Best 4k Monitors for MacBook Pro 2019

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2019)

Your Mac or MacBook’s display is already outstanding, but if you are in the market for something larger than what you have or for a second display, the 4K monitor is a huge and amazing step in the right direction, so you can attempt and maintain the same level of definition.

Before Apple start making a standalone monitor option to replace the now defunct Cinema Display monitor which was discontinued back in 2014, Locating an external monitor to boost the real estate of your MacBook Pro means you will need to head out of the Apple’s universe. Fortunately, some of the monitors are offering USB-C connectivity to make it convenient to hook your MacBook Pro to the alternate monitor. The 4k monitors we compiled in this list will work perfect with your MacBook Pro, maintaining resolution and color clarity while adding your screen size.

The MacBook Pro is a slightly thicker and optionally larger laptop than the MacBook and is also referred to as the MBP. With more strong internals, it is regulated toward users who need their laptop to work more intensive tasks like video or picture editing. In 2011, the MacBook Pro was the very first of Apple’s computers to make use of their proprietary Thunderbolt port. Not so long ago, there was a time, when 4K monitors just weren’t an achievable option for the average consumer. Their earlier limited selection, a very high cost, and their overall performance determines there were just way better upgrade paths out there for the discriminating PC user.

In the last couple of years, we have seen 4K monitors make some sincere headway, though, with many 3,840 × 2,160 pixel displays becoming far more economical and much better all-round performers. We have rounded up the best of the 4k monitors MacBook pro below, from value-based contributions to 43 inches behemoths outfitted with the awesome in factory calibration.

The hunt for 4K displays for Mac products can become confusing or troublesome if you don’t know what you are bumping into. Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C is slowly becoming too common which tells us that we can hope of more products with improved functionality and compatibilities in the future. You can get a taste of tomorrow’s tech if you use one of these products, just make sure to be equipped with the proper accessories and knowledge. The monitors which are listed here, in this article, are some of the best 4K displays you can buy today. The tech communities are expecting way advanced replacements meant to amaze the user’s visual senses. But if the ideal time to upgrade is right at this moment, these 4K monitors for your MacBook Pro are your best bets.

The price range of 4K monitors is falling down from the last few months because of the release of few incredible and amazing 5K monitors. But you can experience great response from these 4K monitors to meet your gaming, routine office, or graphic design requirements. Down below, we have compiled few facts related to how you need to choose a new monitor and furthermore, this article will help you to know detailed review with pros and cons of the top three 4K monitors available in market for your Macs. We hope, this article will assist you to make an easy decision for your next investment linked to 4K monitors for MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Pro along with others. The details here are characterized on the basis of the top comparison factors like price, display technologies, compatibility and other important factors.

Following are the top best 4K monitors for your MacBook Pro.

Best 4K Monitors for MacBook Pro (Comparison)

4K Monitors Screen Size
ViewSonic VP3268-4K PRO- Editor’s Choice 32-inchesCheck Price
LG 4K UHD 27UD88-W 27-inchesCheck Price
SAMSUNG C34J791 QHD Ultrawide Curved Monitor 34-inchesCheck Price



ViewSonic VP3268-4K PRO 32 inches 4K Monitor- Editor’s Choice

best 4k monitor for macbook pro

Check Price


ViewSonic VP3268-4K PRO monitor provides seamless viewing experience, a stunning 4K ultra HD resolution, the next generation amazing connectivity. The ultra-screen presents an ultimate color accuracy, professional color processing capability, great for editing videos, pictures and other high-level functions, it maintains excellent screen uniformity with a 6-axis color enhancement.

The integrated color uniformity function offers consistent luminance and color across the total screen, which means you can get screen-wide original color from edge to edge and corner to corner, no matter when. Color accuracy is of utmost importance to the talented and creative professionals. You can easily and quickly calibrate this monitor to maintain its color accuracy, with the optional ViewSonic Coloration Kit which is sold separately. You will freely be able to focus on your work with the complete confidence that the displayed color, perfectly matches your digital file or original image.

