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Vega Protein Review- Greens&Proteins (Case Study)

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2018)

Today we are going to look at Vega protein which claims to have both greens and proteins. Basically, it is plant based protein and greens super foods for strict vegans. It has no animal products, no eggs, no honey.

It has a lot of of hype in the market so, we decided to give it a test and we found following things about it after a deep research and testing.

Vega Protein Case Study

  • Verified by Non-GMO

Vega protein is verified by Non-GMO project. Non-GMO is non-profit organization and provides true information about products. They verify products for GMO and only list products which are GMO free. We researched about Vega protein and it’s claim of Non-GMO is true

  • Gluten Free

The Vega protein with greens states it is 100 percent gluten free. Upon, our testing this claim is also true.

  • For Vegans

They claim to be verified by Vega action (a foundation which certify products after careful testing if the product is truly for vegans or not). And, Vega protein pass this test and 100 percent certified by Vega action.

  •  Made from Plant based super foods

Vega protein says that they only use plant based products to create their products which is true. But, the whole foods they use are not organic. As, you can see in the top table that it has no vitamin or minerals value. We tested and found out that they green they use in Vega protein is not organic but dried so, it’s loses all the nutrient values especially Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. So, their claim for using whole foods is not true. If you are purely looking for organic greens, we recommend you to check out our case study of athletic greens its expensive than Vega protein but FDA approved and Vegan friendly.

  • High in proteins

Indeed, Vega protein is high in proteins. We used it and it provides 20 Gram of protein per scoop.

  • Low in calories

The claim of Vega protein of low calorie supplement is also true. It has only 110-120 calories. We concluded this after research and testing it.

  • Proteins and Greens blend

They listed in their features that it is highly enriched with plant based proteins also have super greens blend. The part about being high in protein is very true but for greens it is not because, by researching and testing we found out that they use dried greens not organic so, greens blend is useless.

  • Flavoring

This protein and green product is very good in taste, but we end up disappointed after finding out that the flavors they use are not natural but artificial. It is very suspicious because they claim to have natural flavoring which is also not true.

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Pros Cons


If you are looking for vegan friendly protein, then Vega protein is an excellent choice, but it disappointed us on the point of greens. We really do not understand why they even bothered to create this product as a blend of protein and greens because this supplement does not have any focus on greens. We are not into products bashing and we only try to find the best products for our readers but this one is really disappointment on the name of greens.

Although, Vega protein is not 100 percent bad. Its taste is excellent, provide more protein with less calories and certified by Non-GMO project also Vega action certified.

Go for Vega protein if you are looking to get plant based protein but we do not recommend it as a green foods supplement.

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You can try Super Greens which costs under $30 if you want excellent greens on cheap pricing but it is not for strict Vegans only suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

For Vegans we recommend this supplement known as organifi green juice. 

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