Swagbucks Review- Is swagbucks legit?

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)

Swagbucks is an online reward program website which offers plenty of options to earn gift cards and cash for the stuff you most probably already doing on the internet.

It’s always our motto to provide the honest information to our readers and help them as much as possible. So, everyone out there who are looking to earn some money online in form of cash or gift cards by easiest way possible should check swagbucks out.

But, the most asked question by people “Is swagbucks legit”? Apparently, it is, and they already paid out more than 197,767,942 USD to their members in form of cash and free gift cards.

Thus, the question of legitimacy still stands worry not, in this swagbucks review we are going to share everything. We are sure that you are going to get tons of information about swagbucks in this review.

Now let’s get started

Is Swagbucks Legit?


The simple and honest answer is Yes. They are 100 percent legit. Why are we saying this? Because, we tested their services by ourselves and we successfully withdrew the rewards in form of cash and free gift cards. So, now you are clear they are not going to scam you and will pay you on time and every time without any hassle let’s check out how you can earn money with swagbucks.

How to make money with swagbucks

is swagbucks legit?

Swagbucks offer plenty of options to make money with them in form of free gift cards like Amazon, Walmart etc. Or redeem cash back and money directly in PayPal.

The points you earn in Swagbucks is known as SB. 1 SB is equal it 1 cent so in case if you earn 500 SB it will be equal to $5.

They offer following ways to earn SB.

  • By Searching
  • Playing Games
  • Answering surveys
  • By Watching Videos
  • By Checking Out Offers
  • If you Shop Online
  • N-crave
  • If you buy gift cards
  • Refer and Earn


This is the most common, easiest and simple way to earn SBs. The search feature is just like searching stuff on any kind of search engine. But, if you use swagbucks search feature you will earn rewards for every search. It has plenty of data but not as equal to Google off course. We do not recommend using search feature of swagbucks if you are doing some deep research because it has not much data compared to Google Search engine. But, for daily and ordinary use their search engine because you will earn rewards by doing the same thing you achieve every day without any sort of compensation.

Their search engine is powered by Yahoo.

Playing Games

One more easy and fun way to earn rewards. You can earn SB points in two ways via this. First, if you make in-game purchases you will earn the points. (Every game mentions how much points you will earn) and second is by playing free games offered by Swagbucks (in this method you will earn points on random basis).

Answering Surveys

Everyone says, your opinion matters but here it really matters in form of rewards. You can earn free gift cards and SB points by answering the surveys. While we, were testing swagbucks we came across many surveys and without any doubt the surveys were truly fun, easy to answer and some were in the form of Polls so, it is also easy and fun way to earn points.

By Watching Videos  

Now a days, everyone watches videos online. We spend hours every day in watching videos for any kind of purpose for fun, information, knowledge, reviews and many more. This feature allows you to watch videos. You can watch videos and earn points at the same time via swagbucks. Like, we mentioned earlier those points are redeemable in form of gift cards and money.

We watched the video of Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from which we earned 3 SBs and it only took 20 minutes. Hey, its better than nothing. Not many people can say, they earned 3 cents while watching the videos of Royal wedding. Excluding Swagbucks members 😉

By Checking out offers

Yup, its true you will even earn points if you test samples, sign up for offers and check out deals from famous brands. In this method you will earn SB points when you will sign up for new offers and services also if you try out free samples.

This category is most rewarding. The best part is that our colleague signed up for proactiv Spa duo which is skin care product it costs $39 but she got it free by signing up for offer via swagbucks also earned 3000 SB. Pretty cool, right?

Online Shopping

According to surveys, 80 percent Population of United States do online shopping. We are not outcast, we also do most of the shopping online and most probably you do too. So, if you do online purchasing on amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Expedia etc. These are just examples, Swagbucks has 1000 of stores from hotel booking to antivirus purchasing. You will get cash back as well as earn SB points by doing the shopping same way you do.

The shopping feature is not limited to nationwide companies. You can earn SB points and Cash back by availing the local stores offers. Swagbucks shows the local offers according to your Area. E.G if you order food from your Area’s restaurant and food chain you will get Cash back and SBs.

You can view every listed offer via your member’s account which is 100 percent free.


The term N-Crave is created by Swagbucks this is also a way to earn points from your account. Basically, N-crave is a place inside your account where you can discover videos, articles and websites with this features. You can access this feature inside your swagbucks account. You will see activities link Wrapped inside the discover menu. If you access this it will show you trending videos, articles and websites on the internet and if you watch, read and visit you will earn SB points. You can find further details about N-crave here.

