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Best Monitors for MacBook Air 2019

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2019)

Notebooks can perhaps never live up to the functionality and efficiency of working or watching different kind of media on a large-scale desktop display. The displays on the Apple’s range of the MacBook Air are super amazing and while Apple might release the desktop monitor of its own in the future, but we don’t quite know when that will happen or what kind of users it will target.

Apple has been in the monitors business for decades and when they were in it, they had some outstanding products, including those old line of Apple Cinema Displays and those which were discontinued, the Apple Thunderbolt Display. But few years back, Apple decided to get out of this display business altogether for some time and to concentrate more on its core product lines, such as; iPhone, Apple Watches and AR. For the very first time in years that meant users of MacBook air, iMacs, MacBook’s and Mac Pros who wanted to use only Apple hardware had to go somewhere else for external displays. You will need a great monitor for your MacBook air which increases your productivity dramatically, as it permits you to manage tasks much better and as a result increases your output.

If you want a monitor for MacBook Pro check out these 4k monitors.

The display market out there, for very obvious reasons, is a vast place with dozens of vendors and lots of options. There are plenty of good displays out there, but you need to be very careful as there is a lot of crap also. Choosing the right one or to tell the difference might be a little hard for you, and for your convenience, and to make things a little easier, We have put together this list of top three monitors to match with your MacBook Air, so you don’t have to look them up and get frustrated when you are not sure which one to pick.

Best monitors for MacBook Air (Comparison)

Monitors Screen Resolution
BenQ 4K SW320- Editor’s Choice 3840 x 2160Check Price
Acer H277HU 27 inches IPS WQHD 2560 x 1440Check Price
LG 27UD68-W 27 inches 4K UHD 3840 x 2160Check Price



BenQ 31.5 inches 4K Photographer Monitor SW320- Editor’s Choice

best monitor for macbook air

Check Price


This 99% Adobe RGB color space with IPS technology has accurate color reproduction and a wider viewing angle with a 31.5 inches 4K UHD resolution, It gives exceptional and amazing clarity of the finer details. It has a high dynamic range (HDR), it gives more realistic on-screen color reproduction. Its OS is Compatible to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, MAC. It has hardware calibration with palette master element software; it tunes and maintain color performance of the monitor at its optimal state. The Hotkey Puck allows users to switch between sRGB mode, Adobe RGB mode, and Black & White mode efficiently, refer user manual is best for troubleshooting steps.

This BenQ monitor relives the true colors of nature with Adobe RGB color space provides a greater range of color reproduction for shades of green and blue, and results in a more realistic color representation for outdoor and also the nature photography. It’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) increases the final overall dynamic range between white and black making the final image closer to what your eyes see in the natural world.

The 14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT) enhances and improves RGB color blending accuracy, resulting in perfect and impeccable color reproduction. Delta E<= in both sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces provides you the truest and the most representative view of original image. The Hardware calibration permits you to adjust the image processing chip inside the monitor without even changing the graphics card output data. It keeps your images consistent and nice with its original copies without being affected by the graphic settings, with the use of a calibrator and the Palette Master Element.

You can view your pictures in a black and white film effect and have the option to select from three different white and black presets to preview your pictures with before you perform all of the actual adjustments in your photo processing program. Easily switch to PIP / PBP mode for multitasking in the Gamut Duo viewing. This mode allows you to simultaneously display the content side-by-side in two opposite color spaces, such as sRGB vs Adobe RGB. The Hotkey Puck permits the user to switch between these Adobe RGB mode, sRGB mode, and white and black mode efficiently. The buttons are also designed to be customized to map other modes or OSD settings such as contrast and brightness, bringing added ease and convenience to photographers. The SW320 includes a detachable shading hood that efficiently reduces the monitor’s screen glare from the ambient lighting, providing superb color accuracy needed for the professional work. The shading hood can be used in both of the landscape and portrait.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this BenQ 31.5 inches monitors.

Pros Cons
Extremely even lighting throughout the screen. The calibrator is NOT included.
Grey scale is amazing.
Color rendition is as accurate as other high-priced monitors.
This 31.5 inches monitor rivals the contrast of the best monitors.
The factory settings are so easy and good



This is an excellent 31.5 inches monitor with amazing color reproduction. It’s a great monitor and have exceptional specs for its affordable price. Has extreme even lighting throughout the screen and is best for your MacBook Air.

