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Best High Heels For Overweight 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Who does not want to appear attractive and beautiful? Every woman really wants to feel better about herself, even plus-sized women. However, the most significant challenge for full figured women is to discover clothes and things that will increase the body’s strengths as opposed to its weaknesses or physical flaws. So, we’ve researched and reviewed best high heels for overweight.

There are clothes and shoes for full figured women that could accentuate your body’s curves or help project a thinner look. If you’re plus-sized, then things you need are shoes that could help you appear taller along with your legs longer. There are numerous shoe options to select, knowing the body and what works for you personally will allow you to look gorgeous every time.

Overweight women shoes are larger and wider in contrast to other women’s shoes. Women have different shoe sizes, not every overweight d women require larger shoes. There are perfectly slim girls that have larger feet and would require bigger shoes compared to regular shoe sizes.

Plus size women shoes are available in numerous designs, styles, sizes, colors and fabrics. Women is now able to select boots, flats, loafers, mules, pumps, sandals, slipper, booties and slides. These shoes vary from sizes five to ten, and many designers would’ve size 13 or 14 inside their line. The width ranges from B or M (regular/medium), D or W (wide) to WWWW or EEEE (extra wide wide).

Overweight women should not be afraid to make use of women’s high heel sandals. The heels help in making your legs appear longer along with your thighs slimmer. Choose heels which may have thicker support, like wedges or platform heels rather than using pencil heels. Thicker heels offer better support.

Also try wearing sling backs or sandals. Open toed pumps and shoes are another great option. A pair of boots is another must for plus-size women. There are wide calf boots what is going to look wonderful with skirts, pants and jeans. When purchasing boots, always have your toes and ankles measured properly. You do not need to use something too tight or too loose.

Avoid wearing slippers or sandals who have hefty ankle straps. This will only supply you with as well as your legs a shorter look. You can always find sandals with straps that could help your legs appear smaller and also at duration, provide enough support and stability for your foot.

Chunky or square heels could make your legs and thighs chunky. You do not have to use extremely women’s high heel sandals to the slimming effect, kitten style heels or one or one and half inch may be enough. Boots that cut midway your leg may also design your legs appear shorter and chunkier.

You can also check out dresses which are best for hiding tummy 

Now, let’s check out reviews of best high heels for overweight. We truly hope that you are going to find something stunning.

Name Heels Type
Nine West Women's Leisa Leather Heeled Kitten HeelsCheck Price
Phorecys Women's Slingback- Editor’s Choice Kitten HeelsCheck Price
Cdvintu Women Pointed Toe Transparent High Heels Strappy HeelsCheck Price
Imagine Vince Camuto Women's Strappy HeelsCheck Price
Timberland Women's EK Glancy High heel wedgesCheck Price
Womens Fly London Yulo Wedge Heel High heel wedgesCheck Price

Nine West Women’s Leisa Leather Heeled

plus size high heels

 If you are fan of leather heeled dress shoes, then you are going to love this one. Obviously, it is made of leather and possess synthetic sole. The measurement of shaft is about 3.5-inches from arch and heel is 2.5-inches long.

The design is two-pieced which has closed heel and ankle strap which is also adjustable. The heel is carved shaped and toe will remain opened. These high heels shoes are very comfortable to wear indeed.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Not long lasting
Super cute



These are one of the best high heels for overweight if you are looking for open shoe style. Without any doubt they are comfortable, has a trendy style for summers and looks super cute on any type of feet. But, these beautiful high heels life is not large. On research, we found out that the max they can give you is 1 year of usage. And, that’s the only drawback you are going to find in them,

Check Price

Phorecys Women’s Slingback- Editor’s Choice

best high heels for overweight infowizard

 Looking for high heels which you can wear for an office, party and on special occasion. Check out these sling back heel shoes. These shoes are made of pure PU Leather. The height of heel is almost 2 inches and the toe has pointed shape which is closed. The upper and inner material is also PU leather while the sole is made of rubber and the strap is buckled shape.

These high heels are also very comfortable, and you can wear them anywhere from office to shopping malls. Also, offers outstanding value to it’s wearer. Most importantly despite the closed toe these high heels are breathable.

Pros Cons
Outstanding value None


 You are not going to find best high heels for overweight cheaper than these ones. Despite, their cheap pricing these high heels are very comfortable, has beautiful design and breathability with comfort. And the most surprising part about these shoes is they have no reported complains.

Check Price

Cdvintu Women Pointed Toe Transparent High Heels  

plus size heels

 Searching for heels higher than 2 inches and can support your weight without making you feel uncomfortable? Well, we found the answer in these high heels. The heels in these shoes are 4.7 inches long. The design is simple yet elegant. The sides and toe area is made of high quality transparent PVC while the color of heel is black.

