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Best Blender for Hot Liquids 2019 (In-Depth Reviews)

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2019)

A health-conscious person might view a blender as a convenient way to make a kale smoothie, while a socialite may see it as a gateway to the glorious margaritas. A chef in training, on the other side, might use a blender to make nut butters, hummus, pizza dough, ice cream or for hot liquids. Luckily, the best blenders are versatile and capable enough to fulfill all of the above requirements.

We have reviewed and listed best blenders for acai and other smoothies as well.

Choosing the right blender always depends on how often you plan on using it and what do you plan to make with it. You will want to get a blender that best accommodates your requirements, and there is no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for something you will use only once a week. Whether you are looking to make fresh hot soup for the entire family, stir up a post workout breakfast, or host a huge party, we have found some of the best blenders available. While you are at it, have a look at our top picks for the best immersion blenders, which are superior and preferable for making certain dishes, like soups or other hot liquids. (It’s way easier than dripping hot liquid from a pot into a glass jug and make a lot of mess.)

Do you love making healthy, homemade hot liquids for yourself or your loved ones? If so, a hot liquid blender is an excellent addition to your kitchen cookware or appliance collection. Hot liquid blenders comes in various forms. There are many blenders which looks similar to regular blenders, but they also includes a feature for hot liquids. To help you blend, puree, or chop your ingredients to the desired density and cook them all in just one easy-to-use electric appliance.

Blenders for hot liquids helps minimize the mess and cleanup for creating your favorite hot liquids, as it’s easily made in just one container. Plus, most of the hot liquid blenders can be used for other purposes too, like, making your favorite frozen treats or beverages. While choosing a blender, look for a blender that is manufactured out of quality materials and has the capacity to hold several servings that you might need. The hot liquid blenders, we put together are all amazing options to choose from.

Whether you are shopping for a new blender for yourself or as a gift for a friend or your loved one, it’s very important to know you are getting a quality material for the money. We do understand that not everyone out there is willing to drop hundreds of dollars on just a single kitchen appliance. That is why we have compiled this list of the three top blenders available on the market, to help you choose the one which is best for your budget and your needs.

The blender models have moved on considerably from the boring and flat liquidizers of the past and now come loaded with more power and original or innovative internal design than ever before. You won’t ever find yourself splashing money or sieving sauces on expensive hot liquids, soups or smoothies. A good blender might just entirely change your life.

There is just so much you can make with a blender which you might never have thought of making in a blender. As well as the obvious hot liquids, soups and smoothies, you can also create dips, sauces, spreads, milkshakes, pesto’s and nut butters. Those of you who have a sweet tooth can quickly whip your brownie mixture, mousses, sorbets, waffle batter, and ice cream. A multi-purpose or versatile blender can take you through from your healthy breakfast to delicious dinner and will be there with you from Spring to Winter, mixing, milling, blitzing, and whipping. Most importantly, it will save your special time and all that ectara mess in the kitchen.

How much you spend on a single blender depends on what you want features you want in your blender or what do you need your blender to be able to do. The good news is that if you are on a strict or tight budget, you can find a basic, decent blender for lesser price (under 100 $). the blenders with relatively lesser price may have a motor with less power than other expensive brands or models out there and their features will obviously be limited, but they actually are still able to handle everyday tasks.

On the other hand, if you want a blender with a better quality or choice of attachments and extra blades, generally a glass jug or a thermally resistant plastic one which can resist hot liquids, and more choice of speeds and various programs, you will definitely need to spend more money. Yet on the other end of the scale, there are premium blenders that have transformed from those found in the professional kitchens. These blenders are far more powerful, sometimes sufficient enough to gently heat all of the contents. These blenders most of the times comes with a price tag upwards of $500.

Are you looking for the best blender for hot liquids? We have rounded up 3 best options with top ratings and amazing functionality, that you can easily purchase, no matter what kind of budget you have. They are from counter top size, to normal sized personal blenders and even captivated style.

There is so much more to buying the classical perfect blender than you may think. Deciding on any blender requires your most precious resources; money, time and care. We want to save you all of those things, and for your convenience we have done the dirty work and will guide you to your ideal blender for hot liquids, so just sit back and keep on reading.

