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AVG Ultimate Review 2019 – Internet Security+Tune Up

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

AVG ultimate 2018 is available now. And, today we are going to take a deep look at it. We are going to discover what features you can get with AVG Ultimate and on top of that we are going to provide 20 percent special discount code just for our beloved readers.

AVG Ultimate Overview


AVG is amongst the best antivirus company and they are keeping their game up-to-date. That’s why they are outstanding and providing the best possible security and Tune up tools to keep your data protected and fast. To sweeten the pot, AVG ultimate is installable on unlimited devices and unlimited times and it costs $99.99/year but off course, we are going to provide you special discount code and you can grab it for $79.99/Year. (It’s for limited Time only)

AVG Ultimate Top Features



AVG ultimate contains everything you need to protect your devices, Period!

  1. Provides antivirus protection for unlimited devices.
  2. No need to worry anymore about ransom ware AVG ultimate got you protected
  3. Make online payments with no worries because AVG ultimate also offers payment protection
  4. It keeps your email safe
  5. Protects your Data 100 percent
  6. Tune up tool which comes with AVG ultimate do daily maintenance to keep your devices in top notch conditions and slow proof them
  7. No slower booting your devices it optimizes start-up programs
  8. Updates your software automatically to keep them running smoothly
  9. The browser& disk cleaner tool cleans up all the junk making your devices slow.
  10. Anti-theft tool keeps you protected from scammer trying to steal your data, your identity
  11. App lock is a tool which gives you top notch privacy and helps you lock any application you want
  12. Catch the intruders with the help of camera trap
  13. Smoothly Clean junk photos you have been gathering with smart photo cleaner
  14. Saves and keep profile of your devices battery
  15. Lock your device securely and gives you peace of mind
  16. One of the best feature is protection from hackers.

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AVG Ultimate important features

AVG ultimate is all in one tool for your devices which bundles internet security and tune up. Let’s take a deeper insight of features.

Total Protection

AVG provides total protection to your Personal computers and Android devices. With AVG ultimate you can secure unlimited devices. It helps you stops most of the viruses, ransomwares, trojans, rootkits, malwares, spywares. The best part is that AVG ultimate works in real time and update automatically so, it keeps you secure 24/7. Their latest technology is based in Artificial intelligence which is proven to keep out all the threats.

Protection for Web & Email

The AVG ultimate keeps your email safer with their protection shield. It completely scans the attachments you send and receive from your friends, family or from your unknown sources.

Guards you from Hackers

AVG Boosted Firewall allows you full authority over precisely who and what reaches in and out of your PC. And their Ransomware Shield offers an additional layer of defense against ever growing ransom-ware outbreaks. That suggests nonentity muddles with your sensitive data.

Privacy Protection

Retain peeking perverts and doubtful applications from opening your webcam, code and veil your most private photographs and documents, or eternally destroy documents you are finished with.

Online Payments Protection

Whether surfing, handling finance, or spending online, AVG ultimate protection obstruct junk and rip-offs, and even aid you duck bogus impersonator websites, to stop you from unintentionally giving your PINs or credit card information to the hackers.

Protects your whole family

No matter how many devices you have, AVG ultimate keeps you secure. You can access and secure your all devices with one single dashboard without any hassle.

Speed up Your Devices

Cleans old, hidden data eating away your space and slowing down your device. We ran the test and it boosted almost 60 percent speed of our devices.

Free disk space

Cleans all the junk files and gives you more disk space by removing the unnecessary files you have been storing for no reason.

Boosts Battery life

It shuts down unnecessary programs running in background of your PC’s, Mac and android which in result, boosts battery life.

Update Software’s

No more outdated software’s in your device anymore. AVG latest software updater keep your applications and important operating system files up to do date which prevents them from crashes.

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AVG Ultimate Pros Cons


AVG ultimate supported OS

This is built for personal and family use only. You cannot use it for commercial and business purposes. Supported operating systems are

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Android

AVG Ultimate System Requirements

This security software and pc optimizer works with every common device, but the following are the system requirements you need to know.

For Windows

  1. Compatible with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 and even with windows XP sp3
  2. You need minimum of 512 MB ram.
  3. Free disk space of 1500 MB


  1. Works with OSX Mountain lion 10.8 or higher
  2. Intel 64-bit chipset and minimum of 2 GB ram
  3. Free disk space of 500 MB is required

For Android

It’s simple for Android all you need is android OS 2.2 or above


If you are looking to secure and speed up all your devices, then AVG ultimate is what you need. Instead of buying multiple licenses to keep your devices secure and speedy which can be expensive but with AVG Ultimate you can get one license and use on unlimited devices. We bought AVG ultimate license and we are running on up to 100+ devices without any issue at all. And the 20 percent discount as promised we mentioned it above in the table as well as you can avail it from the given link below directly from AVG secure site.

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