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10 Best Desk Fans Reviewed June 2019

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)

When it comes to fans, you will discover a vast class- Window fans, ceiling fans, desk fans, USB fans and even handheld fans among the numerous other selections. For now, let’s look at desk fans as they are one of the utmost familiar picks in workplace compartments as well as houses.

Desk fans are created for lone resolution – to cool off individuals, as they are focused directly at you. They are light weight and moveable, so you can bring them from one part of building to the other without breaking your back or just leave them anywhere you want.

These fans are very ideal for place of work, lodges, convoys, ships as well as for your learning chamber and living room. Another additional advantage of desk fans is their low electricity feeding rate; they do not consume a lot of power to work.  Though, there are many features to consider when purchasing desk fans.  But, first let’s check out best desk fans and then the buyer’s guide which we added as well in this list.

The following list of desk fans is random. We have spent more than 168 hours in researching and reviewing desk fans.

Desk Fan Comparison Table

Name Weight
Vornado 630- Editor's Choice 6.61 poundsCheck Price
Honeywell HT-900- Best cheapest desk fan 2.6 poundsCheck Price
Hurricane Clip Fan- Best for personal Use 1.85 poundsCheck Price
O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Desktop 10.1 ouncesCheck Price
Genesis 6-Inch Clip-On Fan 1.95 poundsCheck Price
Avalon Convertible Table-Top 1.95 poundsCheck Price
OPOLAR 9 Inch Battery Operated- BEST DESK FAN 2.12 poundsCheck Price
Aikoper USB Small-BEST DESK FAN FOR OFFICE 12.3 ouncesCheck Price
OPOLAR Portable Silent Desk Fan n/aCheck Price
Dyson Air Mulitiplier AM06 6.9 poundsCheck Price


Vornado 630- Editor’s Choice

Vornado 630 fan

630 Desk fan by Vornado is one of the best desk fan in the market because it not only offers the personal cooling but also circulate the whole room. Vornado 630 believes to be one of the best desk fan for living room or any spacious place. E.G, if you have your own room inside office this desk fan will be perfect for you.

This desk fan has beautiful circular design. Without any doubts, the circulation and air through quality is top notch as it can go up to 70 feet. In spite of it’s powerful air circulation it has very quiet working. You are not going to hear its voice more than a whisper.

It comes with 3-speed settings and multi direction options. You can also remove its grill to clean its blades without any hassle. Vornado offers 5-year limited warranty and fulfills the United States Voltage requirements.

Pros Cons
Powerful None
Easy to clean
worth the money
energy efficient



For our editor it was obvious choice because this is one of the most powerful desk fan with very less noise. Its blades are very easy to clean. It costs under $60 which truly provides the value to your money because Vornado 630 offers more features and quality than you are paying for. It also obeys the USA voltage requirements and consumes very less energy 🔌.

Our editor is using this desk fan since, we purchased it for reviewing and we have not found any drawbacks yet.

Check Price


Honeywell HT-900- Best Budget friendly desk fan

best desk fan

Ht-900 turbo fan by Honeywell is one of the cheapest desk fan in the market. Like, majority of desk fans it also has circular movement and design. It uses aerodynamic turbo force technology to produce the maximum air. Even though, this fan is cheap its quality is still very good and known as one of the most intense cooling desk fan for personal use.

Ht-900 does not consume much electricity which makes it energy saver without any uncertainty. 😕

If you look at it’s blades you will find the size of them are 9-inches and surprisingly the whole fan lengths at 11 inches.

Pros Cons
Budget friendly Not very long lasting
powerful circulation
Can be used as mounted fan



One of the inexpensive but best desk fan. It has very powerful circulation with very silent working. This is desk fan, but you can also mount it if you find it convenient. The drawback of durability was apparent. This fan cannot last long the maximum it can give you 2 years and then you will need to replace it.

Check Price


Hurricane Clip Fan- Best for Personal Use

clip desk fan

If you are looking for a lightweight, portable and easily clip able desk fan then Hurricane is among the best. This is one of the easily mountable desk fan just like hair clip.

It has two speed setting with silent operation. Hurricane clip fan is simple desk fan for the use of small spaces and Personal cooling.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Lacks durability
silent operation



Clip fan by hurricane is very lightweight. The outstanding feature is that it can be clipped anywhere around your desk or on the desk for personal cooling. As, it does not produce a lot of energy and only have two speed setting it runs short on noise side. This desk fan is also cheap and because it is cheap it lacks durability and not suitable for long term use.

Check Price


O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Desk Fan

desk fans

Portable desk fan by O2Cool is battery operated one. This fan is very portable you can carry it anywhere with you. It has compact folding system and 2 speed settings. It uses two D size batteries which you have to buy separately.