Best Blenders for Hot liquids (comparison)

Blender Material Type
BRIVELLE BSB510XL CONTROL GRIP IMMERSION BLENDER- Editor’s Choice Stainless SteelCheck Price
VITAMIX PROFESSIONAL SERIES 750 Blender PlasticCheck Price



best blender for hot liquid

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Making a simple soup can be a lot of hard work, Immersion blenders are designed to make cooking easier, but they can sometimes create some problems like; suctioning to the bottom of the bowl, which creates splatters, or might scratch your pots. Now the question here is that how can you control the power you need to get that perfect texture you want?

This Breville immersion blender with a controlled grip has a re-designed blade system to address these issues, the bell-shaped base and internal ribbing break suction for efficient blending and greater control. This is how the Breville Control Grip stands apart: whatever you want to blend, this Breville Control Grip has got it all under control, its control grip stands apart from other usual blenders.

Its blade system has internal ribs that composes unresents, its unique system ensures that the food falls directly onto the blades and reduces suction to the bottom of the pot. It also gives you definite control over your liquids texture, with 15 fluctuating speeds, while the 8 inches immersion depth for larger quantities or tall pots means that you can blend easily and directly in the pot for lesser mess and more convenience. Which means you don’t have to transfer soups from the pot to the food processor and back. It’s powerful 280-watt motor develops circulation, double checking that all the ingredients are blended smoothly and evenly.

All of these features makes this Breville Control Grip admirable for multi-tasking, whether it’s blending, whipping, emulsifying, or pureeing. You can also use it to make velvety soups, fluffy whipped cream, thick mayonnaise, dips, chunky pesto, salsa, baby food, smoothies, and more.

This Breville Grip features an ergonomically and efficiently optimized handle designed to fit your hand with ease. It’s trigger operation keeps your hand in natural position for more control and stability, and its soft touch finish makes certain it’s easy on your hand, even when it’s tough on your food.

Considering all of these amazing features, it’s no surprise that this blender has been rated the best immersion blender by a popular consumer magazine, defeating other higher priced models. It’s constructed with high quality materials; both the blending cylinder and the ice crushing blades are made of sturdy stainless steel, ensuring durability. A 6-foot extra-long power cord makes this unit convenient and portable, specifying the mobility of a cordless immersion blender yet making sure that it is consistently ready to go whenever you need it (you don’t need a lot charging). The bottom of the blender has a non-scratch base to avoid it from scratching your nonstick pots.

This blender also comes with a handy whisk attachment for egg whites, cream, or light batters, as well as a chopping bowl and a blending jug. The chopping bowl can be reserved tightly in the jug for convenience and the blending jug’s lid can be used as a base to avoid it from slipping while you are blending. Its easy clean parts can be hand washed quickly and most parts (except chopper lid, motor, and the whisk gear box) can be washed in the dish washer on the top shelf only, making cleanup easy and quick.

Below are some of the pros and cons of this Brivelle control grip blender

Pros Cons
Easy grip It's heavy and attachments are a little difficult to assemble.
Easy to wash, dish washer safe.
Great for its price and size.
Works best for everyday use.
High-quality stainless-steel blades.



This brivelle control grip is not just any other ordinary blender, it’s unique bell-shaped base, revolutionary shape and internal ribbing cuts down the suction for greater and better control and super-efficient blending. The ergonomic pistol like control grip with a convenient trigger operation. Its new design is made for excellent performance. Its handle is super convenient and features an ergonomically designed handle to fit your hand comfortably. It contains ice crushing blades, various speed control, a chopping bowl, with high power motor, great for several purposes.



Best Cuisinart blender for hot liquid

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This is the most powerful blender of Cuisinart ever, the hurricane pro has a commercially rated 3.5 Peak HP motor and professional and functional features that lets it outperform every blender in its class. It’s extra-large, 64-ounce BPA free.

Its triton plastic jar has soft grip handle. It has an exclusive Blend Logix operating technology and an automatic load sensing. It’s variable speed control ranges from 1,500 to 25,000 RPM, It’s turbo boosts to 30,000 providing maximum blending power, you can adjust any preset time and its amazing memory feature will save it until you change it.

Create healthy and green juices in just seconds, blend delicious smoothies at the single push of a button, are you craving a treat? get the batter ready in few seconds, creates amazing and delicious sauces and dips just so you can impress your friends or family. It stirs up hot soup in no time.

