported and found for this top yet.

Check Price

PattyBoutik Women’s V Neck- Editor’s Choice

best top for hourglass figure

 This is very beautiful and suitable top for women. Well, this top beats every top as a best dress for hourglass figure.  It material is very comfortable and long lasting. You surely going to love wearing it anywhere. It lower cut v neck makes you look prettier.

Pros Cons
Super comfy None
Long lasting


 This top is outstanding for casual and night out. It is not only very comfortable but looks beautiful too. And the material quality is good and long lasting without any drawbacks.

Check Price

KIMILILY Classic hem skirt

hem skirt infowizard

 This beautiful hourglass figure skirt is made from 60 percent nylon, 40 percent cotton and 100 percent Polyester lining. This dress is only hand washable. It has back zip and lengths almost above shin bone.

This skirt is surely going to look beautiful on you if you have got the hourglass figure. It is also multipurpose can be used for work and casual meetings.

Pros Cons
Elastic waist Handwash only
Very comfortable
Cute looking


 It is among the Best dress for hourglass figure because this skirt has elastic waist, runs lower to shin make you feel comfortable and looks very cute. We surely recommend it for office work and meetings, but you can also use it for casual encounters. The only downside in this skirt is you have to handwash it otherwise it will tear into pieces.

Check Price

Lofbaz Women’s skirt

Lofbaz skirt for hourglass shape

 This is hippie style skirt and very suitable for summer and spring times. It is also thin, lightweight and very comfortable. And surely looks super-hot on hourglass body shape.

Pros Cons
Soft Handwash only
Makes you look hotter
Fits perfectly


 This is very soft, hot looking and perfectly fitting skirt for women with hourglass body. It has the same downside, like KIMILILY Classic It can be washed with hands only.

Check Price

Chiffon High Waist Pleated Big Hem by sissily- Editor’s Choice in Skirts

High waist skirt for hourglass figure

 This dress is very soft and outstanding. Made of pure Chiffon which is truly smooth, light and comfortable. It has elastic waist and 720-degree hem design.

Suitable for parties, daily wearing or going out for shopping. It will fit perfectly in wardrobe and surely make your hourglass figure look prettier.

Pros Cons
Pure Chiffon None



 Very elastic, soft and comfortable skirt to wear for any kind of occasion. Made off pure chiffon and makes you stands out in every type of place. This skirt also has no drawbacks.

Check Price

Denim Bloom Women’s Bootcut Jean- Editor’s Choice in Hourglass figure Jeans

hourglass figure jeans

 Now, we have covered the tops and skirts it’s time to share the best jeans for hourglass figure and this specific jeans stand out the most. It is made from 90 percent cotton, 3 percent elastane and 7 percent polyester.

This skinny jean for hourglass figure is washable in machine. It has zipper closure and power stretch which makes it very comfortable and fitting. It has five pockets and these jeans looks outstanding with tops we mentioned in this list.

Pros Cons
Excellent fit None
Best quality


These jeans are undoubtedly categorized in best dress for hourglass figure. They fit perfectly, Quality is top notch and very comfortable. Also, very durable material for long term and rough use.

Check Price

Silver Jeans Women’s low rise

low rise jeans infowizard

Another excellent addition in our list which surely going to enhance your hourglass figure. These jeans are made from 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Elastane. Also, washable in machine and very elastic.

Low rise silver jeans surely going to make your curves more adorable and. The retainable shape fabric surely going to fit according to your body shape. It also has five pockets and flyer is integrated with zip and button.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable Material is Not long lasting
Prevent bums for hourglass figure
Fits perfectly


These jeans are very comfy, cute and pretty. Even prevents showing up bum while sitting because it adjusts and fits perfectly. But, many women complained about its life which is not long lasting and that’s the only con you are going to find in it.

Check Price

HALE Women’s Rae High Rise Wide Leg jeans

women jeans

 These wide le jeans are made off 70 percent cotton, 15 percent Rayon, 2 percent LYCRA and 13 percent polyester. The material is suitable for machine wash. These are high waisted wide jeans and hem bottom suits perfectly to hourglass body shape. It also has five pockets and zip flyer with button finish.

Pros Cons
Modern Looking None
Trendy Design
Fits wonderfully


These jeans are undoubtedly perfect and stands as a best dress for hourglass figure. These jeans looks very trendy and modern compared to many other brands. It is also very fitting, and quality of material is flawless. You surely going to love them in your wardrobe.

Check Price

Few Dressing tips For Hourglass figure

hourglass figure infowizard

 Hourglass figure is the best physique. If you’re someone that have this figure, you might be very lucky. With this physical stature, you can use any fashion style. However, to enhance your confidence you should know the proper way to highlight one’s body. By understanding the proper method, you will possess many inspirations or ideas for your day-to-day styles. It helps one to hide the fullness of one’s body and the way to turn up the good thing of one’s figure. The proper the tactic, greater beautiful you might be.


Hourglass person’s body is great with scoop neckline blouse or V-neck tops. It can make your chest and neck look slimmer as well as allow you to thinner. Choosing the lighter tops and darker bottom will accentuate your waist. If you want to emphasize your asset, try on some a semi-fitted blouse that only sits with your waist.

Alternatively, you can put on looser tops with belt that could highlight your figure. Well-fitting bra may support your appearance at the same time. Do not wear over-sized as well as too tight tops because that clothes can certainly make your upper look bigger.


Basically, hourglass figure is really a proportional shape, so you’re able to easily to show off the curvy lines by flared hems skirts or dresses. If you select soft and light-weight fabric, you might highlight the best shape, especially on your own waist.

Meanwhile, with the feminine look, you are able to pick a belted shirt dress that actually works amazing on your system. Just remember never to wear baggy dress or skirt because will hide your sexy waist. A-line, wrap, or pencil skirt may highlight your legs. Moreover, you can use cardigans and belted jacket for showing your curves.


Boot-cut, low-rise and wide leg pants may look nice for the hourglass body. It will fit with your silhouette and allow you to appear slimmer. Remember to never wear tapered jeans, but it’s great if you choose the pocket less style. The simple style is best because your whole body can look slim and thin.

Wrapping it up

Although hourglass is often a proportional figure, however you still have to know the way to emphasize your system. It helps you to definitely be confidence and trendy. Since there are many fashion style and brand to decide on, you’ll be able to easily get the best fashion item to suit your needs. You can see the modern style on the fashion magazine, therefore you will up-to-date and also be the greater gorgeous woman.

We kept these points in our mind as well while testing and reviewing above mentioned dresses for hourglass figure. In this article we have reviewed the tops, skirts and jeans so, you would have not any issue while shopping for best dress for hourglass figure.

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