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Best Automatic Dive Watch under 1000

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2018)

If you are considering gaining access to the hobby of underwater diving, you’ll want to end up a superb dive watch in this posting best automatic dive watch under 1000. (You can also check out best dive watches under 2000) No, it’s not possible to only use any watch that the random shopkeeper without information about dive ’s watches notifies you is water proof. Even if this watch you had been recommended keep to the ISO water-resistant standard, that is insufficient. A dive ’s watch is manufactured to the primary usage in diving also it must stick to a strict standard determined from the International Organization of Standardization. The standard is ISO 6425.

When you are going underwater diving, it truly is typical to descend past depths of 100 meters. Sometimes it may be more than 300 meters. So, being water repellent for significant amount of time at such tremendous depth is very important inside design behind a dive ’s watch. During your search, you will encounter several watches that are like dive ’s watches. Please take cautious realize that these watches might not sometimes be appropriate for diving.

So precisely what are several of the criteria that be entitled to a dive watch then? The top requirement certainly is functionality. As implied earlier, this watch should be no less than water proof at least depth of 100 meters.

Another requirement is its readability at different amounts of depth along with complete darkness. You can buy either analog or digital dive watches and so they both have slightly different readability criteria. Other than the ability to look at current time, you should must also be aware that the wrist watch remains to be functioning. For example, in a very mechanical dive s watch, there is certainly ‘second’ hand indicating that this watch is running. The tip of the ‘second’ hand glows allowing the diver to study it in darkness.

An obvious criterion is that this wrist watch must be immune to salty water since dive s would often go diving in sea water. Also, this wrist watch must be proof against magnetic fields and shock

We have found the best automatic dive watch under 1000 for our readers (Top 3 are mentioned in this list).



Davosa Swiss Made automatic dive watch- Editor’s Choice

best automatic dive watch under 1000

This is one of the best automatic dive watch under 1000. It has beautiful round shape design with dial window made of anti-reflective sapphire. The display is analog, and case is made of stainless steel. The diameter and thickness of case are 40mm and 13mm respectively. The band is also made of stainless steel. The width of band is 22mm while length is standard one for men. The color of dial is black, and material of bezel is ceramic. As, we are reviewing automatic dive watches so, it is obvious that it’s movement is swiss automatic. This automatic dive watch can resist water depth of 200m and weight 1.8 pounds only.

Pros Cons
Exceptional quality None
Accurate swiss movement


 Swiss made automatic dive watch by Davosa offers extraordinary quality, accurate movement and water-resistant depth of 200m all under $1000. This watch has no drawbacks.

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Pantor Seal 500m Pro Automatic Dive Watch

infowizard diver watch under 1000

 This is one of the latest released automatic dive watch and it is going successful since it’s release. Pantor seal also has round shape dial with window made of anti-reflective sapphire. This watch also display time in analog format. The case is made of stainless steel and band is also created from stainless steel. The dimeter of case is 42mm while the thickness is 17.5 mm. The band length is Men standard and width is 24 mm. The band color is silver while dial is black which makes great combination. This watch offers water resistant depth of 500m and its movement is powered by self-wind automatic and it only weighs 7.04 ounces.

Pros Cons
Sturdy material None
500m water resistant
Light weight


 As, this automatic dive watch released in start of 2018 so, it has no reported cons yet. We do not know how it will behave in long run but for now it is offering excellent features and quality to it’s customers. The material of watch is solid. It beats the water-resistant depth of most of the watches. Despite it’s solid design it is light weight.

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Seiko Men’s SKX007K2 Dive ‘s Automatic Watch

dive watch under 1000 best

Seiko is the brand on which you can count on. They offer flawless watches without taking a lot of money from you. And this automatic dive watch is no different all. This watch is listed under $1000 automatic watches, but it costs even less than $500 but offers the same quality of $1000 automatic dive watch.

Now if we look at it’s shape it has round dial with hardlex window. This Seiko automatic dive watch also use analog display like above mentioned watches. The case is also made of stainless steel with diameter and thickness of 44mm and 13mm respectively. The band length is ordinary men size while width is 22mm. The band color is silver as it is made of stainless steel while dial color is black. The bezel function is unidirectional, and movement is Japanese automatic. This automatic dive watch can go 200m deep in any sort of water. And it only weighs 7.04 ounces.


Pros Cons
Lightweight The bezel indicators slight off
Outstanding value
Attractive design



 Cheap yet offers class to it’s customers. It is lightweight and has beautiful design. The drawback is in bezel indicators which have accuracy problems. Overall? Good option but you certainly can get better one with excellent accuracy.

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Okay fellas this is the end of best automatic dive watch under 1000. We tried to add the best possible budget friendly automatic dive watches in this list. If, you like our work please do share it with others because it is a good deed 😉.


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