This desk fan stands out in the disastrous conditions and places like if you are suffering from electricity outage due to storm or for any other reason you can stay cool with this fan without the need of electricity

Pros Cons
Very portable Material is not good
Does not require electricity
Compact folding
Very cheap



Very portable desk fan which runs on D size batteries. It has compact folding and costs under $10. On downsides, it lacks built quality. But, you are paying less than 10 bucks so, it stills worth the money.

Check Price


Genesis 6-Inch desk Fan

clip on fan

Genesis 6-inch is 2-in-1 desk fan. As it is convertible and can be placed on the top of the desk or can be clipped near your table. This fan is very quiet as it does not produce any kind of sound at all. Genesis desk fan is very suitable for dorm rooms and cubicles.

It offers two speed settings and moveable head. Its direction grip is also very sturdy which keeps the air flow in the direction you adjusted.

Pros Cons
Very quiet None
sturdy directional grip



Genesis 6-inches costs under $10, It has nice airflow with very quiet operation. You can also use it as clipped or table top fan. The best part about this fan is its sturdy directional grip. Even though, this desk fan is cheap it has no major downsides.

Check Price


Avalon Convertible 6-Inch Desk Fan

table top fan

This fan is similar to Genesis. It has also similar features. 2 speed settings. Convertible to table top or clipper. On noise side it is very quiet. The head is also adjustable with strong grip for smooth air flow at adjusted angle.

Pros Cons
Cheap Lacks quality
Strong adjustability



You are going to find Avalon and Genesis similar in terms of features, but Genesis beats it in quality. However, this desk fan is also cheap, quite and has good head adjustability.

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OPOLAR 9 Inch Battery Operated- BEST DESK FAN

Best Desk fan

OPOLAR battery operated is one of the best desk fan under $30. It comes in three colors black, blue and pink.  As, its name suggest that OPOLAR desk fan is battery operated. The best thing about its working is you can use it with single or double battery. With single battery you can use it for 3-6 hours while with double batteries you will get timing of 9-10 hours.

It runs very quietly and produce enough air flow for top-notch cooling. The battery require to run this fan are 5200 MAH. Its working is also very silent and does not produce annoying noises while running. OPOLAR desk fan comes with batteries you do not have to buy them separately.

9-Inch Battery fan by OPOLAR offers two speed settings and one-year warranty. This fan is very fitting for personal, office, travel and for a place with no electricity.

Pros Cons
Portable None Found
easy to operate
Good air flow
one-year warranty



OPOLAR has been selected as best desk fan in this list because it is portable, can be used on the go, its working is quiet, it provides the very good air flow despite being running on batteries and comes with one-year warranty. Also, we not found any drawbacks in this fan.

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one touch desk fan

USB table fan by Aikoper possess a very unique yet beautiful design. It comes in two colors black and white and costs under $20. Aikoper is very small in size so, you can place it anywhere and to run you need to have a USB port.

It has twin blade design which are turbo powered and produce very powerful air flow. The design is not only good, but it also play vital role in angling the right directions and best part is that it has one touch control instead of buttons. So, this fan does not only cool but also produce enough air flow to impress your office colleagues.

This fan comes with 1-year warranty.

Pros Cons
Unique design No major downside found
Excellent air flow
one touch control



Aikoper is one of the best desk fan for office it has a unique elegant design with excellent air flow for personal cooling. It has also ditched the old style of on/off button and you can operate it with one touch control. This fan is also compact enough to place even on small tables. Upon our testing we found no downsides.

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OPOLAR Portable Silent Desk Fan

silent desk fan

One More Fan from OPOLAR in our list. This one is silent desk fan as it comes with 7-inch blades which only produce strong air flow without any noise.

You can operate OPOLAR portable desk fan via Usb or batteries. The choice is totally yours. The top feature we noticed in this fan is timer. You can set timer for 1,2 or 4 hours and it will automatically shut down after set time. Design wise it’s a beauty and built quality is also sturdy.

you are going to require 4 AA cells if decide to run OPOLAR portable silent desk fan on batteries. You can also use it via USB with 5v output.

This fan not only looks beautiful but also has slim design and weighs only 330G.  You can rotate OPOLAR silent desk fan from 0 to 90-degress effortlessly. It also has 3 speed settings from low to high.

Pros Cons
Excellent Silent desk fan None
Looks Beautiful



OPOLAR small is one of the best silent desk fan on amazon. It is very lightweight, compact and slim. Also, no one reported any negatives. OPOLAR Portable fan costs under $16.

Check Price


Dyson Air Multiplier AM06

small fan on amazon

If you are into latest technology and want to spend more than this luxurious desk fan by Dyson is one of the best. It uses trending patent Air multiplier technology to generate a powerful flow of air without any blades. This is safest desk fan if you have children and pets running around.

