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10 Best Geiger Counters to Buy in 2019

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

Geiger Counter is an innovative device that concentrate on sensing and gauging radiation bustle inside a mile or when in straight interaction to an item, diet or liquid.

Personal Geiger Counters. also branded as a Geiger indicator and Dosimeter. As Geiger counter is very sensitive for gauging even very low points of radioactivity.

That was the small introduction of Geiger counter. They can be very handy in today’s world as more and more contamination problems and complications are moving up health affairs around the world. The hazards of overexposure to radioactivity is no longer restricted to your radiation leak but also likely corruption in the air your inhaling and even the food you eat also the daily items around you are not safe anymore.

We are not trying to create panic but that’s a brutal truth so, we highly encourage to get Geiger counter. And, to make your job easy we have listed the best Geiger counters. We spent around 45 hours in reviewing and listing. We place so much time in researching because we want our readers to get the excellent stuff. Well, in this case, best Geiger counter.

Now without any further ado, let’s check out best Geiger counters.

Geiger Counter Comparison Table

Name Range
Mazur Instruments PRM-9000 Geiger Counter- Editor’s Choice 0.001 to 125 mR/hrCheck Price
GCA-07W- best Geiger counter for personal use 0.001 to 1000 mR/hrCheck Price
WAYSEAR professional geiger counter 50kev-1.5mevCheck Price
RADEX RD1212-BT N/ACheck Price
RADEX RD1503+ 0.05 - 9.99 uSv/hCheck Price
Terra MKS 05 Geiger Counter N/ACheck Price
IMI Inspector Alert V2- Best Geiger Counter N/ACheck Price
RADEX ONE Personal RAD Safety 0.05~999.0 mcSv/hrCheck Price
3B Scientific Geiger Counter N/ACheck Price
Gamma Scout Radiation Detector and Geiger Counter N/ACheck Price



Mazur Instruments PRM-9000 Geiger Counter- Editor’s Choice

Best Geiger Counter

PRM-9000 Geiger counter by Mazur instruments on of the most accurate and best Geiger counter in the market. Also has a simple design yet very sturdy built. It is an American made LND 7317 device. Mazur Geiger counter has two-inch pancake gold standard Geiger detector tube which can detect alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiations.

PRM-9000 can detect both naturally radioactive items as well as artificial materials bursting with radiation. It offers the measurement ranging from 0.001 mR/hr. to 125 mR/hr. You can also monitor elapse timing with minimum, average and maximum amount in units like ur/hr, mR/hr, Cps, CPM uSv/hr.

Mazur also features LED, headphone jack for better listening, data logging for storing your readings. Timed measurements to know the maximum or minimum time of activity and dose rate alarm to know which stuff is more hazardous or which is less.

Pros Cons
Sturdy None found
Very Accurate
Easy to Use
pancake sensor



Mazur instruments Geiger counter is one of the best. It has a sturdy built with very accurate readings. Also, using PRM-9000 is not a rocket science. The pancake sensor plays vital role in accuracy of radiation readings. We tested it very thoroughly and found no downside. Hence, handpicked by one of our editor.

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GCA-07W- best Geiger counter for personal use

Nuclear radiation detector

Images Sci Inc GCA-o7W is one of the best handled Geiger counter for personal use. This radiation detector is also USA made like PRM-9000. It offers quick detection with very good accuracy. It is very easy to use and can detect wide radioactive ranges as well. GCA-07w comes with detector which can not only detect low level radioactive nuclear energies but naturally occurring (NORM) as well.

It is highly suitable for regular inspections of materials. The support is just superb by Images SCI INC team. GCA-07W is one of the Geiger counter which is certified by NRC. Keep in mind that NRC certification does not offer by government to every tom, dick and harry. They have strict regulations to certify nuclear devices and this Geiger counter passes it which makes it one of the best Geiger counter without any doubt.

GCA-07W GM tube can detect Alpha particles above 3 MeV, it can detect Beta Radiations above 50 KeV, Gamma and X-rays above 7 Kev.

Radiation detection ranges from 00.1 mR/hr to 1000 mR/hr.

Pros Cons
Very Accurate No Major one Found
High range Detection
NRC certified
Easy to Use
Nice Design



This is one of the best handled Geiger counter. It offers very accurate reading and plenty of detection range. Its quality is super as GCA-07W is certified by NRC, using it also very easy and design gives premium feeling. We not found any major downside in this device.