Acer H277HU 27 inches IPS WQHD

best acer monitor for macbook air

Check Price

The Acer H7 Series 27 inches wide viewing IPS display shows everything clearly and nicely and vivid without the color difference from any viewing angle. It’s zero frame design does not put any boundary on your visual enjoyment while it’s brushed hairline finish stand compliments any environment and even has a magnetic paperclip base. It comes with a WQHD resolution and a superior 100 Million:1 contrast ratio which you get detailed imagery for browsing the web, viewing photos and also makes viewing documents side by side super easy. It also supports Display Port inputs and HDMI so you can conveniently power and extend the enjoyment from your tablet or smartphone on a WQHD display. What adds is that this display features power saving technologies to conserve resources and cost.

You can easily connect a mobile device like a media player or smartphone to this monitor and play content from your mobile device without having to do any of the setup procedures. The USB 3.1 (Gen1) Type-C permits ultra-fast transfer of the power, data and hi-res video or audio with only one port. This 27 inches LCD provides amazing details with an excellent 2560 x 1440 resolution, making it ideal for multimedia applications and HD productivity.

This sleek zero frame design develops a unique visual experience without the boundaries which is perfect for building the video walls with 2 or more of the monitor’s side by side. A magnetic base with the brushed hairline finish is helpful for paper clips, and to keep your desktop space super clean. A 5 to 15-degree tilted angle allows comfortable viewing convenient OSD button under the bezel helps for easy panel performance control.

It provides stunning color at any angle. The IPS permits advanced in plane switching technology for the premium color performance at any viewing angle. The rapid 4 MS response time decreases deviations in transition time to deliver a high-quality moving images which brings immersive graphics to your games and movies.

Following are some of the pros and cons of Acer H277HU

Pros Cons
It shows details very clearly. Overall a nice package but isn't too great for longer use, but for the meantime, it's a nice companion.
It provides stunning colors at any angle.
An ergonomic and progressive styling.
It has sharp visuals.
An upgraded zero frame design.



This Acer H7 Series 27 inches wide viewing IPS display has very clear image, especially after doing color calibration through OSX. Its matte surface is helpful and good for reducing glare. It can run at the full 60 Hz and can also run at 720 p for the HiDPI or Retina look. However, the difference between the Acer and the MacBook’s Retina screen running at the normal 1 x is minimal from a normal usage distance. Despite of its other amazing features, what makes it a must have is that it’s very affordable and a perfect choice if you don’t want to go for pricier ones and just need a monitor for temporary work (planning on buying a new one in near future) not that it’s not good for long term use but only because it’s a cheaper option than the other monitor in this list.

LG 27UD68-W 27 inches 4K UHD IPS Monitor with Free Sync

LG monitors for macbook air

Check Price


LG’s 27UD68-W 4k UHD monitor is another 27 inches monitor on this list. The details and clarity with this 4K Ultra HD resolution will amaze and might shock you even if you are up close to the screen. This LG monitor is a great solution for graphic designers, professional photographers or anyone who’s looking for highly accurate color as it has coverage of sRGB spectrum over 99% coverage.

Its exceptional On-Screen Control puts a host of necessary monitor settings into the handy window for easy and quick access. Brightness, Volume, Screen Split 2.0, picture mode presets, the Dual Controller and more of the most used settings can now be adjusted with just a few clicks of your mouse, instead of those hard buttons on the monitor.

You can customize your monitor layout for multitasking with the practical and amazing, latest version of LG Screen Split option. It also allows you to resize and display multiple windows at one time, with the 14 options including four various picture-in-picture (PIP) choices. Thanks to the 8.3 million pixels on a screen with the resolution of 3840 x 2160, the fine details and smooth clarity will amaze gamers. This is four times the resolution of a Full HD for an even and more immersive gaming experience.

Gamers can experience seamless, fluid movement throughout the fast-paced games and hi-res with its Free Sync. The Free Sync eliminates stuttering and tearing that usually happens and is because of the differences between a monitor’s refresh rate and a graphic card’s frame rate. It also has a set game mode for maximum gaming conditions; there are 3 modes, 2 First Person Shooter modes and the RTS pre-set mode so you can go for the best suitable mode for your games.

It offers serious gaming features for some serious gamers. Without wasting any extra time, you can quickly optimize monitor settings to activate the Black Stabilizer to reveal higher details in the dark scenes while the Dynamic Action Sync feature provides fluid and smooth gaming action. The sleek and decent design of the LG premium monitors is accentuated and upgraded by the new Arc Line stand. The smooth curve of its base allows stability and assures a dependable performance with a sweet and nice touch of elegance.

Below we mentioned some of the pros and cons of this LG 27 inches monitor.

Pros Cons
It's AMD Free Sync. Less audio outputs.
The on screen with screen split. Its stand might not be very durable.
Offers three gaming modes.
Has Black stabilizer gaming features.
Great viewing angle.
Has a smooth 60fps and a response time.



