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Best Food Processors for Nut Butters 2019

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

To create tasty and enjoyable spreads from nut butters you need to have an appropriate food processor. Ensure that, you have to right food processor for right job. Pick one according to your usage either for your home or business.

You probably know that nut butters includes every kind of nuts like Peanut, Almond, Cashew, macadamia, hazelnut etc. We kept in mind during our research that we only list best food processors for nut butters. By the way, it took us around 36 hours to complete are research and review. We spent a lot of time on research to provide the best buyer guide to our readers. However, without any further delays let’s check them out.

Best Food Processors for Nut Butters (Comparison)

Food Processor Material Type
Breville BFP660SIL Food Processor- Editor's Choice Stainless SteelCheck Price
14-Cup Food Processor by Cuisinart Stainless SteelCheck Price
KitchenAid KFP0919BM 9 Cup Food Processor Plastic, Stainless SteelCheck Price
Cuisinart FP-13DGM Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor PlasticCheck Price
LINKChef Food Processor Polished stainless steelCheck Price


Breville BFP660SIL Food Processor- Editor’s Choice

best food processors for nut butters

BFP660SIL by Breville is one of the best food processor for nut butters. Why? Because, this machine is designed for shredding cheese and hacking nuts 😁. This food processor comes with 12-cup cap. The material of its bowl is made off BPA-free plastic. And for safety it offers breaking system.

The size of blade is 5-inches wide which process the majority of bad boys (nuts). It has transitory vibrate button which allows you to have more control and smooth processing of nuts.

If, you look at its design it is compact. However, do not be fooled it comes with 1000 watts powerful motor to ensure even processing of nuts. Best thing about Breville BFP660SIL Food Processor design is, motor won’t start unless you will place the bowl and close lid properly which surely adds as a security feature of this machine.

Pros Cons
Sturdy Produce creaking sounds on heavy load
Excellent slicer
powerful motor
comes with 10-year motor warranty



Without any doubt, Breville BFP660SIL is one of the best food processor for nut butters and even for dough. It has sturdy built as it does not slip when you operate it on maximum power. The motor is very powerful and assists it’s slicing blade to process evenly. Also, the motor is protected with warranty of 10-years. Moreover, it is compact which makes it easy to place and store in your kitchen.

On downside, if you try to overload this machine it produces strange creaky noises which can be scary and annoying for the first-time users.

Check Price


14-Cup Food Processor by Cuisinart

nut butters

If you are looking for a powerful food processor then, look no further this beast of a machine by Cuisinart provides majority of features to satisfy your food processing needs.

This 14-cup food processor comes with 1300 watts powerful motor which grinds everything flawlessly including nuts, fruits and vegetables. You can also use it for dough as it comes with dough texture control. Moreover, its mouth is wide enough to add fruits and veggies inside without cutting them. This machine offer touch controls and majority of parts are dish-washer safe.

If you look at its design, you can see how wide it is also it feels sturdy as it is made of stainless steel. The bowl quality is also nice does not feel like cheap plastic at all. However, its strong built makes it hefty compared to other nut butter food processors.

Pros Cons
Very powerful motor Heavy
well built machine Can be bulky for some
Wide opening
easy touch controls



Ah, one of the beast food processor available in the market powered with 1300 watts motor which can slice anything you throw towards it. Its built quality makes it stand apart from its competitors. The mouth of this machine is wide enough to add fruits and veggies in their original form. Moreover, you can control it easily with its touch panel.

On negative side, this food processor is heavy and not compact enough to place on small places. Hey, but it’s a beast.

Check Price


KitchenAid KFP0919BM

kitchen aid nut butters food

KFP0919BM by Kitchen aid is a 9-cup food processor. It comes with latched lid which makes it easy to set-up. One-click panel makes it easy to use. The bowl is also twist free which makes it more stable if compared with twist-able bowls.

The design is simple and straightforward as we already mentioned that it has built-in bowl with latched lid so, you do not have to adjust it. If you look at operation panel you will find three buttons low, high for speed and off/pulse button for turning it off and pulsing by yourself. You can chop, slice, puree in this food processor without much hassle.

Even though, bowl is not removeable you can easily wash it in dish-washer as KitchenAid made sure that you get the maximum convenience using this machine. It is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to store and use.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Low quality of plastic
compact Replacement parts are hard to find
elegant design



KFP0919BM is one of the best food processor for processing nuts. It has simple compact design yet powerful enough to crush majority of foods. This machine is also cheap if you compare it with other listings here.

However, the cheap pricing made Kitchen Aid to compromise on its built quality. In case, you end up dropping it will break into two. And even you manage to store it properly without breaking it apart you will find it difficult to replace it parts as they are almost extinct.

