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SUPER GREENS Review- Case Study Completed

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

Super Greens claims to have every ingredient which can energize, detoxify, immunize and fix digestion of your body. It has nice reviews overall. So, we decided to test it ourselves.

We are going to cover everything Super Greens has to offer, we will also share our case study if it’s claim are true or not. So, stick with us in this review till the end.


Super Greens Case Study

Let’s start with Super Greens case study. We ordered this product back in October and we tested this one also for 2 months just like athletic Greens.  20 people signed up for this case study. We would like to tell you that they are 100 percent healthy people.

Natural Energy

This green powder supplement claims to give you natural energy without having jittery feelings and crashes you get with Caffeine and energy drinks.

20 people consumed one scoop of super greens for 2 months. The 18 out of 20 people felt increase in energy every day. The 2-participant’s felt nothing maybe because they are extremely addictive to Caffeine.

In Result, we think Super Greens claiming to provide natural energy is true on basis of majority results.

Strengthen your immunity

Super Greens also have antioxidants and cleansing herbs which can strengthen your body immunity system.

Our participants of case study experienced this affect 100 percent. All 20-members claimed to have better immunity. The exact problems they think have been cured are leaky gut and bloating of tummy.

We have concluded that their immunity strengthening claim is 100 percent legit. And, it has been proved after this little experiment we had with 20 individuals.

Micro nutrients absorption

They have added those super-foods in this green powder which aids quick and better absorption’s of micro-nutrients.

Now, in case study we found out that people who eat junk foods 5 days a week have felt the most positive effects. Due to reason, if junk foods have any nutrients the body does not absorb them properly. But, the nutrients they got from super greens were very absorptive and they felt healthier. The 12-people felt the most effects (junk foods one), the people who already eat clean and rarely opts for junk foods also felt better effects. And people who are very strict with their diet also felt some positive effects. All 20 members experienced better health in their own ways.

This give us conclusion, that super greens have very high quality green foods which gives your health a boost.

Supercharge Your brain

Ingredients in super greens have the properties of boosting your brain energy, making your mood balanced and releasing stress.

Our 15 participants reported that they felt less stressed. The 3 members told us that they felt euphoria and 2 members felt nothing.

So, 15 participants out of 20 felt less stressed, 3 had strange euphoria and other two felt nothing. The supercharging of brain claim is not very effective in our opinion.

Digestion Improvement

Super Greens have combination of non-dairy prebiotics and probiotics which are well known for playing excellent role in improvement of digestive health.

Believe it or not, all 20 members felt effects in very different ways. 10 members lost weight around 2-5 lbs. in 2 months. 7 members experienced more hunger and less acidity. And 3 members felt no effect at all.

In the end, on majority basis we think that Super greens do have some positive affects on digestive health.

We would like to notify, that these are the prominent features super greens claims to have and we only focused on these things in our case study. Every individual is different but all the members who selected for case are normal and healthy in every way. The 17 men and 3 women participated in above case study.

As, we are done with case study. Let’s look at Super Greens more features like it’s ingredients, side effects and positive affects it can provide to your body.

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What Makes Super Greens Effective?

The Super Greens is made of 20+ super foods. It is very cheap costs under $25 for 30 servings jar. No doubt, it provides outstanding value which have been proved in our case study.

The things which make super greens very effective are following.

Complete Formula

It is cheap, but it has everything in it’s blend like Alkalizing properties, High quality fibers, Antioxidants, Immunity support formula, Probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes.

Handpicked Super Greens foods

We dogged deep and found out that super greens are created after very careful assessment by nested naturals. Their experts hand picked 20+ superfoods to make it perfect blend at minimum cost to consumers.

Fully Verified by 3rd Parties

We are not only the 3rd party which tested and verified Super Greens. In fact, they hire 3rd party experts to verify their product before packaging and shipping to their clients. Which is indeed, a plus point in our eyes.

Pure flavor

The flavor of Super Greens is just pure. You can taste its freshness. You can consume it directly in water if you love vegetables flavor. If not, simply add in smoothie.

Micro-nutrients Boost

The most effective, nutrious powder is useless if your body can not absorb the decent material. Super Greens have enzymes and non-dairy probiotics to help your gastric structure captivate extreme advantage from Super Greens and the whole lot other things you consume.

Super Greens Ingredients

They have following ingredients.

super greens nested naturals

Super Greens Side Effects

super greens infowizard

Our participants experienced no side effects at all by consuming Super greens. But, it is always advised to consult your Physician or doctor before starting any supplement.

This product is vegetarian friendly but not for Strict Vegans. Because it has royal jelly and bee pollen.

Super Greens is manufactures under the supervision of NSF GMP.

This supplement does not contain any kind of dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, GMO, yeast, sugars, preservatives and nuts.

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Supplement Facts

facts about super greens

Pros Cons



Nested naturals Super Greens is inexpensive and provides outstanding value. This supplement is free of any harmful preservatives and made of all natural and majority of organic superfoods. When we ordered Super greens for our case study we not expected to see these kinds of positive results due to its pricing. but certainly, we proved wrong. We highly recommend this green juice supplement if you are looking for cheaper options. Now the drawbacks the brain improvement thing was not very successful in our case study also it is not suitable for strict vegans but overall it is an excellent product.

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You can also check out our Organifi Green juice review which I personally use.

On journey of finding the best green superfoods supplements we came across a lot of excellent products which we will share with you folks once we done our case study on them. But, the last product Athletic Greens it really changed my opinion and I think I will start using it instead of Organifi green juice. You can check out Athletic Greens case study and review here.

In the end, we would like to thank all the participants who took Super greens for case study and made possible to write this review.

We would also like to thank you folks for investing your precious time in reading this review and case study. if you like what you read please do share it with others.


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