10 Best Android Car Stereos Reviewed In 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Does your built-in car stereo seem basic and dull or perhaps it absences significant features such as navigation, hands free calling, LCD and entertainment?  Outdated car stereos don’t assist much of a rationale. The majority of them don’t have steering systems, LCD’s, hands-free calling in fact, they play merely radio and CD melody. Today, we are going to help you Upgrade your factory car stereo with a best Android car stereo to feel the premium of today’s technology.

We have spent many hours to do research and gather this list so, you can choose the best android car stereo effortlessly. The list is random do not treat it from best to worst or from lowliest to highest.

All car stereos in this list added after the research of more than 100 hours.  Now, let’s check them out without further delays.

Name Top Features
SYGAV Android 8.0 Oreo Car Stereo- Editor's Choice 8 Core 4G Ram GPS NavigationCheck Price
Boss Audio BVCP9675A Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, BluetoothCheck Price
Sony XAV-AX100 Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver with BluetoothCheck Price
PUMPKIN Android 8.0 Car Stereo 4GB RAM with Navigation, WIFI, Support Android Auto, Fastboot, Backup CameraCheck Price
ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo Navigation Stereo with Dual BluetoothCheck Price
XTRONS 7 Inch Android 8.0 Android 8.0 Octa Core 4G RAM 32G ROM HD Digital Multi-touch ScreenCheck Price
Pioneer AVH-2300NEX Android Auto/Built-in Bluetooth/SiriusXM-Ready/AppRadio Mode+Check Price
Pioneer MVH-200EX Double Din Bluetooth In-Dash Digital MediaCheck Price
Pioneer AVH-X490BS DVD/CD/Am/FM Car Stereo Receiver, voice controlCheck Price
Ein car android 7.1 car stereo system Navigation Support Fastboot WiFi MirrorLink USB SD Backup Front CameraCheck Price

SYGAV Android 8.0 Oreo Car Stereo- Editor’s Choice

If, you are looking for the most powerful android car stereo then SYGAV android 8.0 is the one. It offers vivid 10.2-inch IPS display which is friendly for wide viewing angles also supports 1080p and 4k video formats.

It has its own operating system which is off course android 8.0. SYGAV is packed with 8 core PX5 CPU. 4 GB DDR3 ram made by Samsung also has 32 GB Flash Memory and you can connect external storage in form of flash drive or mp3 player.

SYGAV also has built-in WIFI. You can also connect it with 3G/4G with external dongles. You can access google maps, online navigation system, this android car stereo also offers hands free calling via Bluetooth connectivity. Also comes with SWC. Moreover, it has built-in RDS AM/FM radio receiver and EQ settings. You can also connect Aux devices with it.

The best part about this android car stereo is that it offers total control to its users you can adjust everything from brightness to your own logo. You can also connect accessories like OBD, DVR, rear view camera etc. SYGAV android car stereo supports all.

Pros Cons
Worth the money None
Easy to install
Excellent sound
beautiful screen



It costs under $450 offers very powerful android car stereo with built-in smartphone like features. It comes for majority of vehicles and you can choose specific one for your vehicle so, you do not have to worry about its adjustments on your car panel. The sound quality is also flawless and with 1080p and 4k video support you can guess it is going to beautiful on top of that wide view angles makes it clearer. SYGAV android car stereo is best and it’s our editor’s choice as well because it offers everything with very powerful specs, features and no drawbacks. Yes, it is worthy of your hard-earned money and we highly recommend you buy it for your vehicle without any hesitation.

Check Price


Boss Audio BVCP9675A- Best Car Stereo

best car stereo

Boss is sound expert in the world of vehicles. Probably, you already know that they produce world class subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers etc.

Well, they produced the best android car stereo as well which is trending number 1. Like Sony, it offers auto android and apple car play to connect your devices with ease.

It has slim and sleek design with clear UI. The size of screen is 6.75 inches. The screen offers mech- less capitative touch.

If we look at it’s features the top one is wireless Bluetooth connectivity with handsfree operation. You can use Spotify and other apps like pandora wirelessly for music. It is obvious that you can make hands free calls via Bluetooth connectivity as well.

BVCP9675A also offers usb ports to connect your USB to play your list directly. It supports maximum of 32 GB USB drive. The second USB port is for charging you can charge your cellphones and other usb supported devices with it’s 1A charger.

Boss audio made sure that their android car stereo does not end up lacking anything so, they added the aux input to help you connect mp3 players and devices with aux output. It is integrated with Hi Res audio with lossless FLAC playback. So, if you add FLAC files in usb or SD card you surely going to enjoy high quality sound.