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WAYSEAR- Best Budget friendly Geiger counter

Cheap Geiger Counter

If you are looking for inexpensive but best Geiger counter for the money, then we recommend Waysear Geiger counter to you. It has digital display which detect and shows nuclear radiation levels it can detect radioactive levels from numerous materials like stone, marble, food items, wood etc.

It also has uranium monitor, iodine monitor and calcium uranium mica ranges. This device considered best for personal use as well and you can use it to detect nuclear radiation levels at home, offices, bedroom, library, hospitals etc.

Waysear Geiger counter-built quality is good enough to last longer than many brands. It has high sensitivity tubes which results in accurate measurements.

Pros Cons
Budget friendly Not suitable for home use
Nice clear display Shows measurement only in uSv/h
Easy to use
Original GM Tube



One of the most budget friendly Geiger counter as it costs under $100. The display is very clear, bright and easy to read. Also, it is considered as Personal Geiger counter so, Waysear ensured that it is very easy to use for anyone. Geiger Muller tube is also original and detects radiation levels properly.

Well, the Waysear claims that their Geiger counter can detect radiation levels in home as well. But, upon our research we found out that it’s not true at all. And Second downside is, it does not display measurements in different units but only one which is uSv/H.

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Bluetooth Geiger counter

When we started our journey for researching and listing best Geiger Counters we came to know that Quarta Rad RADEX is a brand which is producing the most awesome devices for nuclear radiation detection. RD1215-BT is new in the market. We do not have a lot of information about it we knows that it works flawlessly. It has Bluetooth connectivity, extensive range and detection levels also it shows measurements in almost every unit.

Pros Cons
Bluetooth Connectivity Not Enough Data to Report Any
Latest Edition



As, we mentioned earlier that this is new device and we do not have enough data to report its downsides. The customers who are using it are happy so far and told no drawbacks. Anyhow, we know that it has good Bluetooth connectivity option. It is the latest enough and this Geiger counter is compact.

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Quartar Rad Geiger counter

One more from RADEX. This Geiger counter is for those who are looking to have professional nuclear radiation detection. As, RD1503+ measures in micro sieverts and micro REM/HR.

It has alarm system with sound which activates when you detect high dosage of radiation. Screen wise it has nothing special as it possess ordinary backlit display. But, it can last very longer you can continuously use it in field for more than 550 hours. RD1503+ Geiger Counter is also lightweight and compact.

Pros Cons
For Professional Use Display quality is not good
Up to 550 hours continuous operations



RD1503+ is one more budget friendly Geiger counter in our list as it costs under $120 yet offers professional nuclear detection with very long-lasting battery timing. You can use it continuously for 550 Hours, it won’t break or fails at all. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact similar to Radex RD1212.

We are disappointed by it’s display because it has ordinary backlit display with not very good clearance or brightness at all. It does not show measurement properly in illuminating Sunlight.

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Terra MKS 05 Geiger Counter


MKS 05 is created by Eco test and doing its job flawlessly. It has Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect MKS 05 Geiger Counter to PC easily.  Though, it can only measure Gamma and X-rays radiation levels.

It features real time clock for measurements, you can use this Geiger counter for construction sites, apartments, Currencies and buildings.

Pros Cons
Bluetooth Connectivity Does not detect Alpha and beta Rays
easy to use
real time measurements
best for households



EcoTest’s MKS Geiger counter is very easy to use, it has Bluetooth connectivity option to connect easily with your PC for transferring data and measurements. It has alarm clock with real time monitoring. This Geiger counter is highly recommended for home use as it works best in detection of radiation in daily items like currency notes (which we probably touch every day).

Negatives of MKS 05? Unable to detect Alpha and beta rays.

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IMI Inspector Alert V2- Best Geiger Counter

Best Geiger Counter

Inspector Alert V2 is rectangle shaped lightweight Geiger counter for extensive range detection. We can vouch for this company because it resides in USA, and in this Business for more than 30 years. Which, without any doubt makes them the most experienced company for producing best Geiger Counter.

You can detect every type of rays from Alpha to Gamma also X-ray Radiations. It has finest pancake sensor along with Geiger Muller tube plus mica window which makes its’ detections very accurate and long ranged.

