Casper mattress reviews

Casper Mattress Review

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2018)

Have you heard about the Casper Mattress? Yes or no, the answer does not matter much if you have no info about the product you are going to buy for yourself, for your family or loved ones. But worry not at infowizard it’s our duty to provide the best and honest information to our readers. And, today we decided to review the most hyped Mattress in the market known as the Casper Mattress.

Does it worth the buildup? Let’s find out in Casper mattress review.

About Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress launched in April 2014. Casper mattresses are available in different stores including Amazon, Google Store and offline stores as well. They have excellent 100-day free return policy and offers warranty of up to 10 years. Their headquarters are in New York City. Casper Mattresses are planned and manufactured in United States. In simple words, Casper Mattresses are 100 percent USA made.

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Casper Mattress Top Features

The features Casper mattress offers to customers are very different from other mattress companies. We are going to look at those outstanding features.

Zoned Support

The new and redefined Casper mattress provide zoned support to it’s customers. This support is designed to provide the comfort and alignment to the area which takes the most toll while sleeping. The two main points are neck and lower back. So, Casper Mattress bargains support to these two places the most. Their mattress is laxly under the neck and steady under the hips.

4-layers of foam

Casper Mattress is made off 4 layers. The upper most layer is created from breathable open cell foam (which plays important role in keeping the Mattress sweat free). The 2nd layer is made from high density memory foam (Makes foam bouncy and comfortable), The third layer is developed from zoned transition foam (As, we already discussed that this foam provides support and alignment to your body and backbone). Fourth and last layer is created off durable support foam (Clearly, the name of layer suggests it keeps the Casper Mattress sturdy, supportive and comfortable).

High Airflow

The Casper mattress uses open air cell foams with minor pores which ejects hot air built up and keep your mattress clean off sweat and protects you from getting sweaty or warm.

Casper Mattress Design

Design of Casper Mattress

Now, we have discussed its top features which are very good and unique from many mattresses. let’s look at its design. As, you can see in the image above on top it offers durability with its zip cover which can be taken off,  and can be cleaned without any hassle. The second point is showing that it has breathability means it prevents itself from getting heaty. If you see the third point which is center it has pressure release point and the 4th  point in the image shows, it’s transition layer which plays very vital role balancing Casper Mattress also keeping the weight scattered equally. And the 5th  point demonstrate its base which is designed for comfort and keeping it sturdy.

Casper Mattress Measurements



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Mattresses by Casper are certified by CertiPur-US. The foams which are certified by CertiPur are free of ozone depletion materials, Contains no TDCPP, TCEP And PBDE’s. These foams do not use any kind of heavy metals like lead, mercury etc. Casper Mattress also abide the LOW VOC which means that it emits less than 0.5 parts per million of Volatile compounds. These Mattress are also free of any kind of Phthalates and Formaldehyde.


Casper offers 10-year limited warranty. They also offer 100 days risk free trial which means you can try and use Casper Mattress for 100 days and if you do not like it you can get a 100 percent refund. The best part about Casper Mattress warranty is that they will pick it up themselves and refund you and donate the refunded mattress to charity.

You can read further about warranty terms & condition here.

Casper Mattress Pricing

The Casper Mattress comes in five sizes. The twin, twin XL, Full, King, Queen and California King. Twin costs under $600. Twin Xl Costs around $650, full size Casper Mattress costs under $900, Queen mattress costs under $1000, King size costs under $1200 and California king costs the same as well just under $1200.

Customer Support

Casper offers 7 days customer support. Their customer support team members are very professional, talks very politely and listen to your queries all the time. You can contact them with multiple ways. They offer live chat, calling option, contact via email and Simply Text them method.

Casper Mattress Reviews by Customers

We have gathered non- biased reviews of customers of Casper Mattress so, you can see what they are saying about it. As, honesty is our policy here at infowizard.

