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9 Best Chromeboxes Reviewed July 2019- Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2019)

A Chromebox is a special computer operating Google’s Chrome OS. The gadget is a desktop option of the Chromebooks.

Chromebox is similar to former Chrome Operating systems, mainly assists web appsthereby depend on deeply on an Internet connectivity for software operations and information storing. These devices can be connected wirelessly or via ethernet port.

So, if you want a frivolous, compact computing possibilities that will allow you surf the internet, process the words for you and even run your desired shows and movies, then the Chromebox’s on our list are a prodigious site to begin.

We have gathered, listed and reviewed the best chromeboxes so, you can have the best possible computing experience with these compact, valuable and swift devices.

It took us more than 44 hours to do the research So, we are sure that you are going to find one of the best Chromebox in our list.

Name Specs
ASUS CHROMEBOX2-G095U Intel Celeron 3215U, 4 GB Ram, 16 GB SSDCheck Price
Acer Chromebox DT.Z0JAA.001 i7-5500U processor, 4 GB DDR3L, 16 GB Flash MemoryCheck Price
Acer Chromebox CXI2-i38GKM Intel Core i3-5005U, 8 GB RAM, 16 GB SSDCheck Price
HP J5N50UT Chromebox Intel Celeron 2955U 1.40 GHz 4GB RAM 16GB SSDCheck Price
ASUS CHROMEBIT-Editor's Choice RockChip 3288-C 2 GB LPDDR3L 16 GB eMMCCheck Price
Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox Intel 3205U 4GB 16GB SSDCheck Price
Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Celeron Processor B840, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB storageCheck Price
A-OPEN 91.MED00.GA10 Chromebox Quad Core, 16Gb EmmcCheck Price
ASUS CHROMEBOX 3- Best Chromebox Intel Celeron, 4K UHD GraphicsCheck Price



Asus Chromebox

Asus is very well-known brand in the world of technology. And so far, they have produced the best chromeboxes as well. The G095U is a powerful Chromebox, you are going to get intel 3215U Processor which is prevailing enough for running chrome OS flawlessly.

Chromebox2 by Asus offers 4 GB ram to support the processing speed also you will get M.2 SSD drive which is NFFG 16 GB.

If you look at it’s design its pretty straight forward shaped like square box with the gray color. We should mention that upon testing this device we came to know that it boots up very fast. Anyhow, it has dual band wireless for strong connectivity and streaming HD media without lagging also for surfing the internet.

G095U offers two ports one is HDMI and second is display port. It also has DD3L memory graphic technology. Chromebox2 is very lightweight you can even VESA mount it.

Tech Details

Let’s sum up its technical details.

  • It supports the max resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • Has 1.7 GHZ i3 3215 U Celeron processor with the DD3 Ram of 4 GB which has memory speed of 1600 MHZ.
  • 4 3.0 USB ports and wireless connectivity options of 802.11 ac band and Bluetooth.
  • Also, 16 GB solid state drive and weights only 1.32 pounds.


Pros Cons
Lightweight No dedicated Graphics
fast boot
Good Ram memory



G095U by Asus is very lightweight, its boot very fast also ram is powerful enough to run multiple tabs without lag. As, chrome OS is not as heavy as windows so, you are going to feel its quick speed even on i3 processor. Without any doubt, it is best Chromebox for overall use. Hey, but if you want to play some games then this Chromebox cannot cut for you because it has no dedicated graphics.

Check Price

Acer Chromebox DT. Z0JAA.001- Best Chromebox for business

best chromebox infowizard

If you are looking for truly powerful processing Chromebox than Acer DT. Z0JAA.001 Should be your choice. Because, this little box carries dual core i7 processor which makes the Chrome OS works lightning fast.

You are also going to get 4 GB DD3L SD Ram in Acer Chromebox and 16 GB flash memory. Disappointingly, it possess no dedicated graphics even though it costs around $700. You are going to get integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics which off course, sufficient enough to run low to average games and graphic software’s but we still expected more from this Chromebox.

Tech details  

  • Z0JAA.001 Offers i7-5500 U processor.
  • Ram of 4 GB.
  • Intel 5500 Integrated Graphics card
  • It has DD3 Sd ram memory type with the flash memory size of 16 GB.


Pros Cons
Very fast processing No dedicated Graphics
Adequate RAM Expensive
lag free multi-tasking
Powerful enough for business use



Like we mentioned above it has the i7 processor which is extremely fast for Chrome OS and Chromebox. The ram is sufficient enough to handle multi-tasking and more than 10 browsing tabs without hanging and slowing down.

