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Best Blender for Acai Bowl 2019 With (Buyer’s Guide)

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2019)

With regards to acai bowls, we really believe that the publicity is well-deserved. This beautiful dish is for all intents and purposes stuffed with nutrients, fiber and cell reinforcements. Yum, what a solid and delectable approach to kick off your morning. When it comes to acai bowls, we truly feel that the promotion is well deserved. This dish is for all intents and purposes stuffed with nutrients, fiber and cell reinforcements. What a sound and delightful approach to kick off your morning. The uplifting news is, you can make your very own acai bowl without any preparation and appreciate it from the solace of your home.

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Here are the fundamental five components of an effective acai bowl; fluid, solidified natural product, garnishes and obviously the best blender for acai bowl. And while you should deal with the initial four parts, we will assist you with picking the top of the line acai bowl blenders available. While it is conceivable to make Acai or Smoothie Bowls, you need to find the best smoothie blender for you. When utilizing The Quiet One for Acai Bowls you are required to stop the unit and blend the fixings with a spatula or spoon before proceeding to mix, this procedure can be disappointing in a business domain. Vita Prep 3 accompanies an alter handling instrument which empowers you to blend the fixings while mixing, which makes life simple and is another motivation behind why it’s the best blender to make Smoothie Bowls or acai bowls.

Despite the fact that the best blenders are super-flexible devices that can be utilized to purée broiled vegetable into soups or cleave fixings into salsa, many people utilize their blender for one errand: making smoothies. What’s more, if that is the situation, you don’t really require the freshest or most dominant blender available. You require the best blender for smoothies, one that can pound ice into a drinkable slush, slice through solidified organic products, and pummel even the stringiest create into a smooth fluid. So to locate the best smoothie blender, keep reading.

Acai Bowls and Smoothie Bowls are as of now extremely popular at all over Australia and in fact in the entire world. Not exclusively are Acai bowls very nutritious (with more than 2-3 times the counter oxidants dimensions of blueberries) however they likewise taste flavorful and can be displayed as wonderful centerpieces.

With regards to acquiring a blender for Acai Bowls it tends to be exceptionally troublesome knowing which blender to pick, not to stress, we have your back. Acai travel bags are an extremely intense item for any blender, it’s truly Acai berries that are solidified into square frame following collecting. You should make certain to put resources into a quality superior blender that will have the capacity to deal with the stone hard consistency.

Acai Bowls or Smoothie Bowls are extremely popular right now in bistros everywhere throughout the globe, Here we will mention some of the Best Blender to make Acai Bowls and Smoothie Bowls perfectly. For slashing sensitive fixings to mixing thick solidified blends a quality edge is plan and this is the reason the best Blenders are concocted to make Acai Bowls and Smoothie Bowls. It tastes so great in the warmth. It is so cold and invigorating, and it is a decent option in contrast to the ordinary nourishment you get at a show like nachos. It feels fulfilling and not very full. They could be made for a lot less expensive at home. It is a solid, invigorating feast to appreciate over and over.

Having the correct blender for the activity implies you are bound to continue utilizing it. By having the correct apparatus to carry out the responsibility, you will have a less demanding time building your acai bowl as opposed to taking the path of least resistance and settling on a microwaved dinner or sugary bowl of grain. In the event that anything, you should think about having the correct blender, so you hold your wellbeing under wraps. Besides, you should comprehend the advantages of what goes into a customary acai bowl.

Recently, nonetheless, the advantages of these berries have picked up ubiquity around the globe and are lauded for being ultra-gainful to one’s well-being and health. The berries are stuffed with stunning cancer prevention agent properties that you require in your life to ensure free extreme harm is killed with regards to your body. Not doing as such may prompt cell harm and various infections like malignant growth, diabetes and coronary illness. Furthermore, eating an acai bowl before you go to work or school may enable you to work efficiently.

So to make your life easier, better and healthier, and to help you make acai bowls faster, we have compiled some of the best and top listed blenders for smoothies and acai bowls below.

