Zippy Loan Review

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2018)

If you are in financial trouble and do not have enough credit score or back up to get loan from bank then your only option left is payday loans online. But, you should choose right lender to get your payday loans online and the company we have tested and going to review today is known as Zippy loan.

What is Zippy Loan?

Zippy loan offers personal loans online. You can get up to $15,000 with your application submission and you will get decision in real time as well. (No wait for catch up emails). Personal loans can be used for your own personal needs or for your family. These loans do not require any kind of collateral approval, back up or any asset requirement.

If you are looking to get approved for personal loan from zippy loan all you need is proof of identity and your general source of income. If you fulfill the criteria you can get approved by zippy loan in less than 5 minutes. And zippy loan does not make you wait foolishly they shows decision in real time. Apply For up-to $15000 Loan Now

How Zippy loan works?

When you submit your loan application with zippy loan. They send your application to more than 100 lenders. Zippy loan lenders offer variety of loan choices and you can choose which suits the best for you.

You can apply for loans via your desktop but you can also apply for loans via your IOS or Android browsers if you are on the go. The zippy loan website is highly optimized for mobile users as well.  So, if you need loan for any kind of problem you can get it on the go as well.

Process of Zippy Loan

Zippy loan offers both installment and short-term loans to reach your financial goals with ease. The process of zippy loan is based on three steps

  1. Online Application
  2. Sign Up and collect
  3. Repay

Online Application

You need to submit application online you do not have to wait in lines. After submitting your application zippy loan will sent it to their more than 100 lenders.

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Sign up and collect

Zippy loan will connect you to the lender which matches your loan requirement. You can review and sign agreement instantly, electronically and you will get the fund in your bank account as soon as possible mostly in next business day.


Zippy loan will manage the network of your lenders. You can repay in multiple installments. Mostly, you have time frame of 60 months. Zippy loan also have short term lenders and you can repay them as soon as your next payday.

Reasons to Choose Zippy Loan
zippy loan

There are many other companies offering payday loans online but zippy loan is top choice. Because of following reasons.

  1. Apply Online in less than 5 minutes
  2. Real time loan decisions
  3. Credit types do not matter all are accepted
  4. Quick access to funds
  5. Help you to build your credit

Apply online in less than 5 minutes

You can apply for zippy loan application in less than 5 minutes. Even, if you type slowly it will not take more than 5 minutes. You do not have to wait in lines or need to get an appointment the process is done online and quickly. No waiting Queues period!

Real Time Loan Decisions

Zippy loan does not make you wait. They certainly understand if you are looking for personal loan you are in hurry for getting cash. So, you will not have to wait a long time after submission of your application. Zippy loan shows your loan decision in real time.

All are accepted

Zippy loan accepts all types of credit. You can Get accepted for loan by proving your personal identity and source of income

Quick Access to funds

You can get access to funds you require as quickly as possible. Zippy loan take care of their customers properly and offers no delay.

Help you Build your credit

Zippy loan helps you build your credit score by providing data of on time payments to credit organizations and help you improve your credit score.

Zippy loan pros and cons


Zippy loan Reviews

We have been gathering zippy loan reviews from people who are using them or already used them for their monetary needs. These reviews are unbiased as well as from real users and we are publishing them as it is. With their consent.

“Very Good and very nice customer support. My loan of $10,000 approved and paid in full within 24 hours.” Marvin

“Easy sign up and quick lending, would definitely use them again.” Tina

“back in 2016 just before Christmas i was in need of money and someone told me about zippy loan. The loan was approved and arrived in my account next day. Their support team is very nice.” Thomas

“loan was rejected and the staff member talked with me very rudely, I complained about him next day but had no action. Do publish my review so, people should know.” Sabrina 

“simple and easy application process.”  Anonymous 

“I was in dire need of money and to be honest zippy loan is the only website whose lender approved my application.” Donald 

“My application was rejected straight away. They do have quick processing but they are liars as they advertised i will get loan even if i have bad credit. I contacted the support team and they told that approving/disapproving is in hands of lender.” Neil 

“The lender is harassing me as i failed to pay him back.” Anonymous 

“Friendly support, loan approved instantly and got the money in bank next day. very satisfied and would recommend to others if they are looking for payday loans.” Gregory

“I actually used ton’s of payday loans companies. Most of them blast you with promotional, spam emails but zippy loan is truly different. Holiday’s are here and i needed money and zippy loan helped me get that. So, for me they are 10/10.” Naria

” Two words, Easy and fast.” Todd

“I want you to publish this because i am speech impaired person. For me it was not possible to get a loan from anywhere else this is how this world works. But I really want to thank you and your team for showing me zippy loan. I don’t want to extend my review so, let me wrap up this. Fully Satisfied, they treated me well, provided the loan despite my credit score and disabilities and repayments are extremely easy for me. So, yes i highly recommend them.” Mr. Howe  

“No issues at all. I visited them after reading review here.”  Sam


Zippy loan is great platform if you are in financial crisis and looking to get loan up to $15,000. They offer both installment and short-term loans. Also, they have more than 100+ lenders to meet your requirements. You can access your funds very quickly and application submissions is very easy all you have to do is submit your name, email, address, phone number, Social security number, Bank account to receive funds, Employment or valid source of income. You can see people already sending us their reviews few people do have bad experience but majority of them are fully satisfied. We tested them personally and we had no issues at all. If, our review matters count that as positive one and try zippy loan for yourself.

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