This Pro Grade 4k Monitor has an immersive curved screen and an outstanding UHD 3840×2160 resolution, it’s super clear IPS panel delivers lifelike colors ideal for graphic design, videography, photography, and more. It provides ultimate color accuracy, it’s Screen wide sRGB color uniformity, Delta E<2 accuracy, perfection, and a smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colors which delivers precise and lifelike images, it’s operating temperature is between 0 to 40-degree Celsius. A four-sided, ultra-thin bezel shows off less of the monitor and more of your masterpiece. It’s quick and easy calibration makes sure that the color displayed, nicely and perfectly matches the original file.

It provides flexible connectivity, this VP3268-4K supports Macs, laptops, and PCs with HDMI 2.0, a USB, a DisplayPort, and a Mini Display Port inputs. Its brightness is 350 cd/m2. It offers an industry leading warranty, a 3-year coverage with access to the US based customer service team. LCD Monitor, Mini DP to DP Cable, Power Cable, HDMI 2.0 Cable, a USB 3.0 Cable, and an Audio Cable are included in the package.

A superior panel delivers exact colors and vivid images, all framed by a barely there, has an ultra-thin bezel perfect for approximately seamless multi-monitor setups. And with amazing ultra-wide viewing angles, you will enjoy stunningly detailed images, disengage and without any borders, no matter your vantage point is. This future-proof HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2a video standards support 3840 x 2160 resolution at a quick 60Hz frame rate guaranteeing jitter-free multimedia, smooth screen performance, and true Ultra HD picture clarity.

Following are some of the pros and cons of this ViewSonic 4k monitor.

Pros Cons
Best color reproduction. Not any important con, despite of its power button being on the back side, which some of the users find inconvenient.
All of the extra USB slots in the back are awesome.
The ability to daisy chain monitors is also great.
Image quality is amazing.
Perfectly matches your images colors.



This is a beautiful monitor, is a great sized one, offers vivid accurate colors, has an excellent off angle viewing, and stable and flexible stand. This is possibly the best 4k monitor you can ever purchase and use, it’s great for photo and video editing alongside with video and photo consumption, everything about this 4k monitor is great. It doesn’t have a single stuck or dead pixel which is also definitely another plus. There are definitely are cheaper 4k monitors available out there, but they are just not this good and do have some flaws, this one’s totally well worth the price.


LG 4K UHD 27UD88-W 27 inches LED-Lit Monitor

4k LG monitor for macbook pro

Check Price


The details and clarity of LG Ultra HD 27UD88 3840 x 2160 resolution will amaze you even up close. Over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum, this LG 4k monitor is an excellent solution for graphic designers, professional photographers, gamers or anyone looking for highly accurate and exact color. It has incorporated calibration hardware and Color Calibration Pro software right into the monitor forming it easy to adjust the color palette to one’s unique and individual liking, they work together to provide accurate color, while the color mode presets adapt to a variety of different specific needs.

It displays 4K video, transfers data and is capable of charging a mobile device or even a laptop, using a single cable all at the same time with the USB Type-C. Over and above to the USB connectivity, this monitor allow its users to connect this display to a variety of the computer configurations with the two HDMI 2.0 ports and a single DisplayPort 1.2 port. The On-Screen Control makes it effortless to adjust many monitor settings through an on-screen window, with a few simple and easy clicks of your mouse. It provides you the convenience to customize your monitor’s layout, resizing and displaying multiple windows at one time with 14 different options including PIP, and to make sure the display is calibrated to match the content being viewed. This LG LED-Lit monitor lets you experience more stable and clearer gameplay with the 4K UHD resolution and Free Sync technology.