Best Blenders for Acai Bowls (Comparison)

Blender Volume
Blendtec Classic Original Blender- Editor's Choice 75 OZCheck Price


Blendtec Classic Original Blender- Editor’s Choice

Acai bowl blender

Check Price


This Blendtec classic blender will simplify your kitchen as it can do the work of many other kitchen appliances. It makes your favorite recipes turn out perfect every time. This jar features an extra wide base and a narrow side that helps you create a smoother and faster blend. Its blade is 80% thicker and ten times safer than other normal blades. It has amazing settings for different types of food; batters, smoothie, whole juice, hot soup, ice crush, ice cream and best for acai bowls. It’s motor easily crushes even the toughest ingredients and puree them in seconds. This is one of the most versatile kitchen appliance from creating steamy soups to frozen treats and everything in between. This amazing blender has a capability to replace your many other kitchen appliance, for instance; bread makers, juicers, coffee grinders, mixers and many more appliances, it removes extra clutter from your kitchen and earn a place on your counter. It’s amazing and the best blender for making acai bowls, and it also adds as it is multifunctional, and it’ll help you save your money.

This one touch, 6 preprogrammed cycles, 10 different speed manual controls the ability to achieve different textures. It gives you complete control to adjust your blending at any level. This blender heats soups and drinks through blade friction heat. If you add a little soap and water to the blender it will clean itself very well. It comes with a three-year warranty, which is great. It surely seem a little expensive, but it’s totally worth the price as it’s multifunctional and can replace your other appliances.

Pros Cons
Great quality Might be a little Expensive
Comes with three years warranty
Powerful motor
Amazing working blade



This blender comes with a multifunctional features, and it may replace your other electronic appliances as it does all of the other jobs. This blender is expensive but it’s totally worth the price as it’s not just meant for acai bowls, but it can easily make all of your other foods from hot soups to freezing texture food without any problem. It comes with 6 different preprogrammed features which makes blending easy. You would love your acai bowl as it’ll come out of the blender ready, you just need to do some toppings and enjoy your lovely acai bowl.


Best blender for acai bowl and smoothies

Check Price


This next blender or more of like a jar is a little cheap and best for you if you only want to buy something specifically for acai bowl or smoothie. It comes in two amazing sizes and colors; clear and red. This jar is built to the highest professional standards.

It’s designed to blend even your thickest recipes, like hummus, nut butters, baby food, thick shakes, dips, dressings acai bowls and more of what we might have missed. It comes with mini gripper lid, patented twister lid, and spectacular spatula. The patented twister lid comes with push and rotates the ingredients off the sides and into the blending vortex which results in a nice and smooth blend. That helps you avoid stopping to scrap the sides manually. The spectacular spatula helps you to easily scrape the contents of your jar, hence avoids all that extra mess. This is a 37 oz volume jar with 16 oz blending capacity (be it wet or dry).

The mini gripper lid is super easy to open and allows to add ingredients through center opening and releases pressure when you are blending hot liquids. It’s perfect and ideal for single serving smoothies or acai bowls, salad dressings, shakes, baby food and other thinner blends as it’s very handy and great for you when you are in a hurry. It also comes with 3 comprehensive year warranty.

This twisted jar is also compatible with other Blendtec consumer blenders. It’s super easy to use this jar as you only have to add the ingredients and twist the lid counter clockwise while the cycle of the blend is running. The spectacular spatula is made just the right length and shape so you can get every drop or your food out of the jar.

Pros Cons
Super affordable Not recommended for high tech functions
3-year warranty
Easy to use
Easy to clean with the help of that spectacular spatula
Great quality



This Blendtec twisted jar is affordable and ideal for you if you are looking for something to make your acai bowls easily and conveniently, you can definitely use it for other purposes too, like for baby food, shakes, acai bowls, smoothies, salad dressings or for other relatively thinner blends. It obviously doesn’t function like a proper blender which offers you numerous features and options. It is super easy and convenient to use and on the other hand it’s easy to clean too. Would definitely recommend this if you don’t want something really fancy rather just want an appliance to help you with acai bowl.


