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We decided to offer scholarship program to interested students from all over the world! As our motto is “free information for a better future”. And the future is young generation whom looking to gain and spread knowledge. So, we are offering $1000 worth of scholarships to students who are willing to participate in our scholarship program.

Any student who are interested in “writing” can participate and gain up to $1000 scholarship from us.

Example of our articles

How To Participate

If you are interested in participating in our program. All you have to do is to write article on any “informative topic”. You can write informative article from your field as well.


You are eligible to write for us if you are student at community college, state college, university or even studying at high school. There is no age limit neither restrictions of GPA. You can write for us if you have any information to share which can help others.

How to submit your work?

Email your article at:

Do not forget to include your

  • Full Name
  • Your Institution
  • Area of study
  • Proof of identification (to verify you are student of that certain institute which you mentioned)

Deadline to submit your work is 30th october of every year 

We will announce the winner on 3rd November

Your scholarship of $1000 will be send to you via PayPal, Check or Neteller