It’s so hard for gaming enthusiasts to get the perfect 4k monitor which is affordable and does not have flaws which takes away, affects or lessens the joy of gaming because of pausing and bad color resolution and all of this when you have spent a lot of money on that. When designing this monitor, LG has kept the gamer in mind. This LG’s 21:9 Ultrawide monitor, with the help of Free Sync technology wipes out the stuttering and tearing that have annoyed gaming lovers for many years. While playing games, set your monitor to the game mode for matchless gaming conditions. This monitor have 3 gamer modes; the RTS pre-set mode and even 2 First-Person-Shooter modes to help you select the best and ideal mode for you.

Its Black Stabilizer allows you an exceptional visibility even in the dark scenes or help you with a nice clarity of your pictures if you are a professional photographer. It senses dark scenes and assists make it brighter for you, so that you can find your enemies waiting and hiding to attack your player in the dark. The smooth and sleek design of the LG premium monitors is emphasized by the new and better Arc Line stand. The smooth curve of its base allows stability and assures dependable performance with a nice touch of elegance and class.

Here we listed some of the pros and cons of this LG 4k monitor.

Pros Cons
A very nice 27-inch 4K screen. The white menu button on the bottom blinks and lights up the room when it's dark, even when the monitor goes to sleep
A perfect sleek design.
Super affordable.
It has USB ports on its back for legacy devices.
Its matte screen is easy on eyes and is better for glare.



If you are looking for a 27 inches high quality screen for your MacBook Pro, this is the one to instantly go for. It’s super affordable and has all of the amazing features which relatively expensive monitors have, it has next level color depth. USB ports on the back are much convenient. It’s amazing feature of allowing you to customize your monitor’s layout, brightness, resizing, contrast and even displaying multiple windows at the same time, is perfect to match the content you are viewing. All in all, it’s a great 27 inches 4k monitor best for your MacBook Pro.

SAMSUNG C34J791 34 inches QHD Ultrawide Curved Monitor

best 4k Samsung monitor for mac

Check Price


SAMSUNG CJ791 is an impressive sleek design, 34 inches curved monitor and features two Thunderbolt 3 ports to connect PCs, consoles, compatible Macs and other external devices. The Thunderbolt 3 can easily transfer video and data at speeds of up to 40 Gbps, 8 times faster than the USB 3.0 and at same time also charges devices (for up to 85 W), and everything over a single cable. It allows connectivity for displays, docks and peripherals including Macs, external graphics cards, USB Type-C laptops, and E storage drives. The built-in 7-watt stereo speakers provides an enhanced entertainment experience when you are playing games or viewing videos.

This 34 inches ultra-wide curved display has it’s 21:9 aspect ratio and allows all the workspace you need to efficiently multi-task and in nice comfort and relaxation. Just forget about the inconvenient dual monitor set ups and experience an absolutely ideal and consistent multitasking on a single screen. The curved screen is organized to follow the natural curve of your eyes for a more convenient, immersive and comfortable viewing experience.

The Picture-by-Picture (which shortens as PBP) lets you display to two sources onscreen at their natural resolution. It increases and makes better your multi-tasking further with the Picture-in-Picture (PIP), which allows you to resize the second source to up to 25% of the screen and position it anywhere you want to. It supports up to 125 % sRGB color space, The Quantum Dot technology distributes colors that are crisp, bright, and natural, especially the reds and greens. Each and every monitor is factory calibrated to provide the most accurate and life like perfect images.

The Samsung’s VA panel technology allows a contrast ratio of 3000:1 that delivers the brilliant whites, deep blacks, and rich colors for vibrant and clear images. The AMD Free Sync adjusts the refresh rates of your CJ791 and the graphics card to lessen image stuttering and tearing. The smoother and clear transition between image frames bestows consistent and seamless gameplay and video playback for uninterrupted and straightforward viewing.

