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Best Barbell for Home Gym 2019

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

When it comes to doing exercises, you’ll have a full-scale exercise in the safety of own home. Even if you do not possess the garage or space you can use an equipment like barbell which will not require a lots of space. In our experience barbells are the ideal investment for working out in your own home gym.

Let’s check out some of barbells which are labeled as best barbell for home gym by different workout experts and athletes.

 Barbell for Home Gym Comparison Table


Name Bar Weight
iheartsynergee S-2 Barbell for both men and women- Editor's Choice 45 poundsCheck Price
XMark LUMBERJACK 7' Olympic Bar n/aCheck Price
CAP Barbell OB-86PBCK 44 poundsCheck Price
7-Feet Olympic Bar by Body solid 44 poundsCheck Price
Titan Fitness 86" 45 poundsCheck Price


 Iheartsynergee S-2 Barbell for both men and women- Editor’s Choice


Synergee Barbells are produced from high quality material, suitable for weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and even more. Available in chrome and black, the Synergee Olympic Barbell gives a stylish means to fix weightlifting. A standard knurl, with dual knurl marks provides for easy, comfortable grip. This bar can have normal “whip” during weightlifting exercises and enough stiffness for heavy power-lifting. With a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI plus a total of 10 bearings, this bar is perfect to create your exercise routine one stage further.

With a loadable sleeve duration of 16.4 inches, our barbell can conduct plenty of more weight, assisting you to reach your potential. Customize your unwanted weight load for deadlifts, push press, squats, bench press exercise and much more!

Buy positively realizing that regardless of, they offer an even better than cash back guarantee, when there is a worry using your product at all iheartsynergee refund you and also give back a completely new barbell absolutely FREE.

Pros Cons
Outstanding value None reported
Excellent built quality
solid bar
Excellent customer service


S-2 by Iheartsynergee is one of the best barbell for home gym. It beats the pricing of every other barbell brand out there and truly offers value to your money. It has excellent long-lasting built quality and the bar is very solid. The after support by them is superb as well.

Check Price


XMark LUMBERJACK 7′ Olympic Bar

olympic bar for home gym 

The Olympic bar is made for performance. A top-quality shaft coating increases the longevity in the bar. The chute varnish on XMark’s Bar is black manganese phosphate which gives improved rust battle than black oxide as well as providing the bar tube a somewhat adhesive feel. The middle depth fine knurling is twin spec with IWF and IPF knurling inscriptions. Your Lumberjack Bar is surely an investment. Take a little bit to defend neglect the by rubbing down your bar frequently which has a light coat.


it offers 5 hold grips have large beginnings fitting restfully within the hand even though the steel accuracy hub guarantees a great fit and simplicity of loading. Texas tough, finest rubber case shaped from virgin and castoff neoprene which covers each one-piece good quality iron plate weightiness. As with all reprocessed elastic plates, these should have a scent that could disperse as time plights.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable grip No major one found
Outstanding value



This is also one of the best barbell for home gym. It offers very comfortable grip. With solid and heavy bar. Lumberjack barbells also offers outstanding value by making your very cent worthy.

We not found any major downside in this barbell.

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CAP Barbell OB-86PBCK

home gym barbell

OB-86PBCK has Black oxide finish center knurling can be quite comfortable and incorporates hand placement markers. This is one of the better home fitness space barbell for deadlifts, squatting and also for bench presses. It fits 2-inch plates of the type.

Pros Cons
Good grip Bendable
Best for squatting
medium knurling



If you are looking for simple yet effective barbell for home gym, then OB-86PBCK is an excellent choice. It offers good grip. Cap 0B- barbell is also very well known for squatting in the home. Also, it has medium knurling.

On downside, some people complained that their barbell got bent after some time.

Check Price


7-Feet Olympic Bar by Body solid

 7 feet barbell The Body Solid Barbell is really a 7-foot Olympic bar. Thanks to its three coats of black chrome finish, it is extremely attractive to the attention. Believe me, while you are on the market inside power rack sweating your heart out with weights, you will need the many appeal you can obtain out of your barbell.

Well, this is it! It’s beautiful to your along with ruggedly handsome to your men. However, be aware that this finishing is additionally designed to prevent leakages from corrosion and scrapping while in the same time enhancing the barbell’s durability.

Because it really is created from solid steel, durability is assured. If you are using it in your own home gym, you already know it’ll suffer several abuses, right? Especially if you love free strength training! Able to accommodate weights up to 600 pounds, it allows you to like a great selection of workouts.

The smooth chrome finishing allows the plates to slide to send and receive on the shaft without leaving any scratches or glazes about the bar. The barbell is made to your highest standards, to match any list of Olympic weight.

The shaft carries a diameter of 3 cm as you move the sleeves diameter is 5 cm. The heavy-duty sleeves have brass bushings, which assists the bar to spin the collars properly when conducting workouts for instance deadlifts, curls and bench press exercise.

The dual knurling on the center and for the handgrip area makes this barbell positively different from your CAP Barbell Olympic Bar.

The knurling gives you execute different weight training exercises as you are competent to adjust the positioning within your hands without compromising grip. Knurling is anti-slip.

Pros Cons
Compact Lose caps
heavy duty
long lasting



One of the compact barbell for home gym. Despite, being compact it is very heavy duty and can help you tone your body flawlessly. It can be used for many exercises and built quality is good enough for lasting for years.

On downside, we noticed that its caps gets loose while working out.

