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Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers 2019

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

If you are a heavy side sleeper, there isn’t any doubt that you’ll be informed about the injuries often from the wrong mattress. While back sleepers can and do experience discomfort on the wrong mattress, these symptoms will be more common with heavy side sleepers. Why? Because, as being a side sleeper, you could have less surface connection with the mattress, which places more importance on the hips plus your back pc would if perhaps you were a back sleeper.

But produce alter your sleeping position yet. Side sleeping will be good available for you. Not only does side sleeping relieve pressure on your own back from a long day of stress (if you could have the right mattress, that may be). But you are also providing the body with better the flow of blood plus more nutrients throughout sleep.

We decided to gather the list of best mattresses for side sleepers.  We have found the top 3 side sleeping mattress so, you can choose the best mattress for heavy side sleepers.

Heavy Side Sleepers Mattress Comparison Table


Name Trial Period
NECTAR Mattress- Editor's Choice 365 DaysCheck Price
Layla Mattress 120 daysCheck Price
Bear Mattress 100 daysCheck Price


 NECTAR Mattress- Editor’s Choice

nectar mattress review

Nectar mattress is often a popular and quicker growing brand from the mattress industry. This is probably the most affordable, and something that is certainly highly regarded This is often a great style of best mattress for heavy side sleepers. They mound to the outline of one’s body, accommodate your sleeping position and are available with the affordable price. The only problem with first generation polyurethane foam mattresses was how they got just a little hot.

Nectar sleep have undertaken problem by integrating four separate layers in their design. Each layer was designed to be breathable still the most essential to cool down the is the patented gel layer, Lush Foam. Lush Foam is pricey to provide because doing so supplies the coolest night’s sleep whilst preserving the integrity of the mattress. The nectar mattress affords the best amount of support for any heavy side sleepers also for bad backs

Improving your mattress typically is a complete day of clumsily playing beds in a very native store. Nectar sleep are going to do things otherwise for you. They offer a 365-night trial period of these mattress. If you’re not convinced after the year of using it, then you’re not obliged to spend anything; Nectar Sleep will find the mattress program with no hassle. Combined with their industry-leading lifetime warranty, this can you need to be the safest investment you ever make.

Pros Cons
Cooling Gel Layer Requires break-in Time
Affordable Mattress
One-year free trial



This is one of the best mattress for heavy side sleepers. It is a memory foam but comes with Cooling Gel layer which makes it very breathable and keep your body cool and sweat free. The built quality is very durable. It is also cheaper compare to other mattresses like Purple and Casper.  Nectar Mattress offers 365 days free trial period which surely, allow you to test it for a very long period of time. Also, it ensures that Nectar is very confident about their mattress which in result add peace of mind to customers.

On downside, this mattress requires some break-in time.

Check Price



Layla Mattress

 layla mattress review infowizard

The Layla mattress has won multiple awards from prestigious organizations, including Forbes and Sleep Advisor. Try out the Layla mattress for yourself and you’ll realize why it’s this sort of popular choice. The Layla mattress is very made to enable you to sleep cooler. Also, it permits you to choose between two amounts of firmness, turning it into appropriate for most sleepers. Let’s require a more in-depth think about the key popular features of the Layla mattress.

Two from the four layers of the mattress are infused with copper. This helps to wick away body heat more efficiently, and that means you stay cool and comfy while sleeping. It also features a convoluted foam layer. This improves airflow in the mattress. Therefore, it is an ideal choice in case you are likely to sleep hot.  This mattress has two sides: a firmer side along with a softer side. So, when you sleep in your side you need to use the softer side. Meanwhile, the firmer side has most likely furnished a great amount of support to back and front sleepers.

The firmer side particularly gives great support to sore joints, so it helps to encourage your spine to a healthier alignment. So, this will assist to cut back discomfort at nighttime along with the morning. Therefore, this mattress is a wonderful choice should you are a lumbar pain sufferer or use a painful joint condition.