It’s exclusive and chic feature senses the load and adjusts speed for even and uninterrupted blending. You won’t have to worry about fixing its buildup, it’s a fuss free zone. It has precision control which helps in slow start. It’s LCD Display with inventive programmable countdown timer. For comprehensive, step by step action. You can modify any preset time and its amazing memory feature will save it until you change it again. You can cheerily enjoy your smoothies thick and creamy or light and smooth, whatever way this memory control has got you covered.

6 prong stainless steel blade is made with heavy duty, commercial quality, ball bearing construction. It makes everything and anything from hummus to donut batter, hot soups or frozen drinks with ease never having to damage to your ingredients while you are blending.

This extra-large plastic jar has soft grip handle and makes it a perfect accessory for a house party, Margaritas or soup anyone? It has preset functions; ice crush, 2 smoothies’ settings (green or fruit), soup and a separate clean option, so you don’t have to stand and guess anymore.

It’s the most powerful Cuisinart’s blender ever, having various features which makes it super easy, convenient and trouble free.

Down below we have mentioned some of the pros and cons of this Cuisinart blender

Pros Cons
High quality sturdy blades. Might be a little noisy.
Powerful blender.
Easy to clean.
It's also great for baby food.
Tough plastic (can easily bear hot soups and daily usage).



The lid contains three rubber gaskets on it which connects it really well against the top of the jar. Some people says it’s too tight, but it’s actually perfect as you are going to pour a lot of liquid in the jar and instantly spinning it up the blender up at full speed and if the lid isn’t tightly secured on the jar it can bump off the blender and make a mess, the lid is made tight to make sure liquid doesn’t splash out of the blender.

The middle of the lid has a removable transparent plastic cap, so you can easily pour in your ingredients without removing the whole lid and making mess all over its surroundings. It’s very well designed – The benefit of the vents on the side of the round lid cap is, that the pressure can effortlessly escape, and the soapy bubbles can come out of the sides of the cap but not off the cap since there is a trench around the cap on top of the lid, while you are cleaning with soap and water. It’s a good, very practical and thoughtful design. Overall, this Cuisinart blender is very practical, functional and has a lot of amazing features, it does cost a fair amount of money, but every dollar is worth it, as it’s a long-lasting kitchen appliance.



Best Vitamix blender for soup

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This five pre-programmed settings ensures consistent results for soup, smoothie, frozen dessert, and purée recipes, walk away convenience, and simple cleaning. It has variable speed control and its pulse feature lets you manually fine tune the texture of any recipe and whatever you are making. Its dimensions are 17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 inches. It’s a low profile 64-ounces container, perfect for friends or family meals and entertaining, while fitting easily and comfortably under most of the kitchen cabinets. It has hardened stainless steel blades, these aircraft grade stainless steel blades are invented to handle even the toughest ingredients, so from your first blend to your last blend, you will get the same quality results, with a drop of dish soap and warm water, this Vitamix machine can clean itself in just 30 to 60 seconds. It has a motor base, a low-profile 64 oz. container, a cookbook, getting started guide, a DVD, and a low-profile tamper.

The dial can easily be rotated at any point while you are blending, that means you are in complete control. It’s every detail is designed to give you the best results of your every favorite food or meal and to give you the best morning smoothie, the motor maintains cool temperature and even torque to continuously deliver the power you need to process any ingredient. Make steaming hot soup without using your stove in under 10 minutes. The friction from the blades lets you bring soup to serving temperature, directly in the container. It can also easily create chilled desserts, you just have to add frozen ingredients to your machine and can happily enjoy ice cream, fruit sorbet and more in few seconds.

A homemade nut butter has never been faster, easier and more delicious. Vitamix machines have the amazing power to grind your favorite nuts into delicious and tasty nut butter, this blender can easily turn coffee beans into ground coffee, and so much more. It easily and fastly mix batters for pancakes, cookies, waffles, cakes, muffins, and crêpes. The powerful Vitamix machines can also knead pizza dough and thick bread. (You can also check out best blenders for bulletproof coffee)

Vitamix blenders are built to last, the complete blending system delivers smoother and faster blends which are extremely packed with flavor. This versatile Vitamix blender can perfectly blend hot soups, frozen desserts, baby food, nut butter and obviously so much more than that.