If, you want to use it for meeting and businesses purposes than you should buy this one but if you want the Chromebox for home and entertainment purposes you will not going to find this one suitable for you because it costs double than CHROMEBOX2-G095U and no dedicated graphics to run some heavy games.

In short, best Chromebox for business use however not for home users.

Check Price

Acer Chromebox CXI2-i38GKM

best chromeboxes

Fan of Acer? No problem, the above one is for business but this one is truly for home users. So, Acer pampered up home users complain by offering CXI2-i38GKM to them.

CXI2-i38GKM possesses core i3-5005U 5th generation processor.  Acer also upgraded the ram to 8 Gb in this unit while Acer Chromebox DT. Z0JAA.001 Has 4 GB.  For storing CX12 offers 16 GB SSD.

Tech Details

  • It comes with 2 GHZ 5th generation core i3-5530U processor
  • DD3 8 GB RAM for to make the data reach processor faster
  • For Storage CXI2-i38GKM Solid State Drive with the memory of 16 GB.
  • Acer CX12 Chromebox has integrated Intel HD 5500 Graphics card
  • It also has 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • For wireless connectivity it has 802.11 ac


Pros Cons
Excellent RAM No Bluetooth connectivity
Good Speed 5th generation processor
plenty of USB ports
Storage is enough for home use
comes with keyboard and mouse



This is very good Chromebox for home users especially if you prefer bigger Ram. Speed is also ample for using it flawlessly for home and entertainment purpose. You also going to get a lot of USB connectivity ports despite it’s small size. 16 GB SSD is average but enough for streaming and normal use. CXI2-i38GKM Also comes with free keyboard and mouse which makes it easy to use also save your time as you don’t have to buy them separately.

Now, let’s check out its downsides we were very pumped for this Chromebox because it offers a lot to ordinary user but maybe they forgot that it’s Bluetooth generation also the processor is little outdated in our opinion.

Overall, best and enough for home users.

Check Price


HP J5N50UT Chromebox

HP Chromebox

If, you are searching for Chromebox for the purpose of browsing internet or want to replace your outdated hefty desktop then we think you are going to like HP J5N50UT. In this device Hp does not have plenty to offer but sufficient for running Chrome OS, browsing internet and doing basic tasks lag free.

This device offers intel Celeron processor, 4 GB ram and 16 GB solid state drive. It has similar design to another Chromebox and possess no extra special feature worth mentioning. Like, we said it is good enough for browsing and basic tasks.

Tech details

  • J5N50UT Chromebox has 2955U intel Celeron dual Processor with the speed of 1.6 GHZ
  • DD3 SDRAM with memory of 4 GB
  • The storage is 16 GB just similar to average Chrome boxes
  • Intel integrated Graphics chipset
  • For connectivity 802.11 ac
  • Number of usb 3.0 ports are 4


Pros Cons
Easy to use No Bluetooth
A lot of Usb ports Cannot be used as DVR
Best replacement for older desktops



Well, Hp also made the Chromebox and surprisingly it is standing in the list as one of the best Chromebox as a replacement for hefty outdated desktops. There is no rocket science to use this one even you can gift this to your grand pa and he will be happy to replace it with his old computer this is how much easy the Chrome OS is.

You surely can enjoy browsing on this Chromebox. Unexpectedly, it is very fast we opened the 12 tabs on Google Chrome and it not slowed down so, we came to know that Intel Celeron is powerful enough with 4 GB ram that’s why you not seeing it’s processor in the list of cons.

Now, the cons you are going to find are no Bluetooth connectivity also it is not suitable Chromebox if you want to use it as a streaming device with your TV, home theatre or Cinema.

Check Price


ASUS CHROMEBIT- Editor’s Choice


Chromebit by Asus changes everything in the industry of chrome boxes because it does not shape like a box at all also it is very small and costs a lot cheaper than all best Chromebox devices mentioned in this list.

This device truly shows the meaning of getting bang for your buck. (Well, Asus is famous for that already. Oh! Also you can check out list of ASUS laptops which truly offers outstanding value).

Anyhow, back to the Chromebit. Does not get fooled with it’s small because it is packed with powerful punch of awesome specs.

You can turn any HDMI display into PC just by connecting this USB sized Chromebox. You can also connect it easily wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 and its dual band WIFI connectivity options.

