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IQ Option Review- Is IQ Option Good?

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2018)

IQ Option is one of the best Forex & Crypto-currency trading platform. After, Researching A lot and spending time in finance I can easily differentiate between companies which are legit or which are scam. And IQ option is one of the legit company. They are regulated first green signal, Second, they offer plenty of trading options which includes Digital trading, Binary options, Forex as well as cryptocurrencies. IQ option also offers practice account of $10,000 and there is no limit or time frame to practice your trading skills.

I should mention here that Forex trading is not for everyone and do not get mislead by fake promises offered by scam companies. IQ option certainly does not offer you or gives you false hints. They are very strict about following the regulations and policies and expect the same from respected traders. If, you are looking for legit and perfect Forex&Cryptocurrency trading platform look no further because IQ Option is the right choice.

IQ Option is decent, and transparent broker they are not like those brokers whose success depends upon “loss of the traders”. It’s general perception about binary options trading that brokers are always against you but not the case if you are trading with IQ Option.

IQ option established back in 2013 and thrived in the market of binary options and Forex. They changed the views of people about binary options trading by providing the honest support and information.  IQ option has very few complaints and they are not money related. I contacted multiple Forex and bitcoin traders who are trading on IQ Option and very few complained about them and again the complains were about the platform. I am going to discuss those complains here as well because I believe in transparency as well just like IQ Option and certainly I want the users to know what they are going to get and exactly what they are getting into by covering IQ option platform in details.

Reasons to Open an Account with IQ Option

IQ Option is not a scam broker, they do not lure you with false images like a glamourous girl or expensive cars they are right there for legit business and they are offering one. There are following reasons to choose them for binary options trading.

  • Demo Account
  • No Bonuses
  • Safeguard Their Traders
  • Quality Support

Demo Account

IQ option offers demo account for your practice without depositing any money. Demo account comes with the demonstration balance of $10,000 which you can refill unlimited times. Demonstration account is like real account except you are not trading with real money. Practice account does not limit you from trading any asset as far as I checked. You can practice trading on digital options, binary options, Forex, Cryptocurrencies. IQ option is the only legit broker I found whom offering a lot of assets and trading like these.

                                                      Open An Account

IQ Option

No Bonuses

Let the word “no bonuses” does not confuse you. Bonuses were never a good option for a trader as they felt trapped after acquiring the bonuses as they had to reach certain turn over to withdraw their money. But they don’t have feel like that anymore because those high risks bonuses have been dropped since 14th December 2016 by the regulation of CySec and as a regulated binary options broker, IQ option stopped offering them.

Safeguard their traders

Like I said, it’s a general point of view that brokers do not protect their traders because they thrive on loss of the traders but IQ option makes you safe by regularly managing their risks.

Quality Support

IQ option offers 24/7 customer support services, they also have live chat options and even they reply you very quickly via email hence, you get solutions of your problem quickly. Indeed, a quality support. IQ Option provide support to their clients in multiple languages. So, if your native language on the list you can easily speak with them in your language instead of English.

IQ Option Platform

IQ option offers a smooth and easy to use platform for traders. They have their own trading platform. They update it from time to time maybe their platform is not latest but yes, it is very smooth and easy to use. To get a clear picture of IQ option platform look at the image below.

IQ Option

IQ option offer binary options traders 4 types of charts.

  • Area
  • Line
  • Candlesticks
  • Bars


IQ option also offers Graphical tools which helps you in accessing financial markets. (Financial trends, support lines and resistance lines). IQ option includes four types of graphical tools in their platform which are:

  • Lines
  • Trend Lines
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Fibonacci lines

IQ option platform also includes Indicators. And they offer a wide variety of indicators. You can use twelve types of indicators on their Platform

  • MA
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Alligator
  • RSI
  • MACD
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Awesome oscillator
  • ATR
  • ADX
  • Fractal
  • CCI

IQ Option also provides platform tutorial videos on their website as well as they have very huge educational library from which you can learn a lot and gain your confidence as a trader. IQ option also includes chatting with other traders but it’s only available on the real account. You can chat with active traders but make sure to follow the chatroom policies

IQ Option Trading

IQ option offers you for types of trading

  • Digital options
  • Forex
  • Binary trading
  • Cryptocurrencies

Digital options

Digital options also known as IQ option Classic options. Classic options are enthused by the American stock options mostly operated in the USA. The options are built on stock prices of 500 highest carrying out United State corporations, counting such everyday names as McDonalds, Netflix, Google, Apple, Amazon and several more.

