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Best Frying Pan For Glass top Stove 2019

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2019)

Glass top stoves are replacing old fashioned coil heating elements for so many people when they were first introduced decades ago. This is because they are easy to clean, they are simpler to use because of their smooth surface and they are glossy in design. These stoves are the latest trend and gives a sophisticated look in to your kitchen. Despite that, looking for the right cook ware can be a little tricky considering you don’t want to ruin the delicate surface of your glass stove. For your comfort and convenience, we round up FIVE of the best frying pans for glass top stoves.

Glass stove tops can be beautiful appliances and can absolutely cook effectively, although they have drawbacks like any other stoves. By the reason that the stove top is entirely flat, it will only disperse heat to surfaces that comes in direct contact with it.

Dissimilar of a gas stove, which easily distributes flames to surfaces which are slightly above and around, but this glass top stove will not be able to radiate enough heat to evenly cook food on a curved or dented surface. If you have distorted old frying pans, it is time that you throw them away and buy the proper pots and pans which are made for glass stoves.

On the other hand you need to keep in mind that this also means that oversized frying pans are not a safe bet either. A good rule of thumb is to choose frying pans that do not exceed the 1-inch rule; the diameter of the pan can be 1 inch smaller or larger than that of the burner. Another thing to remember is the weight. If the pan is heavier, the more likely it will weigh itself down for the closest desirable contact with the burner. It provides effective heating and helps better cooking.

Anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen or just prefer hanging out there will want the best appliances they can afford. A glass top stove brings class to a kitchen and makes cooking a pleasure. Of course, not a bit of that count if you by accident break down the top by utilizing the incorrect cookware. A glass top stove requires special care and treatment. Specific types of pans and pots must be used to avoid any scratches.

The surface of a glass-top stove is elegant to a certain extent and likely to get scratches. No matter what type of cook ware or pan you use, make sure it is thoroughly flat on the bottom. Even the slightest rings or ridges on the bottom of a pan can result in forming scratches each time you move the pan on the stove top. Choose uncolored, heavy bottomed cookware; Heavy bottomed pans will not shift around as much causing scratches to your glass stove top and Pans that are colored can shed color onto the stove top causing stains.

Stay away from metal-based cookware’s as they will scratch and damage your stove top.

Also go for medium sized cookware; smaller pans heat up immediately and with larger pans you might face a heat distribution problem.

To be a wise shopper, you need to know some of the essential features.

There are a lot of conflicting opinions about what’s safe and what’s not when it comes to cooking on your glass top stove. No matter how sturdy and strong your glass top stove may seem it can be scratched or cracked, even the most expensive ones. To save yourself the expense and hassle, make sure you are using the correct frying pans for glass stove tops.

The materials you should prefer while buying frying pan for glass stoves are; Aluminum, Lined copper, titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel. Aluminum is light weight, durable, and fairly inexpensive compared to other frying pan materials. It doesn’t rust which means it will last, and it won’t scratch or damage your stove’s surface. These characteristics makes aluminum frying pan an excellent choice for glass stoves. Copper may be a little more expensive than aluminum when it comes to pans, but there definitely is a reason for it. Copper is very responsive and disperses heat evenly, that means it’ll cool down quickly and also heat up quickly, preventing food from being overcooked or getting burnt.

Titanium frying pans are also light weight, nonporous, strong, non-reactive, non-allergic, and generally has an anti-bacterial coating. It heats up super-fast and evenly and will last a longer time as it’s scratch resistant and doesn’t warp or dent.

In addition to that, you can pop it in your oven as well as use it on any type of stove top., and it’s nonstick, too. If it sounds too good to be true to you, let me clear this that titanium is very expensive (though, if you have the money for it, it’s worth the investment). Stainless Steel is the most popular choices in glass stove top pans as it’s moderately priced, is very durable and it easily keeps it shine. It doesn’t react or corrode with alkaline or acidic food either.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t conduct heat very well. But luckily, companies have beaten this flaw by putting an aluminum or copper core in the bottom of pans and pots. These reasons make stainless steel frying pans the most recommended cookware for glass stove tops. Carbon steel cookware is quite similar to cast iron, both are good at withholding heat and both are super durable. Though the difference is that carbon steel is usually a lot thinner, more light weight, and possesses a smoother surface. The smooth surface is what you need to look for carefully, older carbon steel might not be safe to use which has worn down.

You should avoid using frying pans of these materials, at any cost; porcelain, glass, enamel, and stone ware for good reason. Now that you have an idea about what materials to go for, without further ado let’s come to the point.