AM06 is also very easy to clean and operate. It comes with 2-year parts and labor warranty. Hence, it has no spinning blades so there is not a single sound which makes it luxurious silent desk fan.

As it is expensive and luxurious fan it comes with remote control and offers 10 type of settings for air flow. Curved Remote of Dyson AM06 can be stored in the compartment inside fan.

It also has sleep time which be set for as low as 15 minutes and as high as for nine hours.

Pros Cons
Patent Air multiplier tech Expensive
Beautiful Heavy
Blades Free
silent operation
safe for pets and kids



Dyson AM06 uses latest technology for generating air flow. It has no blades which makes it very safe to use around pets and kids. The design is very beautiful and easy to use remote control makes it work efficient. No spinning blades means it does not produce any sort of annoying noise which makes it very suitable for bedroom, congested office or places.

On downsides this desk fan is very expensive costs under $280 and it is heavy compared to other desk fans as it weighs around 7 pounds. However, if you have the money to spend and you are looking for best desk fan then we highly encourage you to buy this because it offers long term return and quality on your investment.

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Desk Fan Buyer’s Guide

Here are the characteristics that you have to consider when choosing desk fans.

Fixed or oscillating

Most desk fans possess this feature. To keep the fan steady or even oscillate all this you have to do is always to push or pull the headlock. If the fan is fixed the airflow is directed only in one direction. This can be advantageous should you be the only with all the fan. However, just in case someone else needs some cooling too you have got to make use of the oscillating feature. When the fan oscillates, it rotates thus directing the airflow in a number of directions.

Speed Settings

This feature won’t exist in the first few types of the desk fan. However, the present-day fan featuring three speed settings. You can use these settings to improve or slow up the flow of air that may be directed closer.

Blade Diameter

Bigger diameter produces more air than blades with smaller diameter. Therefore, if you wish to maximize the number of air you’re going to get out of your desk fan, pick the one while using wider blade diameter.


Desk fans must have non-slip feet or base to keep it constantly in place. It should stay there even when the fan is vibrating rather heavily and will not topple easily just in case you accidentally bump in it.

These are just some of the functions that you need to have a look at. Contemplate on each feature and find the fan that’s best for you.

How to Maintain Your Desk Fan Properly?

Desk fans provide inexpensive and sufficient cooling for just a small area, in case you do not take caution and regularly take care of your table fan, not simply will the cooling power on the fan decrease, nevertheless, you will most likely ought to spend some dollars to get it fixed. To avoid that, the following is an easy guide to sustain your table fan. You will need lint-free cloth, normal cloth, gentle soap, water plus a handheld vacuum.

  1. Switch off the electrical source. To avoid electrocution, unplug the table fan through the electrical outlet.
  2. Vacuum the vents. Using the handheld vacuum, vacuum the vents located in the motor housing at the back from the fan. This is to be sure air circulates in the motor.
  3. Remove the fan grill. Before you do this, examine the model with the fan. If it is one where they choose screws to put together the grill, then you definitely best obtain a screwdriver readily available. If it is one the spot that the grills are simply just kept in place using movable brackets, then you definitely just must unclip these brackets.
  4. Clean the blades and soak the grill. To save time, soak the grill in the tub of warm soap and water to remove accumulated dust when you proceed to completely clean the fan blades. You can tend to clean the blades much better still coupled to the fan body, or you can unscrew to eliminate it through the body. Using a cloth, dampen it with some soap solution. It is better to utilize one that is for household cleaning purposes. Wipe the blades gently, taking care to eliminate all dust and grime. Leave the blades as well as the grill to dry completely.
  5. Wipe the external aspects of your fan. While looking forward to the blades and grill to dry, utilize lint-free cloth to wipe down any excess dust on the base of the table fan and its particular surrounding areas. You can dampen the lint-free cloth, but make sure not let any water drip in to the electrical components in the fan.
  6. Reassemble the table fan parts. Do so in the event the blades plus the grill have dried completely. Make sure that you screw the blades back on tightly.
  7. Maintain regularly. You can do this simple cleaning and looking after procedure at least a month. But and keep off excess dust and grime, blow the blades with all the handheld vacuum or maybe a compressed can of air every week.

These seven simple measures to clean and keep your table fan guarantee which you are satisfying cooling experience together with avoiding any unwanted repair costs.

Final Conclusion

Okay, my friends and enemies 😉 this is the end of the list of best desk fans. Like, we mentioned earlier we spent more than 160 hours on researching. If, you want to appreciate our hard do it via sharing it with others, so a lot of people can save their time and have the best possible shopping experience.

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