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Purple Mattress Review 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Purple Mattress is very famous brand in the world of mattresses. On many requests by readers we decided to review it. So, if you are looking to purchase purple mattress or curious about it. We recommend you check out purple mattress review.

About Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress Review

Purple is an innovative company in the industry of mattresses. It founded back in 2015 by Tony and Terry Pearce AKA (Pearce Brothers). Their headquarters are in Alpine, Utah. United States. They are very famous for it’s mattresses, pillows, cushions, sheets and bed platforms.

Purple Mattress Top Features

Purple uses Hyper-Elastic polymer to create their mattress. The Polymer mattresses uses pressure releasing material. They create purple mattress in crisscross design so, it can take maximum pressure, can be folded easily and support your body flawlessly.

Let’s look at key features you can get with Purple Mattress.

Free Flow of Air

Purple design mattresses in a way so the air can flow freely. This feature is essential in keeping your mattress moisture free, also enables your mattress to last longer in terms of it’s life and you can sleep more comfortably, calmly and sweat free. This air flow feature also keeps your purple mattress neat and clean.

Sweat Free Sleep

Like Casper mattress, it also offers sweat free sleep feature. The credit goes to free flow of air design and hyper-elastic polyester material. Upon research we found out it stays slightly cooler than latex material. The memory form and other materials does not even come close in keeping your mattress cool and sweat free. So, yes purple mattress technology beats everyone even the Casper Latex.

Pressure Releasing Points

Umm! This mattress is designed in a way which enables you to sleep more comfortable it keeps your lower back and spine straight due to it’s hard material and keep your upper back and neck comfortable with it’s top soft material. The comfortable mattress indeed plays an important role in deep and relaxing sleep.

Sturdy and Immovable Feel

This is one of the best feature if, you are a couple or someone else is sleeping with you on your bed you will not feel them moving. We certainly know if someone moves while sleeping on bed it feels like the earthquake has come and it destroys your sleep. But, purple mattress prevents that due to it’s grid like formation and material. Also, it does not budge easily no matter how much weight you put upon it so, it is one of the sturdiest mattress you can experience.

Free of Allergens

Like Casper mattress it is free of any kind of materials which triggers allergies. Purple mattress is also Certified by Certi-Pur United States which means it does not contain any kind of chemicals, allergens or air pollutants. You can have this mattress without worrying about allergies and pollutants.

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The design of purple mattress is in form of grid as you can see in the image above. It has equalized distribution of pressure design which makes it very strong, long lasting, comfortable and sweat free. The Purple mattress works scientifically as it is designed in a way which does not put weight on single point and this equal distribution of weight makes it spinal friendly. Does not matter if you are straight, side or stomach sleeper. And, it does not hold any moisture so, you are not going to wake up warm or sweaty. Without any doubt, you are going to have deep sleep.

This mattress has 3-layers. Top layer is made from hyper-elastic polymer material. The 2nd layer is made off 3.5 inches polyurethane foam which has density of 1.8 LBS. The last layer is also made of polyurethane foam, but it is 4 inches thick and possess the density of 2.8 LBS.



Purple mattress offers 10-year limited promise warranty. To understand, everything about Purple promise warranty you should check out their terms and conditions because you should know on what conditions you can claim the warranty.

Customer Support

Purple’s customer support is very excellent, they are very friendly listen to your carefully and respond with very good behavior and quickly. You can contact them with multiple ways which are online live chat, email and via call.

The timings of their customer support are 8 am to 7 Pm MT s from Monday to Friday. On Saturday their timings are 10 Am to 4 PM MT Sundays are off.

If, you are in Alpine Utah you can visit their showrooms as well. The store timings are 10 am to 6: 30 PM on weekdays (Mon to Fri). And on Saturdays you can visit them anytime between 10 AM to 3:30 PM.

Pros Cons

Pros Cons
Best Mattress Saggy Edges
Long lasting No Twin Size
Comfortable material
Free air flow
Risk free 100 days experiment period
Excellent Customer Support


Purple Offers five sizes Twin Xl costs under $700, Full size costs under $900, the Queen size is under $1000, the King size is under $1300 And California king has also the same price as king size mattress.