Best Professional blender for Acai bowl

Check Price


This Bestek professional blender best for smoothies/acai bowls is a multi functional blender with 6 programmed features on display as, juice, grind, smoothies, soy milk, soup, and sauces, but you can definitely use it for other food too. It has a 2 Liter large capacity jar which can make 8 cups, easily, It’s 100% BPA free and dishwasher safe which isn’t one of the quality which is common in blenders. This blender crushes food materials into tiny pieces within a few seconds. It has a powerful base ;1500W. Those difficult to process ingredients are not so difficult to reach out and blend now, thanks to the amazing 11.2 inches tamper.

It has a sturdy and tough driving gear with zinc alloy which avoids any melting or broken risk and delivers a persistent performance with no leak.  It gives a powerful performance from crushing ice to making drinks with whole vegetables and fruits. The powerful 1500 W horsepower motor and all metal stainless steel blades makes the very toughest jobs of grinding difficult food super easily. The 6 preprogrammed settings makes the blending more convenient. Measurements marking are clearly specified on the sturdy jar. Use the tamper to generate or create spreads and frozen desserts. This is also super easy to clean like most of the other blenders, you obviously just have to fill half of the jar with Luke warm water, add drops of liquid soap and blend it for 30 seconds, and you are done, for its longer life dry the parts before storing them.

Pros Cons
Double layered blade Noisy
Easy to clean
Pre-programmed functions makes it convenient for you



This bestek professional blender works great for almost every type of food formation. It’s super durable and affordable, it offers various functions which are great for its price. Despite of that a tiny issue that it’s loud it doesn’t have any other con, works very well with that double blade. Other blenders offering the same features are so pricey and might be one hell of an investment for you if you preferably want a blender for acai bowl/smoothie. It feels like too good to be true. You won’t regret this purchase as it’s cheaper than other blenders out there offering the same features.


Acai Smoothie blender buyer's guide

Following buyer’s guide will assist you in choosing the best blender for Acai bowls


The volume or limit of the blender compartment has a significant effect when you are purchasing a blender since it will decide the amount you can mix at once.


Blenders come in different speeds and pulse alternatives. To get a thought of the speed of a blender including the sharp edges focus on the kind of motor a blender has and the blending speed options.


On the off chance that you like your acai bowl to be thick or not is eventually up to you, but rather the correct blender implies you get the opportunity to pick the sort of smoothie you need.


This is additionally a major factor to consider since a few blenders are difficult to tidy up once you’re done, regardless of how great the smoothie tastes. Some top of the line blenders have unique highlights that make the cleaning part simple. Additionally, while you’re grinding away, see whether the blender container are dish washer verification, which dependably makes a difference.


Blenders are uproarious machines commonly, however some are more intense than others. To discover one with less clamor search for blenders with additional elastic cushioning that holds the noise pollution down.


The cost is continually going to have any kind of effect on the decision you make. While you would prefer not to purchase a blender that is too shabby which will think about the quality, you would prefer not to purchase a blender that will make a mark in your pocket. Some place down the center is the sweet spot while motivating a blender to prepare an acai bowl.


This will rely upon the brand, while some huge name brands have no issue giving guarantees going from 1 to 5 years, others may not be that certain on their gadget. To be protected, perused the producer data before purchasing a blender.


Final Verdict

Getting energized and stacked up with nutrients and minerals shouldn’t be so difficult. It doesn’t need to be the point at which you have a nutritious supper affability of your own best blender for acai bowl. The advantages of this astonishing super food are various. Between the cancer prevention agent properties just as the grain medical advantages, everyone needs this scrumptious and common berry so as to carry on with an extraordinary life.

With the best blender for acai bowl, you will have the capacity to make your very own smoothies, soups and sauces that fit your own dietary needs. Once you get hold of a blender like these then sky is the limit. They are on the whole simple to spotless, enjoyable to possess and will serve you and your family for a considerable length of time to come. Appreciate and get making.

These blenders are amazing, best, ideal and perfect for acai bowls, so get your hand on one of these and enjoy your acai bowls. Happy blending!

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