Best Mattress for Pregnancy 2019

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

There are a few things which women can perform during being pregnant to counteract low back pain. The top another thing would be to sleep over a good mattress as opposed to a sagging one. The last thing you wish if you are pregnant would be to get up tired and mentally disturbed. Even if you decide to put with the pain sensation, that identical pain can certainly bring about arthritis in the future.

We have gathered and listed mattresses here for women or couples looking to have the best mattress for pregnancy and comfortable sleep. You can also check out List of side sleeping mattresses

Mattress for Pregnancy Comparison Table


Name Firmness
Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme- Editor's Choice Medium SoftCheck Price
Bedinabox Serenity Medium SoftCheck Price
Leesa Mattress Medium FirmCheck Price


 Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme- Editor’s Choice

cloud supreme mattress

 Tempur-Pedic is probably the most well-known names inside mattress industry and sells their goods directly through their webpage together with through many large mattress chains along with retail shops. All of their models include their TEMPUR foam, nonetheless they divide their offerings into three different product lines. This review is targeted on the TEMPUR-Cloud mattresses, that happen to be meant to provide a plusher feel than their additional options. Tempur-Pedic structures a standing innovation inside business and it has been manufacturing large sizes of well-reviewed beds for countless ages. In an industry with lots of new players, Tempur-Pedic’s history may hold a great deal of weight for a lot of shoppers.


Tempur-Pedic provides a ninety-day sleep trial because of their mattresses. The company asks that you simply first try the mattress for 30 nights then contact them if you’re not satisfied. If they cannot make an adjustment to enhance your comfort, it is possible to return the mattress for any refund with the final cost minus shipping charges. It is important to bear in mind that this 90-night sleep trial doesn’t sign up for mattresses bought in alternative retailers. This could mean much shorter trial periods with regards to the retailer’s return policy.


Tempur-Pedic supplies a 10-year limited warranty on mattress purchases. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, and during this time around, the organization will repair or replace a defective mattress. Transportation or shipping expenses associated with a manufacturer’s warranty return include the responsibility with the customer. Full warranty information and facts are available.

In general, polyurethane foam does a great job of providing support through its responsiveness and capacity to proportionally react to pressure and weight applied through the body. As a result, the entire body and spine can have the necessary support necessary to keep a proper alignment.

Sleeping Assistance

Every sleeper’s needs vary, however in many cases, a very plush mattress — including plush space-age foam — will surely have an excessive amount a sinking effect, that may mess up our bodies’ alignment which enables it to lessen the quality of support offered with the mattress.


The Tempur-Pedic cloud supreme receive high marks with regards to long-term durability. Even over numerous years of regular use, the orthopedic typically maintains its chance to interact to pressure and after that resume its full shape once the pressure is taken off. While we have no idea the density of those foams, that’s cause for concern, the background of Tempur-Pedic could possibly be sufficient for many shoppers.

Best mattress for pregnancy

Memory foam is among the most effective material for preventing motion transfer. This is because of how the foam only moves or responds to your areas where pressure is directly applied. This can be all the truer with very plush foams because they go a step forward in hugging your body. Shoppers for whom motion isolation is really a key priority are usually best served by orthopedic mattresses honestly.

Little Off-gassing Period

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are certainly not delivered compressed, and also this will help you to limit the level of odor in the mattress. However, in some instances, the mattress might still employ a smell, which comes in the polyurethane foam itself. Most people find this can be merely a minor annoyance and another that vanishes entirely inside a week or two.

Pros Cons
90-day trial Expensive for some
Less off-gassing



 Comfort is very important and having the best mattress for pregnancy more important because women need maximum comfort and good sleep and rest. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme offers 90-day free trial to test their mattress. The off-gassing period is rare. If happens does not last longer than a week or two. The mattress is very comfortable and built quality is durable as well.

On downside, it is expensive for those who are on tight budget. But, if you have the money and looking for maximum comfort during and after pregnancy this is the mattress you should buy.

In fact, my husband bought this for me.