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Titan Fitness 86″ barbell

 titan fitness barbell

The Titan Economy Barbell is great for anyone seeking affordable home gym equipment. It comes with an affordable cost without compromising on quality.

This barbell measures 7 feet inches in size. It is a sturdy and reliable lifting bar.

Barbell’s 2-inch diameter conforms to Olympic standards to be able to accommodate most standard weight plates. In addition, it possesses a weight rating of 700 pounds also it can therefore be utilized many different sorts of resistance training workouts.

The grip area is 3 cm in diameter and it provides a knurled handle to avoid it from slipping, thus enhancing the user’s safety.

Chrome finish gives this barbell a classy look indeed while protecting it from rusting. It also helps make the barbell scratch-resistant, it truly is anti-chipping thus prolonging its useful life.

The barbell weighs 45 pounds, that permits you to have it for a number of workouts without necessarily using weight plates.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive Does not come with sleeves bearings
Great grip
sturdy built



It is inexpensive yet on of the best barbell for home gym. It offers great grip. The bar is also very sturdy. On downside, it does not come with covers for bearings.

Check Price


Types of Barbells

Fixed Barbells

The first type of barbell is often a fixed weight barbell. A fixed weight barbell may be the kind you will likely have in most gyms. They come in sizes between 2 pounds all the way up nearly 100 pounds if not more. The problem with you for any home fitness center is they are space consuming you’ll also find to get every one of them individually.  Good news is because keep working for a very, number of years and they are really worth the investment.

Adjustable Barbells

They are and will be the second sort of barbells. Adjustable barbells include the kind that will permit someone to put varying quantities of weights in it. For example, you have one standard bar and then you may add plates on as essential for your training session. These barbells job up nearly as much space as fix barbells.

However, on the list of disadvantages in these barbells is you’ll constantly ought to readjust them for various exercises for you to do. You also should make sure that the plates on either side are securely fashioned or perhaps you run the risk of them falling off mid-workout. You also need to ensure that you have the correct amount of plates for that barbells.

What type of barbell you receive is very dependent on what you are looking for and also your own preferences. If you’re a beginner, then I recommend getting adjustable barbells. If you are more intermediate to advance with the workouts, then getting fixed barbells could possibly be to suit your needs. This is because many time advance workouts require heavier weights that may make adjust weights clumsy.

No challenge show up you opt though, you cannot get it wrong with barbells. Working out with barbells can be a very great way to exercise as they do not only exercise most of your muscles. Since they’re moveable weights, they are going to also exercise your stabilizer muscles.


Few Barbell Exercises for Beginners

 Exercising is something that you must spend on. If you state that you’ll start exercising, be sure that you adhere to that advertise and attempt to ensure that is stays in anticipation of having reached your primary goal at the conclusion of manufactured. You ought to promise yourself that after you will be making this commitment that you’ll take better proper the body. Many people state that they are going to start something, and 2 to 3 days later they only choose that they’ve had enough. You should commit. Also need to be self-disciplined and follow the task ahead.

You don’t need to visit gym, and you may bring the health club for you. Barbell exercises are becoming well-known in gyms plus homes, there are several exercises you can perform using a barbell.

Bench Press

The Bench Press is rather simple, and it is recommended that you start out using lighter weights prior to going on the heavier weights. To perform the Bench Press exercise you might have be lying with a bench together with the barbell touching your chest. Your hands have to be at shoulder width. Start raising the body weight until your arms are fully extended above your chest. Repeat. The exercise works within the chest, upper arms, back as well as the shoulders.

Two Arms Curl

The next exercises are the Two Arm Curl. Your feet should be slightly apart – basically in line with the shoulders. Your legs and back has to be straight always. With the barbell in hands, curl it down towards your chest and using your chin. This exercise works for the forearms along with the biceps.

Seated Military Press

The Seated Military Press is a bit tricky. The barbell has got to behind your neck and rested on the shoulders. For this exercise you ought to be seated on the flat, solid chair or using a bench. Your back needs to be straight plus your feet have to be a good distance apart. Start by raising the barbell over your face until your arms are fully erected. Lower the barbell on the starting position and repeat. Don’t forget to breathe.

Upright Row

The following exercises are referred to as Upright Row. Stand along with your feet apart and in line with the shoulders. Hold the barbell at the center in the bar – using a six-inch gap between your hands. Raise the barbell up on the chin and make in your mind to maintain your elbows above the shoulders.

Toe Raises

The Toe Raises being active is ideal for increasing those Achilles tendon. Your feet ought to be inline using your shoulders. Raise the bar within a movement until your arms are fully extended above your face before lowering it behind your neck and resting it for the shoulders. Raise yourself up in your toes in terms of you are able to and hold that position for two main counts. Slowly lower you heels on top of the floor and repeat the exercise.

Shoulder Shrug

For those shoulders, have feet apart and inline together with your shoulders. With your arms fully extended, secure the barbell across your thighs and be sure that the knuckles are facing forward. Shrug the shoulders up, for the back and after that down while exhaling. Repeat the exercise. You could also try rolling the shoulders up, then back and forward.

Knee Bends Deep

The Deep Knee Bends is undoubtedly an exercise that focuses around the thighs plus much more other muscle tissues when compared with other exercises. Again, with the feet apart and inline using your shoulders, lift the barbell in the floor on your chest before raising it over your face and resting it in the back of your neck and with your shoulders. With that position, squat and repeat the exercise.


We have listed top 5 best barbells so, you can choose the best barbell for home gym. We have also added some information about barbell exercises for beginners.

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