For storage it offers 16 GB flash memory you can connect and use it by connecting it any USB 2.0 port just like WIFI dongle.

It also has HDMI extending cable to connect it more easily.  With its 100 GB chrome Drive Storage you can run thousands of Chrome OS apps.

Tech Details

  • For Processing Asus Chromebit offers Rock chip RK3288 processor with the speed of 1.8 GHZ,
  • To assist the Processor it has 2 GB SDRAM.
  • Integrated Rock chip Mali T764 is its Graphic Processor.
  • For wireless connectivity you have types of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth
  • And it only has 1 2.0 USB port.
  • It is very lightweight as it weighs only 2.72 ounces


Pros Cons
Smallest Chromebox None Found
Very Fast



Most “surprising” and “best Chromebox” these words sums up Chromebit nicely. It is as small as USB which makes it very portable and lightweight. On top of that, it costs under $90 and makes it most inexpensive Chromebox Ever.

Despite being the smallest and cheapest it works fast enough to run multiple apps and Browser tabs without lagging. Yes surely, it is not for heavy use but if you are the person on the go and want pocket size Chromebox then ASUS Chromebit is worthy your money.

We Found no downsides in this device. So, because of its cheap pricing, excellent features and quality it has been selected by our Editor’s as top choice.

Check Price

Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox

Chromebox infowizard

We think after Asus Lenovo is the brand which provides the maximum returns in form of features and quality for your investment. We are not their representatives, but we think this Chromebox proves that and we are saying that after vigorous testing.

It is also known as business desktop as it comes with Celeron 3205U. Do not get fooled with “Celeron” processor because it is not slow at all.

It also has DD3SL 4 Gb Ram with 1600 GHZ processing and the ram is the reason behind it’s fast processing. Just like many similar Chromeboxes it offers 16 SSD drive and for graphics it comes with Intel HD Chipset.

Lenovo ThinkCentre also has wired Keyboard and mouse. So, basically it is a complete system all you need is a Display Monitor.  You can also connect this device with two displays at the same time.

Tech details

  • Think center Chromebox has 1,5 GHZ Intel Celeron Processor
  • Ram of 4 GB with Memory Speed of 1600 MHZ
  • Solid State Drive of 16 GB
  • Integrated Graphics coprocessors
  • It weights 4 pounds
  • For connectivity Bluetooth, Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-7260, Gigabit Ethernet and Lan port


Pros Cons
Offers best value Crashes if you install heavy softwares
Easy to Use
Requires no maintenance
Streams Tv flawlessly
Offers best value



After Asus Chromebit, it was very hard to find good Chromebox, but we think Lenovo changed our opinion via Think center Chromebox. It offers best value for your money, you can use it for surfing web, streaming tv without any issues also suitable for business use. It almost covers everything you need in Chromebox so, we highly recommend you buy it. Lenovo Chromebox comes with integrated keyboard and mouse as well.

But, you can experience Chrome OS crashing if you try to use very heavy apps and softwares. We think, to run heavy softwares windows OS are still best.

Check Price


Samsung Series 3 Chromebox

Chromebox 3 best

Not a lot of difference between Series 3 Chromebox and other brands in terms of specs but it’s design is truly eye-catching which makes it stands out. It has slim and sleek design and we can say that even in Chromebox industry Samsung does not disappoint with their designing.

Like we said, specs are similar to others. It offers Intel Celeron processor, 4 GB Ram and 16 GB Hard Drive.

Tech Details

  • Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Comes with 1.5 GHZ Celeron B840 Processor
  • It powers its processing with SDRAM of 4 GB
  • 16 GB Hard drive for Storing your Data
  • Graphics Coprocessing is done Via Intel HD
  • For Connectivity it offers 802.11bgn
  • Weighs only 2.64 Pounds


Pros Cons
Elegant Design Lacks Bluetooth Connectivity
WIFI works very Well No support for USB Audio
Also Works Great as a media device



Series 3 Chromebox is nice device with decent design. It’s WIFI also works faster than many other brands we mentioned in this list, you can use it as a media device as well as for just for internet surfing. It’s lightweight is also plus point.

On negative sides, it does not have Bluetooth connectivity while it’s competitor offering it. And you are going to find annoying that it does not support USB Audio (Those whom uses webcam with Audio they can understand this downside very well).