I had to return the mattress as my wife was not comfortable with it but me personally was super stoked about its quality and enjoyed sleeping on it. But, I had to choose between Casper Mattress or sleeping with my wife so, I ended up opting for my wife. The return was free of any hassle. The team Casper refunded our money without any nuisance. (Mitch)

Well, I recently purchased this mattress by Casper, but I am very amazed with it’s quality. Yes, it is bit pricey compared to ordinary mattresses, but the price is justified with it’s quality me and my husband is sleeping very well on it. (Teressa)

I do not have much to say except it’s comfortable and fluffy. (Doris)

No force sales, easy to order, customer support is top-notch, and mattress feels like heaven. Yes, surely recommended. (Sara)

Visited their website and called them straight away the guy on the phone line was super nice and I thought let’s give it a try as I am protected with 100 days trial. Well, it has been 389 days and I am still sleeping on it very comfortably. (Sandra)

Organic mattress, nice and clean and do wonders for my back. (Jose)

I have tried many mattresses mostly cheap stuff and was sleeping on them with great amount of discomfort then I came to know about Casper Mattress. Bam! Life changed, Sleeping like a baby now. (Catherine)

Used it for two years and threw it away because it turned into trash. Not recommend it to anyone. (Paula)

Bought it in December 2014, using it since then no complains so far. (Sleeping Lover)

The mattress is good, but delivery was very late. I am still sore about it. Anyone who is going to buy please make sure that you will get the delivery on time. (Anne)

It sucks for me, I am side sleeper and does not provide any sort of comfort they promised. Boycotting this garbage mattress. (Michael)

I truly dear this mattress now, was very cynical when I purchased it without a test. My girlfriend has a luxurious and expensive mattress and she chooses my Casper to her own. The Casper is not warm to snooze on., my body accustomed to it from the first day, and not once felt aching and unpleasant. (Cool Guy).

Not good, destroyed by back and I am very sore after sleeping on it. STAY AWAY Please! (Rahul)

I am not happy with the fact that it cannot bear much weight. It is perfect for sleeping alone but it’s sides are very hollow. So, whenever my boyfriend comes over he prefer to sleep on the couch. (John)

Me and my dog both sleeps like a baby on this awesome mattress. (Patrick, the dog guy)


Pros Cons
Positive Ratings Chemical Smell is hard to go away
Comfortable Edges of Mattress are not great
Innovative Design
Free Trial Period

Important things you should Know about Casper Mattress

This information is very important if you are interested in buying Casper Mattress so, you will not face any issues later and keep your mattress tidy, comfortable and make the most out of it in terms of it’s life.

  1. Foundation

The good foundation is as important as mattress. Casper offer foundation by themselves for maximum comfort and getting the most of your mattress but if you do not want to use their foundation we recommend you use wooden frame or cabin bed for better results.

  1. Life Span

This mattress has warranty of 10-years, but we don’t want you to live in the myth bubble. According, to our research and experience this mattress can give you maximum of 5-6 years of comfort.

  1. Protection

To make your mattress last longer you need to take care of it properly. The cover is removeable but do not wash it in any kind of washing machine because it can shrink, and your warranty will become void as well. We recommend you take it off and clean by scrubbing it gently. You can use detergent but mild ones only.

  1. Trial Period

Casper offers 100 days trial period, but you should know that trial period starts as soon as you will receive mattress on your door step. Not from the time when you start sleeping on it so, ensure that you are counting the days right before trial ends.

  1. Fixing Chemical Smell

As, we already mentioned above in the cons that it has long lasting chemical smell, but you can avoid it. Once you receive your mattress unbox it quickly, unwrap and place it in open air or any sort of place which is very well ventilated. Yes, it is as simple as that. Casper mattress does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals and its mattress gassing is only due to VOC which is not harmful to inhale or triggers any kind of allergies. Just put your new mattress in open air and you will be get rid of new unpleasant smell within 3-7 days.

Final Verdict

No doubt, Casper mattress is very good and competing against many well-known brands. You can see that this mattress has a lot of positive ratings from it’s customers. The 4 layers of foam truly provides the comfort to neck and the back. Basically, the introduced the innovative design and technology in the world of mattresses and they are still leading and keeping their name in best selling mattresses all over the USA.

They are also certified as Eco-friendly and 100 nights of free trial is another flawless feature you can count as a purchasing point for this mattress. If, you are tired and not happy with your current mattress we highly recommend you give it a try without thinking a lot we are sure that you will not be disappoint after purchasing this mattress. And on top of that we also shared some important information to keep its comfortable level, durability, tidiness and longevity for maximum period.

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