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(Last Updated On: June 2, 2018)

Diet-to-go is diet food delivery service. They offer healthy meals delivery for people aiming towards weight loss. This diet food delivery has multiple plans to choose from. They also offer weekly delivery and much more! But do they worth your money? Are their diet plans effective for weight loss? Are they cheapest diet food delivery company?  Read this review to know everything about diet-to-go.

About Diet-to-go

diettogo reviews

The CEO of diet-to-go is Hilton Davis. This is a diet food delivery company which highly focuses on preparing and delivering the healthiest meals to its customers. Their team is consisting of highly trained chefs for making the meals which aids in weight loss and making your life healthier. Their support staff is also very nice, and you can reach them on social media channels, via email or call.

Diet-to-go Food Safety

Food safety is top priority by them. Diet-to-Go is scrutinized, supervised and qualified by numerous management agencies. Diet-to-go firmly obey to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) food management measures. You can Read more about HACCP on FDA website.

Diet-to-go Top Features


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Diet food delivery by diet-to-go offers multiple features. We have reviewed their top features for your ease.

Menu Personalization

They offer 4 types of menu. You can choose them as it is, or you partake in option to personalize it. It is not very difficult to personalize your diet meal menu. Diet-to-go offers you an online account in which you can choose, change or personalize your diet menu. You even have the option to pause, start your food delivery just by accessing your online account with diet-to-go.

Fully Cooked Meals

We came to know that diet-to-go offers fully cooked meals prepared by excellent chefs so, you do not have to worry about any kind of preparation of them. As they are diet food delivery company. They deliver your fully cooked and ready to eat meals at your door step. The only thing you must do is heat and eat.

Diet Food Delivery options

According to our research, this is one of the best feature by diet-to-go because you do not have to fix yourself with one-week or 5- days plan. You can adjust, delay or move your delivery further by just calling them on their helpline.

Customer Support

Okay, this diet food delivery service not only providing the meals but also offers excellent customer support via phone or email. The best feature about their support is that you not only have access to customer relation officer, but you can access health instructor as well free of cost. Off course, you can discuss anything with health instructor about your diet plans and much more.

Diet-To-Go Menus

diet food delivery

As, we mentioned earlier that diet-to-go offers 4 types of meal plans in their menu. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

  1. Balance
  2. Balance-D (Diabetes)
  3. Carb30-Keto
  4. Vegetarians

Balance Diet Plan

 This is top selling plan by diet-to-go. It is exclusively made for majority of the dieters also approved by top notch dietitians. The meals are prepared for weight loss goals in mind, but they do not comprise their quality for that purpose. The food is no doubt high quality, tastes excellent and even rated as number 1 by epicurious for taste.

The top features of this meal plan include balanced nutrition, calorie control, health for heart, also controls sodium level, levels of carbs, cholesterol and fat.

This plan is adjustable for vegetarians and you can also exclude sea foods if you do not like it.

Balance diet plan has foods like turkey sausages, blueberry pancakes, salmon burger with mango salsa, peanut butter and pita, Chocolate zucchini bread etc. (The foods we mentioned here are generic, the diet-to-go divide them accordingly and into categories like breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also give you options to customize your plans.)

The given picture explains the looks of balance menu

diet-to-go reviews

Balance-D (Diabetes)

 The second plan in their menu is known as Balance-D which is exclusively made for people who are suffering with diabetes and cannot consume ordinary diets for weight loss. Balance-D by diet-to-go adhere the American diabetes association rules for fats and carbs.

This plan is not only designed to weight loss but also helps you in managing pre-diabetes also play role in prevention of type-2 diabetes.

The worthy features you can obtain with Balance-D are blood sugar regulation for pre-diabetics and diabetics, this plan is also carefully designed to control sodium, carbs and fats and in result improves your heart health.

This plan is even helpful for people who are not suffering from diabetes.  As it has lowest levels of sugar, you can use this plan to destroy last few pounds you are struggling to lose.

The following image of sample Balance-D menu sums up this plan effectively.


 The third meal plan in their menu is known as carb360-keto. This diet plan designed for those who prefer classic and carb restricted meals. This meal plan is also consisting of very tasty, highly quality and variety of foods.