The features does not stop above, BVCP9675A by Boss Audio also offers 3-pre-amp outputs. It also has rear camera input which automatically engages whenever you will reverse your car which surely makes reversing and parking experience easy.

It also supports SWC (Steering wheel controls) but you have to buy it separately it does not come with this unit.

Pros Cons
Multiple Connectivity Options None
Beautiful UI
Lag Free
Outstanding Value
Hi Res Sound



If you ever wanted the android car stereo which offers virtually everything without breaking your bank, then Boss audio is the best option. It offers multiple connectivity options. The screen is clear, beautiful and free of any lags. BVCP96 costs under $300 which is surely inexpensive if you look at all the features it offers. We are not able to find any downside in this android car stereo system.

Therefore, BVCP96 by Boss audio is one of the best car stereo. Period!

Check Price


Sony XAV-AX100- Reputable car Stereo

Android car stereos

Sony is a reputable brand in the world of technology, also in sound industry and this is not a surprise that Sony XAV-Ax100 is one of the best android car stereo in the market. It offers plenty of features to have the luxury feelings inside your car without owning the expensive car.

If we look at its design, it is sleek and looks very beautiful on your panel. It has 6.95 inches screen with touch control also on its bottom it has small buttons for volume, for opening the home screen, forward & backward and options button.

Without any doubt, using the touch screen is best option but if you are not a fan of it you can use those buttons to access anything you want. The screen is smooth, shows clear graphics also touch is smooth and lag free.

It has apple car play which allows you to access directions, make calls, send or receive texts. Listen to the music you love without losing your concentration from driving.

It also has android auto which connects your android devices with it and allows you to access phonebooks, maps and music apps.  It also has two USB ports so, you can enjoy your music collection easily. XAV-AX100 by Sony is also enabled for Sirius FM Radio so, if you have the Sirius connector you can enjoy commercial free radio easily.

The Sirius XM satellite tuner does not come with Sony android car stereo.

Pros Cons
Clean UI Lacks 3.5 mm aux jack
Excellent sound Radio reception is average
Android Auto works great
Manual volume/additional buttons
Beautiful Finish



AX100 is one of the best car stereo in the market. It is ahead of its competition by providing clean user interface. It is also optimized for producing excellent sound via your speaker. Auto android feature works flawlessly. Also, if you are in a rush you don’t have much time to hold your finger on the screen you can quickly control the volume and other features with quick keys access.

On downsides, it does not 3.5mm aux cable option also the reception of radio is just par.

Though it costs under $500 which is not cheap, but it surely offers outstanding value to its customers. It could have been our editor’s pick because it provides almost everything buy SYVAG android car stereo beats it with its pricing and top-notch specs and features.

Check Price


PUMPKIN Android 8.0- Fastest booting Car Stereo

best android car stereos

Pumpkin made its name since the launch of android car stereos. It offers excellent features in this car stereo. The unique one is its fastest boot speed which is 1 sec for second time. Like SYVAG it also has powerful features like octa core processor, 4 GB ram and 32 GB rom. It supports the max power for 4 X 50 watts. The software is also new one which you may perhaps already have guessed by name Android OREO 8.0.

It supports auto android iPhone screen mirroring (for screen mirroring you need to buy their dongle separately). Pumpkin car stereo supports SD card and usb drives of 128 GB so, you can surely play hefty playlist of yours with it. Also, possesses navigation system. You can enjoy YouTube videos as well on this android car stereo.

We also noticed that it’s IC radio quality is very good compared to Sony car stereo. The built-in display of this car stereo offers res. Of 1024 x 600 with the screen size of 7-inches. You can also paly HD and 4K videos on this specific car stereo.

You can also find Av out function in it. Also has subwoofer support and output and separate control buttons on it’s left side which are easy to access to use.

Pros Cons
Fast Booting Limited Version of android
Fits perfectly inside 2 DIN Built quality feels cheap
Excellent radio quality
Bluetooth Connectivity with Android is Clear
Easy to setup



Android car stereo by pumpkin is also amongst the best car stereos. It fits perfectly in 2 DIN the radio quality and signal receiving is very good. We tested android device with Bluetooth connectivity and it stayed connected no distortion or instability found. Car stereo by Pumpkin is very easy to set up and fast boot is it’s one of the best unique feature.

Now, let’s see its drawbacks. Even though it has android Oreo it is limited not provides the feeling of freedom also the built quality is cheap despite while it costs under $350.