Important Things to Know About Purple Mattress

It is important to know few vital things upfront about this mattress so, you do not feel the issues later you should consider this information as important as purple mattress reviews.

Doe it Off-Gas?

Purple mattress does not off gas. Yes, it does possess new mattress smell when it arrives, but it is not very strong like many other mattresses. The smell you can experience will be forest like.

Return Policy  

If, you do not like purple mattress you can return it just by contacting them via methods mentioned in customer support which are live chat, email and call.

Is Box Spring Necessary?

Nope, not at all. The purple mattress can be used on any kind of foundation, but it is always recommended to use the strong foundation, so you can attain the maximum benefits from your purple mattress. You can also try their own foundation for optimum results. But again, it is not necessary if you think your foundation is best just use it without any worrying,

Weight Limit

There is no weight limit. Period! But upon testing we came to know that 300 LBS is best weight you can put on it. And if, you want to go for more the 600 LBS will be its limit but it’s up to you how much weight you want to put on it. There is no limit on weight and it does not void its warranty. So, if it’s get damaged due to heavy weight you can claim your warranty without any hassle.

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Purple Mattress Reviews by customers

Like always we try to provide the honest information and it can not be done without unbiased reviews from other customers. All reviews are from verified buyers and published here with their consent. Along with our review check out purple mattress reviews by customers as well.

Me and my Husband is sleeping on it for last 6 months. My husband had back issues, but it is cure now thanks to Purple mattress. (Concepcion)

Does not made any difference for me So, I decided to return it. The customer support woman was very nice. She listened to me complain sent the guy to pick up the mattress and refunded the money within Several business days. (Bernard)

69-year-old, naturally suffering from body pains but this mattress really helped me. It was gifted to me by my daughter. (Unknown)

Best Mattress for us, no complains. (William S.)

When my and my wife decided to purchase this mattress we naturally checked for its reviews most people complained about side sleeping issues. We decided not to buy it as me and my wife both are side sleepers. I am 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 300 LBS while she is 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 200 LBS. But, one night we were browsing amazon for mattresses and purple bed mattress came again in front us. My wife said, let’s give it a try by we have nothing to lose as they offer 100-day trial experience. So, we ordered the king size and God, we are very glad that we did. We do not why people are so sore about this mattress as it is excellent, and we are sleeping like babies since then. (Anonymous)

No issues but beware from where you buy it. I recommend buying it from amazon because you will get more protection. I bought it first directly and I had not good experience with the customer support, but the mattress was good so, I decided to buy it again but this time from amazon, the delivery was nice, and I feel more protected maybe I am biased, but I just feel more secure on amazon. (Not want to reveal my name)

More positive than negative. Glad I bought this one. (Robert)

Sturdier and comfier than our old piece of junk mattress. Yes, it is expensive but think long term because you are securing your next 8-10 years. My Physician always says, never compromise on your sleep. (Larry)

I am very skeptical person. My friends call me being negative person and they make fun of me with multiple names off course, I am not going to write them to you guys (infowizard team). But I am the most negative person in my circle and I am going to say BUY purple mattress. That’s all I wanted to say. (Negative Nancy)

Sides started sinking after 1/2 years. I am very disappointed ☹. (Just a customer)

Not worth the hype. Not happy at all. It sucks (Gracie)

10/10 for me. Personally, not a fan of hyped stuff, but my girlfriend is loving it. I am happy that I bought this mattress. (cagey)

Not sweating anymore. Our last mattress made us sweat a lot, but purple mattress is different. Keep us cool. (No name)


There is no doubt purple mattress is one of the best mattress you can get. It has plenty of features which are suitable for most users. It has more positive reviews than negative also in our research we found that it has less cons compared to many brands and if you are searching for a mattress which can provide comfortable support to your body try purple mattress. Nothing is free of cons this mattress is also have issues like saggy edges and it does not come in Twin size.

This is the end of our review, if you ask from us, YES, we recommend this mattress because it has more pros than cons and if you use it properly you can get a lot of years from it.

Purple mattress reviews from other customers are also very positive as you can see we published some above.

And Finally, if you like the information we provide please do not forget to share it with others.

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