IMI inspector alert Geiger counter is very easy to use, and readings are also understandable even for noobs 🤓 like us.

Moreover, not every Geiger counter company has an excellent customer support but International Medcom Inc. (IMI) offers that. Well, to be honest we not found any other Geiger Counter brand to offer any sort of after-sale support. This Geiger counter is also compact enough to fit inside your palm and its battery life is also exceptional. As, it can last up to 6 to 9 months even if you use it 24/7.

Pros Cons
Best for long range NONE
Reputable company
Pancake sensor
Very accurate results
Excellent customer support
easy to carry



We have selected Inspector alert V2 as best Geiger counter for obvious reasons duh! 😑. It detects every kind of ray and works as broad-spectrum device. The company known as IMI in business for more than 30 years which makes it one of the most reputable brand. It has pancake sensor which works side to side with GM tube which in result produce very accurate readings. Only company we found in Geiger counter industry which offers one of the best customer support to its customers. And, it’s hand palm size and lightweight makes it easy to carry.

We found zero cons in this Geiger counter.

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RADEX ONE Personal RAD Safety


Personal RAD One with safety is Geiger counter which can be used for common things in everyday life. It is compact pocket-sized device and shaped like USB stick also it has belt clip.

The best part about RAD safety Geiger counter is its swiftness in taking measurements as it has only 10 sec measurement cycle. You can connect it to your computer via USB connection for transferring data and charting software installation.

Detection range you can get via this device is 0.05 to 999.0 mcSv/hr.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Lightless display
Very Accurate
slick design



Radex one personal is best Geiger counter for regular use for everyday items. It is extremely easy to use, the results are very accurate, the design is like you are carrying a USB device. On downsides, this Geiger counter does not have lighted display so, you are going to face a lot of difficult in reading measurements at night.

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3B Scientific Geiger Counter

Best Radiation detector

3B Geiger counter is also very easy to use like others radiation detectors listed here. compact in size and offers good precision in readings. You can take Alpha, beta and gamma radiation measurements via 3B Scientific Geiger counter.

It also has pulse counting which is adjustable via date and time and also in seconds, minutes or hours.

Pros Cons
Compact None Reported
Easy to Use
Excellent Precision



One of the professional Geiger counter in the market. It has compact design, using is also very easy and it provides very accurate readings of nuclear radiations. No one reported any downsides yet.

Check Price


Gamma Scout Radiation Detector and Geiger Counter

Radiation Detector Gamma

Scout Alert Geiger counter is using to determine the leakages of nuclear radiation. It can monitor even ambient radiation irregularities.  You can check metal and rock via this Geiger counter for nuclear radiation exposures.

Pros Cons
For Professional use Poor Aftersales service
for dangerous sites



Gamma Scout Geiger counter is only beneficial for people who are working in nuclear fields and it can assist them in dangerous sites which are prone to nuclear radiations. The device is good but the aftersales service by company truly sucks.

Check Price


How Geiger Counter Works?

A Geiger counter is only a radiation detector. It detects the use of ionizing radiation. Ionizing energy is assuredly an energetic alpha or beta element, or gamma quanta which contains sufficient energy to tear an electron from an atom, thereby producing an ion.

Your typical Geiger counter utilizes a Geiger-Muller tube to detect a good ionizing radiation. The tube is really a chamber loaded with a gas, mostly a noble gas, whose atom’s electrons communicate with alpha, beta particles and gamma radiation passing with the tube.

As an aside we’ll also declare that fast moving neutrons and protons may also be capable of ionizing (by getting together with an atom’s nucleus) but they also do not readily get connected to the gases inside typical Geiger-Muller tube. Special neutron detector tubes may be built with walls that get connected to neutrons to push out an alpha/beta particles that then emanate in the chamber walls to the gas-filled chamber where they may be detected.

What is often a Geiger-Muller tube?

Hans Geiger in 1908 first exposed a method for spotting ionizing contamination in 1908. In 1928, he advanced his design with ideas from Walther Muller to produce the Geiger-Muller tube. Current Geiger counters still utilize the same general principles in this first design.

The Geiger-Muller tube is usually a gas-filled tube which has a really thin metal wire inside the center about 0.1mm in diameter.