Buy Gift Cards

You can also earn Cashback if you buy gift cards via swagbucks E.G if you decide to buy gift card for yourself or for someone else you will get the cash back. We tried this by purchasing the gift card of Burger king. When we bought the Whooper deal gift card via swagbucks we got 2.5 percent Cash back. Like, offers and shopping you can buy the gift cards of most of the major brands.

Refer and Earn

It is also a good way to earn swagbucks. It is not as easy as other methods but if you have a long list of friends, followers and colleagues you can earn 300 SBs which are equal to $3. As soon as someone will sign up via your referral link and use swagbucks you will earn 300 SBs and that’s not it you will also earn 10 percent commission of their earnings E.G if someone earns 1000 SB you will get 100 SB in your account.

The above-mentioned methods are the ways to make money with swagbucks.

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How Swagbucks Works?


The working of swagbucks is straightforward. If, you are interested to earn rewards and Cash for the things you do online everyday you should sign up for Swagbucks account which is 100 percent free and takes less than 2 minutes to join. Once you sign up, you will get the confirmation email just verify your email account and start using swagbucks for earning points which you can redeem later in form of Gift cards or Cash.

As, we mentioned all the methods above to earn SB points. If you do the search you will earn points, watch videos and earn points. Play games and earn points. Make purchases to get cash back and points etc.

Now, if you have enough points E.G if you have earned 1000 SB points you can redeem it in form of Free gift cards to your favorite shopping company like Amazon, Walmart and many more. Or if you are looking to get in form of Cash redeem your points in PayPal.

How Does Swagbucks Make Profits?

Swagbucks is a dual sided network. It connects consumers who’re able to perform actions with firms that make use of those actions.

By charging businesses for having consumers performing actions (including playing an activity or using search from Swagbucks), they’re able to employ a portion of the revenue from businesses to finance the rewards the customers are working towards.

Notice that 1 Swagbucks in quite small in dollar terms. It takes such as 10,000 Swagbucks to obtain a $100 PayPal card. Since the importance of what necessary to accrue that amount in Swagbucks is over the price of the gift earned, Swagbucks takes the visible difference as profit.

It is additionally likely that Swagbucks have the items they list as rewards for just their nominal price by ordering belongings in bulk, thereby reducing the price of the rewards offered.

 Swagbucks App

swagbucks app

This is the age of speed. Swagbucks does not disappoint their members by making them stick to their computers to earn the points. You can earn SB points on the go by utilizing the swagbucks app. This app seriously open up the new gates of earning rewards. Let’s see how you can earn points and rewards by using swagbucks app.

Swagbucks app is available for both IOS and Android users so, have no worries unless you are still using Symbian phones 😲

The basics way to earn points are similar to desktop like by shopping, purchasing gift cards, watching videos, playing games but swagbucks app offer some more ways to earn rewards and points which are following:

  • Swag IQ
  • Swagbucks Local
  • Movie Clips
  • Sportly TV
  • Indie Music TV
  • LifeStylez TV
  • Entertai now
  • Amped 360

Swag IQ

Basically, it’s like a game show. When you play this IQ quiz you will win and earn rewards. It’s based on General knowledge and offers a lot of fun and information.

Swagbucks Local

It is similar to local shopping option you can earn points and reward when you decide to eat and shop locally.

Movie Clips

As the name suggest you will earn SBs when you will watch movie clips via swagbucks app.

Sportly Tv

It is also a way to earn rewards. In this feature you can watch your favorite sports related videos and can earn the points at the same time.

Indie Music Tv

If you watch the indie music videos inside swagbucks app by accessing this indie music Tv you can earn points.

LifeStylez Tv

This is the category in which you can watch lifestyle related videos like travel destinations, food and fitness videos, home décor and much more.

Entertai now

This category is based on entertainment videos. You can watch entertainment videos on the go and you will earn points at the same time. In simple words, you will not only get entrained but will also get paid for it.

Amped 360

This feature offers amazing videos including behind the scene videos of sports. You can earn points just by watching videos inside amped 360.

Basically, these all features are ways to earn points by watching videos but swagbucks app offers them separately so, you can truly enjoy  on the go feature.

The interference of Swagbucks app is also very smooth, easy to use and understand. We tested the swagbucks app for hours and it not lagged for once.