The fast 100 Hz screen refresh rate allows silkier and smoother mouse sensitivity for enhanced and better productivity in any application. It also lessens screen stutter in rapid moving action scenes for a flawless and extraordinary gaming experience. The CJ791’s curved screen and a bezel-free, three-sided design, as well as it’s glossy-white rear panel that accurately and neatly conceals cables, creates a striking and slim profile that is the ideal complement to any Thunderbolt 3 Mac or a PC.

Below we listed some of the pros and cons of this SAMSUNG 34 inches Ultra-wide curved monitor.

Pros Cons
A nice sleek curved monitor. The amount of adjustments and controls is limited.
The Flicker-free support basically eliminates all flickers from within the screen for enhanced and improved viewing comfort.
Possesses a Game mode support.
Has Eco saving plus capabilities for lower power consumption.
The Eye-saver mode helps to ease the strain on your eyes during extended periods of viewing.



This SAMSUNG 34 inches has crisp videos and the screen real estate is amazing and plentiful at the 3444 X 1440 resolution. This monitor will allow you to have less wires running around the desk. Only one wire (Thunderbolt 3/USB C) plugged into the MacBook pro from the monitor, this one cable does the job of charging the laptop and also acts as a display cable. The best part is that, with an additional thunderbolt port in the monitor, you can connect the external hard drive to the monitor and approach that external hard drive also in your MacBook pro without the need for any other additional cable.


Following tips are essential while shopping for 4k monitors for MacBook Pro


4K monitors are usually known for being a little expensive, but prices have dropped down a little low in recent years as it becomes the norm due to the addition of latest and new 5k monitors. If you are on a budget, don’t be bothered or get annoyed. There are many great options that runs less than $300. Price is the also the very main factor as it all comes down to this at the end, no matter what we want to buy, but before making a purchase we have to keep our budget in mind.


If you have decided to buy a new 4k monitor, you are going to need to think about its cost, audio quality, the resolution, design and how it will physically connect to your MacBook Pro. But First, you will need to choose a size, keeping in mind the place you are going to keep it on, the desks situation and others.

The size of the screen plays a vital role because if you choose a very small 4K monitor, you may run face some problems. Relying upon how far the monitor will be from your eyes, it is necessary to choose the right screen size. It is usually recommended to avoid 4K monitors smaller than 27 inches, especially the 24 inches models that you often find on sale. The practicality and versatility of 4K at that screen size is doubtful. The benefits of the additional pixels are more definite and clearer cut as the screen size increases.


Monitors are purely and merely about the picture quality, right? No, you might need to think again. Whether you are playing a video game or watching a movie, a great audio can lift up the experience and make it way better. Some of the 4k monitors have impressive built in speakers with as many as the 9 watts but if the monitor lacks in amazing speakers, you can always add a sound bar, though that will cost you some money.


Depending on your PCs or overall setup, you might require a monitor that pivots, tilts or rotates. A nice and thin bezel gives you a more modern and sleeker look and it’s stand construction dictates how much of the desk space it will require. Consider all of these various design factors before you make a final decision and purchase.


Your MacBook Pro is something you are not going to upgrade very much. You can add only RAM and then a certain amount. Your monitor, on the other hand, itself can’t be upgraded. It is true that you can in the course of time sideline it. You could purchase a second or even a third monitor and have one of those be your actual display with the others to the side. So Take your time while looking for the right display. As you have to live with looking at the monitor for many hours a day, so choose wisely while keeping in mind that to not the kind of purchase you are going to do every now and then.

Final Verdict

With the advancement in technology, people are starting to love and spend more of their time on computers. Photography, videography and gaming are becoming a very main part of our society, especially youth, while all of this is happening better and more featured monitors are jumping in to help these creative people to do better and enjoy their work or leisure time with outstanding features and minimizing the harm, bright screen’s light can do to your eyes. All of the above mentioned 4k monitors have exceptional features and affordable prices to help you have the best possible experience without really considering the price tags to bother you. We hope you find the best possible one for you.

Happy gaming OR photography OR videography everyone!

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