Best Portable Blu Ray Player To Buy In 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Now a days, we prefer portability in everything. Also, our life is hectic and sometimes we want entertainment which is a good thing for keeping yourself sane. So, portable Blu-ray players are combination of screen and Blu-ray player. They are extremely lightweight, easy to carry and an excellent option for on the go, in the car or inside your home.

In this list we have gathered the top 4 players. consequently, you can choose the best portable Blu-ray player. We spent more than 36 hours on our research and listed below are the best models of portable Blu-ray players.

Portable Blu Ray Player Comparison Table

Name Screen Size
CUTRIP 10.1 Inch Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player 10.1 InchesCheck Price
NAVISKAUTO 10.1 Inch Blu Ray Portable player 10.1-InchesCheck Price
Azend Group Corp BDP-M1061 10-InchesCheck Price
Maxmade BDPM1301 13.3-inchesCheck Price


CUTRIP 10.1 Inch Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player- Editor’s Choice

Best Portable Blu Ray Player

CUTRIP portable Blu-ray and DVD player is one of the best for satisfying your movie cravings on the go. It offers clear display with FULL HD resolution and screen size of 10.1- inches.  CUTRIP also supports Blu-ray and DVD discs full HD playback but does not support 2k/4k and 3D Blu-ray. You can also connect with HDMI input as it offers HDMI output to connect with any HDMI ready TV.
Playback you can get from this player from HDMI port is 60HZ and 30 FPS. It supports Dolby digital surround system you can also watch movies by inserting USB, SD card or MMC one. The playback you can get via external drives are also FULL HD with 30 FPS.
The supported file formats are MPEG/DAT/ASF/WMV/MP4/VOB/FLV/MKV/TRP/TS/MPG/ MOV/AVI. Battery timing is also excellent as it comes with 4000 MAH li-ion battery from which you can get 3-hours on average.
For charging, it supports wall charger as well as car charger.  It weighs around 4.5 pounds. Also, screen is rotatable.

Pros Cons
Excellent picture quality Slow customer support
easy to use Instructions manual is not very clear
Battery life is good
can be used with smart TV
play DVD’s from all regions


If you love watching movies, this is one of the best portable Blu-ray player. It offers top-notch display quality. Also, you can use it right of the box which makes it very easy to use. Battery timing also good and best part about this portable player is that you can use with your smart TV as well it offers HDMI output. Moreover, you do not worry about to buy Blu-ray discs for specific region as it supports all.
On downsides, the after-sale customer support is very slow and the manual instructions for setting it up is not very user-friendly.

Check Price

NAVISKAUTO 10.1 Inch Blu Ray Portable player

portable dvd player
This portable Blu-ray player is almost similar to CUTRIP in terms of specs and features. NAVISKAUTO supports full HD Blu-ray and DVD discs flawlessly. Similar to CUTRIP Blu-ray player it does not support 2k,4k and 3D.
If you want to want movies, videos and images it supports up to 128 GB in form of USB drive, SD card or MMC. Like, above listed CUTRIP portable Blu-ray player NAVISKAUTO has 4000 MAH battery. But, upon our research we found out that NAVISKAUTO Blu Ray portable player batteries slightly last longer than CUTRIP. IT can give you around 4 hours while CUTRIP 10.1 Inch offers 3-hours battery timing on average.
Moreover, NAVISKAUTO also has HDMI output for connecting any TV, Projector or screen which supports HDMI. For display you get FULL HD 10.1-inch screen. It also supports AV input/output for more connectivity options.
You can also attach its screen to car seat headrest for watching movies, videos and pictures while traveling in car.
NAVISKAUTO offers 18-month warranty and weighs only 4.21 pounds.

Pros Cons
Outstanding value Does not warn about low battery
Sharp display
Longer battery life compared to other Players
Great sound


NAVISKAUTO stands as one of the best portable Blu-ray player because it offers true value to its users. It has clear and crisp display which makes it watching movies and videos on it very awesome. Also, it last longer in terms of battery timing compared to other portable Blu Ray players. And, sound quality is also very good.
No major downside, but, it does not warn when the battery is low and shuts down without any sort of warning.

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Azend Group Corp BDP-M1061

portable Blu ray reviews infowizard

Azend Blu ray player is inexpensive one. So, naturally they have to compromise on the quality we only recommend this portable Blu-ray player if you are on a tight budget otherwise NAVISKAUTO or CUTRIP are best choices. Though, this player is also not bad as it offers 10-1 inches FULL HD screen.
It also has HDMI out for connecting it to bigger screens, they also offers LAN port for internet connectivity to download content directly from BD live.
Battery timing is above than NAVISKAUTO AND CUTRIP it lasts almost 4 and half hours on average.  Apart from HDMI output, it also DC in port, AV in/out and headphone jack.
BDP-M1061 comes with remote control but to be honest, the remote control is just a show piece as it does not work properly. BDP-M1061 is lighter than CUTRIP or NAVISKAUTO portable Blu-ray players as it weights only 3 pounds.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive Remote control sucks
excellent battery timing Shady warranty policies


BDP-M1061 is inexpensive and best portable Blu-ray player if you compare it with other players in the same pricing. Battery timing is also excellent even more than best models like NAVISKAUTO or CUTRIP. Also, it weighs only 3 pounds which makes it very lightweight.
On downsides, the remote control is total waste and in case, you get the defective piece you are truly going to regret claiming regret it because their warranty policies are very dubious. Even though, they claim to offer 1-year warranty. But they do not cover the shipping damage, or any physical damage. Shipping fee is also upon consumer for both directions.

