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Making Money Online: Step by Step Tutorial

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2018)

If you are reading this article I am sure you have searched 10000s times on topic of making money online and still figuring a way to make money online. Or maybe you are new and landed here for the first time. Well, no matter if you are searching from 10,000 days or totally new and looking to make money online.

You will find thousands of articles telling you ways to make money online but very few or none guided a person how they can make money online. If someone try to teach us well they probably selling this knowledge very expensive or making you go around and round. But, if you are serious about making money online then you are on the right place today.


I am going to teach you step by step how you can make money online. The implantation here of making money online is the most valid, long-term and successful plan everyone is using and no one or very few sharing out there.

If you are ready to set up your business or source to make money online then continue reading.

Let’s get started step by step no bullshit.

Oh sorry, I forget to mention if you are looking for shortcuts then this article is not for you. If you are looking for get rich schemes then this isn’t for you. You should follow and continue if you have enough will power to stay patient and strong. Other part I am going to cover for you which is exactly how you can make money online.



Making Money Online:

The most successful way of making online is setting up your own website/blog. It’s not only successful but also long term.


Now seriously let’s get started:

First Step Of Making Money Online:

The first step is doing a research in your niche. You can choose any niche you want. But you should have knowledge about that niche as well as you have interest in that niche and make sure that you also love what you are going to promote others. There is no benefit in promoting stuff which you personally think is crap. (Creating win-win situation is secret behind success). So, no matter what niche you choose make sure the things you are going to write, share and sell are only which you personally use and love. Because, if you promote the stuff which you think is crap. How other’s will treat it right? Or if someone ended up wasting their money on that product they are not going to come back. So, I am saying again promote the stuff which you love. Make yourself happy, make your readers and customers happy. You will be successful in no time.

Second Step:

Now, after completing your niche research you need to buy domain (make sure you choose the right domain name. In a sense that it should be not like it should be like just, giving an example choose the domain name according to your niche). No worries, it is not expensive you can buy cheap domain on Ipage Domains  . I personally use them for my domains and website hosting


Third Step:

After getting the domain, you need to host it. Like I mentioned earlier I personally use Ipage their hosting Starts $1.99 per month. Highly recommended.


Fourth Step:

Now the basics are done you have your own domain name and hosting. Now, you must set up your blog you can simply do it by installing WordPress app from your hosting panel. It’s easy and simple but if you still feel confuse and simply have no knowledge you can hire a freelancer the cheap one on Fiverr. (starting from $5 only). As you can see I am only telling you guys cheapest ways possible to set up your business online so you can make money online without damaging your pockets. And proving my point that sharing knowledge you personally use is beneficial for both author and readers.

Fifth Step:

Now, I assume that your website is ready, up and running you need to add content in that according to your niche. Start writing unique articles. Again, if you do not have time or failing to write articles no worries you can hire a freelancer again for $5  At least write 10 to 20 articles on your blog with minimum words of 400.

Sixth Step:

Your website is up and running, you have quality and unique content in it. And now the part of monetization comes. But before I get into it. You need to make sure to keep your website updated with content if not thrice a week at least publish articles on your website twice a week.

Seventh Step:

Now, you can do two things first generate traffic and then apply monetization method or second thing monetize your blog first and then work on generating traffic. Personally, I like second method best because then you know how to promote and what to expect on return of investment. And here I mean investment of your time as well as your money.

Eighth Step:

Eighth Step is monetization of your blog. You can monetize your blog by applying for Google AdSense. Or you can also go for CPA network (cost per action) like Peerfly.  Google AdSense pays you when someone click on the ad on your blog. While Peerfly pays you when someone sign up or purchase the product via your affiliate link in your blog. You can also use both at the same time on your blog. Place google Ads as well as Offers from Peerfly according to your niche. You can join Peerfly for free. As well as google ad-sense. Please beware of programs which asks for money to join. Mostly they are scams.

Ninth Step:

Now, I am assuming that after setting up your blog. You have done the monetization part as I taught. Now all you need to do is to generate traffic. This is the trickiest part and it requires patience and a lot of testing. Most of the people quit because they fail to generate traffic. There are two types of traffic organic and paid. And third traffic is bot traffic which is of no use as they are not real people stay away from it.

Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic is that traffic which comes naturally from search engines without paying anything to get organic traffic you need to rank in search engines for your keywords. And to rank for your keywords you need to do your keyword research right and should write quality and unique content. And then third part is back-linking. You can learn S.E.O for that purpose as S.E.O is long term fruitful or you can hire a cheap freelancer make sure to choose the right person. Stay away from people whom selling thousands of links for $5. They do not worth it. Look for better sellers I personally use fiverr for my S.E.O get done. You can also hire S.E.O experts   Or do it yourself if you have knowledge.

Paid traffic:

Paid traffic is that traffic which you pay for E.G running your campaign on ad-words, Facebook, twitter if you have budget to promote on these places then certainly go for it.  If not, you need to be patient for your keywords get ranked. You can also check Fiverr for gigs like local listings and traffic generation.


Other Methods to promote:

You can promote your blog via your facebook page, twitter page etc. you can also promote your website via forums related to your niche. You can also share your content on places like reddit, Pinterest, Google plus. Make sure you do not spam those places with your offers. Only share the quality and valuable content written on your blog.


Tenth Step:

This the final step, And this step of daily link building, traffic generation and patience. If you followed the above step as it is. I assure you that you are going to make money online. For some people it will work faster, for some it will take time but it certainly going to work. It depends upon many factors, niche, how well you written your content. How much budget you have to promote your website.

This is the best way to make money online. This is how I started making money online for the first time. And I am making it every day. I buy domains for every niche and repeat these steps. The most important part is patience.

Make money online with 10 easy steps:

  1. Choose Your Niche
  2. Buy domain Here
  3. Buy Web hosting Here
  4. Set up your blog yourself if can’t hire freelancer at
  5. Write quality content (hire a professionall)
  6. Keep your website updated
  7. Monetize your blog
  8. Join Monetization networks like Google Ad-Sense and Peerfly
  9. Do S.E.O
  10. Generate Traffic


That’s all!

I will come up with more info on making money online I have. Do let me know if you have any questions in comment sections as well as if you want my case studies for specific niches.

Good luck for making money online. You surely will if you follow the above steps.


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