Check Price


ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

car stereos infowizard.co

A6 ATOTO is inexpensive and one of the best-selling car stereo in the market. It does not have the latest android system but has stable version of Marshmallow which is in our opinion is far better than Pumpkin car stereo OREO OS.

Operating system is also customized for vehicles so, it supports AM/FM, back camera, dash cameras and many more accessories without any issues. It also offers fast boot which is 2 seconds 1 sec less compared to Pumpkin android stereo.

It has built-In WIFI system which allows you to access online maps and plenty of apps easily. Here comes it top and unique feature which we really admired it has two Bluetooth chips inside it. One chip controls the calling and related stuff. While other chip handles the music related commands in result, the Bluetooth connectivity stands out from every android car stereo.

The other worth mentioning features are its versatility of outputs you can connect back camera to Dash cams easily. Also, if you opt for it’s pro model you can control with hand gestures. You can also peace of mind with it’s personal privacy protection feature.

Pros Cons
Loud and clear microphone Dead spots on screen
Inexpensive RCA lineout can be confusing for some
Flawless Bluetooth connectivity
Beautiful design



A6 by Atoto is best selling android car Stereo on amazon. It has built-in loud and clear microphone with top notch Bluetooth connectivity. The design looks very beautiful Especially in SUV’s and Jeeps.

Even though, it is nice car stereo with good features you are going to find downside likes dead spots on screen particularly on the edges so, it can be frustrating. Some people also complained about its RCA output being confusing.

Check Price

XTRONS 7 Inch Android 8.0

best auto head unit

7 Inch android car stereo by XTRONS is simple but very elegant. It has android Oreo with very clear user interface. They also offers DVR. Now, if you look at it’s specs you are going to find 4 GB ram, 32 GB ram and octa core processor.

7 inch 8.0 by XTRONs also offer wireless display mirroring of smartphones. This car stereo is also protected by Google play. XTRON also added extra security layer to keep it more secure and safe.

You can also connect your android devices via Bluetooth for music and handsfree calling. It also has SWC (steering wheel control), the best thing is that you do not have to buy anything separately to enjoy steering wheel control.

As, its name suggests you are going to get 7-inches touch display with the resolution of 1024 x 600.

Pros Cons
Outstanding value None Found
Excellent quality
clean interface
Smooth touch



This car stereo by XTRONS truly offers outstanding value to it’s customers, it costs under $300 and comes with everything. The built and sound quality is also excellent. If you have a car which has steering control keys, you are going to enjoy this android car stereo more because you do not have to buy any accessory separately to operate it. The user interface is clean, and touch is very smooth. Surprisingly, we not found any downside in this product.

Check Price


Pioneer AVH-2300NEX

Pioneer android car stereo

If you are eccentric towards sound quality more than features, then Pioneer is the brand you can count on for car stereos.

AVH-2300NEX by pioneer offer digital media video play. The screen size they offer is 7 inches. Keep in mind that the display is WVGA. Though, on features this android car stereo is basic you can use Apple airplay, can connect your devices via android auto. Also, with Bluetooth for hands free calling and playing music. Like, Sony it also offers Sirius XM, but it also has app radio mode+.  It also allows you to play music for Spotify and pandora.

Pros Cons
Worth the investment Average touch quality
excellent sound quality usual display resolution
reputable brand
excellent Bluetooth connectivity
Worth the investment



If your goal is to get the best sound even from stock speakers, then Pioneer android car stereos are best. AVH-2300NEX is totally worth your investment because you are going to get excellent sound quality and all the basic features you need to enjoy android car stereo system. The quality of Bluetooth is also top notch.

Now, if you look at downsides you are going to find touch quality is just par also you are not going to get retina display with this unit but surely, its sound quality and other features shadows it’s display.

Check Price


Pioneer MVH-200EX

car stereo

One more from Pioneer in our list it is for those people who want’s the same sound quality as AVH-2300NEX but tight on budget.

MVH-200ex is very basic edition of android car stereo but its cheap and still manage to beat many car stereos in quality and pricing. The resolution of display you are going to get with MVH-200EX is 800 x 400. Other notable features are like touchscreen. 24-bit colors. You can also optimize colors.

Even though, it is basic android car stereo system it support auto android. You can also connect your devices via Bluetooth or USB cable to access music.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Slow Bluetooth connectivity
Good sound quality



MVH-200ex is inexpensive car stereo as it costs under $150. It is very easy to install and provide good sound quality especially if you have the sub-woofers installed. On downside, we noticed the Bluetooth connectivity devices is very slow on average it took around 20-30 secs to connected with the android and IOS devices.