Pros Cons
Keeps you cool Not very easy to flip
Very supportive
Very Good Edges
No to little off-gassing



 This is also one of the best mattress for heavy side sleepers as well as for back and front sleepers. It keeps you cool and makes you sleep comfortably. The edges of this mattress is very good which makes it very popular amongst side sleepers. Also, it has supportive side for back and front sleepers so, you can use Layla mattress for both back and side sleepers. Also, Off-gassing period is very less compared to other brands.

Only reported negative about this mattress is it’s flipping which apparently not very easy to do.

Check Price



Bear Mattress

 bear mattress infowizard

The business that makes the Bear mattress give attention to designing beds for people with energetic routines. Their mattresses are meant to help the body live through per day of busy activities. With so many individuals leading busy and on-the-go lives right now, the world thinks it’s great that Bear are addressing this into their beds. So, if you are an athlete bear mattress is good for you as well.

The gel and graphite from the top layer on this mattress are fantastic for reducing heat retention and allowing you to stay cool in the evening. Also, this can help the mattress to execute well in the very warm and incredibly cool temperatures. Therefore, sleep should feel equally comfy throughout every season.

This mattress is termed medium firm. Therefore, it needs to suit side sleeping positions practically. The gel-infused foam on this mattress is fantastic at reducing pressure on painful joints. Therefore, it needs to assist in reducing and even eliminate any niggling pains and aches at night time and within the morning. If you suffer from an agonizing joint condition, this bed could possibly be well suited for you.

The under layers with this mattress have a bouncier feel than most orthopedic mattresses. Therefore, this decreases the sensation of ‘getting stuck’ that can come with orthopedic mattresses. So, this offers you the advantage of orthopedic though with a familiar bouncy feel.

Pros Cons
Very good edge support Contains more Transfer Motion than competitors
10 years warranty


Bear mattress is also multi-purpose mattress can be used for active people like athletes, people who sleeps on back or even for heavy side sleepers. Bear offers 10-year limited warranty to its customers along with 100-day free trial. This mattress is very elastic as well and you can enjoy the bouncier feeling on it.

On downside, it has more transfer motion especially if you are heavy side sleeper.

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How to Buy the Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers

 What is the right mattress to get for heavy side sleeper? According to mattress review experts, the very best mattress for the side sleeper is a that can offer ample support for the spine while still providing enough comfort you could go to sleep easily.

How Firm is Too Firm?

Be careful about selecting a mattress that may be too firm. The firmness level you ultimately choose will be based greatly with your weight but buying a mattress too firm to your weight can cause serious discomfort. This is because a too-firm mattress is not going to enable your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress, which ends up in poor spinal alignment.

Outer Layer and Surface

In addition to buying a mattress which is firm without getting too firm, side sleepers ought to choose a mattress that has a soft outer layer plus a profiled surface. These features will supply cushioning for the hips and also the shoulders without taking outside the support on the mattress’ core, providing a softer sleeping surface, less pressure in your hips and shoulders and will also make dropping off to sleep much simpler.

Don’t Forget the Pillow

While choosing your mattress is the biggest component of your mattress shopping decision, it is usually imperative that you ensure that you find the appropriate pillow to match a new mattress. Side sleepers frequently disregard to find a pillow that conditions their spine in arrangement, which every so often can direct to neck discomfort, headaches and even additional issues. Some of the most effective mattress experts suggest space-age foam pillows this can capacity to contour on the head while still keeping the neck in proper alignment. However, there are various other contoured pillows that you can purchase today. Just make sure you select one which suits your mind size.


Wrapping It Up

This is the end of the list of best mattresses for heavy side sleepers. In our experience and people reviews nectar mattress is the best one. But, we have added the three top mattresses for people who loves side sleeping.

You can also check our list of car camping mattresses.

If you like our list or you know side sleepers who are suffering from pains due to mattress we truly appreciate you sharing this list with them.

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