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Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer-Lose fat from Waist

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2017)

Sweet sweat waist trimmer is a fat loss product offered by sports research. Let’s look what this waist trimmer exactly offering and if this is right for you to achieve your fitness goals.

How Sweet sweat waist trimmer works?

Sweet sweat waist trimmer increases your midsection temperature while working out thus it boosts production of heat and makes your waist sweat more.

This waist trimmer is manufactured from premium neoprene, which is latex free and works for higher heat padding and specifically designed to assist your lower back.

Sweet Sweat waist trimmer- My Case Study

sweet sweat waist trimmer

I want to ensure everybody knows that this is not a corset or belly trainer and should not be utilized as one. This is a waist trimmer intended to destroy surplus water and improve movement in your tummy area, replicating a thermal bath of kinds.

The Sweet Sweat waist trimmer is made of neoprene and so is not predestined to be wear for longer than two hours.

The sweet sweat waist trimmer is very transparent, And, it comes with free sample of sweet sweat gel.

You rub the gel on delinquent parts to improve flow, upsurge sweating, and relief in recovery. I put it on my belly and sides (love handles) before covering my midsection with waist trimmer. It was very unceremonious to fasten since it is just a dense strap of Velcro that stays put and does not dislodge.

I tested it for the first time in my lawn to just pace around for a minute. I did certainly feel some sustenance in my back, but I favor to train my belly and back to maintain my spine better instead. After only 5 minutes I already felt my tummy area getting hotter, but I needed to get to work so I detached it for the time being. After coming back from work, I scrubbed in the Sweet Sweat gel, enfolded the belt around and got outside to do a rapid rope jumping course. One unforeseen advantage of this belt is that it supports keep my khakis from dropping too! Within 15 minutes my belly was sopping with sweat. I could feel the change between today and my other rope skipping workouts!

Final Note

I had like to augment that nonentity is a supernumerary for workout and consuming healthy foods. You cannot just wear the belt, eat junk for a month, and expect to lose 15lbs from your waist by yourself. You will have to put your complete effort to see results, but it will categorically be worth it! The belt benefits you drop surplus water weight in your gut region, so it is a brilliant thing to wear throughout a cardio workout so that you can rip up a little more last minute. It also aids get rid of some of that shake you feel when skipping rope or sprinting (which troubles me a ton!). I am ecstatic to be able to test this product out for and this is my honest and unbiased review.

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Sweet sweat waist trimmer pros and cons

Let’s see at sweet sweat trimmer pros and cons

Pros Cons
It fits comfortably Some people suffers rash and itchy skin
Increases circulation and sweating
Seamless, sweat-inducing belt


Sweet Sweat waist trimmer Sizes


Make sure to choose the right size. I have gathered the information for you guys so, you have no difficulty in deciding which one will be perfectly fit.

Sweet Sweat waist trimmer comes in five sizes

  1. Small: 35” L x 8” W. Recommended for people with waists up to 33 inches

  2. Medium: 41” L x 8” W. Recommended for people with waists up to 38 inches

  3. Large: 46” L x 9” W. Recommended for people with waists up to 44 inches

  4. Extra Large: 51” L x 10” W: Recommended for people with waists up to 49 inches

  5. Double Extra Large: 60” L x 10” W. Recommended for people with waists up to 58”



Sweet sweat waist trimmer is a good product if you are looking to enhance your workout by sweating more. It certainly increases your core temperature and help you lose weight if you work out regularly while wearing it. It also comes with free sweet sweat gel which you can rub on your desired areas before workout and it makes you sweat more. Certainly, this waist trimmer is no magic solution and it does not work overnight. You will need to have patience to see results. In my opinion, you should get this waist trimmer for faster results.

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