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Bistro MD Review 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Bistro MD is a diet food delivery service like diet-to-go. In this review we are going to share our bistro md experience, their meals and menus, features and if they worth your money or not. So, if you are looking for detailed Bistro MD review you surely going to find one right here.

Now, without any further delays let’s check out Bistro MD.

About Bistro MD



Bistro MD is founded by Husband and Wife known as Caderquist and Caroline. You can learn more about them here.

They claim that they only provide the food which they consume themselves and present to their loved ones. (We have tested their services and we can state that their claim is not wrong).

Anyhow, their meals are freshly prepared from scratch by professional Chefs and all those meals are approved by food specialists and dieticians.

As, you probably know that their diet plans are advertised as for weight loss goals but, in our research, we figured out that their meals are healthy and are consumable even if you do not want to lose weight.


Top Features

bistro md reviews

In our bistro md experience we found and highlighted some best features they have.

Easy to Order

Their meals are very easy to order. As, they have covered the majority of plans so, you can order them straight away without any hassle. Just pick your plan, choose the 7 days a week or 5 days/week meals and place your order after that it will get delivered to your doorstep.

Custom plans

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Bistro md offers you option to customize your meals. You can get custom plans from dieticians after placing custom order from your account. Also, they enable you to choose your taste preferences, and control over your weekly menu. (In our experience the custom plan works wonders because it is specifically designed for you). In custom plan you can choose only lunch and dinner also can schedule your meals delivery according to your own terms.

Delivery scheduling


This is also one of the best feature. See, we are not at home every time we may travel out of the city for work, vacation or for any reason you are unable to receive your meals. You can control your delivery schedule without any hassle in your account by using delivery Schedule tool.

Plenty of Options

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Bistro md offers almost 150 types of meals which is an excellent thing because you can get bored with same type of meals.

Delivery Across America

bistro md review


Well, bistro md offers their food delivery service in all fifty states. So, no matter where you are you can get it. As, we are located in Texas, we ordered their delivery service and got the shipment via FedEx. The meal was delivered to us within 3 business days. But, keep in mind that Bistro md gives estimate times of 6 business days. Also, you have to pay shipping charges which are $19.95.

Separate Programs

separate programs bistro md

This is also very good feature. As, they offer separate diet meals for men and women. So, you can choose easily according to your gender and caloric needs. But, know that their major menus are almost similar.

Backed by Science

bistro md reviews

While, most of the dieting stuff are myths and can harm your body. But, Bistro md back themselves with science and we did a deep research on them for that purpose. And, well their claim is honest, and they do take care of their diets by providing us balanced nutrition.

Bistro MD Programs

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They offer plenty of programs for both men and women. Including customizable and as it is meal plans. We are going to look at their programs right here. So, you can understand if bistro md is suitable for you or not.

Women Meal Plans

bistro md women programs

As the name suggest, this plan is designed for women. It offers balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner averaging 1200 calories/day. The meals are made by professional chefs so, you can enjoy its taste and quality. This diet plan is very famous for targeting fat and even backed by science so, if your goal is to lose weight, you surely going to love this plan.

You can adjust it according to your preference as well. Like, choosing the meals, how many days you want to eat bistro md prepared meals.

Men Programs

men program bistro md

It is similar to women meal plan in terms of foods, but it targets men and offers calories. Backed by science for weight loss, Pro chef made tasty foods and quality is also ensured in this plan as well.

Gluten Free Program

gluten free bistro md review

If, you are not fan of a gluten, you can get 100 percent gluten free meals for your diet. It covers three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. This plan is for both women and men. As, we mentioned earlier the calories and plan will be customized according to your gender and preferences. So, if you are a man you will get the plan according to your required calories also same goes for women.

Diabetic plan

bistro md diabetic meals

We all know that diabetes is one of the very hectic disease but, you can control and manage it via proper dieting. This meal plan is specifically designed for people who are suffering for diabetes. All meals included in this plan are diabetes friendly. You will not only get healthy meals in this plan but will also able to lose weight. It is also available for both women and men.

Silver Cuisine

bistro md senior people plan

This plan targets Senior People. But, anyone can use it. Meals planned in these meals are Doctor’s certified so, you can have heart healthy meals. Silver cuisine plans also offers gluten free, low sodium and diabetic meals. Can be consumed by both men and women.

Menopause Program

bistro md menopause review

There is no doubt menopause brings a lot of hormonal changes in women body. And, you can gain a lot of weight due to it no matter what you do, and what type of food you consume. You surely, going to need something special in your diet to keep your body steady. Menopause meal plan provides women lean proteins and complex carbohydrates which surely plays vital role in keeping your hormonal change in balance. This diet plan is only for women.

