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Best Battery for Car Audio 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

The car audio system is one of the most significant entertaining function of a car but is unique that doesn’t disturb the right working of the car. Some car owner wouldn’t envision a trip, a mode to work without the best car audio. Believe it or not battery can play the vital role in making your car audio system better. So, in this article we have listed some of the best batteries for car audio available in the market.

Name Voltage
XS Power D3400- Editor's Choice 12vCheck Price
Soundquest SQB2000 n/aCheck Price
Optima Batteries 8014-045 12vCheck Price
Kinetik HC600 BLU Series 12vCheck Price
Stinger SPV69C 1100 12vCheck Price


XS Power D3400- Editor’s Choice

car audio

If you are looking for high quality, powerful and long-lasting battery for car audio then, XS Power D3500 is one of the best one you can purchase. It is 12v battery with AH of 65 and CA of 1000.

This battery has absorbed glass mat which means the electrolytes will be put off in fiberglass. Moreover, you do not have to worry about any spillage as XS power offers spill proof sealing. It has regulated valve and resistant to vibration.

Pros Cons
Very powerful None
Worth the money
Fits perfectly
performs Effectively


XS power D3400 is one of the best battery for car audio. This 12v beast is very powerful for running your audio system flawlessly. If, you are looking to spend your hard-earned money and do not want it to go in waste then we highly recommend you buy this one because it’s truly offering the value you are looking for. Also, it has perfect frame which makes it fit inside your car easily and performance is also very good.

No downside has been reported about this battery.

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Soundquest SQB2000

battery for car

SQB200 is also one of the best battery for car audio. It powers up to 2000W. It has burst power system of 5 seconds with 525A. This battery also offers reverse 33AH power. SBQ2000 is 300+ discharge cycle system makes it solid battery. You can also remove its posts which are made from brass.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Not suitable for heavy systems


SBQ2000 is good battery for car audio. It is lightweight and compact which makes it fit easily in smaller cars and built quality good enough to give you 3-5 years without breaking a sweat.

On downside, it does not perform well with heavy audio systems.

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Optima Batteries 8014-045

best battery for car audio

If, you are searching for a deep cycle battery for car audio with excellent cranking system then, 8014-045 by Optima batteries is one of the best option out there. This one is 12v yellow top battery. Offers you 750 amp of cranking with GE and SAE post. You can also get reserve capacity of 120 minutes from this one.

8014-045 is weather proof and can give you optimal starts even in bad weather. Battery case of 8014 is made off Polypropylene. On testing we found that it is 15x more vibration resistant than other batteries which makes it more durable. 8014-045 offers 55 amp/hour.

Optima offers 36 months warranty for this car audio battery.

Pros Cons
Perfect for audio system None
Long lasting
Free of corrosion


8014-045 by Optima is one of the best battery for car audio. It truly unleash the power of audio system and does not get any sort of corrosion mess. It comes with 3-year warranty and it is durable enough to last longer.

No major downside has been reported about this battery.

Kinetik HC600 BLU Series

car battery for audio

HC600 is 12v power cell battery similar to Optima battery. It has AGM design with closed engross glass mat. You can use this battery for car audio as well as replacement battery for your original one. Kinetik battery is very suitable for car audio systems of 600 watts.

You can mount HC600 BLU series in any position thanks to its non-spillage sealed design. Also, it fights against heat and resist vibration effectively. The best part is that, it is very budget friendly and costs under $100 only.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Awful Quality of Terminals


HC600 is lightweight, compact and inexpensive battery for car audio. It is very appropriate for 600w audio systems. Compact enough to fit easily also in any position as you are not going experience any sort of leakage whatsoever.

On downside, the quality of terminals is very bad especially if you are going to use zero-gauge wires.

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Stinger SPV69C 1100

dry cell battery for car audio

SPV69C is dry cell battery for car audio systems. It has similar voltage of 12 like other batteries listed in this article. This battery is alike to HC600 in terms of design as they both possess AGM design with sealed absorbed glass mat. It is free of any hazardous material but, it is understood thing because it has dry cells. The leak proof design makes it very good for placing in any position you desire. One more thing, it has steel protective case and can be used for audio systems of 2000w.

Pros Cons
Powerful None reported
Spillage Free


Stinger SPV69c is one best battery for car audio in this list. Keep in mind that it is powerful enough to support car audio system of 2000 wattage flawlessly. Leak proof design makes it easy to fit inside your car and protective casing and AMG design makes it durable than most of the batteries out there.

We do not have enough data to report any downsides as, not many of the reviewers have used this battery so far.

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How to Choose the Best Battery for Car Audio

Choosing the battery for car audio system can be difficult task. But, we spent a lot of time on researching and listed some of the best one’s above. But, if you are not satisfied yet no problem. You can use the following steps to choose the best battery for car audio without any hassle.


Wattage is the most important thing to consider before purchasing battery for your audio system. All you prerequisite to do is consider the Cranking Amps and tally it to at smallest amount the number of entire watts your system is ramming.  For example, if you own a 1000-watt car audio system, you will require at minimum of 1000 CA (cranking amps).  You can move the numbers up like 1400 CA. It will not cause any issue.

Battery Dimensions

To have the right battery you surely need to know the exact dimensions of the place where you will be fitting it. So, before purchasing take the measurements. There are two steps to guarantee the dimensions are that will work with your vehicle.  First, study the overall height such as the posts of your respective current battery.

You should make sure that your replacement battery won’t protrude or surpass it posts in the stock battery.  In certain instances, the aftermarket battery posts may be taller compared to stock battery whilst still being fit in the positioning.

Also, keep into mind the post configuration to ensure you tend not to incorrectly connect the negative and positive terminals.   You must really befall own discretion because every vehicle are going to be different.  Second, examine the length and width with the replacement battery to be sure it fits inside stock battery housing.

Once those two steps are completed, then you can definitely compare your dimensions for the dimensions Listed on seller website.

Age of Battery

It may sound strange, but manufacturing date of batteries do matter. You probably already know that if batteries remain uncharged for certain time they can get damaged. So, before purchasing any sort of battery ensure that battery is less than 6 months old. If not, just leave the battery and go for newer one. Surely, you do not want to waste your hard-earned money on damaged battery.

Wet Cell or Dry Cell- Which one is better?

Dry cell batteries are higher in quality compared to wet cell batteries. Drier batteries last longer, offers more durability than wet ones. Note that, dry cell batteries can be expensive, but they do worth the price.

Be Curious About the Brand

Car battery is vital. We do not think anyone is going to oppose that so, always choose the brand which is reputable. Do not go for shady, unknown brands even if they are offering cheaper pricing. In a longer run you can save a lot of money by buying the right battery for excellent brand.

Get Advice from Pro

If you are still hesitant or confused about choosing the right battery for car audio, then consult some battery and car audio experts. There is no harm in consulting the professional because they can give you better advice than anyone.

Final Note

Okay fellas. This is the end of the list of best batteries for car audio. We spent around 42 hours in researching and gathering all the reviews from verified owners of the batteries. So, we are sure you are going to find one of the best battery for car audio from our list.

But, if not? You can use above mentioned tips for choosing the battery you desire for your car audio system.

In the end, all we request from you is to share our list with your friend and family on social media.

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