Check Price


Cuisinart FP-13DGM Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor

make nut butters at home

One more from Cuisinart. This model is spacious one in terms of bowl. The best part its bowl design which measure at 8 bowl from outside but actually possess the size of 13-cups. Certainly, space saving design. Security is another outstanding feature in this processor as, its blade comes with patented lock system. Even, its bowl is protected with Seal tight system. Also, it is easy to use and troubleshoot with its extensive user-manual. The maximum power offers by motor is 550 watts.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean Not very powerful
easy to use Feels fragile
patent locking system
space saving design



FP-13DGM by Cuisinart is a food processor which is easy to clean, the simple operation buttons make it easy to use. It is also protected with patent lock system and design of bowl is nice.

For people who are looking powerful processor should avoid this as it offers maximum power of 550 wats. And, the quality of plastic is not very good.

Check Price

LINKChef Food Processor

cheap food processor

Link Chef food processing machine is compact and small in size. Comes with motor of 330 watts. It is not the most powerful enough but adequate for grinding nuts. It is the simplest one and for people who are looking for quick processing.

Know that, Link Chef is suitable for those people who wants to have chunky nut butter as it can not turn nuts into powder form. However, it comes with two speed settings which are adequate to slice and dice. The built quality is nice, and steel is rust-resistant. As, it is very small and lightweight you can use it easily anywhere. Heck, you can take it with you anywhere.

Even though, it is inexpensive machine its all parts are dish-washer safe. The surface is also scratch-resistance. The customer support is quick and good as well. Also, the lid is BPA free and it comes with 36-month warranty.

Pros Cons
Outstanding value Not suitable for crushing items which requires power
Easy to carry Cannot turn nuts into powder form
3 years warranty
Excellent customer support



LinkChef food processor is inexpensive, small and lightweight which makes it easy to buy, simple to use and can be carried around anywhere with you. Despite being cheap and small it offers enough power to provide you with chunky nut butters. The company offers 3-year warranty regardless of its under $100 pricing. Also, user-manual and customer support stands out. We can easily say that this food processor offers outstanding value to its users. And we highly recommend it to people who are looking for a budget friendly processor for nut butters.

On downside, it is not suitable for food items which require more power as its motor is 330 watts only. And you cannot use it for turning nuts into powder form.

Check Price


How to Choose Best Food Processor for Nut Butter

There is usually a lot to think about when deciding which blender is best for you. Size, power, reliability and accessories are typical important. We suggest you initially use these criteria to narrow your research. Don’t waste your time and efforts reading countless reviews for models that won’t provide what you need. When you are ready, the foodstuff processors are sorted to the right by size. Click around the size that meets your needs for more information and reviews. There are also sections below that where they are sorted by brand. Use these categories if you’ve already narrowed your research down to a selected maker.


Size is often the determining factor for most of us when purchasing a blender. It won’t matter how powerful or reliable a model is actually it’s too big to install in your kitchen or they can’t handle your workload. Think carefully with what your size needs are going to be.

The height and width of a mixer refers to your capacity in the work bowl and it is measured in cups. It’s crucial that you realize you won’t have the ability to fill the project bowl up. This is especially true with liquids, the location where the bowl is only able to be filled about halfway in order to avoid leaking. If you plan on making four glasses of soup or another liquid immediately, you’ll need at the very least an eight-cup model. The general size categories are the following:

Mini – 4 cups or smaller– Best for small projects for example chopping garlic or herbs. Won’t work efficiently for pastry or bread dough. Can only process marginal amounts of sauce or toppings.
Compact – 5 to 8 cups– Can do the majority of what a adult size unit are capable of doing but on the smaller scale. Ideal for someone that never cooks for longer than two people and contains limited kitchen space.
Full Size – 9 cups or larger– Can easily accommodate large batches of sauce along with pastry or bread dough. Perfect for slicing, shredding and pureeing. A regular size model is the better choice for anyone who cooks often.

The limitations of your smaller machine are obvious. You can’t prepare much at the same time and will turn out doing multiple batches for larger projects. Many people are not aware that too large of any bowl can even be a problem. It is going to be difficult to effectively combine ingredients when confronted with small degrees of food. Without enough product to spin around, everything tends to build up within the sides in the work bowl.

If kitchen space will not be an issue, a good choice is a 12 cup or larger mixer with a mini-bowl. The mini-bowl is normally about 4 cups and is inserted to the same base as being the larger one. You’ll will have the best sized bowl for that project available. It’s just like getting two food processors to the price of one.

In addition on the bowl size you will want to take into consideration the height and width of the feed tube. Too narrow of the feed tube will resulted in a lot of cutting and chopping before your food even enters the project bowl.


Power is an aspect of any good mixer. A well powered unit offers you easy, consistent and uniform results.  An inadequately powered machine will produce uneven results.

What are “uneven” results? Here are a few examples: When processing vegetables, some are liquefied although some are still in large chunks. You shred cheese and wind up with varying sizes. You are cutting the butter or shortening in to a pie crust a number of it remains in pieces which are too large even though some of it melts prematurely in the flour. To sum it up, a weak mixer could make more meet your needs exactly instead of less!

What size motor do you want? There isn’t a fairly easy answer to that question. The larger the mixer the larger the motor must be. This is one region where customer feedback are quite handy; they’re able to let you know if a certain model has adequate power due to its size.