The wire incorporates a large charge or potential of 500-2000V compared to the tube wall. An energetic alpha or beta particle that enters the tube, using a thin mica end, can collide with the electron likely to one with the gas atoms inside the chamber and release an electron in the atom.

Alternatively for gamma radiation, a totally free electron could be created with the interaction on the gamma quanta together with the atoms from the tube wall. The high positive voltage within the central wire (anode) attracts the free electron and results in the electron to accelerate towards it.

In the process it could possibly collide along with other electrons creating more free elections that travel for the wire that may in turn collide with much more electrons building a cascade or avalanche effect. This shower of electrons hit the wire and make up a measurable spike from the current.

There are 3 sorts of Geiger-Muller tubes

Side-wall detectors: The side wall tube is definitely an aluminum/stainless steel chamber. The tubes are widely-used to detect gamma radiation, adhere to what they the wall in the tube is thin enough, high energy beta particles may also be detected. Side window tubes might have sliding windows for greater exposure on the anode as well as increase efficiency.

End-window detectors: The end-window tube can also be an aluminum/stainless steel gas-filled chamber. It includes a long cylindrical shape. The end-window detector carries a thin mica or glass window at one end to permit alpha and beta radiation to get in the detector with minimal attenuation.

Pancake detectors: These in addition have an end-window but use a larger diameter compared to other forms of detectors. The pancake detector appears to be a truncated cylinder or maybe a pill box. This is advantageous for the reason that number of cascade events inside the tube for beta radiation detection is proportional the counter area in the end window. The pancake detector carries a larger end-window surface area compared to end-window detectors and so is superior in measuring beta radiation. For gamma radiation the volume of cascade events inside tube is proportional for the whole surface area with the detector (not only the end window surface).

How to Use Geiger Counters to Spot Radiation in Everyday items

Geiger counters are some of the basic devices you now need nowadays in this times. Due to extreme radiation activity around us, the opportunity of developing cancer along with other malfunctions in your body caused by radiation exposure increases dramatically.

To understand fully it all, are specialized devices that detect radiation of levels inside the environment. It’s most commonly used as being a household gadget but additionally, there are other powerful Geiger counters however it is often sued on heavy equipment and big places, not homes and offices.

There are not the same kinds of and different capabilities of detecting radiation. There are some which might be equipped with a thin, mica window which are capable of detecting radiation from 14C and 35S/

But around, counters are designed with speakers that release “clicking” or “beeping” sounds to get your attention. But that’s not what everything does; it’s rather a signal your devices are detecting radiation.

Radiation of levels triggers different random clicks to signify that the Geiger counter is detecting radiation. Cosmic rays and in many cases thorium in bricks may be detected and offer off random clicks when detected with the device. Normal background radiation ranges from 30 to 50 counts each and every minute (cpm) or 0.03 to about 0.07 milliroentgens each hour (mR/h).

Here are a few important guidelines to recognize how to use your Geiger counters to detect radiation inside your household.

  1. When you buy your counter, it has an instruction booklet and manual. Make sure to make out the print properly and fully familiarize the device.
  2. Make sure that these devices is full charged. To ensure that check these devices by setting the selector plunge to “battery check” or by pressing the “battery test” button. Then the needle will show you if it’s charged. If low batteries, put it back.
  3. Make sure that a device is “Switched On” prior to trying to venture and possible radiation sources within your household. Some could possibly be “saturated” when subjected to high radiation fields leading to false negative readings.
  4. To detect Beta radiations try measuring it by end in the window. Make sure to take off the cap before measuring. Gamma and/or x-ray radiation ought to be measured over the side on the probe.
  5. The clicking sound actually reacts first one which just see a reading on your own Geiger counter. It is important to move the probe slowly within one or two cm from the area being surveyed. It is important to avoid contaminating the probe.
  6. For a more stable reading, reset these devices and measure yet again.
  7. After getting the reading, turn of the unit to conserve the batteries.


Wrapping it Up

Fellas, this is the end of list of best Geiger counters along with necessary information of working and using of Geiger counter.

We Listed here Geiger Counters from different brands their working can be different but basic mechanism of every device is same. We tried to cover the Geiger counters from daily use to professional use in our list.

To conclude our research it took us more than 45 hours. So, if you like the list and information we provided please do not forget to share it with others.

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