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Best Dress For Plus Size Apple Body Shape 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)


The purpose of this post is to aid ladies having an apple plus sized figure to create the proper style decisions obtain the best to include that essential, versatile, full figured plus size apple shape dress on their wardrobe. We are going to look for the best dress for plus size apple shape which can help you acquire a look of timeless sophistication.

Style offers quite a bit about balance and ways in which the interest moves about the body. Whilst black can be a slimming color, we have to also check out other design features inside the dress to provide our shape a good balance. You can also check out non-plus size best apple shape dresses 

When judging our personal bodies, we all have our ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ – the bits we like about ourselves plus the bits for no reason. It is that which you do with these advantages and disadvantages that determines our style. The right choice could make you feel stylish whenever you put it on. After that, is going on confidence and the way you wear that style! Confidence is cool and also attractive.

Apple ladies are likely to carry nearly all of how much they weigh over the waist – top-heavy and roundish relating to the hips and bust. Most apples body will identify their roundness as one of their negatives. As such, we’ll try to distract attention from the middle. How? By using ideas to draw attention towards our assets obviously!

So, what are areas of your whole body you should identify because your positives or assets? The assets in the typical apple full figured physique are:

  • Legs and ankles
  • Neckline
  • Face
  • Arms

From the above-mentioned information, we define our objective as:

To opt for a style that can cause the illusion of balance inside the apple figure by diverting attention from the mid region, out towards our legs and ankles, neck, face and arms.

Our advice would be to search to get a full figured plus size apple shape dress by having an A-line style skirt having its hem about the knee. An A-line skirt is largely triangular in shape. It is narrower with the waist and wider for the hem. No pleats or gathers.

The gradual widening on the A-line skirt adds balance and harmony on the roundness from the Apple torso. It doesn’t should be radically wide, even so the width with the skirt on the hem line needs to be wider compared to hold on the waist.

The longish, over-the-knee skirt gives an impact of length to one’s body which encourages eyes downward on the legs and ankles – where they search, linger and dance that has a two of sexy legs and shoes worn to showcase awesome ankles.A waistline cinched less than the bust will further disguise the apple shape since this is the thinnest part in the apple. This style is familiar as a possible empire waistline which is elevated more than our expected center. An empire waist again adds for the illusion of length and conceals roundness.

Décolletage is next. Neck is concerning displaying your skin under our neck and more than our breasts. Décolletage will not be necessarily about cleavage – if you can’t feel at ease showing cleavage, then don’t. Scoop, V or princess necklines will showcase your neckline, add length for your neck and encourage attention upward. Create further eye-catching curiosity about this region using a brooch, necklace or earrings to suit the occasion. You also have make-up and hair-dos to draw appropriate interest.

If you might be very happy with your arms, then pick a sleeveless dress that shows them off! Sleeveless dresses have much added versatility given that they might be worn over other garments say for example a blouse or long-sleeve T-shirt. Make it chiffon for just a glamorous particular date, stretch cotton for just a winter’s day visit on the adult ed, or wear your plus size apple shape dress over the sensible white shirt for work.

The significance of comfort and quality in choosing your plus sized plus size apple shape dress is not understated. Neither comfort nor quality should ever be compromised. Your plus size apple shape dress is usually a classic wardrobe item chosen to offer you for several years – so purchase. Take special care with knowing your precise measurements and becoming body right. It is often a really good idea to inquire about an educated friend to aid with body measurements. Ill-fitting garments usually are not stylish in any way.

Important! opt for quality materials which could make you feel beautiful each time you put it on – even after you’ve forgotten the amount of you acquired it for. Visit the local material shop to feel and research available fabrics. A lined dress will usually feel classier.

plus size apple ladies really should be looking for just a quality, well fit, sleeveless, plus-sized plus size apple shape dress by having an A-line skirt, empire waist as well as a neckline which showcases your neck. These features will distract attention outside the roundness with the apple torso. Hunt which has a view for the chance to wear your plus size apple shape dress anywhere. Dress it down or down with layers, shoes, accessories, hair-dos to make up. If you choose it correctly, it’s going to be just like a companion – loyally supporting you through some in the most memorable occasions you will ever have.

With that said, let’s check out best plus size dresses for apple shape body.


Name Dress Type
Karen Kane Women's Plus Size- Editor's Choice TrapezeCheck Price
FANSIC Women Floral Print Tops Tunic TopCheck Price
IN'VOLAND Women Plus Size SkaterCheck Price
Dressever Women's Vintage A-line A-lineCheck Price
CPOKRTWSO Women's Cold Shoulder SwingCheck Price


Karen Kane Women’s Plus Size- Editor’s Choice

best dress for plus size apple body shape

 This is the most fitting and suitable dress for women who have plus size apple shape body. It is made from 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex. It has pull on closure, washable in machine. The neck is scoop shaped and sleeves are long.