It includes foods like eggs, cheese and meat which are very well known for keeping you healthy and losing weight.

The top features of this carb-based diet plan include foods which replace fat with carbs. This plan gives you only 30 carbs on average per day which makes it keto friendly.

Diet-to-go strictly restrict you from extra carbs so, do not add bread, fruits and any form of foods which are enriched with carbohydrates. We recommend you only follow the carb360-Keto menu.

For your ease, we have share the image below to understand what kind of foods you can get in this diet meal plan.

low carb diet food delivery


 The final meal plan in their menu is known as “vegetarians”. As the name suggest it is especially designed for vegetarians. This diet plan is just like the first one balance menu but vegetarian friendly.

This plan has same features as balance menu, but it has more controlled sodium levels, Also, the carbs and fats are less due to its vegetarian nature. This plan is also very effective from last 25 years for losing weight and living a healthy life.

This meal plan is also very good for health of the heart. For protein source diet-to-go used eggs, diary, soy and beans.

We have got the vegetarians sample menu for you which you can see in the image below.

diet food delivery service diet to go


Diet-To-Go Pricing

 The pricing of diet-to-go food delivery are not fixed. They vary from menu to menu, the extra foods you added and many more.

For this review. We ordered diet-to-go food service in Long View, Texas. We surprised to see diet-to-go quick and excellent food delivery. The estimated time of delivery was 1-3 business day, but the food arrived within 1 business day.

We selected the balance menu as it is without any changing. We added no sea food. Also, we ordered both options for Men which offers 1600 calories and for women which offers 1200 calories.

The pricing for 3 meals per day, 7 days a week for men were under $200 and the shipping charges were also under $20. So, the total cost was to us for that plan is under $220 for 7 days. The women 1200 calories plan costs under $180 for 3 meals per day, 7 days a week and the shipping charges were the same under $20. So, we got the 1200 calories menu balance plan for around $200.

The pricing suggest that they are not very expensive. The quality of food and delivery is also very excellent. This was our experience and we ordered their food delivery services just for the diet-to-go honest review.

Again, the above pricing is not fix, above is what we paid for the diet-to-go food delivery. The price varies from menu, the foods you replace or add or maybe shipping charges varies as well depending on the City and State you live in.

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Diet-to-go Reviews

 We have reviewed the diet-to-go by testing them and we are satisfied with their services but to provide the maximum honest information to our readers we have gathered reviews from other diet-to-go customers as well.

This diet food delivery helped me a lot in reaching my weight loss goals. I have lost more than 12 pounds in last 3 months. But I also do workout, drink plenty of water and consume diet-to-go meals only. (Howard)

I am single mother with two kids. I work 3 jobs and I do not have anytime to prepare any sort of food for myself or kids. We were living on junk foods but then I found about diet-to-go and surely, it changed our eating habits to good one. Diet-to-go rescued me. (Kerri)

I live in DC, and I have no complains about diet2go. They offer very excellent meal plans; their customer support is also very nice also they are cheap. (Eugene)

Not happy, the delivery was very late, the food was frozen and lacks quality. Don’t bother trying it. (Amy)

I have been customer of diet to go from last 10 years on/off and not disappointed at all. (Jill)

 Meal plans are excellent but lacks desserts. Apart from sweets joke they are awesome and I highly recommend this diet food delivery service. (Trisha)

Diet food delivery companies are always very expensive and provides you with crap food but diet to go changed my opinion when I tried them. I was skeptical first but also tired of being overweight so, I said let’s give it a try and well I am impressed because of their pricing, customer support and food quality. (Elizabeth)

 The food is lovely. The plan is fun and effortless. A little pricey personally, but worthwhile. I’m new around the program, so I haven’t lost much fat yet. But I accept is as true works. (Regina)

Food is excellent with plenty of variation and easily the appropriate spicing. I have food allergies, but they can easily alter my menu to protect me from food products without having to sacrifice diversity. Customer service is speedy to reply when I have questions and understand the replies. (clayton)

I love the diet to go! wish there would have been more plant-based meals. Myself usually do not eat a lot meat. I have lost almost 6 lbs. in 4-5 weeks now. This program takes the guess figure out of the items to consume along with the easy no cooking. Even though they come frozen, the result of microwaved food still tastes excellent. I have been recommending this to any or all my clients who state to merely lose fat! (Jennine)

