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Amazon Fire Stick- With Alexa Voice Remote

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

Amazon fire stick is an amazing product from Amazon. It has been launched 3 years ago by them, but I recently got my hands on it. I never expected to use Amazon Fire Stick, but my opinion changed by my wife, and I decided to share this awesome technology with you guys as well.

I did not actually know what to think so when I got the Amazon Fire stick it was indeed straightforward to use. Alexa voice is excellent and reliable. So, I gathered my team of tech experts and we decided to test and review Amazon fire stick.

In this review, we have covered everything from A to Z. so, stick with us in this Fire (Get it? 😉) you will find the valuable info today about amazon fire stick.

Amazon Fire Stick Overview

Amazon’s Fire Stick is quicker and budget friendly than ever, and arrives with an Alexa empowered voice remote, making it the finest and less expensive media streamer you can purchase.

Amazon Fire Stick Features

Let’s look at amazon fire stick top feature.

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Amazon Fire Stick Design

Amazon Fire stick is pure black plastic rectangle with an HDMI plug on one tip also a micro USB port on other side. As an amazon stick planned to plug into the rear of your TV, it does not require to appear remarkable or have at all any buttons or screen. It’s just look like a simple USB stick but with HDMI port on one end. Once, you plug it in your Television I don’t think so, you will notice it or will try to take it out. I know I did not.

It also comes with remote with Alexa voice. Note, that the remote is like an older model which I never used or acquired but for the test and review purpose we bought it we not wanted to miss out anything. Anyways, let’s stick to this remote. It is a 5.9 inches smooth black plastic remote with a sleek circle near the top that assists as a steering pad, with a press able Check button in the middle. A Microphone switch lies overhead the navigation buttons, with a pinhole sized microphone directly above of that for speaking into. Menu and playback controls lies underneath the navigation control buttons.

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How to Use Amazon Fire Stick

This is extremely easy part. Once, you get your amazon fire stick unbox it. Plug it in your Tv USB port, connect the HDMI cable, also plug amazon fire tv into wall outlet and you are ready to go. Just command anything play to Alexa with voice button or navigate through 190 channels with navigation pad. Note that, you can access only those channels and networks which you have subscribed, this rule does not apply to apps like YouTube. I Have membership of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video, YouTube(free) so, the content you can access is virtually unlimited. I got rid of Cable after purchasing amazon fire stick.  You can watch live tv as well.

Step by step

    • Unbox Your package
    • Connect amazon fire stick to your HDTV
    • Plug amazon fire stick power adapter into wall outlet
    • Connect to Internet (if not already)
    • Grab the Alexa enabled remote
    • Give Alexa a command like, Open Netflix, or Play a Game of Thrones
    • Sit back and enjoy
    • Get some snack (it’s optional)

Amazon Fire Stick App

You can manage the Amazon Fire Stick Remote application for IOS and android if you favor to command the amazon fire Stick with your cellphone or tab. It’s considerably easier to use, generally offering a touchpad for menu steering, a one or two of rerun controls, an Alexa voice search function with your fire stick microphone, an onscreen control panel.

Amazon Fire Stick OS

Its operating system is like android. The interface is easy to navigate just like android tv. You can see your picks, channels and content in categories. This make amazon fire stick OS visual friendly. Fire TV stick has more than 190 channels and apps. The most popular are off course Amazon, HBO NOW, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

You can watch Live Tv just by subscribing to networks like Hulu, Sling Tv and others. You can also stream live Channels by Attaching HD antenna indoors.

Amazon fire stick with Prime Membership

Prime members can watch thousands of more TV shows and movies. If you are a prime member you can add premium services like HBO, STARZ and Showtime without subscribing them via satellite or cable. The best part is that you only must pay for channels you want to watch, and membership starts from as low as $2.99/month which is very cheap. If you are not a member of Amazon Prime I would recommend you Avail Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

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Amazon Fire Stick Package

Fire Stick package contains

  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Alexa voice remote
  • Power Adapter
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • HDMI Cable Extender

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Amazon Fire Sticks Pros cons



The amazon fire stick is an excellent device, it’s cheap and easy to set up. The interface is nice and user friendly. You can carry it anywhere and can connect on any HDTV. The prime members have extra perks with it. The only negative thing we managed to find it lacks some streaming platforms. Overall, this device is very awesome with plenty of content and features, The Alexa voice function is just superb, works flawlessly and this whole package costs under $40.

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