Best Marine Stereo System to Buy In 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Marine stereos are entertainment systems which are specially engineered to function on the boat or yacht. Creating this type of device does require special care about outdoor and on-sea factors.

For instance, a typical stereo couldn’t survive from the ocean floor as a result of excessive moisture and salty air. If the sun is intense brightly, excessive UV rays will ultimately get their toll over a good head unit.
Therefore, marine stereos happen to be designed mainly for an on-water party. Stereos usually run from the 12-volt DC marine or possibly a car battery.

In order to really increase the level for music travel you’ll have to purchase a separate amplifier (though some systems can come with the amplifier already connected to the system. Most importantly, your stereo might need to be waterproof.)

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So, if you are looking for the best marine stereo system we have got you covered. Let’s check them out so, you can have the best experience during boat/yacht party.


Name Dimensions
Clarion CMS2 Marine Digital Media Hub- Editor's Choice 1 x 5.2 x 3.2 inchesCheck Price
Kenwood Marine Stereo system 14 x 12 x 10 inchesCheck Price
Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70NI 4.9 x 7.4 x 2.4 inchesCheck Price
JVC KD-X33MBS 7.2 x 9 x 4 inchesCheck Price


Clarion CMS2 Marine Digital Media Hub- Editor’s Choice

best marine stereo system

 CMS2 is one of the best marine stereo system in the market. It has a watertight design as you can control everything via wired controller to prevent any sort of water related issues with your marine stereo. Clarion CMS2 has simple design which is very sturdy and offers durability. It has 3-line display which is totally compatible with marine environment.

This marine stereo system also supports Bluetooth connectivity, FM/am and weather radio. You can also play your music via SiriusXM radio.
Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect with any device which has Bluetooth and we think every smartphone, Tablet possess Bluetooth now a days. So, you can enjoy your playlist directly from your phone. If you want to party get going. It has RCA’s AUX and UBS 1.1A input so, you can create your own custom system by connecting amplifiers and woofers.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Volume can be low on Bluetooth streaming
Easy to use



CMS2 marine stereo is very easy to install, it has hide away design which protects it from marine weather. It offers a lot of connectivity options which makes it very versatile, the built quality is very sturdy, and its weather protected wired controller makes it very easy to use.

On downside, you can experience the low volume when you stream via Bluetooth.

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Kenwood Marine Stereo system

kenwood stereo system

Kenwood is a well-known brand in car stereos. But, it is not backing down in producing marine stereo systems as well. This marine stereo by Kenwood is very good. It has a nice design which also marine weather friendly. This does not let the moisture harm it, also it keeps salt and sand out of its ports and holes. It has rugged speakers, but they are very durable. The speakers it comes with are corrosion-resistant and prevents themselves for weather hardships.
This marine stereo comes with Rubber Antenna for your radio needs inside boat and 50 feet marine verified speaker wire.

You can connect any device with Bluetooth, it also has CD player and USB input. You can enjoy your playlists easily.

Pros Cons
Easy to Install Average sound quality
Steering Wheel Ready
Easy to use
Nice Design



Kenwood also offering one of the best marine stereo system for your boats. It is very easy to install, you can also use it steering wheel controllers which makes it very easy to use. The design is nice yet robust.

On downside, speaker quality is average it is not very low neither very high.

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Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70NI

stereo system for boats

MS-RA70NI offers nice and clear interface. You can connect your iPhone, android devices quite easily. It also offers complete apple or android interface via unidock or panel mount usb cable system.

Pros Cons
Great Quality None reported
Excellent customer support
Good sound quality



Fusion is offering one of the best marine stereo system. It has excellent quality with very friendly and quick customer support. Using it is very easy and the quality of sound is very good.

No downside has been reported about this marine stereo.

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marine stereo sysytem

 JVC offers marine grade stereo system for boat users. It supports Bluetooth connectivity and has a strong built. KD-X33MBS is also cheaper than other marine stereo systems.

Pros Cons
Strong Built Not long lasting
easy to use



This marine stereo system is also best it has strong built with easy to connect options. Also, it is cheap compared to many other systems out there.

On downside, it is not very durable and lasts 1 year on average. Only go for this marine stereo system if you are on a tight budget.

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How to Choose the Best Marine Stereo System

 Marine CD players, speakers, along with equipment are particularly meant to withstand the abuses on the elements like the heat, sun, and saltwater. The quality and options in marine stereo equipment has really exploded recently; this really is great even, so the plethora will make it tough to restrict what you must buy. Here are some specifics to watch out for when choosing a music system for one’s boat:

Water-resistant/Waterproof material

This could be the most critical thing to search for in a very marine stereo audio. The components must be able to withstand getting splashed and finding yourself in the rain. This does not imply they may be thrown overboard and take care of submerged in water, however, many probably can.

Rust proofing/Corrosion protection

With all with the sun and salt from the ocean, that is another must in the good marine stereo audio. Rust and salt corrosion can easily ruin a music system if it’s not created for the marine environment. Components needs to be specially coated to resist rust and corrosion.

Heat/Sun resistance: A good system can withstand and function normally in high temperatures and withstand sunlight without fading. The component ought to be UV protected.

Features Available in Marine Stereos

Find a head unit with strikes and are experiencing and enjoying the music all summer long. There are many great marine stereo systems on the market with all with the features you expect including iPod/MP3 docking, satellite radio, USB inputs, Bluetooth, and good audio quality. Most with the top speakers’ manufacturers make systems specifically suitable for the marine environment there are some specializing in these kind of systems. Many in the features you would like are the same as inside a traditional sound systems for example good clear sound without any distortions and powerful speakers.

Placement and Installation

Once you’ve purchased your equipment, you must set it up. If you are replacing an active system, it ought to be pretty straightforward. If that is usually a brand-new installation, then you have to decide where you should install it and earn cuts within the boat paneling and run some wires. A good option could be the glove box with many speakers tucked within the aft seating. Most systems are made to be hooked up to your boat battery. Once installed, you need to relax and enjoy


There are marine stereos which are called weather resistant, that provide protection against rain and perchance some powerful floods. However, weather resistant marine stereos aren’t the same thing as waterproof stereos. Waterproof stereos are extremely thoroughly protected they may theoretically fall in water nevertheless be functional. This is not to declare that you truly throw your stereo in the water purposely. Still, who knows what might happen unintentionally.

You must also consider anti-corrosion protection, that can stop the stereo from suffering gradual erosion as a result of excessive salt water and moisture. Modern marine stereos have special anti-corrosive coating over circuit boards, plated connections, as well as the chassis.

The most enjoyable new feature for marine boat stereos is located in the auxiliary input capability. Why so? Because ordinarily you’d probably basically capable to tune in to CDs, tapes or stereo as of this on-water party of yours. However, with the advanced model marine stereo you might also tune in to MP3s, DVDs or songs from the iPod. Furthermore, you may even tune into satellite radio, which provides the top commercial-free and uncensored content on this planet. Why pay attention to Rush Limbaugh on sea when Howard Stern is simply a mouse click away? What other varieties of options loved by mariners?

A CD changer control is unquestionably an expedient feature for marine stereos, along with a radio remote that allows you to access your entertainment system everywhere you look on the boat. Most mariners claim that power is a vital element, besides adequate protection, simply because want the noise to drown the nautical environment.

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