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Athletic Greens Review-100% Case Study Done

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

After a long period of testing and using Athletic Greens we are here with its complete review. As we promised before when we reviewed the organific green juice that we will find and come up with more green superfoods supplements after completing our research and testing. Well, we finally concluded our research and testing.

Today, we are going to look at Athletic Greens. A superfoods green juice which claims to have all the premium ingredients anyone can ask for in a single scoop.

We have ordered the Athletic greens back in October 2017, me and my team is testing it since then.

Now, without any further ado. Let’s look at Athletic Greens.

Top Features of Athletic Greens


  • Athletic Greens offer 11 diverse, healthy supplements in one scoop.
  • It can improve your immune system, gastrointestinal health and alkalize your body.
  • This feature is just best, athletic greens have antioxidants equal to 12 healthiest vegetables servings.

Athletic Green’s Case Study

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If, you are wondering that athletic greens are only meant for unhealthy people, think again. Because, it is not, we all are unhealthy in our own ways. Our body is like a machine and it takes toll every day. No matter if you are doing heavy work or procrastinating. Your body is taking a toll and guess what? 80 percent of American’s do not get healthy diet which we must have to operate our bodies flawlessly.


In result, we suffer.

Let’s see results of Athletic Greens after we done testing it.

Good Health









This green juice supplement is meant for people who are serious about their health and consider their lives as expensive asset. We group of 10, Considers as healthy in every way started taking this supplement and we came to know that we do need that because we are lacking a lot of powerful nutrients from our lives. Nutrients in Athletic Greens Play vital role in improving health.  Improvement in health felt by 10 out 10 members.

Improvement in Mood

athletic greens review









Athletic Greens contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which play a vital role in mood enhancing of a person. 10 people took this supplement and 9/10 of felt positive improvements in mood.

Ultimate Energy

athletic greens









It contains very high-quality nutrient enriched ingredients which makes your body feel highly energized. On completion of our test we came to know that the ultimate energy we were getting from 2 months was due to athletic greens. 10/10 of participants felt energized.

Prevent Tiredness

green juice









As, it gives you ultimate energy it also helps you prevent from feeling tired all day. It’s just refresh your whole body with one single scoop. We all 10/10 partakers felt less worn.

Aid in weight loss









Thanks to superfoods with antioxidants in athletic greens they clear your body from harmful toxins which leads to stress and increase of cortisol levels in your body. Athletic greens get rid of tthose and in result, you lose weight. 8/10 of people lost weight with use of 2 months.

Above effects are just top properties which we experienced in ours case study.

We tested athletic greens on 10 members of our team. 5 Male and 5 females. All felt the same things except for one person who does not felt the mood improvement. This case study concluded after the use of 2 months of Athletic greens.

Premium superfoods in athletic greens also play a vital role in improving your overall health.

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How Athletic Greens can affect your life in positive Ways

Athletic Greens can affect your life in multiple ways towards betterment of your wellbeing. Let’s look at that.

Nervous System and Immune system support with Minerals and Vitamins

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Minerals and vitamins are vital for millions of biological responses and operations of the body. The contest is take in adequate amount and condition. The most accepted and very engaging kind of vitamins and minerals originates from nature itself. Athletic greens Contain all those minerals and vitamins which can make support your immune system as well as makes your nervous system works wonderfully.

Finest engagement of Digestive Enzymes









Your gastric region makes enzymes which crack up the nutriments you eat to simplify nutrient immersion. When this procedure is stalled by dietary shortages and the strain of a busy routine, abnormal absorption of foods and health problems stand up. It’s critical to strengthen the development to get your well-being back on path. You can find enzymes like papain and bromalin in athletic greens. Which aids in digestion and bloating problems.

Detoxification and fat blaster with liver formulation

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Although majority of individuals recognize the liver aids process and eliminate pollutants, it may come as a shock to perceive a strong liver can also help in fat demise. Milk thistle helps and defends the liver as it riddles and rinses toxins from our physiques. The normal diuretic possessions of dandelion root help this removal procedure.

Improves Gut health with Probiotics and Prebiotics









Gut plants is a life changer when it comes to immune system sustenance, with an enormous 70% of the cells that develop your immune system originate in your belly. A fine probiotic can deliver actual immune system provision. To guarantee the maximum influence on general stomach health athletic greens added the Bifidobacterium bifidum and lactobacillus acidophilus both are no dairy probiotics and prebiotics.

Regulate Hormones and Adaptogens

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The ingredients like Ashwaghanda and Rhodiola in athletic greens can help you in regulating your hormones. Both are adaptogens and adaptogens help’s you release stress and control the levels of cortisol.

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Athletic Greens Ingredients

Athletic Greens is a green juice powder which contains 11 super supplements sourcing from 75 natural superfood ingredients.

They give you healthier nutrient enriches per serving, than any other green juice supplement on the marketplace.

Yes, it even beats Organifi Green juice which we reviewed before. But, that does not mean Organifi green juice is a bad stuff. I personally, using it for more than a year now. It’s just Athletic greens offering much more than any other supplement.

When you opt to use Athletic Greens, you do not have to buy health supplements separately because it contains almost everything.

Now without any further delay’s. We are going to look at its ingredients.

  1. Athletic Greens is made off 25 alkaline, nutrient enriched whole superfoods.

  1. It has 17 natural excerpts, herbs and antioxidants.

athletic greens reviews

  1. 5 gastrointestinal enzymes and Mushrooms complex.

athletic greens

  1. Also contains 2 non-dairy probiotics.

infowizard athletic greens

  1. And 22 energetic vitamins and minerals.

athletic greens review

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Athletic Greens Side effects

According to our research athletic greens contains no harmful Sid effects. This supplement contains no corn, no animal harvests, no fake colors or essences, no preservers or MSG, no lactose, no dairy, no wheat, no gluten, sucrose, dextrose, no egg, no saturated fat, no mold or additional salt. Athletic Greens is also FDA approved.

And if you are vegan or vegetarian you can take athletic greens without worrying as we mentioned above it has no egg, no dairy, no animal products.

If you have any medical condition, we highly recommend consulting your doctor or physician before starting any supplement. Also, ask your doctor about athletic greens if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Supplement Facts

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Pros Cons



If you are searching for supplement which contains everything for making your life better then athletic greens is the super-foods powder you must choose. It has more than 75 ingredients from whole foods to vitamins and minerals. Athletic Greens is also FDA approved which makes it more stronger and safer brand to use. Above, you can see our case study in which me and my other 9 colleagues took part and we ended up with this conclusion, “it provides more benefits than we expected”.

And, athletic greens also contain more than 11 supplements in one scoop. So, you don’t have to buy them separately. This supplement is also very beneficial for busy people as it takes only 27 seconds to prepare without creating a mess in your kitchen. The only drawback which is not in supplement but it’s packaging of 30 sachet which costs more than we expected. So, we recommend you take a pouch and pour into some jar if you are on the go and wants to take athletic greens with you. Which, we off course highly recommend.

In our Case study, Total 10 peoples participated as we mentioned above. All the results are real, non-biased and tested on normal and healthy people. If, your health is in question or you are taking prescription medication please consult your doctor or Physician before starting any sort of supplementation. But, If, you are 100 percent about your health kindly go ahead and order directly from Amazon with given button.

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In the end, if you like our review and case study kindly share it with other’s as well. We will really appreciate that!


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