Digital options slog identical to binary options: you select the asset you would like to trade on and pick a path in which you have confidence in its price is going to move. There is one key variance between these two tools, however. With Binary Options, your turnover per deal is static, while with digital Options it’s almost unlimited, because your productivity rises if the price has on stirring in the designated route.


Forex trading is very risky and unpredictable but with IQ option you cannot drop more than the primary investment. IQ option has clear advantage here over other forex brokers. You can trade on forex market 24 hours and 5 days per week. Market is closed on Saturday and Sunday.


Binary options trading is the most common and seems simplest but it is not actually very simple. Binary options have expiry time and choosing the right prediction options. You can call/put according to your method of trading and your predictions of market. If you predict the right movement. E.G if amazon is going up and you choose the call option and till expiry time the price stays above your call price you are going to get return. But, if does not stays there and went down from the price you placed your call and stays there till expiry time. you are going to lose your trade.


IQ Option recently started offering cryptocurrencies trading as well on their platform which is extremely good as bitcoin costs more than $3600+ I think. IQ option offers following top six cryptocurrencies to trade.

  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Iota
  • Lite coin
  • Ripple

IQ Option App

IQ option mobile app offers the same smooth and user-friendly experience same as their web browser and desktop app.

They developed the apps for both android and IOS users. And they are specifically designed according to Google play and Apple Store policies. They developed both apps differently unless like other apps who misbehave on app store but works great on android stores. But, IQ option kept themselves above and provided the both Android and IOS apps flawlessly. You can trade digital options, Forex, Binary options and Cryptocurrencies on IQ Option App.

IQ option IQ option app

IQ Option

IQ Option Payout

You can gain up to 91 percent in case of successful trade. The payout rate is not every time same it varies with the market and financial situations but 91 percent is the most you are going to get in case of successful trade and it is highest in the market.

Deposits and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit is $10 only on IQ Option. The minimum trade amount is $1 only. You can deposit and withdraw money with credit/debit cards, e-wallets and wire transfer. You can also withdraw money with credit/debit cards, wire transfer and e-wallets. IQ option does not charge any processing fee or additional charges for withdrawing your money except for wire transfer fee in case of wire transfer. There are no actual withdrawal limits you can withdraw as low as $2. The maximum money you can withdraw at once is $100,000.

IQ options Countries

IQ options provides services in up to 178 countries. It is very popular in the European countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland. This company is growing fastly in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and mighty economy country of China.

IQ option does not operate in United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, France, Belgium, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Sudan and Iran. Some countries may have exception for Mobile app trading.

How to Join IQ option

IQ Option Infowizard

Joining IQ option is not a rocket science you can join IQ option by signing up here, then you can practice on demonstration account which is identical to real account. And if you feel you are ready you can deposit for real account which is $10 only. Minimum in the industry of binary options and you can make $1 trades only as well.

IQ Option Regulation

IQ option is regulated broker registered under the Info field premier LTD and Invest lab holdings LTD Registration # for these companies are (HE324593) and (HE327751). Invest Lab holdings is registered With CYSEC (Licence#247/14). Which ensures that traders are protected on IQ option under the facility of MiFID.

IQ option Tournaments

IQ option has disabled tournaments on their platform. Effected from November 1,2017 people residing in Europe cannot access tournaments anymore. This rule implicated by regulatory CYSEC security commission.

IQ option Pros and Cons

Wrapping It Up

IQ option stands out from other brokers. They have best support, they are regulated, user friendly as well. And despite providing all the great binary options trading experience their minimum deposit is only $10 and you can trade on your favorite assets from as low as $1. In my opinion, If I can give ratings it will be like this

  • Customer service rating 9/10
  • Deposit/withdrawal rating 10/10
  • Website rating 9/10
  • Mobile app rating 9/10

IQ option Registration

You can register quickly on IQ option. Just sign up with your email, verify your email once verified You can start trading on practice account. if you want to trade on real account you need to verify your identity and address after that you can deposit as low as $10 to start trading with your real account.

Open An Account

                                                             IQ Option



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