 I’ve experienced this diet plan for two months now. I have lost 10 pounds thus far (I need to lose 40 total). This may not look like a great deal to some however it is probably the most I have lost on a diet without it being some extreme diet that ultimately doesn’t stay off. The food is good, and I consider myself to become about food and would say I’m a “foodie”. That is why I didn’t choose Jenny Craig or some other frozen food diet. I just couldn’t bare thinking about eating that food. While diettogo food does come frozen, it’s not like a frozen TV dinner. So much better! I could eat diettogo food for a long period that is certainly why does me seem like I’m likely to be competent to accomplish achieve. The food in fact is good with a great variety available. My advice is to find the foods you recognize you are about to like and slowly add new dishes once you’ve settled in to the program a little. When I first started I chose dishes I normally wouldn’t have chosen which discouraged me a little. The program lets you customize your menu with several programs to pick from (2 meals /7 days each week, 3 meals/7 days weekly, 2 meals/5 days at every week additionally they give you a custom option). I’m doing the three meals/7 days every week all of which will try other programs once I get better come about weight to integrate back in preparing my personal foods. I chose this method just by the benefit of without needing to smoke. I like to cook nevertheless the break from this has become nice. So much more the perfect time to devote to my loved ones! I recommend the dietary plan and I’m happy that I think it is. I feel more answerable for my weight than I have been within a very long time. (Carrie)

When my first order arrived, 2 of the meal were NOT what I ordered.  Even the order slip was without them into it.  That is my money wasted.  I chose to cancel my order after noticing some of the meal…mushy veggies, tough meat, and awful flavor.  Upon canceling, the organization laughed and said they can have credited my account.  Every other company could have just repaid my money! (Meghan)

I have received a couple weeks price of meals up to now. I am opted in for the 1200 calorie, vegetarian plan. initially though, wow, I am going to starve!  Me very happy to state that this is simply not the situation by any means. Somehow, they were able to make 1200 calories quite filling. They also present you with a 1500 calorie meal plan, a carb-controlled plan plus a 1200 and 1500 calorie plan that offers meat options. You can do 5 or few days, so you do to need to do the 3 meals. I chose a 5 day every week/3 meals every day plan.

I would rate the worst range as still eatable, moreover, the better choices I’ve made as boundless.  You have possibilities/replacements if you do not just like the itemized choice. I find the foodstuffs for being more inventive than I would seek out to do myself. I appreciate the calorie control these meals provide and possess lost 2 lbs. every week since starting.

My vegetarian dishes can be a muffin, pancakes or waffles in the morning, lunch and dinner tend to be rice, or quinoa based, and soy based, pasta, fish or sandwich offerings. This plan does incorporate eggs and cheese, possibly avoidable based on your selections.

I can’t say EVERY PERSON would love these meals. I am not super ornate myself so take that into mind.

The plan is not especially cheap, but I am spending not very much over I would if I bought groceries for your week, with all the simplicity of all this being cooked, packaged to search and shipped to my doorstep. For me, it’s a decent arrangement. (Robin)

Lost 5 Kilos just by eating these meals and remain active in house works. YES, i would recommend it without any hesitation. (Mira)

Easy to adapt plans. Ordered Keto one, losing weight very quickly. Would recommend this to anyone. (Jessica in Blue)

Diet-to-Go Pros Cons



 According to our experience diet-to-go is an excellent diet food delivery service. They offer one of the best meals compared to others. And, we found their support very friendly and helpful. Also, their prices are cheaper than many other diet food delivery companies.  They take care of food quality with right standards, the delivery is also very quick, on time and shipping charges are nominal. The only thing we consider they lack is vegan friendly diets. As, strict vegans do not consume diary products. But, if you alter your menu enough, you can get it vegan friendly meals just alright.

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We have gathered the reviews from other people’s as well which are mentioned above. Those reviews are as it is and published here by their consent.  We always try to provide maximum and honest info to our readers. You can also share your reviews, feed backs and experiences in comment section.

If you love our content, please do not forget to share it with others. Have a healthy life!


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