These high heels shoes are very comfortable also inexpensive compared to many other similar shoes. As, it transparent coloring makes it wearable with any type of clothes.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive None reported
High heels
Cute looking


These are the inexpensive best high heels for overweight. These shoes are not only cheap but also very comfortable and good looking. And, the best part is that they are long lasting and possess no cons.

Check Price


Imagine Vince Camuto Women’s

overweight heels

 These high heels are made of fabric and textile. The sole is created with leather while measurement of heels are about 4 inches. The measurement of shaft from arch is around 7.25-inches.

If you are looking for formal high heels for special occasion, then you are going to love these ones without being worried about plus size.

Pros Cons
Super comfortable for wide feet None
Fabulous design
Perfect heels


 One more best high heels for overweight or plus size women. These shoes have beautiful design and preferred for formal occasions but its all depend upon you when and where you want to wear. As, you will have peace of mind that these heels fits perfectly for wide feet and it has a design which turns head and these shoes have no downsides either.

Check Price


Timberland Women’s EK Glancy

high heels infowizard.co

 These high heel wedges are just superb. You surely going to look super-hot while wearing these high heels. EK glancy by timberland are made off full grain leather. The measurement of shaft from arch is almost 6 inches. It has lengthened collar and linings are made off recycle able plastic bottle material.

It also has ortholite which supports your feet all the time even if you wear them for 24 hours your feet will not feel soar.  The height of heels of EK Glancy are 3-inches.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable Designed for narrow feet
Orthotic support


One of the very comfortable shoes you can get. Also, the material is strong and long lasting. The orthotic support make these shoes extra comfortable. But, these shoes have downside of being suitable for narrow feet. But, the do have the sizing of 11 BM(US) and 11 D or W sizing but if your feet are very wide like you require 13 to 14 BM(US) sizing then these shoes are not going to suitable for you.

Check Price


Women’s Fly London Yulo Wedge Heel

wedge heels

 It is created from breathable leather. The measurements of shaft is as high as to knees. The sole is created off rubber and upper area is also made off leather.  The measurement of heels are 2.5 inches.

These are also best high heels for overweight because they can support you with excellent arch which is offering 1.5-inches heels.

Pros Cons
Excellent for sensitive feet Lacks built quality
Looks great


 Best high heels for overweight who are also willing to cover their legs to appear more attractive while wearing skirt and shorts. These shoes are excellent for sensitive feet because they are very comfortable and you are not going to feel heel pressure with them. The design is also very beautiful, but many women complained about it’s quality so, if you are investing in these shoes keep in mind that they are not going to last long term.

Check Price


Tips look Classy for overweight women when wearing High Heels

High heels for overweight

We cannot leave our readers with just reviews so, we decided to add guide for overweight women who want to look classy as well.

The thing is that Magazines today achieve decent volume of readership by showing real versus photo shopped pictures. The ultra-skinny, the hourglass figure and ultra-tall woman is connected with a variance but obliges as a foundation for your standard of beauty. Even these women require the tricks and tips and skills of your technician with photo shop expertise. We see these size 4 women on magazine covers wearing shorts and heels giving the illusion of sleek, slender legs which go on forever.

Reality check: The average size of the American woman is size 14. The magic number that unexpectedly happens to function as the starting number for plus size clothing. So, let’s face the facts, ladies have curves, a great deal of them and curves are AWESOME. The key is really understanding how to indicate them off.

Being plus-sized doesn’t draw mention of the height. So, if you have already been a quick woman, it could feel counter-intuitive to use a brief skirt. Let’s be honest, for so many women fat would rather deposit itself about the thighs and legs. It’s the dreaded place the location where the cellulite “grows.”

It’s the place that you might most want under control. But this short skirt perform available for you. Hear me out, continue reading. Showing a little bit of leg elongates it. I’m only discussing several inches on top of the knee. It makes you, the girl appear taller and emphasizes the fewer, narrower (it’s okay to indicate it) section of the leg. Being “plus-sized” the temptation would be to conceal, however if women wears a protracted skirt (right at or below the knees) all things are covered apart from the calf muscle. It provides you with a shorter and in all probability heavier than you’re really appearance. This tip is all the more right for the tall or average height woman. If you got them, flaunt. There’s nothing wrong with some leg.

Another misconception, tall women can’t wear heels. Anyone can wear heels. Tall and short alike. The one and only true requirement is confidence. If you decide to make use of a heel, use it well by standing tall. Slouching undermines the poise and magnificence your shoes are conveying. Other than confidence and posture, you’ll want to be comfortable. A grimacing face is paradoxical accessory. If you can’t perform a stiletto, complete your outfit that has a comfortable wedge. They look good with just about everything.

Polish off your stylish short skirt and heels using a shirt or jacket having a tapered waistline. You need showing that that you employ a waist. A boxy shirt does exactly that, develop a boxy shape. It hides not just curvaceous breasts but bottoms too. It hides the many bits that will make you a lady plus there is nothing sexy or classy with that. Accentuate your assets by styles that demonstrate off or compliment your proportions.

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