Power isn’t almost wattage. There are two elementary motor kinds, belt thrust and direct thrust. A belt driven model gets the motor and work bowl alongside each other, connected by way of a drive belt and wheels. In a direct driven model, the effort bowl sits on top from the motor. This allows for any more direct transfer of power to cause more usable power per watt. Keep this in mind comparing models with identical wattage.

A stronger unit is going to be heavier.  This could be inconvenient when attempting to get your appliance out with the cupboard, but it are going to be able to deliver better results. The extra weight also adds to your stability from the machine, lessening or eliminating shaking whilst in use.


This can be an area where customer feedback are crucial. This is the better way for getting unbiased information. Another way to gauge the reliability of a certain model is via the reputation on the maker. A good warranty could also give you section of mind.

The most popular repair food processors should use is an adjustment or replacement on the belt. Buying a direct driven model avoids this concern.

Accessories and Special Features

Don’t be worried about the number of speeds a blender has to offer. You only need one speed and also a pulse option. You control the speed on the processing through pulsing.

Most food processors come which has a few basic accessories for slicing, shredding and chopping. In general, the bigger models include more accessories.

Think by what you intend to use the mixer for to determine which accessories include the most imperative that you. If you are an avid baker, a dough blade may very well be at the top of your list.  If you want to make homemade juices, make sure to find a model that may be compatible having a juicing attachment. Many makers offer separate accessory packages, supplying you with the opportunity to upgrade later as needed. Not all accessories are for sale for all models.

There is accessory considered indispensable by chefs but overlooked by most home cooks: an added work bowl. Most meals may have more than one component that could be done quicker with a mixer. You won’t stay away from as much in time the kitchen if you should wash the job bowl many times while preparing dinner. One extra bowl can certainly produce a huge difference, and you may even find yourself wanting more importantly.

How to Make Nut Butters Easily with Food Processor

Nut butters are deceptively an easy task to make, should you have a good blender. The mixer will do pretty much everything for you; you only assemble the components and turn your machine on!

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is going to be most popular on the nut butters. This is a somewhat strange fact ever since the peanut isn’t a nut; it happens to be a legume. Homemade peanut butter really only requires one ingredient: roasted peanuts. Simply put the specified number of peanuts in to the work bowl of your mixer fitted using a multipurpose blade. Turn the blender on and process until it reaches the actual required consistency, scraping along the sides when needed. That’s all you need to complete for a basic peanut butter.

You may choose to add oil for the peanut butter to get a buttery mouthfeel. Two teaspoons per cup of peanuts can do the trick; add it following your peanuts are processed in order to avoid pooling oil. A pinch of good quality sea salt will also be a welcome addition.

Almond Butter

Almond butter can be produced with raw or roasted almonds. It is, however, an infinitely more difficult task when you use the raw nuts. If you don’t use a high-quality blender, use roasted nuts. Almonds offer a similar experience in texture to peanuts. Follow the same instructions as above when generating almond butter.

Sunflower Seed Butter

This technically is not a nut butter, as it is often made with seeds. It does, however, resemble a nut butter in flavor and nutrition. That is why I am including it on this list. Sunflowers have a very lower fat content than most nuts and consequently sunflower butter greatly gains advantage from the addition of oil. First, process the specified amount of sunflower seeds until they are ground and resemble sand. Then add one tablespoon of oil per cup of sunflower seeds. Process until creamy, scraping about the sides in the bowl when necessary. The subtle light flavor of avocado oil works quite well with this nut butter. Salt to taste, if desired.

Pumpkin Seed Butter

Here can be another seed masquerading like a nut in this particular butter. Just like the sunflower seeds, this will likely require digging in extra oil to realize a creamy texture. If you are able to obtain your hands-on pumpkin seed oil, that is definitely the best choice with this recipe. Follow the same instructions similar to the sunflower seed butter but boost the oil to 1 and a half tablespoons per cup of pumpkin seeds.

Cashew Butter

Cashews make a fantastic nut butter, the one that you should certainly try in the event you haven’t already. It is extremely buttery without by adding any extra oil. Place the cashews in the work bowl of the mixer and first turn on. Process until creamy, scraping the sides in the bowl as required. Salt to taste, if desired.

Pine Nut Butter

Pine nuts naturally use a buttery flavor and consistency, making them an outstanding choice to get a nut butter. They require no extra oil to attain a creamy texture. For optimal flavor, toast the pine nuts in a very dry pan over medium heat for two main to three minutes. Transfer on the work bowl of your mixer and process until done, scraping the sides with the bowl as required. Salt to taste, if desired.

Wrapping it up

This is the end of the list of food processors for nut butters. We have only listed the suitable for making butters from nut. As, you can see we have listed the buyer’s guide for choosing the best machine also, some easy methods to make your favorite nut butters without much hassle. We have put a lot of effort in making this list for you guys. So, if you want to appreciate us simply share it with your family and friends!

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