best diver watch under $2000

Best Diver Watch Under 2000

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2018)

If you are looking for diver watch under 2000 you have landed on the right place. In this article we are going to share best diver watch available within 2000. But, first you should understand what diver watches are and how to differentiate between diver and water-resistant watches.

If you considered that is a no-brainer – that simply by exploring the tag or even the label on the watch will disclose what sort of watch it’s, you may be a type of people that might be misled by some clever advertising models. The ‘diver watch’ label draws attention as it really is familiar with project an eye fixed of someone using a cool or outgoing personality. If you are not about to utilize a diver watch over a dive, then choice. watch has properly maintained dive properties will not be vital that you you. However, if you’re planning to look diving using a diver watch, you best continue reading. While there are various diver watches that hold true to their name, there are several watches that use the ‘diver watch’ label being a marketing gimmick. It might seem like one, nonetheless it won’t perform or last like one. Here are a few features that each one diver watches must have:

The most crucial aspect of diver watches should be its water proof rating. When you check out any watch’s water proof rating, you’d must check whether it’s rated that has a diver’s rating. Generic ratings like ‘Water Resistant to 50 m’ don’t imply that this watch is a great one till 50 m deep underwater. If you keep read this wrist watch manual in the said watch, many times that the timepiece manufacturers don’t recommend by using their type of watch out for snorkeling or diving. Why? Because it’s a theoretical rating made when both the timepiece and water are perfectly still – something that’s impossible in person. What you should really watch out for are water proofing ratings that state something like “Diver’s 200 m”. Those ratings demonstrate that the timepiece has become tested being best for diving.

Another feature of diver watches that you must hunt for is the case-back and crown could be the ‘screw-down’ type or you cannot. Most dress watches simply have ‘push-down’ crowns – consequently when you wished to adjust time of one’s watch you simply must take out the crown and begin turning. ‘Screw-down’ crowns need unscrew the crown first one which just pull out for almost any adjustment.

Screwing about the crown and the back in the watch case seals the full watch case and prevents water from seeping in. If you see any watch that may be labeled like a ‘diver watch’ but has case-backs and crowns that only ‘push-down’, it’s likely that high who’s won’t be competent to keep water out when this watch goes deeper underwater.

Next, all diver watches should come that has a unidirectional bezel – unidirectional being the real key word. Since you is going to be utilizing the bezel to monitor time underwater in order that you won’t talk about some time (say because of your respective gas tank capacity), you will not want the bezel delivering the clockwise direction that may incorrectly reveal that you might have longer available!

Something else you could possibly notice is the fact watch cases of diver watches generally are a little greater than normal watches and therefore are quite sturdy. The reason for this is the fact this wrist watch case must be able to withstand the stress functioning on becoming it’s going deeper underwater. Therefore, the walls from the watch case in addition to the crystal ought to be slightly thicker this also increases its overall size. The watch case should not possess a flimsy feel with it.

Now, let’s look at top 3 best diver watches available under $2000.


Tag Heuer Aqua racer 300M Chronograph-Editor’s Choice

best diver watch under 2000

 Aqua racer by Tag is one of the best diver watch under 2000. It has elegant design. It has silver stainless steel bracelet and black dial. You can take it under water as deep as 300m which is equal to 1000 feet. As the name suggests it has chronograph, you can also set and see date, time on the dial and it has rotating bezel.

The movements are powered by Quartz and it has scratch resistant sapphire glass. Also, it has strong built and can take maximum pressure without breaking any sweat.

Despite its hefty design it only weighs at 1.1 pounds. The diameter of dial is 44mm and thickness is only 13mm. The width of band is 18mm and the clasping can be done by its deployment buckle.

Pros Cons
Pure Class None
Elegant Design
Can resist water under 300m


This diver watch costs under $2000 only but it offers pure class to it’s customers as you can expect from Tag Heuer. The design is beautiful and elegant. And, if you are thinking to go under water while wearing it you have no worries because you can take it 1000 feet down. This watch has reported no drawbacks.

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Oris Aquis Blue Dial Men’s Watch

diver watch

 Aquis blue by Oris is another best diver watch under 2000. It has a beautiful design. It is round shaped; the material of dial window is made from anti reflective sapphire. The display type of this diver watch is analog. The bands are made of high quality, unbreakable rubber with the length of 8.5 and width of 25 mm.

The case diameter is 43mm and thickness is 13mm. It also has ceramic bezel material. The bezel function is unidirectional, the clasp type is deployment buckle with double impulse button for extra safety.

The diver watch can resist water till depth of 984 feet.  Aquis blue has automatic movement machinery and this watch weighs 12.84 ounces.

Pros Cons
Sturdy Not suitable for regular use
Premium finish
Durable material



 No doubt, it is one of the best diver watch under 2000 as it has sturdy design with premium looks, the band is also very comfortable and does not feel fragile. The con of this watch it is not built for regular use because no matter, how strong it’s wrist band it can get damaged with rough use. So, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Davosa Swiss Made Men Watch

divers watch under $2000

 This is 3rd best diver under 2000 in our list. Davosa watch offers style and performance. Unlike, Oris Aquis it can be used roughly. Means, you can use it during playing sports, attending some fashionable party, meeting someone casually or attending a business meeting. It can be used on any occasion. But, in this article we are talking about diver watches so, this swiss made diver watch can take you 200m deep with it.

This one is also in round shape. Its dial is anti-glare sapphire, the time it displays is in analog format. The material of its case is stainless steel with the diameter of 42mm and thickness of 15.5 mm. The band is also made of stainless steel and it comes in generic men size. The black with silver band makes it very beautiful divers watch.

It uses the mechanical movement and weighs 2 pounds.

Pros Cons
Outstanding value Clasp is not first-class
Luxurious design
Excellent built quality


 When you hold and wear this watch you can have the feeling of luxury. It quality, design and material makes you feel like you are holding an extremely expensive watch, but it is not expensive as it available under $ 2000 hence, it offers outstanding value. The downside? The clasp is not high-quality like it’s case and dial.

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 In this list we have only added the best diver watches which are under $2000. You can find many divers watches for higher pricing in the market as well. If, you like our list please do not forget to share it with others.

Also, in case you are using diver watch under 2000 which is not listed here, and you want us to mention it. Kindly, share that watch with us in the comment section or by contacting us. We will gladly review and add your beloved diver watch in our list.

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