Check Price


Pioneer AVH-X490BS

stereos for car

This is the third one from pioneer in our list. AVH-x490BS is one of the most high-quality sound producing android car stereo. It even beats AVH-2300NEX and MVH-200EX.

AVH-X490BS has built in 50 x 4 amplifiers with the output of 14 watts and 4 channels. You should know that its double din car stereo with mixtrax blender which can mix your songs in DJ style.

You can also play music via Spotify, pandora via your IOS or android devices. Also Sirius XM ready.  The one more noteworthy feature is Siri eyes free. Not very android friendly as SIRI is by Apple but we tried voice control via Samsung S9 and it worked the same.

Pros Cons
Top notch sound quality Menu is slow
built-in amplifier
voice control



AVH-x490BS by Pioneer costs under $300 but it has built in amplifiers which truly pump up the sound quality for any kind of speakers. You can also control this car stereo via voice control which does not harm your concentration while driving. The only negative thing about this car stereo system we found is its menu speed which is extremely slow.

Check Price


Ein car android 7.1 car stereo system

best car stereo android

Not very famous android car stereo system but it’s still making its name in the industry by providing more than you pay for.

Ein car 7.1 comes with Android nougat. It offers 2 GB ram, octa core processing and 32 GB rom. The display is high definition with the screen size of 7-inches. The best thing about this android car stereo system is that it offers everything from navigation system to steering wheel control without digging holes in your pocket. Ein car offers free dual cam with this android car stereo.

Pros Cons
Best price to value ratio Little bit slow
Good sound quality
elegant design



If you are looking for an android car stereo which offers the finest price to value ratio then Ein car is the best option. Car stereo by Ein car is not very top notch like many other models mentioned in this list but it offers every feature also it costs under $250. And if you look at design you are going to find it eye-catching too. On downside, it is not as fast as other mentioned car stereos.

Check Price


How to Buy the Right Android Car Stereo System

In car entertainment is vital but selecting the most appropriate stereo might not be easy. The following tip should assist you to gain a concept of what are the best car stereo will be to meet your needs.


The Android stereos are really biotech. Such stereos have internal space for storing what is the best they are able to save music.  The quantity of songs that could be saved will depend on the area available. If you love to music when driving, it is best to put money into an Android media player which has a great deal of space for storage. There are some stereos which have the SD card slot. This enables you to insert SD storage device to improve the space for storage.

Voice Control

Another useful feature will be the voice control. When driving it can be dangerous to look at off both hands from the controls. It can result in dire consequences like a crash or injuries which can be life-threatening. In order to avoid accidents, it can be best to keep the eyes on the highway. The latest car DVD Player has the capacity to be controlled by voice. Now, you’ll be able to alter the radio or song through voice controls and also you don’t need to take hands to affect the song. Hence, is vital to spend money on a stereo that features a voice control.

Access to Internet

One in the top stuff that it is best to consider automobile stereo may be the online connectivity. Some of the Android car DVD Player doesn’t have the capacity to access the net. So, you ought to be diligent when selecting a stereo. You can take advantage from the stereo which has access to the internet the way it could keep you updated regarding the weather. You get usage of breaking news and other types of bulletin.


An element inside the Android stereo could be the GPS. There undoubtedly are a plethora of stereos which can be built with GPS technology. It is great technology which can help you see your path in case you are within the unknown area. In case you have to search a whole lot, will probably be helpful when your headset had GPS compatibility. Therefore, it can be good allow GPS Android radio and end up forgetting about losing your way.

In the tip, there are lots of Android Car Stereo that runs using Android. It is crucial that you should carefully select the system that may be according to your wants and requires. With the help of these guidelines, you’ll be able to easily select the best car stereo. These features undoubtedly are a must ion you stereo as they will guarantee you do have a safe driving experience.

Music Browsing

Dependent on how you attend to music in your car, there are a few features that can or can not be significant to you. If you have a plenty of music stored on your devices, then the best Android car stereo for you is going to be one that provisions music browsing.

Android App Control

Not every person is still bound to tangible storage media for their digital tune. If you desire to stream via services like Spotify, Pandora and others then what you’re watching for is an android car stereo that ropes app control. These car stereos peg into your devices and take straight control of radio apps.


Bluetooth might be an improved option nevertheless. In that circumstance, the best Android car stereo for you is that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

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