Check Price



Bedinabox Serenity

best mattress for pregnancy

Serenity is amongst the coolest mattress made available from the BedInABox. It offers medium to soft firmness, enabling you to softly float within the bed’s surface, but still feel safe and supportive. It is engineered to pamper you having its Cool Rest Adaptive Technology using two a variety of material in conjunction with their Cool Rest gel space-age foam, to be able to provide a bed that sleeps more comfortably than you are able to think.

Also, bed in-box get their namesake because they’re thoroughly compressed, and vacuum sealed in to a box. In addition to this, they’re designed particularly for shipping, thereby eliminating middlemen and minimizing costs.

Once unwrapped, the mattresses expand for their normal size, and are also ready so that you can experience a fantastic night’s sleep.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Likely to have High off-gassing


Serenity is also one of the best mattress for pregnancy. It is very comfortable, the built is very durable and long lasting. Also, this mattress do not produce any annoying sounds.

The drawback is that, it takes a lot of time for off-gassing.

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Leesa Mattress

Leesa mattress review infowizard

 The Leesa mattress can be a 10-inch foam mattress that comes compressed shipped within a box. It relies on a top layer that is quite similar in feel and functionality to latex. That layer is “convoluted,” meaning egg-crate-shaped, therefore it allows air movement to maintain a far more neutral temperature.

Underneath of these is usually a 2-inch layer of space-age foam for comfort, and after that it’s a 6-inch base of high resiliency poly foam for support.

The foam is reasonable quality. The space-age foam layer is 3.0-pound density, that’s the minimum I’d recommend for any night use. A large amount of cheap Chinese foam mattresses you’ll find don’t use anything but 2.5 pound, that’s simply not durable enough for any night use. More expensive mattresses tend to use 3.5 pound or longer.

Overall, Leesa hits a good middle ground between price and quality.

The mattress includes a 120-month warranty against manufacturer’s defects. If the mattress sags an inch, as an example, they’ll repair or replace the mattress. This doesn’t warranty against comfort, however. I’d expect which it ought to be comfortable approximately ~7 years approximately. I’ve had mine approximately four years, also it still feels pretty in close proximity to new.

The mattress is produced in the USA which is CertiPUR-US certified, which implies it’s totally free of the harmful ingredients they test for.

The Leesa is often a medium-firm mattress. It’s meant to hit roughly in the center of the bell curve of how firm of your mattress a lot of people need. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is compared to a floor, and 10 is a lot like a marshmallow, this mattress approximately a 3.5. If you’ve been in a very mattress store, it’s a lot like that of a lots of places would call “luxury firm” or “cushion firm.”

Even however the Leesa can be an all-foam mattress, it does NOT have that “stuck-in” feeling that some space-age foam mattresses have. If you’ve tried a Tempurpedic, by way of example, and hated how slow the response was, the Leesa doesn’t need that whatsoever. It is quite bouncy on the outside, as a result of Avena foam.

This amount of firmness will be beneficial to a large chunk on the population. However, if you need a soft, fluffy mattress, this isn’t it. If you want an ultra-firm mattress without having given by any means, this isn’t that either.

All nevertheless, from the key features about Leesa is because have a very free return policy, and that means you don’t need to simply take my word for the way it feels. You can try against each other yourself without risking being saddled with an unacceptable mattress.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Requires Break-in time
Prevents arthritic pains


Leesa Mattress is very comfortable and indeed best mattress for pregnancy. It is endorsed by CNBC even. This mattress also prevents arthritic pain which pregnant women tend to suffer a lot. Mattress itself is very durable and long lasting.

On downside, Leela mattress take time to break-in but when it breaks down it feels like you are sleeping on marshmallow which truly gives an excellent experience.

