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Best Mattress For Athletes 2019

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

People who receive no less than eight hours of sleep may have improved accuracy and increased stamina. The amount of sleep a player receives directly affects his / her performance. This is the conclusion of recent study done on amateur athletes. A Stanford University scientific study, carried out with the varsity men’s basketball team, learned that players who slept at the very least ten hours a single night could boost their shooting accuracy by 9 per-cent. The study was over the course of five to six weeks. The results established that sleep was as essential as physical training and diet.  For obtaining the good sleep mattress plays vital role so, in this article we have listed best mattress for athletes.

Mattress For Athletes Comparison Table

Name Warranty
Amerisleep AS5- Editor's CHoice 10 yearsCheck Price
Casper Mattress 10 yearsCheck Price
Purple Mattress 10 yearsCheck Price


Amerisleep AS5- Editor’s Choice

comfortable mattress

 Amerisleep AS5 is our pick for best mattress for athletes.  It’s perhaps the most relaxed mattress we got, because of the outstanding responsiveness of feature, constituents, and figure. Amerisleep delivers ten years of mattress manufacturing skill. Starting with the coverage, they normally use a fabric called Celliant how the FDA has determined promotes more restful sleep. That unaided certifies you’ll snooze your very finest while on an Amerisleep, As, not one of the other productions we observed over have supplies declared competent by the FDA.

Inside the mattress, they choose three revolutionary foams. Their Bio-Purr orthopedic comes with an “advanced open-cell structure” which allows that it is more breathable and responsive. That means it keeps you cool rather than trapping heat and won’t cause you to feel “stuck” when you navigate around through the night.

Amerisleep Layer construction Their Affinity transition layer provides additional, targeted support for very common condition areas just like the shoulders and minimize back. This foam layer contains precision-cut channels which allow it to present more cushion in which you are interested and much more support that you require it. Plus the channels help provide additional airflow, keeping you cooler.

Finally their Bio-Core lower layer is supportive making it to last. It’s a fragment of why Amerisleep possibly will offer two full periods of warranty handling with by remote the greatest shopper welcoming terms.

Amerisleep’s mattresses are groundbreaking due to their working only. But they went a pace further by utilizing eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Partially replace petroleum with plant-based materials, what’s best to the environment. They also create their mattress using procedure called VPF, Variable Pressure Foaming, which causes practically zilch of pollutant discharges.

They even bargains a risk-free, 100-night sleep experimental period along with their 10 years warranty. That way you can search the mattress in the home, by yourself bed frame or base, for longer than 11 weeks to actually appreciate it. If you don’t, provided that you’ve given it a great chance and used it for around 30 nights, they’re going to recycle or donate your mattress, and provide you the full refund.

But maybe the beauty of Amerisleep is simply because operate online as opposed to through traditional stores. They ship their mattresses right to their clientele, which lets them remove the middleman and transfer the savings to your account. That’s why, despite offering essentially the most comfortable and advanced mattress available, it’s also by far the most affordable one.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable None Found
FDA Approved Material
100 days trial



It is one of the most comfortable and best mattress for athletes because you can get proper sleep 😴 without any discomfort. Materials used in this mattress are totally safe and free of any kind of pollutants that’s why FDA certify it. Also, it keeps you sweat free which prevents you from waking up in REM sleep. Also, they offer 100-day trial period so, you can test it and in case of no satisfaction you can return it without any issue.

No major downsides has been found in this mattress.

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Casper Mattress

Casper mattress review

 The Casper comprises 3 unique foam layers. The first layer is constructed out of hypoallergenic and supportive latex foam. Its middle layer is orthopedic even though the third lower layer may serve as the support layer for everything. Topping the foam with latex makes all the mattress sleep cooler and actively works to combat the age-old problem of heat retention and quicksand feel, a standard complaint whenever using foam. The Casper is often a medium-firm bed which has a solid level of spring, particularly for a foam-based bed. You won’t be capable of jump around about it nonetheless it offers proper support and even more importantly, a fantastic night’s sleep.

Being an internet company, ordering has been produced hassle-free. The Casper mattress is compressed within a roll and shipped in a very box. It comes that has a mini pouch containing a appreciate it note, instructions and also a cutting tool for opening the mattress. All you have to do is slide it available and open the wrapping, then you’re able to watch it unfurl.

