Best Keyboard for Amazon Fire Tv 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Amazon Fire Tv is one of the best device in our era. It comes with remote but sometimes we want to type and want to have more control while using amazon fire tv. For, that purpose you need to have keyboard which is compatible. In fact, not only compatible but also one of the best keyboard for amazon fire tv. So, we spent our time to make that easy for you. We conducted the research and found some top-notch keyboards which are excellent to connect with fire tv.

We spent 14 hours in researching. All keyboards listed here are selected after a deep research. Now relax and check out some keyboards to attain the maximum benefits out of your amazon fire tv.

Keep in mind that, the only connectivity option with amazon fire tv is Bluetooth so, we only opted for those keyboards which offers perfect connectivity, user friendliness and outstanding value.

Amazon Fire Tv Keyboard Comparison Table

Name Bluetooth Range
Logitech K830-editor's Choice 33 Ft.Check Price
Rii FMKBTL1-IV1 i8+ 49 ft.Check Price
1byone Ultra-Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard 33 ft.Check Price


Logitech K830-editor’s Choice

logitech k830 review

K830 by Logitech is one of the best keyboard for amazon fire tv. K830 also known as “illuminated living room”. This keyboard is very user friendly it has easy media access keys, built in touch pad and even shortcut keys.

Keys are very soft and easy to use for typing. It has backlit with auto sensors which automatically adjusts backlit brightness or dimness according to room lighting situations.

As, we mentioned it has built in touch pad which is very smooth with excellent gesture control. Amazon fire tv requires at least 5 feet range to connect any Bluetooth accessory, Logitech k830 offers 33 feet Bluetooth connectivity range which makes it very easy to connect.

Also, this keyboard design is metal like and built quality is very sturdy. K830 illuminated living room keyboard is rechargeable. With each charge it gives the battery timing of 10 days on average. But battery timing can vary on the usage and backlit settings. (upon our research it lasted for 10 days by using keyboard 3 hours/day). While Logitech claim 10 days battery life by 2 hours of typing with full brightness per day. Whatsoever, k830 offers excellent battery life.

Pros Cons
Excellent Built Track pad functionality is average
Good battery life
backlit is outstanding
Very responsive


Without any doubt, K830 by Logitech is one of the best keyboard for amazon fire tv. It has excellent built quality and gives average battery life of 10 days. Back lighting of this keyboard is top notch and keys are very responsive to command.

On downside, trackpad functionality feels awkward. Its not bad but requires time to comprehend properly.

Check Price

Rii FMKBTL1-IV1 i8+

Best keyboard for amazon fire tv If you are looking for inexpensive yet best keyboard for amazon fire tv then i8+ should be your choice. It is multi-functional keyboard with qwerty keyboard and touchpad. Touchpad has 360-degrees flip design. Auto sleep mode makes it battery saver. Also, i8+ by Rii has back-lit feature which we were not expecting in budget friendly but Rii i8+ is surprisingly very top-notch keyboard for fire tv.

Moreover, this keyboard comes in 6 different colors black, white, blue, green, yellow and red. So, you can easily choose the color which suits you best.

Design feels good, it is portable, ergonomic and fits very nicely in hand. Like, Logitech k830 it has built in battery. We do not know its exact battery timing but from our research we found out it’s good.

Pros Cons
Portable Lacks instructions manual
inexpensive touchpad is difficult to use
Works smoothly with Fire TV


Rii i9+ is portable, inexpensive and very friendly for users which naturally makes it one of the best keyboard for amazon fire tv. Also, its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to use, carry and store.

On downsides, the instructions manual is not clear especially for those people who are not very techy also touchpad is not user friendly it can take a lot of time to adjust yourself to use it properly.

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1byone Ultra-Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

amazon fire tv keyboard

This Bluetooth keyboard is lightweight and very slim. It has typical laptop keyboard design. So, if you want that type of basic keyboard then, 1byone is the best option for you.

It has full layout qwerty keyboard with touchpad. Touchpad is in the bottom of qwerty keys just like laptop. Bluetooth Connectivity of 1byone is very strong. For battery it offers 500mah integrated battery which has a standby time of 90 days and can last for 90 hours if consumed continuously.

Pros Cons
Compact Average quality Keypad
Rational quality


1byone is not expensive Bluetooth keyboard for amazon fire tv but offers compactness, good and easy connectivity. Also, its construction feels durable.

On downside, the quality of keys is not very good it pops sometime but get back to normal after pressing twice or thrice.

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How to Connect Keyboard with Amazon Fire Tv

Connecting Bluetooth keyboard with amazon fire tv is easy. Use the following steps to connect and enjoy.

  1. Ensure that Amazon Fire Stick and your Bluetooth of keyboard is on.
  2. Keep your keyboard in range (5 feet is minimum range to connect Bluetooth devices with fire tv)
  3. Now open the menu of Fire Tv via it’s remote on your tv screen. Go to settings and choose controllers and Bluetooth devices.
  4. After tapping on Bluetooth devices select other Bluetooth devices.
  5. Select add a new Bluetooth device
  6. Your keyboard name will show up on the screen. Tap connect
  7. Wait for the pairing process to complete
  8. Once paired! Enjoy using keyboard


Amazon fire tv does not support every keyboard. There are very limited choices and from that limited options we have listed the top 3. Upon which we spent 14 hours. Rii FMKBTL1-IV1 i8+ Keyboard offers best value, K830 by Logitech offers best battery and functionality while 1byone Ultra-Slim offers easy using with typical style keyboard.

You can choose any or all according to your budget and requirements.

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