The extension is Google chrome plugin offered by swagbucks. If, you want easy access and notification related to offers then you should install this chrome extension plugin. If you are visiting some website and that website offers cash back the swagbucks extension instantly notify you and shows you how much cash back and points you can earn. This plugin also helps you finding coupons and deals without any hassle. It also offers exclusive swagbucks codes which are only redeemable via this plugin.

It also has search the web option. So, you can earn more points directly from your browser instead of logging in again and again in swagbucks account.

And the best feature is that it send alerts as soon as their new opportunity to earn SB points.

Swagbucks Reviews by Members

We have contacted many swagbucks users to collect their reviews many replied back with their swagbucks experience and we are publishing them here with the consent of the senders.

I truly love swagbucks. It allows me to have get gift cards which I utilize on different things. (Kathy)

Binge watching shows is what I do, and I recently joined Hulu to access some shows and you know what? I did it via swagbucks, I not paid the dime for trial and still got the gift cards.(Anne)

We don’t know why people not using it. As, you do the same stuff online anyway so, what is the harm in getting free rewards and money?(Margret and James)

It is my favorite app. (Stephen)

For a busy person like me its not an easy to earn points but I still recommend it because they are legit. (Emma)

Hard to earn points many survey’s rejects my opinions and I feel like I just wasted my time so, I quit. (Doty dot)

Earning more than $200 per month which I use as a cash. Always gets the money directly into my PayPal. (Core of yours)

Used swagbucks a lot but not anymore. They do not offer the same value to their members. I am disappointed. (Clara)

Yes Please, earn the rewards for what you already doing on the internet. Feels fulfilling and does not have guilt that I am wasting my time by watching videos. (Sharon)


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Pros Cons
Free to join Search engine is not as fast as Google
Variety of ways to earn points Can be Addictive
Mobile App is superb
Easy to use

Things to avoid while using Swagbucks

swagbucks terms

Earning honest rewards and points is a must thing. Note that, there are no shortcuts to bulk up your account with SB points. So, avoid them at any cost otherwise your account can get banned. To ensure your safety and avoid losing your time and hard-earned money (SB points) which you gathered after performing a lot of actions and putting your precious time. The following things you should avoid keeping your account from getting banned.

  1. Never use the search just to earn rewards just use it naturally like any other search engine. Also, avoid visiting links just for earning points if you are not interested in those links avoid them and click those links which genuinely interests you. Bots and auto search programs are also not allowed.
  2. If you are trying to earn money by referring never send your referral links to strangers it is considered as a spam and everyone hates it. Never ever give false hopes to people about swagbucks. In simple words, just avoid spamming your referral links anywhere including social media, forums and websites.
  3. Many people complain about that they do not get paid for surveys maybe because they just go through surveys as quickly as possible just for the sake of points. Also, when you join swagbucks you agree upon keeping the surveys secret so, do not share it with others. No titles no screenshots of surveys with anyone.
  4. Any illegal activities like posting immoral photos, videos and text. Hate speech, profanity towards other members and customer support
  5. Avoid creating multiple accounts by manipulating the cookies and browser. Also, never ever fill surveys with fake information.

For further details you can check out terms of services so, you know what you signing up for and avoid things which can put your account on risk of banning.

 Is swagbucks worth it?

Is Swagbucks worth it?

The answer to this question lies within you. But, let us share our thoughts. Yes and No. Confused? Let us explain, the answer is yes if you are looking to earn some rewards and money on the side for the stuff you already do online. Well, let us ask you?

What is the Right option?

  1. Search the stuff, watch videos, fill out forms and surveys, shop online and get nothing in return
  2. Do all the things mentioned above and get rewards in form of gift cards and cash. ✔️

For us its Option B. So, if your answer is also B you should sign up for swagbucks free account. See, there is no catch it is 100 percent free you can try it without paying a dime. If, your answer is A then swagbucks is not for you.

Now, why we said no? because, if you are looking to earn a living using swagbucks then you will end up disappointing itself. It is not a way to earn residual income. Yes, swagbucks is 100 percent legit and always pays its members but virtually it is not possible to earn tons of money using Swagbucks.

You surely can earn enough money to enjoy free gift cards and some cash which you can use to buy daily items like food etc. Or, if you manage to earn 1000 Sb’s a day you surely can have some cash around $300 after a month which you can use to buy some nice thing like new shoes, new wallet, Dress, Perfume, watch or whatever you want 😊.

Keep in mind earning 1000 SB points a day is not an easy thing but many people do achieve that so, if they can you can (though, it is going to take a lot of effort and time). And in the end, yes, we do recommend swagbucks because there is no harm in getting free gift cards and cash for what you already do online every day.

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