Check Price


A-OPEN 91. MED00.GA10 Chromebox

Aopen chromebox mini

We were surprised to find this Chromebox. Lets be honest we do not have much information about this device as we not tested it ourselves, but it has positive reviews by it’s customers so, we decided to add this one in our list.

We tried to avoid it because it is Chinese made and we are not a big fan, but it offers plenty of features and its users are happy.

It only weighs 2 pounds comes with some quad core processor and 16 GB Emmc Memory, Basically, this Chromebox is designed for media purposes only and doing its job flawlessly according to its customers.

Tech Details

Quad Core Processor (Brand is Unknown to us)

  • 16 GB EMMC
  • Warranty of One year
  • You can connect via Bluetooth, WIFI and USB
  • HDMI port
Pros Cons
Cheap None Reported
Excellent for media use



This Chinese made Chromebox is cheap though offers plenty of features. It is very good for media use and design is compact.

No one has reported any drawback about this device.

Check Price


ASUS CHROMEBOX 3- Best Chromebox

best chromebox

Chromebox 3 is upgraded model of ASUS 2nd Chromebox Series. This device is truly flawless offers a lot of features and best part is that it offers outstanding value as expected from ASUS.

It has Celeron processor but it’s RAM memory type has been upgraded to DDR4 also you are going to get more spacious 32 GB M.2 SATA solid State Drive which is very fast for Chrome OS.

Graphics are also enjoyable thanks to its intel 4k UHD graphic chipset. It also offers type C connectivity to support DVI and VGA connections.

It also offers plenty of connectivity options including Bluetooth and USB 3.1 port both A and C type.

Tech Details

Quick overview of its technical specs.

  • 8 GHZ Intel Celeron 3215U processor
  • DD4 4 GB RAM
  • For Graphics Intel HD 610 chipset
  • 2 USB 2.0 Ports
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports
  • Chromebox 3 weighs 2.2 pounds only.
  • 32 GB flash Memory Solid State Drive


Pros Cons
Plenty of connectivity options None
Excellent Graphics
5 USB ports



We have shared many Asus Chromeboxes in this list as they are leading in producing them and truly providing outstanding value to it’s customer. If you look at Asus Chromebox 3rd series, you are going to find virtually everything. Without any doubt, this is one of the best Chromebox we came across with plenty of connectivity options.

UHD graphics, 5 usb ports, type A and C connectivity, 32 GB Flash storage and costs under $250 what more? It has no downsides at all.

It runs extremely fast. We opened 20 tabs at a time and connected with two screens at the same time we experienced no lags no crashes and streaming results on 4k and UHD TV were also top notch.

So, Chromebox 3 by Asus is one of the best.

Check Price

 Chromebox Buying Guide

Always look following things while choosing the best Chromebox. Your preferences can vary according to your need. However, the following tips will be essential to give you general idea.

Processing Power

This is most important thing to look for when you decide to buy Chromebox. Why? because, if you end up buying Chromebox which has little processing power you can experience a lot of lagging and slow processing. E.g, if processor is slow and you try to open multiple tabs your machine can get hang for a moment. We have personally tested this and experienced lagging while using Google Chrome.


Ram and processor compliment each other so, always go for a maximum ram the minimum should be 2 GB so, you can experience smooth working. However, 4 GB of ram is highly recommended in Chromeboxes.

External Ports 

External ports are beneficial if you want to connect and transfer data from external hard drive or USB. Also, you can use external hard drives to increase the storage space as Chromeboxes does not offer a lot of built in storage like PC.


Go for a Chromebox which offers good quality of Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity as it will make it more easy to use. As, now a days everything is going wireless so, if you want to connect a wireless earbuds you need a good Bluetooth connectivity.

Weight and Storage 

Chromeboxes are compact and easy to carry. And, if you want to use it on the go ensure that you opt for a chromebox which is easy to carry and store. Like, we listed above ASUS chrome bit.


Alright guys, these are the best Chromeboxes. We spent almost 44 hours in testing, researching and reviewing them. Minus, the writing, editing and publish time.

According to our research Asus Chromebit is one of the best budget friendly Chromebox, For Overall usage, Asus Chromebox 3 beats everyone. DT. Z0JAA.001 by Acer Is perfect for business use and CHROMEBOX2-G095U for home users. But again, this is our opinion and you can choose  according to your preference and needs.

IF you want to appreciate our hard work you can share this list with others. Also, subscribe to our mailing list to directly receive our latest and exclusive reviews, information and lists directly to your email inbox.


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