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Best Flip Flops For Wide Feet 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

People with wide feet are often unable to find shoes according to their size. It is rather a big challenge for them to decide which shoes will be comfortable for them especially in summers. But you don’t have to worry anymore because there are many brands which are now offering best flip flops for wide feet which are comfortable, cozy as well as beautiful.
We have listed some of the best flip flops for wide feet below, which will make it easier for you to decide.

Name Sole Material
VIONIC WOMEN’S TIDE SEQUINS- Editor's Choice RubberCheck Price
REEF FANNING SANDAL- Best for men SyntheticCheck Price


best flip flops for wide feet
If you are looking for flip flops for wide feet, then Orth heel by Vionic Tide Sequins Orthotic sandals are really reliable. These sandals are made with beautiful sequins. These sandals provide you full guarantee that these sandals will be most reliable and comfortable all day long.

They reduce strain on your feet, ankles and knees. These flip flops introduced orthaheel technology in these sandals with orthotic support. These toe sandals have fixed arched support which makes walking easy, cozy and calm. These flip flops are designed with such metatarsal support with the intention that you will not suffer any pain or strain in the ball of your feet. The best thing about these sandals are that they are very light in weight and dries up quickly when come in contact with water or any moisture.

If you are suffering with heel pain, these sandals will help you get rid of your pain. They have a footbed for the aim of improving stability. They keep the foot in natural position and provide support. Additional features of these sandals include a woven, soft-toe post, fixed orthotic footbed, shallow heel cup for better stability and alignment. They have also proved very successful in controlling over rotation of the feet.

Pros Cons
Great sizing and support None
Help relief pain
Great stability



There is no negative point about these sandals. They are really reliable for wide feet and are designed with advanced technology which reduces stress on feet and provide full comfort and stability.

Check Price



flip fops infowizard
The reef fanning flip flop are adaptable and really flexible flip flop offering high level of support and comfort. One of the best and most unique feature of these sandal is fitted bottle opener on the outsole. This a great feature for those people who are fond of occasional refreshments and always forget to carry bottle openers with them. There absolute comfort and relief offered by these sandals is something that is really appreciable.

Their soft footbed comply to the foot easily without having to break it in. They have been designed with thick material on the footbed which cushions the feet from any shock. For extra level heel support, the heel has been fixed with an airbag. This feature makes these sandals completely unique and different from other footwear.

These flip flops are prominently for wide feet and fit firmly. It minimizes cross movement between the walk. Another amazing feature of these sandals is complete balance and solidness. They are designed with CMEVA technology with the aim for making them extremely tough and sturdy.

All these features expand the life span of these sandals. The toe strap is very wide, solid and properly integrated in these sandals whereas the toe straps of other flip flops easily break down. The grip offered is really strong and tough.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Hurt between the toes
Provide great support Tight strap
Great for hikes
Good quality


Although the strap is little bit tight and the sandals hurt a little between toes, overall these sandals are comfortable and provide great balance. They are great for hikes and long walks. And the bottle opener feature makes it most unique from the other flip flops.

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wide feet flip flops reviewed
Chaco has designed these flip flops to be ‘’flips without flops’’. They are absolutely reliable for the people who are annoyed of the clacking sound that is made by every step of their regular wearing sandals. These Eco tread flips are contoured nicely with heel cup for the purpose of providing maximum comfort and relief. For absorbing shocks really well, they are designed with polyurethane foot bed. They also provide resistance on slippery surfaces. Chaco flip are really reliable for people with wide feet. They are really cozy and provide great balance. These flip flops also score high in long-lasting category.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Not for all types of feet
Unique design/pattern Lacks arch support
Great durability



Although, these sandals lack arch support and are not for all types of feet, they are really reliable and comfortable. They fit easily and easy to walk in. They are well built and material used in these sandals is also of best quality.

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flips flops spenco wide feet

If you are really worried about getting maximum comfortable and support, then you should go for these sandals. These sandals provide a lot of arch support and are contoured nicely with footbed which compression is molded. One negative point about these sandals is they often cause scraping and brushing marks on most surfaces. They are really supportive for over-weight people and are themselves light in weight. They will give you support while walking as well as while doing strenuous and tough work.

Pros Cons
Good arch support None
Best for wide feet


Despite being causing scrap marks on surfaces, these sandals are best for people with wide feet and provide a lot of arch support. They are very light in weight and provide support in all kind of walking activities.

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Different brands offer different flip flops with wide variety of features which often make customers confuse which shoes to buy and which to drop. However, there are some things which must are to keep in view while choosing flip flops for wide feet. Some of them are mentioned below.


The trouble with most sandals are that they have no ankle support. They rarely offer any kind of foot support. Flip flops which help you in decreeing arch pain are really reliable. Flip flops that provide better ankle support are great for indoor use. They provide your feet a space for breathing after walking all day. They are easy to put on and off.


A big difference that people usually make is that they often confuse wide feet with big feet. It is important to note that if you have wide feet it doesn’t mean you have to buy big shoes. Go for the shoes that are wide. Buying big shoes will aggravate the problem.


Flip flops that are comfortable, strong and firm are more preferred. You may often find beautiful shoes, but it is rare to find sandals that are beautiful as well as comfortable.


The most important thing that matters while choosing flip flop is its material. Often sandals are made of low-quality material and their strap is not strong enough which results in immediate breaking of the sandals. Flip flops made with strong and sturdy material are more preferred because they last-long.

Final Note

There are many options of flip flops for wide feet but most desirable of them have been listed above. Undoubtedly, sandals which are pretty as well as comfortable makes the deadliest combination. It is to remember that people with wide feet should keep in view the ankle support while choosing flip flops. Wide flip flops are not to be mixed with big sandals. We have given the information best of our knowledge and we hope it will help you in making a good decision.

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