Vitamix blenders fuels passions. That is why it’s the brand most trusted by professional chefs and even newbies. But you won’t just find these blenders in restaurant kitchens. You will also find us in home kitchens around the world. Because whether you are interested in the culinary arts, enjoying restaurant quality smoothies at home, making better and healthier choices. When you are ready to move up and move on, when you are seriously ready to invest in your passion, you my friend are ready for Vitamix. These blenders are a little expensive, but they are meant to last longer than you could have imagined.

A bargain blender can never be called a bargain if it does not last. You should know that purchasing a Vitamix blender is a huge investment. Vitamix blenders are efficiently built to last, helping you buy dependable, not just any other disposable blender. It’s super easy and convenient to clean; Just blend warm water and a small drop of dish soap and turn your machine at its highest speed and watch it self-clean in 60 may be less seconds, assembly is not required.

Since, mostly the number one reason people purchase a blender is usually to make smoothies, and it’s very important to get them right. Whether you prefer a perfectly smooth purée or an icy blend, nutrition packed with veggies or a light, fruity treat, These Vitamix smoothies give you a delicious, even blend in your every sip. They don’t claim to have the better, highest horsepower. but that doesn’t mean You don’t need more horses, you just need more trained ones. The focused power of our complete blending system causes every component of this Vitamix machine to work together, smoother blends packed with flavor and creating faster.

This Vitamix blender is a universal blender as it can efficiently make smoothies & juices, flours & dough, hot soups, nut butter, batters, frozen desserts, sauces and dressings, non-dairy milks, and more.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this Vitamix blender.

Pros Cons
High quality blender brand. Might be a little expensive.
Easy to clean.
It's built to last.
A multipurpose, universal tool.
Powerful motor
Great quality sharp blades.



This is a very solid heavy-duty material. Its extra-large container has a lot of space to hold drinks, smoothies or soups for a larger group of people. You will be in love, it’s a spectacular machine. We cannot say enough about it. It does everything without getting stuck or stopping in the middle. It’s so well made. It’s Heavy duty and everything you could possibly ever want from a blender. There is nothing much we can say about this, it’s perfect, ideal and has several features which makes it standout from others.

It surely is a little expensive, but you won’t be sorry or feel bad for yourself, if you decide on this Vitamix blender.


Following tips will assist you in choosing the best blender for hot liquids


The size of the blender you tend to buy should be chosen as per your needs. You obviously need to go for a blender which is in smaller size, keeping in mind that you won’t be making whatever purpose you are buying it for, on the other hand, if you know you’ll be making hot soups or other food you should go for a relatively larger size. If you are going to use the blender every single day, make sure you purchase a product which you are able to put on your counter tops, as taking it out and outing it back in the cabinets is not an easy task.


Obviously, the lid of the jar needs to be super firm and steady, to prevent your hot liquid or soup from splashing out of the jar. Some people have complained about the fact that the lid is tight and not easy to take off, but it’s actually made this way, manufacturers have designed it’s every feature with keeping in mind the best functionality of everything.


The blender for hot liquids definitely depends on the quality of its jar, as it’s the main part of the whole blender which is going to prepare the hot soup in it. The High-quality jars should be made of either-or glass or a tough and sturdy plastic, just so, it doesn’t crack up or get broken sooner, making the whole blender a piece of junk.


The durability of any product you are buying should obviously always be considered as you are spending some money on that, electronic appliances are not something which you can buy new every season or just every other day. So you need to keep your eye on the durability of the product. Durability is not something you can know from its description, to have a better idea about the blender’s durability is to check reviews of other people, who wrote them based on their personal experience.

Wrapping it Up

These blenders are best for hot liquids because of their amazing features; removable lid or a plug that can be opened will permit the steam to vent and avoid it from building up inside the container. Its adjustable speed settings allows you to use the lowest possible setting and increase blending speed if it’s necessary. Their containers are designed to withstand heat so that they don’t crack up or become damaged while you are blending hot liquids. It’s durable plastic and rubber parts can stand up to the heat, it’s a regular or stick blender, not any other inversion blender, as hot liquids can negatively affect the seals on inversion blenders, causing damage and as a result, it starts leaking.

Easy to clean so your food doesn’t become cool and dry below the blades.

These blenders are a clod free revolution, whether it’s healthy hot liquids, nutritious smoothies or just any fun cocktails, these jug blenders will without any trouble tackle them. It’s apparent to see why a good blender is a necessary addition to your kitchen.

Happy blending!

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