We have analyzed lots of Frying Pans to find the best Frying Pans for glass top stoves. We have put together the best Frying Pans based on the customer reviews and their features which are best for stoves with glass top. Here are some of the top picks for the best Frying Pans.

Best Frying Pans for Glass Top Stove (comparison)

Frying Pan Size
NON-STICK CERAMIC COPPER FRYING PAN by Almond- Editor’s Choice 10 inchesCheck Price


NON-STICK COPPER FRYING PAN by Almond- Editor’s Choice

 glass top stove frying pan Check Price


This ceramic copper frying pan is made of durable nonstick copper, it can easily create delicious eggs, omelets and other recipes. This elegantly designed nonstick copper pan is oven safe for up to 420 F, you can cook fairly and evenly without sticking food to the pan.

The beautiful ceramic coating allows you to cook your favorite meals perfectly and safely also without all the extra butter or oil needed for those traditional skillets. This pan measures a robust 3.0 milli meters for perfect heat control and distribution; cook food evenly for years to come while enjoying comfortable handling

and grip of the pan. The tempered glass lid keeps dishes hot and warm inside the pan until they are ready for plating and lets you keep an eye on things for the perfect and flawless finish.

Whether your cook top is gas, electric, induction or even the grill, this pan will always be ready; each skillet endures oxidation, will not oxidize and is purely dish washer safe

This pan is perfect to create delicious meals for your friends and family. This 10-inch nonstick copper frying pan is the ideal complement to your kitchen, it’s built with durable copper to make every sauce, sandwich, stir-fry, pan lasagna and brings joy while you’re preparing the food.

Almond copper pans perform better than traditional skillets because of their excellent and amazing heat conduction, allowing you to prepare diversity of recipes while controlling the temperature. These pans are rigorously tested to make sure they are durable and reliable; the ceramic coating makes cooking healthier and better for everyone. Get the same great tasting food without the extra fat and calories, as it does not require extra oil.

Aluminum is light weight, conducts heat effectively and can resist repeated use with ease. The stain less steel handle is ergonomically shaped so it’s extra comfortable in your hand and fixed to the pan to reduce heat transfer while providing great strength and durability.

This pan fits for induction and electric ranges, gas, even grill and open flame; great for making pork chops and sear steak for the grill, craft delicate vodka sauces and bechamel’s, or fry up a quick grilled cheese sandwich. No matter which heat source you choose, your food will be able to cook evenly and thoroughly in your new scratch resistant copper frying pan.

Pros Cons
Nonstick, healthy ceramic coating The pans are too light, which might be slightly unstable on the glass top stove.
comes with a glass lid
Electric and Induction Cooktops
oven safe



This 12 inches ceramic copper pan is nonstick, and its healthy ceramic coating allows you to cook your food safely and without all of those extra oil/butter which you need to add to your food when you’re cooking in other traditional skillets to prevent your food from sticking to the pan. It’s oven safe and its glass lid lets you keep an eye on your food just so you don’t burn it. In addition to that, it’s super easy to clean, everything just swipes right away, which is awesome because the only thing that is worse than cooking is cleaning up after cooking. (Great for people who don’t like cooking or cleaning up after that)


Ceramic frying pan for glass top stove

Check Price

You need to give your kitchen a burst of color with this Vremi Large Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan. This Pan-tastic aluminum base pan features a unique nonstick, nontoxic coating that is free from chemicals.

The marble coated surface heats up quickly and evenly and releases food effortlessly from the pan with no scraping. This Pan is designed with long non-slip handle and angled rim sides that is easy to flip your food over as omelet, pancake or crepes.

This bright and fun colored fry pan is compatible to use on most cook-tops. The Bakelite handles with a wood tone accent and its nonstick exterior won’t peel off, flake off or crack as they are heat resistant and works wonderfully even in the oven up to 300°F, and for hassle free cleaning, it’s dish washer safe too.

It’s a premium 1.7-quart nonstick frying pan, big and deep enough to prepare delicious steaks, paella, bacon or stir fry dishes.

It is made of heavy-duty material, yet it is light weight, with angled rim sides for easy omelet, crepes or pancakes flipping. It has amazing ceramic nonstick marble coated surface that heats evenly and quickly. It’s designed to double as serve ware too and go directly from top of the stove to dinner table. This large frying pan with white interior and yellow exterior and wood tone handle, looks amazing displayed on an open shelf or storage rack or on your dining table as a serve ware.