Check Price



How to Choose the Most comfortable Mattress for Pregnancy

  • Do your research. Decide if you’ll need a twin, 1, a double, an entire, a king, or possibly a queen-size mattress. Make sure your option is a that may be capable to accommodate your entire body.
  • Understand the amounts of comfort. Make sure that you can find enough pads, toppers and foam. You will want to pick a mattress that may be firm, but soft enough to adapt for a curves within your spine in addition to the rest of the body.
  • Don’t forget about value. You get whatever you pay money for. Mattresses which are more pricey guarantee high quality just as cheap ones which might turn out to be good mattresses, however, they will often later commence to sag whereby you could possibly buy additional pads and toppers which may turn out to be costlier in fact.
  • Consider space-age foam because doing so offers you a rightly deserved good night’s sleep. This foam is temperature sensitive. It has a more open-cell structure which allows the oxygen to circulate easier and also the result ultimately ends up as being a cooler, more refreshing and comfy sleeping surface. There is no doubt you may sleep much simpler in the evening. You will wake rested, relaxed and able to a new day!
  • There are really several kinds of mattresses available on the market presently, it may be quite overwhelming. Sometimes you could need assistance and also talk to an authority. It is vital to definitely result in the right choice. You and your baby deserve a fantastic night’s sleep.
  • After you buy your mattress, a superb idea should be to also obtain a large pregnancy pillow in order to draw in in it for more added comfort.

Importance of Memory Foam Pillows During Pregnancy

 Pregnancy pillows have appeared available on the market in numerous versions, aiming at helping expecting mothers handle every one of the inconveniences of pregnancies. But one of the biggest inventions is with the type of orthopedic pillows. Any expecting mother works with a sleep disorder and discomfort when resting. This is because baby grows the same is true the tummy with the mother. During sleep, the tummy needs upholding, and pillows created specifically for this reason lessen lumbar pain and diminish soreness during side-sleep.

NASA invented space-age foam pillows to help you astronauts in combating gravity, but nowadays we now have transformed the crooks to adjust quite a few common products that can help people recover rest. The material is among the same family as being the synthetic polyurethane foam (conventional foam in mattresses and seats) with extra chemicals that devote weight and density and make up a special molecular makeup in comparison to the traditional foam. Good quality foam maintains the impression within your body for a couple of seconds rather than longer because elsewhere it might weaken quickly.

Pregnancy pillows made using such foam include regulating memory pillows, banana pillows, and easy-feed pillows. Adjustable foam pillows can assist you right away for the end on the pregnancy, sustaining the belly throughout side sleeping and lessening any pain. Banana pillows also covered in this particular form of foam have some of uses, letting you crunches during sex or get rest that is certainly more leisurely by sustaining your spine. You can hold banana pillows involving the knees to back up the spine and alleviate any strain.

Once the newborn exists, it’s a truly great idea to acquire an angled feeding pillow that assists the child breathe and swallow safely and further helps alleviate tension inside the mother’s arms, shoulder, neck, and back allowing her to release.

Undoubtedly, space-age foam isn’t useful exclusively for expectant women but in addition anybody because pillows constructed from such foam reduce any discomfort throughout sleep or simply sitting back and relaxing. Such pillows are incredibly valuable in hospitals for recuperating patients since they reduce pressure on certain areas making available quality relaxation.

Memory foam pillows reduce snoring and also lumbar pain a result of sitting with a desk for too long periods. Such products can be employed anywhere, and they are meant to keep the spine straight and relaxed minimizing any pressure sores a result of bad mattresses or chairs. These products include some mattress tops that assist you advance rest and guarantee that you will never awaken stiff and sore again.

Memory foam pillows and mattress tops have a very high-quality finish accessible in several colors and materials. You can find satin slipcovers for pillows or products that has a water-resistant finish to help you cleaning. Good quality pillows will help you reduce snoring or get rid of upper back pain, edema, and swelling and improve circulation and support. In addition, these several pregnancy pillows and mother and baby items could make your lifetime simpler and happier.

Such merchandise is both soft and firm, and pillows employ a shape that offers good support for your neck and provides support for the natural bend within your spine. Getting a good rest is necessary to all you could do. You will be happier plus more alert to things who are around you when you have taken advantage of genuine relaxation. It is also crucial to feel safe and rested in pregnancy; on this manner, pregnancy pillows will improve your health significantly.

Final Conclusion

 This is the end of the list of best mattresses for pregnancy. Without any doubt Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud Supreme is one of the best mattress for pregnancy. But, in case you can not afford it look for other two they are very good as well.

I remember during pregnancy I had bad aches, neck, back and shoulder pain so, my husband and I bought Cloud supreme which we are still using 😋

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