Like competitors, Purple, AmeriSleep, Leesa and Helix you have 100-day trial period with the mattress. If you’re unhappy by using it, Casper enables you to ask for a refund. They’ll even help your policy for a get and that means you won’t need to pay shipping.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Unboxing Smell takes time to go away
100-day trial period
3 layers design




 Casper is also very good mattress for athletes. It is also very comfortable, comes with 100-day trial period and it’s 3-layer design makes it unique, breathable and body supportive.

On downside, the chemical smell after unboxing takes time to go away.  Read Full Review

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Purple Mattress

mattress purple

Purple came into the act that has a successful Kickstarter campaign that transitioned right into a full-fledged company shipping mattresses starting in 2016. Using a completely different design than most mattress makers, Purple has won over many sleepers. the very best layer from the Purple mattress is made that has a proprietary polymer, giving the Purple mattress a new feel than a great many other competitors. Unlike many foams and springs, this exact material are not seen in every other mattress.

Caused by its construction and designs, many customers believe it is being a wonderful amount of support and comfort. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ employed for enhanced comfort layer is constructed in the can make it highly understanding of weight but quick to recovery once that pressure is taken away.

The Purple mattress comes using a 100-night sleep trial. During the sleep trial, you are able to return the mattress and obtain a money back refund; however, the corporation asks you maintain mattress to have an initial thirty-day try-out period. If you choose to return the mattress, Purple arranges for pickup and donation from the mattress. Currently, the Purple mattress will not be shipped until 3-4 weeks after it truly is ordered. The delivery time after shipment is dependent upon the positioning, but delivery is free of charge in the continental U.S.

Purple will not offer installation services. Instead, the bed arrives compressed in a very bag that may be inside purple packaging with handles that’ll be left outside your door. A small tool is roofed to help you open this packaging. The mattress will decompress immediately and really should not need any other time for it to reach its regular size.

It is very important to become aware the Purple mattress is heavy. Given the size in the package along with the weight in the mattress, it’ll usually take 2 different people to advance and unbox this mattress.

The Purple mattress comes that has a 10-year warranty when the corporation will replace or repair the mattress if you will discover any defects covered by the warranty. The warranty to the mattress cover only applies with the initial two years, and customers be forced to pay for almost any shipping and handling expenses related to replacement or repair in the warranty period.

Pros Cons
Unique eco-friendly built Loose edges
Responsive Layers Not available in twin size
Long lasting



 Purple is unique and Kickstarter back funded mattress. It gain its popularity among people due to it’s unique designing and formation. It has responsive layers which plays vital role in providing the more comfort compared to other ordinary mattresses. The built quality is excellent, and it lasts very long.

Negatives we found are the edges of mattress are saggy. Also, purple mattress does not arrive in Twin size. You can check out Purple Mattress reviews here

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Final Note

 Cheir Mah, a lead researcher on the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory, conducted the research. During the program, the athletes were motivated to get as often sleep as you can. Their performance was graded on sprint a serious amounts of free-throw shooting percentage. The report found out that beyond improvements within these two measurable disciplines, the athletes also showed a noticeable difference in mood, reaction a serious amounts of a low degree of fatigue.

Mah also conducted a report in ’09 while using woman’s tennis team with just one results.

The studies show that sleep is directly associated with an athlete’s power to reach their peak performance level.

Mah’s concentrate on amateur sport is interesting for many people reasons. Her subjects were all scholars, who have been attending classes in the same time. Post-secondary students often fail within their efforts to secure the whole eight hours respite because of their study schedules. When made to increase the risk for time for sleep, the advantages were apparent both over a physical as well as a cognitive level. With increased focus, the participants could perform for a higher-level off and on the judge.

In the professional arena, the significance of sleep can be changing how athletes train. The Vancouver Canucks use a sleep doctor to evaluate players sleep patterns. In the NBA, three teams have cancelled morning practices altogether: the Boston Celtics, the Portland Trailblazers as well as the San Antonio Spurs. These teams prefer to their very own players rested than working away at their inside game at 8:00 am.

But a guaranteed sleep isn’t necessarily so simple as going to sleep early and stumbling out of bed later. The mattress you fall asleep on plays a significant role as part of your sleep potential.

Improving your sleep needs to be the 1st step you take as part of your move towards peak performance. Before the gym, hit the mattress.

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