Pros Cons
Dish washer safe It's not extremely nonstick as you have to add a little bit of butter to avoid sticking your food to the pan
curved pan for easy flipping
ceramic coating for even heating can serve as a serve ware too


This beautiful looking, yellow frying pan has a lot of different characteristics and qualities in spite of its tiny fault with the nonstick feature, as you’ll need to add a little oil/butter to avoid sticking. If you’re looking for an extreme nonstick pan this might not be the one but it’s a great purchase for its price range as it comes with other amazing features like; dishwashing safe, serve ware, curve for easy flipping, great size, and some others. All in all, it will be a terrific acquisition.


handmade frying pan for glass top stove

Check Price


Surely, there is a reason for adding this pan into the list, as you want a nice frying pan for you glass top stove this one might be the best you’ve ever owned, or you will ever own as it’s one of a kind.

Bottega DEL RAME copper frying pan is hand made using very pure native copper, hammered on all of the surface, tinned inside with over the top pureness tin applied by hand in the Italian traditional way. Its Handles are made in sandcast brass.

It’s made of copper and brass with semi-gloss finish. It comes in standard size in orange color, with 7 inches width and 1.75 inches height.

It’s a piece of art and an amazing pan. It’s Beautiful AND functional to an exceptional degree. It’s a little bit higher from the sides which provides more flexibility for what you can cook in it.

If this is your first time into copper, then it’s going to be your go to pan. It heats evenly and conveniently, and the response time is perfect and quick. A Beautiful pan all around. You will also love the fact it’s handmade by an artisan who has been making these pans and other items for years.

Even if you’re not an expert as copper smith but you’ll know beauty when you see it. It is very real, substantial, absolutely gorgeous and deeper than you’ll imagine. It is neatly hammered and will fit perfectly flat on your glass top stove. The aesthetic is moderate and minimalist. The only marking on the pan is the maker’s stamp on the center of the bottom, as “Bottega DEL Rame M. C.”.

Pros Cons
perfect and neat Doesn’t have any flaw except for the fact that it's expensive
Handmade, which makes it one of a kind
Excellent quality



It’s an amazing pan and what makes it stands out among the rest of them is that it’s handmade and they deliver this to your house from all the way back from Montepulciano, italy, which is super cool. Though it is expensive, but it’ll totally be the money worth invested as it’ll last longer than you’ll imagine. Despite of its price it’s an amazing piece which you won’t regret buying.


Following guide will help you in choosing the best frying pan for glass top stove.


A cookware that has a flat bottom adds for an efficient heat transfer. The direct interaction between glass cooktop or other cookware and the bottom of the pan allows for an even distribution of heat, by that speeding up the overall cooking process. Most of the flat bottom pans features a smooth surface that don’t lead to any scratches on the stove.


You need to keep in mind that all cookware pans don’t work with glass top stoves. Metals like weighted aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium are the best cookware materials for glass top stoves, as we mentioned above. As the flat bottoms of the pans features a great compatibility with glass top stoves, Cast iron is likely to scratch the glass top due to its impure surface, whereas, porcelain, enamel and glass cookware are likely to melt into the glass by the heat on a high temperature.


It is quite important to go for the right sized frying pan, preferably medium in order to attain best results. The size of the pan should be quite coinciding to that of the stove circle. Small sized fry pans are likely to heat up faster, whereas the larger pots usually leads to cold spots on the sections where they don’t touch the circle. And to get the best results, look for the right size of the pan, which is mostly medium.


Cookware that have a heavy base works best with glass top stoves and stay securely in place while you are cooking. Heavy pans are likely to remain much more stable than the lighter pans available out there. Also, heavy pans are better conductors of heat due to their direct and effective contact with the glass top. However, make sure you don’t purchase a frying pan that’s exceptionally heavy to avoid the risk of the glass stove top getting broken.


To extend the life of your frying pan, look for the one that offers a warranty. Because the warranty will cover all of the defects within it’s given period. Just so, if you accidentally buy a defective pan, you can get it replaced, The longer the warranty the better.


As you have invested a lot of money in replacing your old traditional stove with modern and sleek looking glass top stove, you definitely need to change your pots and pans too, as there is a huge difference between other stoves and A GLASS TOP STOVE.

The frying pans we listed above are great by every feature and needs to be in your kitchen. We’ve compiled 3 best frying pans for glass top stoves, each having their own distinct features, for an ideal and perfect upgrade.

They hardly have any cons and even if they do, they are not that noticeable. You should definitely grab this opportunity and go for any frying pan you think suits your style or taste as, your glass top stove is screaming for a newer and better pan, you won’t ever regret this purchase.

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