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Maxmade BDPM1301

Dvd and Blu Ray portable

Plus point about this portable Blu-ray player is its bigger screen size which is 13.3-inches. Display is 1080P and there is no doubt about its quality the movies seems very nice on 13.3 inches display on the go or while laying on your bed.
Maxmade portable Blu ray player has HDMI output, Lan port for internet connectivity and BD live. Battery timings of 4.5 hours similar to BDP-M1061.
You can also use it’s AV in/out and DC in port for connectivity with other devices like your Television.
BDPM1301 also offers USB port for watching movies, videos and pictures directly from your flash drive. It weighs 5 pounds.

Pros Cons
Bigger Screen Heavy compared to other players
sharp display lacks sound quality
BD live
Good battery life


Maxmade BDPM1301 offers larger display of 13.3-inches with crystal clear full HD screen. It also has BD live for downloading additional content and battery life is also very good.
On downsides, it is heavy if you compare it with other portable Blu-ray players. Sound quality is very low you can barely hear anything so, we recommend using earphones BDPM1301 to enjoy the sound.

Check Price

How to Choose the Best Portable Blu-Ray Player

If you intend to watch a film while travelling by road, or while undertaking flight, or if you need to keep your children occupied with a film for the duration of a good drive, bring your Portable Blu ray player along! To use it, all you should do, would be to plug your headphones to the set, and relax with the favorite viewing to feed time around the journey. Most portable players employ a built-in LCD screen and speakers which could give you a miniaturized home theatre experience. When purchase a Portable Blu ray player, be sure you check for you will that are actually strongly related to your intended use before you decide.

Screen Size and Weight

The player dimension is the most likely the first aspect for being considered whenever you venture out to choose a player. Those with bigger screen sizes will harmoniously weigh extra. The ideal screen dimension is generally held to become 8″ to 13-inches rendering it handy as well as simple to carry. Bigger screens provide you with better clarity, though the sets cost more than models with smaller screens. There are also low-cost Portable Blu ray players without screens, should you decide to plug the gamer into a current television set or perhaps an old LCD screen at a car video system. These are easier within the purse compared to those that come using a screen but make sure to check that you choose has outputs that happen to be compatible with the playback quality inputs within your screen.

Playback Formats

Besides the typical function of playing Blu-ray DVD’s, quite a few portable players is capable of holding CDs of several formats for example MP3s, audio CDs, CD-R/RW, and DVD-R. Some Blu-ray players are capable of handling images in JPEG and PNG format which might be saved onto a CD or copied inside USB, SD card. This allows you to cart your photo albums on CDs or flash drive to you, to demonstrate your friends whenever you visit them, during your vacation or for a family celebration, and never having to lug the other baggage and weight of an unwieldy few photo albums.

Comparing Video Outputs

First, get the hang of the types of video output you can support. A component video output separates various video signals, and maintains high color fidelity and image quality, that go to develop a picture of excellent. S-video output is the one other high-quality output option that presents a great picture. It is also possible for connecting many Portable Blu ray players with RCA phono connections, however they are likely to lose much of the playback quality manufactured by standard DVD players. Make sure to opt for a player using a video output that meets your television or screen.

Quality Audio Outputs

The selection of audio outputs amounts to any optical and coaxial cable type connections that happen to be offered from your chosen player. An optical output is often the more sensible choice from the perspective of producing the most effective sound effects when attached to a home theatre system. If you are hesitant about making use of your portable set when you can find others who are around you, you may also opt for receiving audio output via a set of headphones. There are a large numbers of headphone models to be had, sporting a built-in headphone jack, or multiple headphone jacks, as well as wireless headphone support.

Digital Surround Sound

Watching a motion picture on a transportable Blu ray player with digital multichannel surround sound systems can transport one to a miniature virtual theatre environment. If you decide to make use of RCA connections, you can be missing out around the sound effects and quality that DVD players are equipped for producing but there’s little part of paying the additional for optical outputs when you only ever prefer to use the player within the move having its own internal speakers or headphones.


Portable Blu ray players are nearly always equipped with internal rechargeable batteries, by incorporating having a provision for working with AA batteries in the event the internal batteries become depleted. Most internal batteries, when fully charged, go on for between two and a half to a few hours people. Check to see that your particular player’s battery is supplied to run a full movie! If you mean to use the DVD player with your car, make sure you get the 12v charger that is appropriate for the car’s charging system. This charger is oftentimes included with all the accessories you receive after you buy the ball player. If not, check its costs as a number of them have been seen to cost nearly as much as you itself.

Connectivity and Use – Further Thoughts

If you would like to connect your DVD player along with other audio equipment, or even the tv set, then you’ll find choices of regular A/V connections which could give the most effective video and audio outputs. If two different people wish to tune in to the audio simultaneously, try to find two headphones, or invest in a ‘Y’ adapter which splits 1 headphone output into two. You may also have the option to become able to get in touch the Portable Blu ray player for a car and enjoying the audio output over the car speakers. Some players might be mounted in-between the seats, utilizing the straps specifically ship to this purpose.

Warranty Period

Portable Blu ray players usually come using a manufacturer’s warranty of just one year. The warranty period varies dependent on the brand you ultimately choose to purchase. It is advisable to choose a conveyable DVD player that carries no less than a one-year warranty and evaluate the extended warranties offered by the retailer (but be sure to pay attention to exclusions and restrictions from the fine print).

Final Verdict

This is the end of the list of best portable Blu ray players. Before you buy a portable Blu-ray and DVD player, you should become acquainted beforehand with the essential features to hunt for and to determine which of these actually matters inside the context within your intended utilization of the machine. The clarity, sound and convenience offered by a transportable Blu ray player should supply you and your family hours of top-quality entertainment.

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