The monitor itself is outstanding. The cheap-o plastic base that comes with it is not so good, though. The colors are amazing. You won’t have any problem including the zero bleeding or display problems at all. The menus are easy to manipulate and access, which is always a plus point in any monitor. The tiny bezels are what might push this monitor over the other monitors for you. The stand, this monitor comes with is probably the only little negative thing about it., but there are decent, and well-made monitor stands available out there for pretty cheap, so you shouldn’t let this small issue from buying this, and the fact that this monitor’s is itself very cheap.


Following tips are essential while searching for best monitor for MacBook Air.


A monitor tends to get more expensive as the screen size, resolution and the number and type of features increases, while other things being equal. A smaller pixel pitch (which is the distance between the pixels), a broader color spectrum and a higher contrast, as well as a niche capabilities for graphics or gaming will also increase the price of your monitor.


If you have got a nice space and enough budget, bigger is way better. For gamers, professional photographers or videographers a bigger screen is nice and should be preferred. But before going for a bigger monitor for your MacBook Air you need to take under consideration all the specs you want your monitor to have. The screen size labeling is basically based on the length of it’s diagonal. If you remember your algebra and geometry from your high school, you can calculate the height and width of the display if you have the idea of the aspect ratio. The closer to 1:1 the aspect ratio is, the more of the display is directly in your line of vision; the further it is, the screen will be wider and more of it will be out to the sides.


There’s so much hype. Curved monitors are the ideal way to make only one display wider, even without forcing you to sit too far back. Firstly, you would be able to see the whole screen without moving your head too much, and once you get higher than roughly 27 inches, this requires a curve. At 27 inches and below, a flat screen would work fine. A big “but” here is that curved displays can actually look so much more attractive and better. The 34 inches models normally tends to have a 21:9 aspect ratio, which means they are wider and shorter than most of other displays and full screen video will pillar boxed. But as far as, larger monitors are concerned, the monitors without a curve at a more common 16:9 aspect ratio would need you to be bobble headed because they would be quite tall. The amount of curve is actually expressed in “R”, the radius of its arc in millimeters. For this given display size, bigger numbers are the tighter arcs, so 1800 R (the radius of many 27 inches curve displays) is shallower than 2000 R, but too much of the curve might be a little distracting, while too little of the curve might just feel flat. It’s better to ignore all of the talks of how “immersive” they are. They really are not yet. On the other hand, unlike those curved TV’s, you will always be sitting in the nice and sweet spot, so glare should not be an issue.


Future planning of any expensive product you are about to spend on is very important, Look out if newer model of the product you are buying is coming out in the near future or there is no chance of it. Just so you spend a lot of money on a product and the next day they launched a new model, the price of the previous will fall down, and you might regret buying the older model when you could have just waited, added some more money and own the new one. You would not want to beat yourself up later because you didn’t wait for new model’s compatibility or affordable higher models, then either wait some more or buy the cheapest model you can that will meet your needs to tide you over for a little bit.


Naturally the outputs from your MacBook Air needs to match the inputs of the display so that you can connect them. If you have more than one display, you may also need to connect each one to the different input type, such as one HDMI and one Thunderbolt, and this might affect the capabilities on each display.


The viewing angle refers to how reasonable the screen is while you are looking at it from the side and how consistent its colors remain. Almost all of the monitors have a 178-degree VA; however, the cheapest one’s tends to be lower. But if you are the only one using it and looking at it, it may not even matter.


Run of the mill monitors may have USB hubs, speakers, slots for memory cards and some more, as well as other support features like picture-in-picture when it’s hooked up to two systems. If you are short on the desk space, you might need to consider a display with these above-mentioned types of integrated features. There are also entire classes of most important features for gaming or color critical work.


We all should admit that it feels great to always have support, you just feel a little satisfied while buying any particular product. Sadly, the probability of having a nice support experience from the manufacturer tomorrow seems to be amazingly and completely independent of the experience you had with them today, and even good support from one division doesn’t importantly mean good support from another. All we can suggest is make sure you vet the company’s dead-pixel policy, who pays for the return shipping and the return policies for displays of the place you buy from.

Final Verdict

All in all, in this era where you always need or want to update your monitor with every new monitor coming in to the market, because you don’t really want to miss out on the new and updated specs of the new monitors. Doesn’t matter you want to purchase a monitor for gaming, editing your pictures and videos or other professional works, all of these monitors are best for your MacBook Air. They have amazing specs and other important features which will help increase the quality of your work and improve its efficiency, and to pour out your talent in to the world. We hope you find the one with all of the features you always wanted in your monitor. Be Happy, whatever you are planning to do with it!

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