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Sample Menu

For your ease we have also gathered their sample menus. Kindly see the images below to know some of their breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

Breakfast Sample Menu

These are some breakfasts you can get from bistro md in your meal plan.

bistro md smaple

Lunch Sample Menu

Few samples of lunch meals offered by bistro md

sample of lunch bistro md


Some samples of dinner you can avail via bistro md

bistro md reviews at infowizard


Having extra Food cravings? check out some snacks available on bistro md


snacks bistro md

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Our Experience of Bistro MD

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We do not promote anything without testing it by ourselves and we only bring it forward if it passes our test and we opt-it for our own use.

We ordered standard 7-day full program to test out bistro Md. It costed us around $155 including shipping charges. So, the total meal cost/day was $22.something which we think is affordable. The quality of food was excellent and the taste as well. Only one of our member partake in the test.

We cannot exactly say, if it suitable for weight loss but surely, the meals are very healthy and can play vital role in improving our well-being.

We also received free support from their registered dieticians. It is included it with their every meal plan. The delivery was on time also right on the given address.

So, according to our experience the bistro md service is excellent and we can confidently recommend them if you are looking for diet food delivery service.

Customer Support

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Bistro md customer support is good. If, you are facing any issue and looking for the help of support team you can get them via email or call. They are available from Monday to Friday. Their operating timings are 8 to 5 (Eastern time). But, on Wednesday their timings are 9 to 6 (Eastern time).

Their support team consists of very nice people and they usually reply on time.

Bistro MD Reviews by Customers

We believe in providing the honest information. We do not promote anything for just the sake of commission. If, that was the case we would not have revealed our monetization policy publicly.

Anyway, we contacted many bistro md customers to gather their opinion and experience and we are publishing them here as it is. You can also share your experience via comment also by contacting us if you want to get it published in this section.

Now, let’s see what people are saying about bistro MD.

Being a working women and taking care of my Nana is not an easy thing so, I signed up for silver cuisine plan for my Nana. The food is good, and my Granny likes it taste. It is expensive for me but as long as my Nana is happy I am going to use bistro MD. (Kaitlyn)

I not received any confirmation email; the customer support women was extremely rude. (Unknown)

Their food is delicious me and my wife enjoys it every day. (Mc)

A lot of variety what makes bistro md suitable for me. I get bore with diet foods easily but with them that’s not the case so yeah, I am pretty happy with my weight loss goals along with tasty foods. (Teresa)

I believe it works because I am already feeling healthy. (Reg)

Excellent food quality, polite customer services and already lost 10 lbs. in 1.5 months. (K)

Meals are very good, does not taste chalky, also helps me manage my meals portion effortlessly. (Thomas D.)

Food is good, but they lost my shipping and blamed me. Do you think it’s the right way to treat your customer? (name not important)

Easy to consume also assists in weight loss, you should inform other people about it. (Jean)

My issue is that I cannot control my calories intake. Since, I started consuming meals from bistro md my meal portions and calories intake are in control and I feel healthier. Yes, my experience is good so far. (mee)


bistro md cost meals

Prices depend upon the plan and can vary to your preferences and customizations. The pricing are following if you buy the plan as it is.

The 7-day full plans costs around $180 without shipping charges which are $19.95. 5-day meal plans can cost $150 without shipping, 5-day meal plans can cost $150 without shipping, 7-day lunches and dinner only plans almost cost $133 without shipping, the 5-day lunches and dinner plans costs around $90 without shipping expenses.

So, if we try to access price. (the given pricing is just an estimation, we do not own bistro md and they can increase or decrease their pricing anytime. For, recent pricing you should check out their order page)

  • 7-day plan costs around $200 including shipping
  • 5-day plan costs around $170 with shipping
  • Lunches and dinners 7-day plan costs around $155 after paying shipping charges
  • 5- days lunches and dinners only costs around $110 with shipping expense

The mentioned pricing are just assumed average it can cost more or less.


Pros Cons
Nationwide delivery Could be expensive for some
A lot of variety in meals No support group for motivation
Tastes Good Some people also complained about customer support behavior
Developed by doctor
Team of Dieticians
Do shipping in insulated coolers
Free profile of dieting


Visit Bistromd

In this bistro md review, we not only shared company’s perspective, but our experience along with other customers experience as well. We hope that you can easily decide after reading our review if the bistro md is right or wrong option for you. They delivery their meal plans in all 55 states, you going to find a lot of variety in meals. The last time we checked they almost had 100 starters. The meals are not like fad dieting they are normal, human eatable and tasty meals which numerous people enjoy without vomiting it out.

All Plans are designed by weight loss management expert and doctor also bistro md offers support of dieticians without any further charges. The shipping is done by them is also safe and keep the food free of germs and bacteria.

Downsides? if you are on budget, bistro md can be costly for you also they lack any support group where you can talk with other members for motivation. We also received complains about their customer support by numerous people.

Our experience was flawless and we nothing had to complain so, we do recommend them also the pros are more than cons. And, if you see bistro md reviews section by customers you can see that there are more positive than negative so, it ensures that bistro md is not a bad company.

In the end, if you want to share your experience you can comment below. And, you can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive latest reviews in your email inbox.

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