SureTrader Review- Low Cost Stock Trading Platform

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2018)

I have been trading stocks from many years and I try to find best stock brokers for me. Few months back, I started trading with SureTrader. And, they do not disappoint. In fact, in all my years of trading I have not ever perceived such a huge profit build up at a broker. if your are looking for Forex broker we have covered that as well which you can check out here

If you are into day trading, then SureTrader is one of the best platform.

SureTrader Features

You want an online stock broker with a highest status, and that’s what you contract with SureTrader. They have been in industry ever since 2008.  Given below are some their features which separate them from other brokers.

Licensed by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas
Exchange Control Regulated by The Central Bank of Bahamas.
Audited financials by BDO Chartered Accountants & Advisors The Bahamas.
Licensed personnel & over 40 support staff.
Quarterly financial submitted to the Securities Commission of The Bahamas.
Required minimum net cap to operate.
Anti-Money Laundering Policies & Compliance
Financial Institution Professional Liability Insurance through American Home Assurance Co
IRS Qualified Intermediary & FATCA compliant

SureTrader Tech

SureTrader’s Avant grade platforms provide to skilled and beginner day traders. Novices can acquire the chains of day trading with free SureTrader Active Web. As day trader’s advances, they will desire to join SureTrader Desktop app, for influential, Level 2 exchange. This classy package permits day traders to up to date market info, since info is power, it will progress the probabilities of a fruitful trade.

SureTrader Pricing

SureTrader offers transparent and up-front pricing to their traders. Let’s check out their pricing

Trade Rates

SureTrader always tells you exactly how much you are spending in stock trading charges. Their online trading charges are up-front, and you won’t get knockout by unseen, startling charges.


Their commissions are only $4.90+50 cents per contract. Contrasting outdated commissions, it is not a ratio of your trade, but like to a trading amount. SureTrader’s innovative commission rates bids ZERO routing charges. No-cost routing fees are just one more technique SureTrader saves dealers money on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s see commission table to understand it in a better way.

SureTrader Account Fees

Outgoing Funds $40
Inactivity Fee-quarterly (if trades are less than 15) $50
Margin Fee $25


SureTrader Platforms for Trading

Trading Platform for Stocks
SureTrader offers three types of trading platforms.

  • Active Web
  • Desktop software
  • Mobile App


Active Web

SureTrader Active web is a free web-based, available stock trading platform that delivers workers with real time flowing data, intraday graphs, fast & calm order entry and implementation intended to meet your day trader requirements. With SureTrader, you can trade stocks and opportunities from a solo screen for an all-in-one trading involvement.

Desktop Software

SureTrader Desktop is a Level II, Straight Entree software. This trading platform hail from whole with fully unified point-and-click exchange. See any stock anyplace on your display, tick on it, and it’s ready for performance. This is the favorite desktop software for day traders for the reason it has progressive features.

Mobile App

For day traders on the go SureTrader offers mobile app. The finest day trading app existing. SureTrader bargains fitting mobile results that let you to trade from your SureTrader account from majority of cellphones or tablets. SureTrader has an iOS app that sets controlling level-II trading in the palm of your hand. With the SureTrader IOS app, you can see your account standing, get estimates, and make trades swiftly and effortlessly. Their app interface is instinctual and easy to acquire. You can download their app from here easily.

Pros Cons

Pros Cons
No pattern day trading Charge inactivity fee of $50 for accounts with less than 15 trades quarterly
Easy to start $25/day margin
Low rates
Excellent commissions
Free $50 in trades for new accounts
Minimum deposit $500 only
$100k free demo account


New clienteles from the United States must be sure they are acquiescent with IRS guidelines to trade with SureTrader is an excellent option for novice traders to get started, as well as those who are not like to take risks, but be cautious of charges and commissions. Try their $100k demo account to understand platform completely.

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