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Green Vibrance Reviews After Complete Case Study

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2018)

Green vibrance is blend of plant based super foods manufacturing by vibrant health. It contains super greens and more than 25 billion CFU probiotics to aid your health.

We started researching on Green Vibrance few months back and failed to find out a lot information about this product on the internet. So, we decided to give it a test and finally, we completed our case study and Green Vibrance review.

Our reviews are based on criteria of testing the product, conducting case study in which different people take part and reviews of Users.

Our reviews are non-biased. We do not take favors from sellers like free products for purpose of reviewing.

Green Vibrance Case Study

Now, without any further ado let’s see what we found out about Green Vibrance in our case study and review.  In this case study 10 people participated.

Green Super Foods

Green Vibrance is highly advertised as a supplement which is enriched with Green Super foods. Their advertisement is true it is enriched with Green foods but upon testing we found out that it is not using 100 percent raw foods and, are not organic certified. But, they are transparent about it and clearly mentioned on their sales page that green vibrance is not based on 100 percent raw foods and organic verified.

In result, we are not going to recommend green vibrance if you are looking for a supplement which is made of 100 percent raw greens and use certified organics.

If you are very cautious about raw and organic part, we recommend checking out our case study of athletic greens (it is FDA approved and 100 percent vegan friendly).

Also check out organific green juice (USDA organic certified and 100 percent safe for vegans).

Enriched with probiotics

The Green vibrance defined this as a missing link, Maybe, they are right because majority of us lacks probiotics in our diet. Green Vibrance claiming to provide those missing probiotics.

Our 10 out of 10 participants found that green vibrance is truly enriched with probiotics. They experienced better digestion, less acidity in stomach and a participant who were suffering from Cystic Acne started to see her acne getting better. You can read further about Acne and Probiotics on American Academy of Dermatologist Association.

In our conclusion, the claim of probiotics in green vibrance is 100 percent true. If, you are looking a supplement which is excellent in probiotics we certainly going to recommend you green vibrance.

Green Vibrance for a healthy lifestyle

This green food supplement is created to provide better nourishment, Healthy gut, better digestion, Immune support and blood circulation.

Let’s see how it concluded in our case study.

  • Nourishment

As, we already mentioned that we had 10 participants in case study. They took green vibrance for 60 days and 8/10 people felt they are getting better nourishment other 2 felt very minor or almost no effect.

As a conclusion, on basis of majority results and green vibrance reviews from other people it is very good supplement if you are looking to have better nourishment and we certainly recommend it for that purpose.

  • Healthy Gut

All 10 members experienced that they do not have bloated gut anymore. 4 Members also experienced healthy weight loss.

After testing for healthy gut, we concluded green vibrance as an excellent supplement and you must buy it if you are looking for healthy gut.

  • Better Digestion

We have covered this already in probiotics enrichment. But, here are precise results about digestion claims. 10/10 of members experienced better digestion because green vibrance have 25 CFU billion probiotics.

Our verdict on green vibrance for better digestion? Go for it without thinking anymore.

  • Immune support

Zero out of 10 members experienced better immune support. In fact, 2 members caught cold in the period of case study and we are aware that green supplement has nothing to do with it also they are not designed to cure any disease, but people do feel some betterment in body immunity, but our members experienced no boost for immune system.

Zero marks for immune support. If, you are specifically looking for immune system boost neglect green vibrance. We think cheaper Super Greens can give better boost to immune system.

  • Blood circulation

Having proper blood circulation is very important for good health. If you have thick blood you are certainly going to suffer from bad circulation. The causes of thick blood are usually lack of fluid in your body and eating foods which are dehydrating.

Our participants claimed to have better circulation and experienced better hydration with the use of green vibrance. 9/10 of members experienced hydrated, 7/10 also experienced better blood flow. 3 Members experienced only hydrated no improvement in blood circulation.

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Green Vibrance Ingredients

It contains following ingredients

  • freeze dried Beet juice
  • Oat grass juice powder
  • Barley grass juice powder
  • freeze dried Chlorella
  • Parsley leaf & stem powder
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Spirulina
  • Carrot root powder
  • Spinach leaf powder
  • Green bean powder
  • Zucchini fruit powder
  • Wheat grass juice powder
  • Broccoli sprouts

Green Vibrance Side Effects

  1. We have not founded any side effects in Green Vibrance after the use of 60 days. Green Vibrance is free of GMO’s, Gluten, Soy, sugars and Dairy.
  2. We always advised to consult your doctor or physician before starting any sort of supplement.
  3. Also consult your physician or doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  4. This Supplement cannot diagnose or cure any kind of disease.

Green Vibrance Supplement Facts 

Green vibrance

Green Vibrance Pros Cons


We are concluding our review and case study of green vibrance. This supplement is excellent if you are looking to get maximum probiotics in your diet. Also, good as a green food supplement but do lack 100 percent organic foods. Green vibrance is excellent in taste no doubt about it. Free of dairy products, soy, GMO’s and Gluten. We also consider it safe for vegan’s because it has no animal products or honey. It also gives you the 2-gram protein/scoop. But, if you are looking for a lot of protein in your plant based supplement we recommend you checking Vega protein.

Green vibrance is an excellent supplement if you want healthy gut, better nourishment, healthier digestion, clearer skin and improved circulation of blood. But, it is not good if you are looking for immune support and 100 percent raw organic foods. It pros certainly outweighs its cons and we recommend you give it a try.

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This review was not possible without the help of our participants and research team. We really appreciate them.

We also like to appreciate you for reading our review and case study. And, if you like our hard work, you can appreciate us by sharing our stuff with your family and friends.


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