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3 week diet- Personally tested and case study

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

My name is Jeanne and I was struggling to lose weight since having my first baby girl. She is 3 years old now. From last 3 years I was finding a way to lose weight but failing continuously. The second worst scenario is that I am on anesthetic medicine known as quetiapine which is directly linked to weight gain research proved that. After researching a lot i found this product on internet known as 3 week diet. It’s basically not some fat burner or magic pill which claims you to lose weight it’s a weight loss plan designed by professional person and it was even offering 60 days’ money back guarantee. So, I decided to test it out.


What is 3 week diet?


3 week diet is a diet plan made by Brian Flatt, Claims that you can lose 15 to 21 pounds of fat in just 3 weeks. Unlike other People I did not believe that. And I am writing this review today right after completing my 21 days.


The 3 week diet is fundamentally a blend of diverse diets which are connected together into altered stages. The diet begins with a detox phase, then a non-compulsory go on hunger strike (fasting phase) trailed by two unlike low carb levels.


As you could visualize with a diet capable of such rapid weight loss, the diet does appear quite punishing – and to carry out each stage to the extreme is not stress-free.  As I found, it can make you sense fairly weary to start with.  But as it is only for 3 weeks and the concluding stage is the minimum intimidating, it is attainable.  It is likely to do the diet in a to some extent less punishing method, purely shrewd that you are not make the most of your weight loss goals.


As typical to help weight loss, the weight loss strategy contains a workout plan.  This is divided into two portions both with altered kinds of workouts.  The mandatory workout throughout the plan is to walk each day afore breakfast. The non-compulsory measure is a standard dumbbell centered training program, which is envisioned to make the most of fat burning process. As this test is non-compulsory, if you are not an admirer of this sort of workout, it’s not an issue, you will with no trouble lose weight lacking it, but you will trim more if you set in the added struggle.


To poise against the controlled scenario of the diet, standup on the weight scale every day and finding that you have lost weight is a prodigious influencer. And that’s the thing that retains us going over the starvation twinges of the detox and abstaining stages.

My Journey on 3 week diet:


Before my marriage and having my child, I weighed at 60 kg’s which is pretty normal with the height of 5 feet 6 inches. But after getting pregnant my weight naturally increased and I know, it does increase as a new being living inside you. After having baby, the weight did not decrease it continuously increased and I measured myself and I measured myself at 90 kg’s before starting 3 week diet plan.


Day 0 (before Starting a 3 week diet plan):


Weight% Body Fat    BMI
90 kg’s46.7933.28


Day 1 and 2:


The first day of the 3 week diet was obviously planned to be a bit of a kick start. The option of foods was quite limiting. There is a permitted list of root vegetable which can be consumed uncooked, steamed or heated with microwave oven


My menu strategy for breakfast was heated mushrooms, but in sight of the information that I was famished and it was a very icy day I chose to be a slight bolder and take in sliced bell peppers and zucchini with my microwaved mushrooms and to enhance a flavor I added a chopped spring onion. In all decency it was very tasteless and really required to some degree to zip up the flavor.


Lunch was built on Costco’s broccoli salad, finely tattered vegetables with red and white cabbage, carrots and celery. But as a replacement for the delightful sweet-smelling mayonnaise style salad dressing only a slight olive oil and a trace of balsamic aided to create it more edible.


The day was categorized by starvation. I was continuously hungry. I speculated if it was a psychological thing.  On a Sunday, I can honestly effortlessly go lacking of eating until midafternoon and I hardly feel starving.  But, as I knew I can only have definite foods I purely felt depressed.  It did not support that the food looked wishy-washy.


Gaining my punishment on the insipid food, I added new extra flavor to the remaining of my meals and purchased some herbs to add some taste to my future meals.

By the bedtime I was still famished, so I grabbed a peppermint oil pill which for me, have a tendency to to soften the starvation spasms stretched ample for me to get to snooze.


I weighed myself on day 2 and I was half pound less which was obviously motivating for me.


Luckily, Day 2 was to some extent less restraining than day 1 and a minor amount of (permitted) protein can be supplementary which does aid to make meal time stress-free and tastier.


