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Things You Should Know About Treadmill Decks

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2018)

Treadmill deck would be the material that forms the difficult surface which you operate. In other words, the supportive surface. This article distinguishes the decking from your tread belt which will be the belt that moves through the decking.


Treadmill manufacturers don’t give a wide range of details about the construction materials of these decks. These days most treadmills, particularly when priced above $1,000 are created from decently strong tread decks (usually medium density fiberboard having a duo phenolic coating – all discussed in greater detail below).

However, strength isn’t being all and end all. If strong point were most vital, more treadmill creators would use steel. Metal is used, although not widely.

What are decking construction objectives?

If, strong point was the one aim, metal or steel decks would rule the world of treadmills. But power is not only objective. Quality decking should:

  • Be sturdy
  • Have some springiness (i.e. slightly elastic, although not pliable)
  • Minimize noise (i.e. soften noise if possible)
  • Have an easy surface to reduce tread belt resistance

What materials are being used?

Often you will notice hitting the ground with hardwood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and metal as materials employed for treadmill decks. For varnish you will regularly find about phenolic covering. The article explains these different materials.


Medium density fiberboard (MDF)

MDF is established by deteriorating wood into fibers (sawdust) and forming the fibers to a solid treadmill deck with wax and resin. The usual thickness is 3/4″ to 1″. You can read much more about MDF here.

MDF could be the predominant material used in treadmill decks.

Solid wood

The deck is produced away from 3/4″ to 1″ wooden. The trouble with hardwood is it’s tough to get a piece of wood which is perfect. MDF, while not perfect either, ensures a consistency that’s nearly impossible to find with wood.

Particle board: Particle board isn’t much like MDF. Particle board is just not fiber-based. It’s a wooden composite product. The result is that particle board is significantly weaker than MDF. MDF is denser and stronger.

Avoid treadmills with decks using particle board. You’ll be lucky to have a year from it.


Metal decks usually are not nearly as prevalent as wooden or MDF decks. It’s heavier and does not create as “soft” of a surface as wood or MDF. Running on metal or steel just is not as enjoyable as on wood or MDF.

What material do We recommend?

MDF deck that may be duo or triple coated with phenolic resin coating.

The coating

Some treadmills are coated on both sides (duo-coating, sometimes also called triple-coating), while lower-quality treadmills coat just one single side of any treadmill deck. The better deck is coated on both sides which assists reduce warping. It’s also better for reducing friction with all the tread deck across the entire expanse what is the best the tread belt moves.

Best material useful for coating

Phenolic. This will be the best coating material. You’ll pay more for phenolic coating; however, it is worth every penny.

What is phenolic resin coating?

Phenolic resin coating is really a liquid plastic resin. When a treadmill deck is coated with phenolic resin, wax the wood deck is unnecessary.

Can you develop your own in case your original deck breaks?

Yes, however it is not advisable until you truly know your work. Simply slamming inside a sheet of plywood or MDF won’t undertake it. There’s properly coating when and ensuring it securely attaches on the treadmill.

The steer clear of most is the best deck to destroy apart when running or walking.

This means that which has a lifetime warranty on your own treadmill deck is very important. Decks often break or crack (especially with cheap treadmills).

Replacement frequency

The range inside the number of hours people treadmill decks are ideal for is astounding. Some lower-end treadmill decks are equipped for 500 hours, while other warranty their decks for life-long. Naturally the intensity beneficial and weight of users will impact the duration of your treadmill deck.

Is it reversible?

Some treadmill producers make adjustable tread decks to allow you to find more range from them.

Is reversible good?

It depends. Some producers make treadmill surfaces which are warrantied for lifetime without requiring replacing them. Others don’t come that has a lifetime warranty and cannot be reversed. These may contain the shortest lifespan. Then there are treadmills with reversible decks which theoretically doubles the lifespan with the treadmill deck.

The warranty

Ideally, the treadmill you get may have a very long-time warranty on times. This is suggestive the company positions behind when and certain event fails, you will get a replace.

Cushioning technology

Cushioning technology is quite cool currently. Treadmill cushioning technology includes the quantity of, sort of, and quality from the treadmill cushioning.


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