Pros Cons
Beautiful None
Perfect Fitting
Easy to wash



 This is one of the best dress for plus apple shape body. It covers all the aspects and makes you appear beautiful with it’s perfect fitting also easily washable and this dress has no drawbacks.

Check Price


FANSIC Women Floral Print Tops

best tunic top for plus size body

 If you are interested in a top which is lightweight, extremely soft and made from 100 percent smooth and soft fabric Rayon also make your plus size apple shape body makes more beautiful then you should opt this tunic top.

This is empire waist baby doll V-neck top and the hem has frilly flow. Surely, going to make you look more slimmer and hotter than you already are 😊

Pros Cons
Loose Fitting None reported
Flowy hem



Without any doubt it is one of the best top for plus size women who have apple figure. It has loose fitting which covers your non-so good parts very well the flowy hum hides the stomach area and its soft material makes it very comfortable. This top has no reported downside.

Check Price


IN’VOLAND Women Plus Size

plus size skater dress for apple figure

 Skater dress by Involand is an excellent option for plus size women with apple body shape. This dress is made off pure cotton. It is sleeveless and has empire waist which means it checks all the options for apple body shape.

You surely going to love this skater dress for your plus size apple body shape because it offers excellent material and fitting.

Pros Cons
Soft None



One of the best skater dress type for plus size apple figure. This dress is soft, very comfortable to wear and gratifying. Many customers reported that they got a lot of compliments after wearing this dress.

Check Price


Dress Ever Women’s Vintage A-line

A-line skirt plus size apple body

 A-line skirt by Dress ever super cute. You surely going to turns many heads towards you after wearing this one. It is made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Spandex. The best part is that you can wear this skirt anywhere from unplanned visit, parties and even office. Or, just wear it at home. Totally depends upon you.

Pros Cons
Beautiful Lack pockets
Perfect for plus size apple figure
Looks very cute


Plus size women love this skirt for work. It is not only beautiful, cute but also fits perfectly. On downside, reported by someone women that it lacks pockets but, in our opinion, its not a major downside as the skirt itself lacks nothing except pockets off course 😉

Check Price


CPOKRTWSO Women’s Cold Shoulder

best swing dress for apple body plus size

 Swing type dress is also very suitable for plus size women with apple body shape. This cold shoulder swing dress is made off 95 percent Rayon and 5 percent Spandex. Its is also very soft and stretchy so, you are not going to have any issues of fitting.

This dress looks beautiful with any type of footwear especially with cowboy boots and sandals. With that said, the neck is round shaped, As, the name suggest it has cold shoulders, short sleeves and round shaped hem. It also has pockets.

Pros Cons
Soft None



You are going to love this dress because it fits perfectly, the fabric is very soft, and it is very comfortable to wear. Despite deep research for we are failed to find any drawback in this swing dress for plus size women.


Some Dressing tips for Plus size apple body shape women

dressing tips for plus size model

 We have included few but essential dressing tips for women who are plus size and also have apple body figure.

1) Layering

Layering very light fabrics is among the best stuff that apple shaped plus-sized women can perform because of their figure. This will provide impression which you look shapelier instead of simply appearing bulky. It therefore is obvious which you should avoid thick fabrics since this will truly boost your size.

Camisoles are fantastic for layering, as is also very thin and quite often contain intriguing and attractive patterns. They can be worn with a plainer outer layer, for instance a jacket or buttoned top. Another hot tip for apple shaped girls would be to be sure that your top layer is obviously good enough to attain your hips. This can help to mask any particularly sensitive regions of your figure.

2) V-Necks will be the Friend

Going for that V-Neck is an additional plan of action. V-Necks are good for most body shapes and so they tend to lengthen your body, giving a substantially slimmer appearance.

3) Avoid Busy Colors

Try to protect yourself from any loud or busy clothing at any cost. The goal of dressing to have an apple shape should be to take attention out of the mid-section of your body. Anything that should be too busy will get the exact the complete opposite of this.

4) A-Line Dresses

A final tip with the apple shaped body would be to wear A-line special day dresses. They are the easiest way to cover those unwanted areas and highlight your easiest asset – your curves! A narrow top which flares out for the bottom is essential here, and also this is proven to work well.


In this article we have not only reviewed the best dresses for plus size apply body shape but also added the valuable information. We have chosen the dresses after a very careful researching and tried our best to only share the top-notch dresses with less or no cons.

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