The key difficulty I had with day 2 was the nuisance.  Consuming no coffee on Day 1, I thought I was feeling the pulling out warning sign!  As I had a conference that a.m. and had to be active, I took a pair of painkillers and consumed black coffee without any sugar.

The further area I cheated myself was lunch. It was one more cold day and the thought of an echo of day 1 salad was practically more than I could chew down, though, I thought that, regardless of that point that it was not on the angle of permitted food preparation means, I would have some enjoyable homebased herbal soup.


This was awesome, I had to some degree hot and uplifting and it actually aided immensely to make me feel a lesser amount of depressed.  I habitually have soup in the winter anyhow.

Day 2 was more successful than day 1 as I had cheated at some degree and I managed to lost 2 pounds in 2 days.

Day 3:

Day 3 started well for me. I had no headache and I knew that my body is adopting new diet. My mind was still fighting with me for depriving my stomach and taste buds from very tasty foods. I had the black coffee again not mentioned in the manual off course and went for walk. I walked around 1.2 km and came back made my breakfast 2 pan eggs with some fine herbs like lemon grass. Pan eggs was not fulfilling so I microwaved some mushrooms as well. In lunch I ate turkey breast sandwich and at dinner I ate bowl of salad with seasoning of apple Cider vinegar and olive oil and went to sleep.


Day 4:

I weighed myself on day 4 the I did not lose anything. I started feeling really bad and depressed that I am going to hit plateau again and this program is also going to fail me but I convinced myself that let’s give it’s a try. I followed the 3-week manual as mentioned not cheated a single time but at night as I told earlier I am on a psychotic medicine and it makes me super hungry so I ended up eating protein bar which had 5g sugar and slept.

Day 5:

Woke up weighed myself still the weight was same I only lost 2 pounds in first 2 days and I was about to give up. I was feeling angry, frustrated and irritated. So, I decided to contact the author of 3 week diet. I left him a message on his official website 3 week diet with complete 4 day details. Surprisingly, he called me back and we had a chat I told him everything and he assured me that give it a try for remaining days, do not stress myself and if I feel extremely depressed I should stop, give myself break and restart again. In the end I managed to motivate me not only that he promised me to offer full support whenever I will need him.  That was the summary of day 5.

Day 6:

I started a new followed everything as it is despite the fact that I was feeling my whole body is broken and energy is gone from my body. I was feeling weak like I am about to fall with starvation but somehow I managed to pass the day.


Day 7:

I weighed myself and saw that I lost 1 more pound. I was very happy that day. I told my husband about my success and he motivated me that I can do it more, he assured me that I can do it. So, motivation was the biggest factor I was lacking before and proper diet as well. Day 7 also went as planned according to 3 week diet manual.

Day 8:

I weighed myself saw no difference in my weight but I did feel that I am not out of energy like a week before and I was not craving the food I used to eat. Again, I followed the diet plan throughout the day with light workout on treadmill.


Day 9:

I lost half a pound more. In 9 days I managed to lose 3.5 lbs which is not as much as mentioned in 3-week diet website but everyone is different and everyone has different results. I was happy that at last I am gaining results. Again, Followed the plan in the morning and lunch but ended up cheating in dinner by eating McDonalds big Mac.


Day 10 to Day 21:

Let’s move forward to the part which I know you guys want to hear the conclusion. I do not want to bore you fellows anymore with my daily routine as it was pretty same mentioned in the manual. From day 10 to day 21 I only cheated my meals twice. And I weighed myself 5 kg less on day 21 which is 11 lbs.

So, I lost 11 lbs. in 21 days with 3 week diet plan.


Yes, I would recommend you 3 week diet plan if you are looking to lose weight. You can get better or less results than me as, everyone is different from other. I certainly recommend you to look on your goals instead of idolizing someone else’s body. And one more benefit of 3 week diet is that you can use it for instance weight loss like right after winter for beach body, want to lose weight before some upcoming special occasion. It does work as it is not based on some magic pill or overnight crap.


3 week diet comes as Instant Download Plan. So no wait for delivery as well. If you are interested in 3 week diet plan.


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